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Alexandra tried searching her friend's eyes for some sign of hope but there was none.

"I am going to monitor you on my tricorder, if things get bad I'll come back."

"No! No you mustn't. I won't be able to control my actions. If it gets worse, please do not come back here."

Alexandra couldn't respond to his request to let him die so she simply turned around and walked out leaving Vorik to his meditations. As she walked back her mind focused on memories of when she was 13 and walked into her father's office and found a dying Vulcan on the floor. It was Gorvek, her stepfather's aide, she remembered standing there immobilized with fear at seeing the normally unemotional man, cry his last moments of life away. Her parents found her a few minutes later holding the dead Vulcan's hand. Her stepfather took her aside and explained to her as carefully as he could why the man died. When she was older she was given a few more details but was sworn to secrecy about the whole thing. She barely knew Gorvek but now the same thing was happening to her best friend and there was nothing she could do about it.

Alexandra came back and found Lowell still working on the communicators, his eyes were red and his eyelids kept drooping, Holis didn't look much better as he came towards her.

"How is Vorik?" He asked.

"He's fine. Just unwinding." She said as she sat down next to Lowell.

"I really should do another cortical scan on him."

"Holis he is fine. Let him deal with everything in his own way. He's out scouting ahead for the quickest way out of the caves. I think everyone should get some rest. Lowell looks like he is about to collapse and you don't look far behind him doc."

"That's probably a good idea." Lowell said tiredly.

Lowell and the doctor made themselves comfortable near the back of the cave and the security team made themselves comfortable around the officers. while Alexandra curled up on the ground near the entrance. She listened while while everyones breathing became slow and regular signaling their slumber but sleep still escaped her. She kept thinking about Vorik and what he was going through. The practical side of her was trying to come to grips with the fact that Vorik probably wouldn't live to see tomorrow. When those thoughts took hold of her mind, her throat closed up and she felt like her heart would stop. Vorik was her best friend and she was his commanding officer, she couldn't let him die. Alexandra kept telling herself that there was nothing she could do for him but she knew that was a lie. There was one way but it probably would be frowned upon if it ever got out but again she knew she was just making excuses. Alexandra just couldn't wrap her head around having sex with her best friend, could they go still be friends afterwards, would it be too awkward for them both? These were the questions that robbed her sleep and made her nervous. Physical attraction was not the problem, she always thought Vorik was extremely handsome and maybe deep down where everything was dark she did have feelings for him on a very personal level. Was it enough to help him? She turned over and closed her eyes determined to get some rest when her tricorder started beeping. Alexandra grabbed it and turned it off before the alarm woke up the others, the readings from Vorik were becoming serious and if something wasn't done he was going to die soon. To hell with that she thought furiously. She was not going to sit here and watch her best friend die on a tricorder. Alexandra took off her com badge and summoned the courage that held her through holding a hill against a platoon of Klingons and holding an engineering room against the Jem'Hadar. She could do this. When Alexandra found Vorik, he was near one of the openings of the caves, there was a little grotto with trees and a little stream and if the circumstances were better she would have appreciated the spot. Vorik was braced against a tree trying to breath, He took off his jacket and gray shirt and a fine sheen of sweat covered his back. His hands were bloody from hitting the trees and she could see several trees with green bloodstains on them.


Vorik spun around looking at her wildly. What was she doing here he thought in a panic. Her presence the last time was almost to much for him. If she stayed much longer, when or if he returned to his senses, he would be charged with a vicious rape. He looked down and kept shaking his head hoping she would just leave for her sake, he balled his hands into fists so hard his knuckles were white. The smell of her skin right now was the most intoxicating thing he had ever encountered, there was fear and anticipation. Curiosity briefly broke through the sexual haze in his mind. What was she anticipating? Alexandra slowly walked over to Vorik and stopped when she was a few feet away and facing him.

"Vorik, I don't know if you can understand me right now but I am here to help you. I can't let you die when I can set aside propriety for a little while and do this for you. Please Vorik, one night then it's over and you will live."

Vorik's eyes were wide with shock as his head rose to look at her. He couldn't believe what she was saying, she was offering herself to resolve his Pon Farr. He couldn't help it as his black eyes ran up and down her body and imagined what her body would feel like crushed against his. The images made his body react and his mind was torn between whether he should make her leave or let her stay. Alexandra knew men well enough and she knew it would only take one little push to make Vorik give in. She began to undo the rolled up braid of her hair and let it down so her long black hair fell to her waist then she unzipped her jacket and threw it on the ground, her gray undershirt soon joined it. Alexandra slid her black uniform pants down over her shapely hips and stepped out of them and her black boots. She didn't know if it was the slight breeze tonight or the hard, dark look in Vorik's eyes that caused the goosebumps on her skin as she walked towards him slowly. Dressed only in a gray sports bra and matching hi cut underwear, she stood in front of Vorik and gently took his face in her hands. She bent her head and brushed his lips with her own in a soft kiss. He began to kiss her back tentatively but his hands still remained clinched at his side. Alexandra knew he was still holding back, and her mind flashed to what Vorik's counterpart in the mirror universe had done, the intimate touch of just two fingers on her face and neck. She always felt that it was something very personal but was it exclusive to the mirror universe or did it apply here as well. Taking a chance, she drew a line from his cheek down to his collar bone with two fingers. Apparently it was the push he needed because he grabbed her arms and spun her around so her back was slammed against the tree. The kiss he gave her was no gentle brush of lips but hard and searching. He kissed her like he would find her most intimate parts through her mouth, he pried her lips apart with his own and she felt his tongue fill her mouth. Small sounds escaped her throat as he ground his body against her and as quickly as he started he suddenly stopped and pulled back a little. Alexandra was panting and looked at him curiously then answering her silent question, Vorik placed his hands on her face, holding her firmly. Alexandra closed her eyes tight when the mental connection flared to life between them, graphic images and emotions raged in her mind. When she opened her eyes she felt like liquid fire was running through her veins and a sexual need that she had never experienced before made all of her repressed feelings and desires for her friend come screaming to the fore front. Alexandra didn't just want to touch him, she needed to and she knew now, thanks to the link with Vorik, he needed to touch her just as much. She moved towards him with a wild cry and resumed the searching kiss from before. Vorik wrapped his arms around her waist and pressed as much of his body to her as possible. When their kissing reached the peak of it's intensity, he pulled her to the ground and took her bra in both hands and ripped it open. Large creamy white breasts met his hungry stare and he dropped his head to take a hard, pink nipple in his mouth while she laced her fingers through his silky hair, holding him firmly to her chest. The force with which he ran his hands over her body was bruising but she didn't care, in fact it added to her arousal. She felt his teeth bite deeply into the skin on her breast causing her back to arch, pushing her body towards his hungry mouth. The need to give herself completely almost made her cry when she felt him bite his way down till he reached the soft material of her panties. Vorik gave an animal like growl at the cloth in his way then ripped it off with a quick jerk of his hand. His appreciated the gasp of pain as the skin and muscle of her inner thighs stretched to the max when he pulled her legs apart. He buried his face into her velvet core and inhaled deeply as he licked her secretions, she was wet and ready to mate. He pulled himself up only long enough to pull his own pants down then laid on top of her again, reaching down between them and guided his stiff member into her. After a few hard thrusts he was completely sheathed inside her, Alexandra shrieked as she was painfully stretched but another wave of mental and physical euphoria came over her and before she knew it she was wrapping her legs up high around his waist and thrusting her hips against him. Vorik thought he was going loose himself completely the moment he entered her, she was wet but not yet loose, he buried his face in her neck inhaling the sweet smell of her skin as he settled into a forceful rhythm between her hips. Brief flashes of emotion and mental images passed between the two through the bond and as Alexandra began to nibble on Vorik's shoulder and rake her nails down his back she knew he was aware that her release was going to happen soon. He started angling his thrusts so his head began stroking her g spot, He bit into her neck and used his body to hold her down, keeping her arms pinned as well so Alexandra had no choice but to lay there and take the building pressure in her belly. She began to whimper , unable to move and forced to concentrate on each thrust of Vorik's hips building the growing intensity. Alexandra's whole body began to shake as her mouth opened and loud scream came from her lips. Her orgasm hit her like a runaway train, hard and all encompassing and her flesh pulsed wildly around Vorik, drenching him in her juices. He joined his own yell with her screams, giving one last mighty thrust of his hips as he shoved himself as deep as he could go then spilling his hot seed into her depths. After a few moments Vorik rolled off of her leaving a trail of fluids over their bodies and Alexandra curled onto her side and tried to relearn how to breath. A few minutes later when she opened her eyes she saw Vorik looking at her with a familiar heat in his eyes. She glanced down his body and saw that he was hard and ready again and it made her body uncurl, her arousal rising again. The Pon Farr was not nearly finished with either of them. The sun was peaking over the hill when Alexandra felt someone running a cloth over her lips. She sat up with a start and looked around in the growing light, her head was clearer and the sexual haze of last night seemed to have left her. Looking around she found Vorik dressed and much improved.

"Are you okay Vorik?"

"Yes. The Pon Farr has passed from us both." He said quietly. "I gathered your clothes and cleaned them off as best I could but I fear your underwear is not salvageable."

"That's alright. It won't be the first time I've gone commando." She tried to get up but a sharp pain from her belly made her gasp then she realized her whole body hurt like hell. Vorik hurried over to help her up and the look of utter shame on his face almost broke her heart. She straightened up and tried to ignore the pain. Mentally Vorik was still sensitive so she had to be careful. Alexandra was almost painfully aware of Vorik in her mind, it was as if the link they shared the night before was still active in her. She began to dress and put on a light attitude she didn't feel at all.

"I doubt you would appreciate this but you just gave me a new standard for what I would call a rough night." She said with a chuckle.

"I never should have let this happen."

"Oh please Vorik. I may not be Vulcan but I can hold my own. And I did. Besides you are missing the point, I did this to save your life and since you are standing here alive and well I would say it was well worth it." She walked over to Vorik and patted his arm affectionately and smiled. "I'm fine Vorik. I was glad to be able to help you through this and I will never breathe a word about it as long as I live, I promise."

Vorik nodded and seemed relieved by her words.

"I will go and locate Dr. Baran and Lt Lowell. The security team should be done with their sweep. "

"Good idea. Tell them to start packing up. There is another opening a kilometer east of here and on higher ground. We might have better luck getting a signal from there. You and Lowell scan the area fro search parties. I don't want to run into the Romulans again. " She said pulling on her boots.

Vorik left with his instructions and as soon as he was out of sight, Alexandra doubled over holding her middle and tried to will her pain away. The memories of last night began to break though and she soon realized why her body hurt so much. After the first encounter, Vorik had grabbed the back of her head and pushed her mouth to his lap where for quite some time he tested her knowledge of oral pleasure. She remembered riding him till her throat was raw from screaming then him flipping her over onto her stomach and violently sodomizing her. Never more than three minutes passed in between the encounters and Vorik was built much larger than the males she was used to but it didn't stop her from moaning like an Orion whore and beg him for more. He gave as good as he got too. Alexandra couldn't recall a night in life as filled with pleasure as the one she spent with him. She was also very grateful for the fact the she was on a strong birth control, as many time as he had emptied himself inside her, if she hadn't been on her birth control, in nine months she would have to explain why she was giving birth to her first officer's child.

She straightened up and took a deep breath then started making her way back to the rest of the officers. She was half way there when she met up with Lowell who looked worried.

"Bloody hell woman where have you been?"

"Just going over somethings with Vorik. Nothing to worry about."

"Something strange is going on. I am not able to locate any search parties anywhere."

"Do they have another bio masker?" Alexandra asked.

"I don't know but we should get moving very soon."

Alexandra and Lowell caught up with Vorik and the doctor then they all left by the east opening of the caves. After walking a kilometers up a hill suddenly the communication devise Lowell was working on came to life. A garbled message from Hawkins was barely audible, Alexandra had the group stop walking and take up defensive positions while Lowell tried to boost the signal. After some fiddling the message was clearer.

"Captain Torchescue this is Lt Hawkins, if you can hear me please respond."

"I can hear you Hawkins and I must say you are a sound for sore ears. What is your status?"

"We followed the warp trail but it dead ended and we found ourselves nose to nose with a Romulan war bird 5 light years into the Beta Quadrant. It was a tough fight but we won. We could use Lowell back though, we are little worse for wear."

"Right. Lock onto our signal and beam us up then send three security team down. We have some Romulans here on the surface and I want them taken into custody."

"Aye Captain. Prepare to beam up."

Once aboard the ship things moved very quickly. Lowell planted himself in engineering while the security teams scoured the surface for the remaining Romulans. Holis did exams of all the away team members and was getting annoyed with Alexandra for avoiding hers. He finally cornered her when she went to ask Holis if Vorik would be suffering any long term affects of the mind probe.

"No he'll be fine and you were right, his cortical scans returned to normal. I guess all he needed was a little sleep."

"I couldn't agree more in fact I am going to go test that theory myself." Alexandra said making her way to the door.

"Oh no you don't. It's your turn for an exam and by god your going to get it." He started running a tricorder over Alexandra who in turn kept pushing his hands away. He almost gave up when the tricorder gave a beep, he looked at the screen and frowned. Alexandra moved out of the way of the tricorder's scan then noticed the look on the doctor's face

"Look doctor I just need some rest I'll be fine." She said determinedly.

"Do you mind explaining why you have a slow bleed in your cervix and show every sign of rape captain?" Holis asked quietly.

The look on Alexandra's face became cold and unreadable

"Computer, security override Amira 351. Go security dark in Sickbay." Her voice was quiet and held a determination that made the doctor afraid to be in the same room with her.

"What are you doing?"

"Holis I am going to explain something to you so I suggest you listen well. I was not raped. What I did was necessary and consensual and none of your business. You will not make any report on this or ever talk about it. It that understood?"

Holis didn't understand what was going on but he was stuck in a security dark room with a woman who had a reputation of being unpredictable. He only hoped she would trust him enough one day to give him the truth. He reached for a hypo spray and gave her an injection in her arm.

"This will stop the bleeding. Just go get some rest."

"Thank you doctor. Computer cancel previous order. Resume normal security."

She left the sickbay leaving a perplexed doctor to wonder what happened on the planet. Alexandra was almost to her quarters when Vorik and Hawkins caught up with her, both looked like they were bearing bad news.

"Captain the security teams located the Romulans on the surface but they were all dead." Hawkins handed her a data PADD with the information. "It looks like they all committed suicide. The good news is they weren't able to crack the secure files before they killed themselves."

"The machine that they were going to use in conjunction with the secure files was used once according to Lt. Lowell." Vorik added. "Apparently after taking the scans of my brain they decided to try a test subject."

Alexandra was listening to them talk while looking over the pictures of the dead Romulans and after going through the list twice she realized one face in particular was missing.

"Where is Roderian?"

"Who?" Asked Hawkins.

"He was unmistakable. He was dark and a lot larger than the others."

"They didn't see anyone like that."

Alexandra almost threw up right there in the corridor. The machine had been used and Roderian was missing. Odds were that there was a Romulan out there with all the mental abilities of a Vulcan and that Romulan was Roderian. All the Romulans had to do was mimic the reading from Roderian and adapt it to their whole species. She really didn't want to see the looks on the Admirals faces at Starfleet when they read her report.

"Thanks Hawkins. I am going to get a few hours sleep after that I want the latest tactical report for the sector."

"Aye captain." Hawkins left to her duties and left Vorik standing there with the captain. Alexandra walked to her quarters leaving the doors open so Vorik could enter. She went to her bathroom and started her bath then walked out to the living room.

"What's on your mind Vorik?"

"Mostly you."

"You know Vorik if you were any other man I would say you were trying to get some extra action." This was said with a smile.

"I am finding more difficult that I thought to forget what happened. I know humans view things of an intimate nature differently than Vulcans. I do not want you to think I am insensitive to what occurred."

"Vorik I told you not to worry about it. I still think of you as my best friend and trust me the best way for both of us is for both of us to just forget it. Why don't you get back to the bridge. Keep things running for me while I soak."

Vorik nodded his head and left but he was still troubled. As he walked back to the night they spent together. He remembered looking down at her as she fell into a deep sleep and the sexual frenzy that over took him had left it's mark on her. Laying next to her had felt right for him and he had learned long ago that desire for something was not driven by emotion but a strong need. Everyone had needs even Vulcans, it would have been highly illogical to deny such a thing. Vorik sighed as he entered the turbo lift, he was left with very few alternatives since Alexandra seemed to want to forget the whole affair.

Alexandra was soaking in the tub when she was hit with a wave of thoughts from Vorik. Not being Vulcan, she could make very little sense of them but they all seemed to center around her. She choked back a sob, she couldn't take this anymore. It was getting harder and harder to convince herself that he was just her friend. It seemed that once those feelings she had kept in the dark ever since she got to know him were let out they wouldn't not go back. She knew the right thing to do was save their friendship and never speak of her true feelings. Feeling more trapped than ever, Alexandra have into her tears and cried for the first time in years.



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