Twilight Wedding

Twilight Wedding


Edward walked toward the massive silk marquee that sat at the back of his home, he walked through the tent opening and looked around, and in front of him was a large circular wooden dance floor studded all around the dance floor were gold candelabras, with cream candles, Behind the dance floor was a small stage with long, silk cream curtains tied back with gold ropes. All around the dance floor were big circular tables with cream cloths, then on top were the cream and gold crockery that Alice had helped Bella pick out just four days earlier, neatly placed on top were cream napkins in gold napkin holders. Next to the plates were the shiny, silver 6 piece cutlery and the crystal goblets and tumblers. In front of plates were little cream name cards, and in the centre were peoples names neatly scripted in Edward's lovely handwriting. The Centre Piece of every table consisted of pink, yellow and white roses, and an assortment of different wild flowers; in the centre of every arrangement was a giant Wild Flower. As he looked around he noticed to the left of the stage was an empty spot left available for the object Edward was holding in his right hand. His Grand Piano.

"Edward? Edward?!" Alice yelled at Edward. He looked at her suddenly realising that she was directing him to put the piano in the empty awaiting spot.

He strolled over and gracefully placed the piano down.

"Perfect." She smiled at Edward. "Now that's done, go play with Emmett or Carlisle or someone, I'm busy." she flashed another grin at him.

As he made his way across the dance floor, Alice yelled to him,

"Edward, you're not as smart as you look, you would have thought that after how long you've known me that you wouldn't have decided to do that when you knew I'd find out." She told him.

"Just testing" He laughed. Alice walked toward him and placed her hand on his shoulder. He turned to face her.

"Please Edward. Don't see her; I want today to be perfect. Please"

"It already is Alice" He saw her expression, worried. "Fine, I wont I promise.

I sat down in the kitchen, it seemed an empty shell without him here, I dint know what to do with myself I still had an hour until Esme was coming to collect me. Alice had insisted in sorting my hair and having what she called a "pamper" day, it wasn't my idea of relaxing. I decided to drive down to the clearing where the service was taking place. I climbed into the new Mercedes Guardian, put the key in the ignition and switched on the engine. I lightly tapped the gas and the car zoomed forward. In a matter of minutes I was there. Ii got out and walked to bottom of the aisle, in front of me was a long white silk isle, all along the edges of the aisle were yellow, pink and white rose petals carefully sprinkled. At both sides of the isle were gold chairs, with cream cushions, they had cream cloth tied around them in a neat fairytale like bow, courtesy of Alice. They were arranged neatly in rows. At the Altar was a large gold wire Roman Arch, entwined with pink, yellow and white roses.

I closed my eyes and imagined Edward stood at the alter awaiting his bride, eyes glittering with excitement, happiness gleaming across his face. He was in his black tux, looking as irresistible as usual. I felt a hand on my shoulder and jumped and turned around to see Esme.

"Sorry I didn't mean to startle you. Lovely isn't it? Alice has out done herself" she smiled. "Come on Alice is waiting for her protégée".

As we walked toward the car, I thought to myself I think I'm looking forward to this; Edward would have loved to hear that. I looked back and smiled to myself