Chapter 01 - Mistakidenity


What if Serena, Princess of the Moon, 1000 years ago, was not on her FIRST incarnation? What if the first incarnation was a red-headed busty Chinese girl who tragically drowned at a camp of cursed springs 1500 years ago (very tragic story)?

And what if Luna in the first episode of Sailor Moon was making DOUBLY sure that Usagi was really Sailor Moon, due to an unfortunate mix up a week before?

Scene: An alley.

Ranma (in his female form) ducks down the alleyway breathing hard.

A black cat with a crescent moon on it's forehead jumps out from behind a box.

"Could it be? Could you be the one?"

"What? A CAT!!" Ranma jumps and hangs from a window.

"Calm down, I'm not going to hurt you."

"A talking cat?"

"My name is Luna and I have come to show you your destiny as the Sailor Scout of the Moon!"

Ranma-ko jumps down and bows. "Saotome, Ramna. Hey, my destiny is pretty screwed up all ready! How did I become a Sailor Scout all of a sudden?

"Ranma, You are her reincarnation."

"Oh great. So, what does a Sailor Scout do?"

"A Sailor Scout champions justice and fights evil."

"Woo woo! I'm all for that. Who do I fight? Is Pops one of the bad guys?"

"You'll be fighting monsters from the Negaverse who are trying to steal energy to restore their world and destroy our world."

"Don't worry." Ranma-ko does a lighting fast martial arts form. "I can take them!"

"Ranma, I think you'll need more than just speed and strength. These monsters have awesome weapons. Here, take this." Luna does a back flip and a locket magically appears. "Just take this locket and say 'Moon Prism Power Make up!' and you will transform into Sailor Moon."

"Well, it's kind of girlie, but what have I got to lose? Moon Prism Power Make Up!"

Ranma does a transformation sequence.

"AHHHHHHHRG. What have you done?"

"You're now ready to fight the Negaverse."

"Not dressed like this I'm not. I do not wear skirts!"

"Why not?"

"Because, I'm a guy!"

Luna spazzes out. "I am most horribly sorry."

"That's okay. Lots of other people must have made the same mistake. After all, I am in girl form right now. But hot water will turn me back into a guy."

"I don't know how this could have happened."

"Did this Scout have a previous life in China 1500 years ago where she drowned in a spring?"

"Well, come to think of it, when I was on the moon a fortune teller did mention something like that in one of her previous lives."

"Well, that's it. I'm not the person you're looking for. I was born a guy, I'm just under a curse that changes my body to her's on contact with cold water. But, I'm still me! Transform back, or something." Ranma changes back to her pants and peasant shirt.

"Please forgive the intrusion."

"Hey, no trouble. And, besides, judging from the uniform, I'm probably better built than the real Sailor Moon."

Luna sweats, then growls at Ranma who runs terrified out of the alley to be grabbed by a giant panda bear and dragged off.

"No way, Pop! I don't want to go meet your friend. I don't want to marry his daughter!"

A sweat drop appears by Luna's head. "Boy, I hope the real Sailor Moon isn't such a whiny cry baby!"