Ranma Half Moon chapter 127 "A Tomorrow Never Known" Part 9 (season finale).

Author's note: This arc happens around the same as Sailor Moon Episodes 45-46 and is the last arc of season one.

The subway car is dark, crowded, and smelly. However, one passenger is unconcerned about her condition.

The subway car grinds to a halt at the station. The hordes of business men depart allowing the girl to exit the train. Yes, today is the day! This will be my audition. I know it.

The girl walks up the stairs to a built in shopping mall. There is a booth set up for a fortune teller. She looks at the booth for a minute and then enters.

"I need my fortune for today."

"Well, Miss, my fortunes are usually longer term than that. But, I will do what I can."

"Thank you."

The fortune teller looks at the girl's palm. "Is today an important day for you?"

"Important? Oh my goodness. There is only the biggest and most important idol audition of all time going on today."

"And, you want an indication about how your audition will go?"


"You have a star symbol on your left palm. That is a good sign. That means that you will live a shining life."

"So, I will succeed today!"

"I am not saying that. You might wind up leading a shining life in ways you haven't thought of yet. You might even shine brightly as a bride and a mother."

"But, you're not ruling out my winning the audition, right?"

The fortune teller smiles. "You know, young lady, a long time ago I tried out to be an idol singer as well. So I know how you are feeling. But, let's be realistic. I know about the audition you are talking about. The papers say that they are expecting ten thousand people to show up to the audition today."

"A one in ten thousand chance is better than nothing."

"Well, I'll be rooting for you then. But, I better not keep you. You'll want to get in line quickly. That will be ten dollars."

"But, you didn't tell me what I want to hear."

"I know, and you're lucky I didn't charge you double for telling you what you needed to hear."

"Okay." She pays and walks out of the mall into the street. She pats her biceps. "Yes."

She runs the five blocks to the hotel. There is already a long line of people who had started waiting the night before.

Someone in the line directs her to go down the street.

She runs down the street, even though she knows that it won't make a difference in how quickly she gets to audition.

When she rounds a corner she runs into the outstretched arm of someone who is yawning.

"Oh, my goodness, are you okay?"

She looks the girl over. She is beautiful and has long blond hair. "I'm okay. Did you stay here over night?"

"No I just got here."

"Well, I better get to the back of the line. What's your name? Maybe the audition will come down to you and me?"

"Minako. Aino Minako."

"Kuroki Mio."

"Let's both do our best."


Mio rides a bus to a nearby town. This time for sure. The last eight auditions have be close, but I know this one will be mine! Or, at least it will go better than that big one three months ago.

The bus sputters to a stop. "Attention passengers. There seems to be some mechanical problems with the bus. I have called in the problem and another bus will pick you up in about an hour."

An hour? That will be too late! I'll miss the audition. Mio walks up to the front of the bus. "Excuse me? I need to go outside for some air."

"Okay, miss, but don't wonder off. We're out in the sticks."


Mio jumps out of the bus and races up the road. After finding a stretch where the cars would be able to see her and stop in time she starts hitchhiking.

No cars come.

Finally a red sports car drives by. It stops and a handsome teenage boy gets out. "Excuse me, miss. Do you need a ride?"

"Yes! I need to be in the next town in thirty minutes."

The boy smiles. "I can get you there, if you don't mind a tight squeeze in the car."

"I'll live."

Mio goes to the passenger side door and sees that there are three other boys in addition to the driver there. She gingerly sits on the lap of the boy in the front seat.

The boy Mio is sitting on smirks at one of the boys in the back seat. "Less attention?"

The driver races the engine and drives off.

Oh my god! These guys are so hot! Well, sitting here like an idiot isn't going to do anything." Hello everyone, my name is Mio Kuroki. Thank you all for giving me a lift. I need to get to an audition." Mio notices that one of the boys in the backseat is checking her out closely.

The driver chuckles. "An audition for what?"

"I am going to be a great idol singer!"

The boy in the back seat smirks. "An idol singer? How cute. Then you must consider yourself lucky because you're in the company of a bunch of real musicians."

Oh brother. I'll bet that boy in the back was checking me out to make sure that his hair was better than mine. But, I shouldn't let it bother me. "Oh, wow! I was just wondering about that. You all look so shiny and pretty."

The boy that Mio sits on grunts. "Hey, I prefer to think that I project a strong masculine image."

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean it that way."

The conceited boy in the back seat smiles. "Let me introduce myself. I'm Zoiki. I am the band leader, song writer, and keyboard player."

The boy next to him in the back nods. "Kunochi. I play the drums."

Mio looks at the boy she is sitting on. "What about you?"

"I'm Jadero. I used to be the lead singer, but now I am the bass guitar player."

"Nephuyu, lead guitar, of course. "Nephuyu says this without taking his eyes off the road.

"Oh my goodness, that is so awesome. Maybe some day we'll be on the same stage?"

Zoiki rolls his eyes and is about to make some sort of dismissive comment when Kunochi puts his hand over Zoiki's mouth.

"Well, Mio-kun, I think that would be wonderful. Our band is called Phrase White."

"What a strange name."

"It comes from a fan fic that this baka wrote."

Zoiki struggles to break free from Kunochi. "If I'm such a baka, how come you all went along with the idea?"

"Wow, what's this fan fic about?"

Zoiki preens. "It's an exciting tale of five young boys who are forced to train to become assassins after their families are wiped out."

Kunochi nods. "He wrote it to star us."

"Amazing. But, who is the fifth boy?"

Nephuyu again does not take his eyes off the road. "He's one of our class mates. He had to go to next town to check out a book on medicine."

"Is the story online?"

Zoiki nods.

"I'll have to read it!"

"Next exit is the town."

"Just drop me off at the exit. The audition isn't far."


Kunochi stops the car.

Mio jumps out. "Okay. Today I cannot fail!" Mio runs away.

Zoiki turns up his nose. "I'm sure you all noticed that my hair is much nicer than hers."

Kunochi chuckles to himself.

Jadero smiles. "But, she sure was lively."

Nephuyu watches her running figure fade from view. "Well, we better be going. Better not make your 'Towa' wait, right Zoiki?"

Zoiki blushes.

In a couple minutes Nephuyu pulls up to the library where a smiling Chiba Mamoru is waving.

The End of Season 1