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Bubblegum Flavored

1: "Blood on the ground"

Go City was incredible! Kim could not believe her eyes as she turned to look around the main square of her new home and work area. She had been acting like a tourist since she arrived, which was to be expected. Going from a town like Middleton to the new Mega-Go City was like going from living in a cardboard box to living in a mansion with all of the luxuries one could imagine. Kim's senses were overloaded with each turn of her head.

The buildings in Mega-Go City seemed to touch the heavens to Kim, especially the ones in the business district of the city, which was where Kim worked. She recently got a job at one of the largest corporations in Go City, the Gemini Corporation. It was the cause for her move from home, Middleton and her parents' house, to Go City and her own apartment.

"Kim, girlfriend, if you keep looking around with your mouth open like that, you're going to attract flies," Kim's best friend and now coworker, Monique, remarked with a teasing smile as she came up behind the redhead.

Monique patted Kim on the shoulder in an encouraging manner. With a laugh, Kim turned to Monique and managed a smile. Monique smiled back and then turned her eyes to the sky for a moment.

"Come on, we've got to get lunch soon to avoid being late for work." Monique began to stroll off, moving through throngs of people.

Kim's face scrunched up and she shook her head a little. "How can you tell what time it is when you don't even have on a watch?" she asked, trotting off after her friend. She knew Monique could not tell the time of day from the position of the sun.

Monique stopped, letting Kim catch up so that she could answer the very good question. She then turned to the left and pointed at a line in the sky. Kim knew what that was — the Sky Hook. It moved supplies from Earth to space. It was the new pet project of the Gemini Corporation. She recalled the company had actually tried to contract her father to work on it.

Her father was a world-renowned rocket scientist and well known for his inventive ideas for space travel and space exploration. Her father had no intention of leaving his hometown to work for a company he did not trust much anyway. He was not too thrilled when Kim left home to work for that same company, but understood she needed to find her own way in the world.

Kim probably would not have left to work for the Gemini Corporation, but a few things factored into her decision. One was that her best friend worked there, so at least she knew someone at the company and in the city. Two, the company would pay for her to go to college after she worked there for a year and continued to work there when she started school. The university she wanted to go to was in Go City, so it made sense to her to have a job and to get her education paid for while she could. The Corporation also provided her with an apartment nearby, so she did not have to worry about locating a place to live. Not to mention, she would get a feel for being totally independent.

"You tell time from looking at the Sky Hook?" Kim inquired with an arched eyebrow. As advanced as the city was, they used the Sky Hook as a sundial? She supposed it gave them a certain charm, but it was still strange.

Monique shrugged. "You'll get used to it. I know I did. The shadow of the Sky Hook makes it easy to tell what time it is without a watch from all around the city. The only time I get into trouble is if I'm out at night. Then, who knows what time it is."

Nodding, Kim chuckled a bit. "Gemini certainly is trying something daring with this program," she commented with some bite, more speaking to herself than anything else. She frowned a bit, which her friend noticed.

"Do you think the Sky Hook and this energy program will actually work?" Monique asked as they turned to go get their lunch, focus leaving the Sky Hook for now.

With a sigh, Kim shrugged. "I don't know. My dad thinks it's a stupid idea. I think I agree. I mean, we keep stripping the Earth of resources and instead of taking care of that problem, we just go out into space to strip some place else of its resources. Doesn't sound too bright to me."

Monique nodded. "Always thinking like the hero you are." An amused smile settled onto her face. She agreed with her friend's thoughts, though.

"Not really," Kim answered. "Saving kittens out of trees and things aren't really all that heroic."

Monique rolled her eyes. Sometimes her friend's humble nature was annoying. Back at home, Kim was truly a hero and it went way beyond saving kittens in trees. She had done serious work, like foiling bank robberies. One time, she pulled a couple out of a burning car and saved a kid from drowning. She did enough to be made an honorary police officer when she was still in high school.

"Speaking of heroes, have you seen them?" Kim asked with wide as they continued their walk through the large square with a few trees and lawns decorating the area. There were not many green areas in this part of town. This would take some getting used to for Kim, along with the din of the city.

It was Monique's turn to raise an eyebrow. "Them?" she echoed.

"You know, them," Kim said, placing super-emphasis on her last word. She even did a hand gesture, pretending to throw a punch, as if that would help. Surprisingly enough, it helped her friend catch her drift.

"Oh, them. You're kidding me, right?" Monique drew back a little and scoffed. "You don't actually believe in the 'champions of justice,' Knight Sabers, do you?" Monique bit back a laugh. She could not believe her rather intelligent friend could believe in such rubbish.

"Yes, I do. I read about them all the time on the Internet back home. I was even able download some stuff about them. They're cool," Kim declared as they finally got to their destination. She seemed quite proud of the fact that she was able to download stuff about a fictional group, as far as her friend was concerned anyway.

For a moment, their conversation was paused. The food court of the business district was a zoo. This was something Kim would definitely have to get used to. It was not so much that everyone had lunch at the same time, but just that there always seemed to be people everywhere, no matter what time of day it was in Go City.

"Bueno Nacho isn't usually too bad and it'll be like home," Monique said, pointing to the restaurant. It was near the end of the row of eateries located on top of a parking garage. People seemed to like the view of the city while they ate.

"Yeah, I like that," Kim agreed. It would be nice to have a little reminder of home in such a foreign place.

Bueno Nacho was not too crowded, as promised. Monique had just discovered a lot of the older folks refused to eat at Bueno Nacho because they thought of it as a children's restaurant and also as a poor man's place to eat. A lot of things were about image in the business district and eating at Bueno Nacho was bad for the image. It was a good thing for that because it meant waiting for food at Bueno Nacho did not take most of the lunch hour. Monique made sure to explain this all to Kim.

Sure, Monique was all about her image in some respects, but others not so much; having a decent lunch in a reasonable time was one of those things. She had also dropped some of image-consciousness since working for the Gemini Corporation consisted of a work uniform that she was expected to wear everyday at work; mulberry was not a color that she enjoyed. In fact, seeing it on her best friend made her think they had to look like clowns to the rest of the world. Who the hell made their employees where mulberry skirt suits as an employee uniform? She did not complain, though, as it was a good paying job with some good benefits.

"The Knight Sabers are a myth, Kim. I wouldn't walk around mentioning them to people around here either because they'll look at you like you're nuts," Monique advised her friend in slightly chiding tone as they waited on line. She honestly thought it was a ridiculous belief.

Kim scoffed and rolled her eyes. "They're not a myth. I've seen stuff on them."

"Well, I haven't and I've lived in the city they supposedly operate in for a year. Everyone I've spoken to about it says they've never seen a news report with the Knight Sabers either. So, I'm more inclined to believe they're a myth than anything else," Monique pointed out with a shrug.

Olive eyes blinked. "There's never anything about them on the news? Even in Go City?" Okay, that's a little weird. She had always thought she never saw any news clips on the group because she lived in Middleton, but it would seem there just was no news on the Knight Sabers at all. She supposed it could be a cover-up.

Monique steered the conversation away from the Knight Sabers to something saner, like how Kim was enjoying Go City so far. Of course, the answer to that was obvious. Kim loved it so far.

"When I moved here, I figured it was perfect for you," Monique said. "My first thought when I saw all the movement was 'Kim would love this.' I felt overwhelmed, but I knew you'd dive right in."

Kim laughed. "Stop making fun of my natural 'Kim-ness.'"

"I'd never make fun of it. It's just so you." Monique chuckled. Her natural "Kim-ness" was a term people used back home to describe Kim because they felt no other words would do.

They made it to the counter and ordered their lunch from the cashier, who was something less than human, like many things around Go City. The robot, which was blonde with soft, human-esque face that was colored completely white, gave them their orders and they paid. Kim even thanked the robot before walking off with Monique. The robot did not respond in any form aside from tell them to "come again" in a rather sweet voice.

"Bebes kinda creep me out," Monique commented as she went into her bag, checking to make sure she got the right order. "It doesn't help when you talk to them like they're people. Most of the time, they act like it, too, except maybe that one. Of course, that Bebe could've just been being rude, which would make them even creepier."

So far, every "Bebe," which were robot helpers, they had come across, Kim had reacted to the machine as if it was a person, like she had done with that cashier. They looked close to human and they acted human to a degree, so Kim never really made the connection that they were robots. Monique disliked the fact that they seemed so human and it made her uncomfortable.

"Are there Bebes in Middleton yet?" Monique asked. There were not any when she last visited.

Kim shook her head. "Not yet. So, most of the jobs done by Bebes here are still done by regular people in Middleton." She took a sip of her soda as they strolled down the street. Her good friend was planning to show her more of the city while they had the time.

"I know. I did live there not too long ago," Monique remarked with a smart-aleck smirk.

"You're acting like you didn't, though, talking about me talking to them like people. Besides, they're always polite, so I have to be polite in return," the redhead commented with a shrug. That fact was practically in her genes.

"That's one of the things that make them so creepy. I mean, between that the fact that they look so human a lot of the time is just weird. I know that sounds a bit crazy since we work for Gemini Corporation and everything, but I still find them creepy," Monique stated. The company they worked for made Bebes. In fact, Bebes were the company's main products.

Kim was about to say something, but a noise from behind her caught her attention. She turned just in time to see that she was about to be mowed down by a green and black motorcycle. She quickly moved to get out of the way, but was still clipped by the side-view mirror. This caused a loud hiss to escape her throat and she tilted a little.

Kim tried to catch her balance, but she was in damned high-heel shoes; it was a part of an attempt to look professional for her first day of work. They were her downfall now, as the shoes made it too hard to regain her balance and she tilted too far to the left. She dropped the ground and spilled her soda. Her lunch tumbled from her bag, spreading out on the pavement.

"Damn it," Kim groaned, ignoring the slight pain throbbing in her hip.

Monique let out a breath she was not even aware she was holding. "That was close." She thought her good friend had been seriously injured there.

"Hey!" the redhead screamed down to the fleeing bike as she climbed to her feet.

There was a familiar fire in the olive eyes of Kim, which caused Monique to gulp. Things did not get better when the biker actually stopped. Kim growled in anger and took a step toward the biker, who was decked out in green and black leathers. The biker's head was covered with a black helmet, not that they would be able to see the rider's face because the person did not bother to turn around to face them. The leathers allowed them to know that the biker was a woman, as the outfit hugged her form enough to allot fantasies to those who wanted to stare.

"Kim, let it go. I mean, it's not like you got killed or anything and it was sort of our fault for walking in the street," Monique pointed out. She hoped her friend listened. She did not need Kim being Kim on her first day in Go City. "You don't want to get mixed up with people like that around here," she added.

"You made me spill my lunch! You owe me!" Kim called down to the biker. Monique groaned, knowing this was not going anywhere good.

The biker just stared mutely, eyes barely visible from the visor. She did not seem to care what she had done. Kim growled again. I'm not going to just let her mock me! She marched down the biker.

"Hey, I said you owe me lunch!" Kim huffed. Forget the fact she had been slapped with a side-view mirror and knocked on her ass.

Monique shook her head. Apparently, Kim was the same old Possible that she recalled. She was not sure how this would play out in a new town.

"We're going to be late for work!" Monique shouted down to her friend, hoping that would get Kim to turn around. But, that fell on deaf ears, too. Kim was obviously quite determined to see that justice came her way.

"You hear me? You owe me lunch!" Kim stood before the silent biker and stared her down with no fear in her eyes.

The motorcyclist stared right back. Suddenly, the tinted visor of the helmet was lifted, revealing cat-like emerald green eyes and a glimpse of pale, almost white skin. Kim glared even harder at the biker, whose gaze did not waver under such an intense look. And then out of the blue, the biker tapped her forehead.

"You got a little something there, princess," the biker remarked. It almost seemed like she was laughing at the fiery redhead before her without letting loose an actual chuckle.

"What?" Kim growled and then she touched her forehead. She felt something a little wet. She looked down at her fingertips to see that they were stained scarlet. She was bleeding!

While Kim was busy inspecting her minor injury, the biker took that moment of distraction to drive off. Kim snarled at the sneaky tactic of the rider. Monique knew what was going to happen before Kim even moved.

"Oh, no you don't! I'm not going to be completely disrespected my first freaking day here!" Kim took off after the troublesome biker.

"Kim, we're going to be late!" Monique screamed, not that Kim seemed to care.

The redhead bolted down the stairs as the biker moved through the leveled parking garage. Kim frowned as she trotted on. The high-heel shoes made it hard to run down the stairs, but lucky for her, the motorcycle caught in traffic of the parking garage and moving somewhat slow. Still, at the rate she was going, she would definitely lose the bike and her dignity.

Damn it, I'm not letting this go! Kim was not going to be pushed around her first day or she was certain that such a fate would follow her through out her stay, which she did want to be for a long time. It would not due to be cursed with at least five years of bad luck.

Olive eyes scanned for a better way to get down to the ground rather than just taking the stairs. She noticed an opening to the side and decided to go through it. She flipped off of the stairs to the window-like opening in the garage, landing on a narrow ledge. She spotted a narrow pipe going to the street a few yards away. It would get her to the ground and it would probably hold her.

Kim wasted no time taking a running leap at the pipe and snagged it with no problem. She slid down the pole like a fireman would just as her target exited the garage. The biker must have noticed her because the helmeted offender looked upward. She stayed parked right there, as if she wanted to see Kim pull off this stunt since the pipe stopped a couple of stories before the ground. Could a corporate worker make that leap?

Kim obviously did not care about where the ground began and kept going down. She let go of the pipe just as it ran out. She landed with the grace of a cat… until the heel of her shoes snapped off. She sucked her teeth as she lost her balance for the second time in five minutes. She stayed on her feet that time and held her arms out, blocking the path of the bike.

"You owe me lunch," Kim stated once again, standing strong. She was not out of breath either. She was serious about being compensated with a new lunch apparently, which was interesting and amusing.

The biker could be heard snickering behind the helmet while shaking her head. She then simply turned the bike around and blazed off the other way. Kim snarled as the rider left her in the dust. The rider had to dodge a broken shoe as she made her getaway, but it was a very good throw. Kim could be heard screaming in frustration several blocks over as her shoe fell to the street.


"Miss Possible, this isn't a good habit that you're working yourself into and it reflects poorly on the company for you to come in late, missing a shoe, a torn shirt, sweaty, and wounded. How are you supposed to see customers in such a state?"

Kim was silent for a moment while being reprimanded by one of her bosses; this one happened to be a Bebe. The Bebe looked similar to the one that had serviced Kim and Monique when they went to Bueno Nacho. This Bebe was blonde, though its hair was long and done in a different style, and her skin was just as white. She was dressed in the Gemini Corporation colors, but her suit was different from Kim's and Monique's to indict she held a higher position in the company.

"I can't believe I'm being scolded by a Bebe," Kim grumbled. This might help ensure she would always treat them like people, though.

"I may be a Bebe, but I am still in charge of this floor and I do have give you assessments and rate your skill at your job. It would behoove you to refrain from making such statements and just do your job to the best of your ability. Do you understand?" the Bebe inquired.

"I understand perfectly well," Kim replied, trying to keep her face from being tense, but she was tight thanks to that stupid chase. Her first full day in Go City and she was already hoping things did not get any worse.

"Good. Clean yourself up as much as possible and never let this happen again, as this will be reflected in your evaluation."

"Yes, ma'am."

"Then, please, carry on working."

Kim sighed and was dismissed. She went back to her cubicle and frowned rather harshly while glaring at the empty desk as if it was the one that wronged her. The desk was probably the only thing in Go City that had yet to get on her nerves, though.

The place that Kim worked looked like most other corporate offices. There were cubicles with short walls separating them spread out through the floor. The cubicles were all lined up in a row to give the place a sense of order and efficient. All of the low-level employees on her floor wore the company uniforms, just like she did. It seemed like a rather boring place to work, she had thought the first time she set foot in there that morning. It would seem she was wrong if getting in trouble counted as excitement.

"Damn lousy biker, nearly killing me and then getting me in trouble. Damn Bebe, can't reason with a freaking machine, which is probably why they put on in charge. No human sympathy or anything like that," Kim grumbled, turning her computer on. The computer was the only thing on desk, mostly because it came with the desk.

She decided to get to work, hoping to avoid any more problems for the day at least. She was able to get a few things done before her stomach started to grumble, obviously upset that it had been unintentionally neglected for the afternoon. She sighed and climbed up from her slightly uncomfortable seat, going in search for something to soothe her empty belly.

"Kim, try not to take too long. The floor boss is a bitch about these things," Monique warned her friend.

Kim nodded to show she heard, but she did not reply. She doubted a trip to the vending machine could take too long, so she should be fine. She made it to the vending machines without a problem and scanned the machine for what she wanted. Just as she was about to put her money in, she was distracted from her task.

"Hey, you new around here?" a somewhat deep, smooth voice inquired from behind her.

Kim twirled around to see a tall young man with blonde hair standing before her. He was large and wide with an athletic build. He was dressed professionally and smiling down at her with an almost sweet look on his face.

Olive eyes narrowed on him for a moment. "Yes, I'm new," she admitted in a slightly guarded tone.

"Cool. You're Kim, huh?" he asked.

"How'd you know?" she countered, feeling just a little more suspicious. Quickly, she assessed the situation to be able to get away if need be.

"You're the only new employee to come on this week. Besides, I'm supposed to keep up with these things. So, how do you like this place so far?" he inquired in a curious, but friendly tone while motioning around the bland hall.

Kim glanced away. "It's fine, I guess. Having Bebes for bosses is a little different…" she muttered. She did not want to really talk about it.

"I know what you mean. The one on this floor is a real hard-ass. Oh, I'm Brick Flagg," he said, just remembering to introduce himself. "So, aside from the job, how's everything else? You like the city?"

"I haven't gotten the chance to see much of it yet," she confessed with a slight laugh. She hoped to see as much of it as she could the moment she got a chance, though. The plan was for Monique to show her some of the city when her schedule was clear in a couple of days and Kim planned to get lost a few times on her own while waiting for Monique to have time for her. She could not help it, being the adventurous type and all.

"That's too bad. It's a nice place. Maybe I could show you around a bit," he volunteered with a charmingly boyish smile.

Kim thought on it briefly. Having a tour guide just once might help since she did not know her way around the city. Agreeing also gave her an excuse to get out and see the city. After all, if she left it up to herself, she knew she would always allow something to come up and it would take her forever to see the whole city on her own despite the fact that she had plans to get lost in the city.

"Sounds good," she agreed.

Brick nodded and Kim took her leave, forgetting to get herself something to eat. He smirked to himself as he watched her walk away. He shook his head.

"Damn, that is one fine new employee," he mumbled. Luckily enough for him, Kim did not hear.

In fact, Kim was busy thinking her luck might have changed. After all, she would get to see the city and she had someone to show her around. Before she made it back to her desk, she found out that she had that thought way too soon.

"Miss Possible, you were not authorized to leave your area. That is one demerit," the floor boss Bebe informed her.

"I had to get something to eat."

"And yet you do not have any food. Please, get back to work."

Kim groaned and scowled. And then to top matters off, her stomach growled, almost like it agreed with the Bebe since she neglected it yet again. Apparently, the bad luck continued. Maybe she should just go home and never get out of bed again rather than risk going out on such a day. But then again, she was never one to back down just because of a little misfortune.


Next time: meet some other characters, find out how Kim's night with Brick goes, and see if the Knight Sabers are just a myth.