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Epilogue: "These are the Times"

Shego groaned as sunlight beamed through the shades and hit her in the face. She rolled over to her side, hoping to escape the bright torment. Not for the first time, she wondered whose bright idea it was to put the bed next to the window. A chuckle next to her caused her to open one eye.

"Who you laughing at, Princess?" Shego demanded in a low, groggy tone. She dug in deeper into her pillow. It was decadent and soft, something she was not used to, but felt like she richly deserved at this point in her life.

"You. Get up, oh-great-hero, we have places to be," Kim teased from her space in the king-sized bed.

Shego laughed a little. "Think you funny? If I'm such a great hero, I should be allowed to sleep in."

"Come on, we promised we would do our part in rebuilding the city in as many ways possible," Kim reminded her.

"No, I do believe you made that promise. I didn't promise anything."

"You did. You know you did. You gave silent consent," Kim remarked with a smile.

"That was silent protest," Shego countered, turning in the bed and putting the soft, plush black blanket over her head.

"Besides, you know if you don't get up. In ten minutes, Tara is going to call asking where we are. And then after that Vivian is going to call. And then the twins and then my parents. If you play this game long enough, someone is even going to show up and probably let themselves in. I let you sleep in already, so now it's time to get up," Kim said, giving Shego a light pop on the hip.

Shego snorted, but she knew Kim spoke the truth. Mego-Go-City had been undergoing all sorts of restorations during the weeks after Bonnie's demise. Citizens from all over, near and far, had been pitching in to help out with remaking the city. Kim's family had even come in to help Kim's adopted hometown and they checked in on her quite often after seeing the devastation that the city went through. It did not help that they had met her girlfriend, so that caused worry on a whole different front.

"Curse you and all your friends," Shego grumbled in mock outrage, weakly shaking her fist at Kim.

Kim laughed again and crawled into bed with the older woman. She loomed over the biker. She did not get much of a reaction, beyond a little sparkle in one open emerald eye, as if daring her. She never backed down, so she leaned down, placing a gentle kiss to Shego's lips. That was enough to open both emerald eyes and get Shego to sit up. As a reward for doing that much, Kim kissed her again. Shego moaned a little from the simple show of affection.

"Now I remember how you managed to talk me into making that stupid promise," Shego chuckled. She turned and put her arms around the smaller woman, pulling Kim closer to her body.

"I vow to use this power for good… most of the time," Kim quipped with a bright smile and she gave Shego one more kiss.

Emerald eyes rolled and Shego flung the covers away from her body as best she could with Kim lying on top of her. Before the redhead could mention they needed to leave again, Shego captured slightly parted lips with her own and began a much deeper kiss than the one that Kim had given her.

It was Kim's turn to moan as Shego's tongue slid into her mouth. Pale green hands wandered into Kim's t-shirt and caressed soft, supple flesh, earning another moan. Suddenly, Kim pulled away.

"No, Shego, we don't have time for this," Kim reminded her in a breath.

"There's always time for this, Princess. I don't want you to ever tell me that again," Shego ordered, emerald eyes giving her girlfriend a stern look.

Kim understood the feelings behind the look. "I'm sorry, Shego."

"Don't be sorry, cupcake. Just tell me you love me and kiss me again," Shego ordered with a smile.

"I love you."

"I love you, too."

Kim then went in for another kiss. Ever since they had gotten back together after that ordeal with Bonnie, Shego had been somewhat clingy, which Kim did not mind because she was definitely the same. They would seek each other out in crowds of people, hold hands at random moments, and kiss whenever the thought over took them. They had wasted so much time before and had almost lost each other, so now they were not going to play around.

"Oh, god, Shego, I love you," Kim purred as the biker pulled her closer and caressed her torso. She rocked her hips against Shego.

"I love you, too, Princess," Shego groaned as Kim moved against her.

As things got a little more heated between the pair, the phone rang. Shego growled and the look in her eyes told Kim that she better not answer it. Kim did not make any moves toward the phone and soon her shirt was gone. Deep moaning filled the room, but eventually had to compete with the sound of the phone ringing again. No matter how many times the phone rang, neither of them made any moves off of the bed.


Shego stood up and yawned, glancing around her shared bedroom with Kim. The room was bigger than her entire trailer. It was a mix of her tastes and Kim's, white and green décor. There were pictures up. She could hardly remember a time when she even owed pictures. Smiling faces surrounded her, happier times ahead of them now. In fact, she lived in one of those happy moments.

She and Kim lived together in a restored condo. Vivian had purchased the property and she gave the unit to them as a gift. Tara lived in the same complex, right next door. Felix had been staying with her, even though he still technically lived with Vivian, who was doing her best to rebuild her building along with other places around the city.

"Kimmie?" Shego called, running her hand through her tussled ebony locks. She yanked on her tank top and shorts, which had littered the floor.

"I'm in the kitchen. Go to take a shower while I finish making us some breakfast. If we don't leave soon, everyone's going to be at our front door," Kim replied.

Shego glanced at the clock and knew her lover was right. "Shit, too true. Too true," she mumbled about people being at the door sooner or later.

Taking a hot shower, Shego sighed and thought about how not too long ago she feared everything would be gone. It amazed her how at the end of her life Bonnie seemed to have an epiphany and spared her. And more amazing than that was the way Go City was recovering from the mayhem.

"So, what's on the agenda for today?" Shego asked, as she exited the bathroom, toweling her hair off. Even the towel was fluffy and amazing, very more than the rags she was used. She pulled up to the bar counter that sectioned off their kitchen from the living room. There was already two glasses of orange juice waiting.

"We're going to help with the library today. A lot of people want the library back online so children will have some place to go while the parks are still a little messed up and really unsafe. We're there until one fixing shelves and tables and things like that and then Vivian wants us to meet up at her place," Kim replied.

Shego nodded. Their days tended to be like that now and it was fine. They did not always work at the same place, but they always worked somewhere. Most of the people in Go City were like that. Everyone tried to go back to normal, so if their jobs still existed, they went to work. If their schools still stood, they went to school. If their jobs were gone, they worked elsewhere since everywhere needed people. If their school was gone, a building was found that was suitable for learning. Everyone just did something.

No matter, everyone shared the mentality that soon Go City would be restored to its former glory, but they all had to work for it. And work for it they did. Stories about the city and how it was being revived were all over the news all the time.

"Amazing what humans can do when we pull together, huh?" Kim said, as she sat next to her at the kitchen counter, placing a plate in front of Shego. They were able to see the news on the TV in the living room from where they were.

"It reminds me of how things were after the earthquake, but with a little more hope than before," Shego replied as Kim kindly smeared jelly on her toast for her.

"How so?" the redhead asked. She had been trying to get Shego to open up more, especially about her past. It seemed to be working.

Shego bit into the toast and then some sausage. "After the earthquake, there were plenty of people willing to help, from the city and from outside of the city, but there was an element that looked to take advantage of the destruction, whether it was from looting or corporations trying to buy things for cheap. There seemed like there was always this layer of grim to that clean up. This one seems more pure and genuine. You don't see anything about looting or gangs or anything taking advantage of people. It doesn't seem like everything that's messed up is being bought or sold to anybody in a suit," Shego did her best to explain.

Kim nodded. "I'm glad for that. But, then again, the businesses might be being kept away by a certain one-eyed mechanic," she said with a chuckled. Betty had helped put together a police force of sorts as well as took command of something like a city government. She was a force to be reckoned with.

"Who'd have known that old lush was good for something," the biker remarked with a laugh of her own.

"Speaking of her, she'll be kicking our asses by Vivian's request if we don't get moving soon." Kim ate some of her toast.

There was a nod from Shego and they quickly finished their breakfast. The couple left their home, heading toward the main branch of the Go City public library on Shego's newest bike. Most of the streets were cleared and repaired, allowing for a smooth run to the library. They met up with Tara and Felix in front of the building.

Felix was on his feet, not needing his wheelchair anymore. None of them still totally understood what happened with Felix, but he seemed to be the same guy before Bonnie stole all his memories and emotions. Well, actually he was a little different, but they figured that was because he was officially Tara's boyfriend and quite happy about it.

Of course, Tara was also giddy about the idea. She and Felix were similar to Kim and Shego as far as couples went. They often sought each other out when they were separated and held each other whenever they were close enough. Sometimes, it seemed like Tara was trying to assure herself that Felix was really there.

"Hey, Kim! Shego!" Tara waved eagerly as the two pulled up to the street that was close to the library. As expected, Felix had his arm around Tara's waist and she had both of her arms around his chest.

"Hey," Kim replied while Shego just waved.

"We didn't think you two would ever make it here," Tara teased. She moved just enough to hug both Kim and Shego. Shego grunted, like she hated it, but she returned the hug. Tara then settled right back at Felix's side.

"Oh, please, you guys probably just got here twenty seconds ago yourselves," Shego bit right back and earned twin blushes from the other couple. Yeah, she knew it.

"So, Tara, what do you think you're going to do once everything is totally back to normal?" Kim asked, hoping to get things back in order before Shego said something to embarrass them all… well, except for Shego since she almost did not embarrass at all.

Tara seemed to think on it. "I'm not too sure. Betty offered me a job since she's resurrecting the Gemini Corporation in her spare time. She wants me to work on building security software and virus protection and stuff like that. Sounds like fun. Plus, I figure I should be able to get away with a lot of stuff since Betty knows I helped save the world." Her smile was quite impish and cute, but they all knew she was quite serious.

"I still can't believe she's planning to do that. She's going to need a PR miracle to pull it off," Shego commented, shaking her head as she thought about it.

While most of the world did not know Bonnie was the queen of the Bebes, they did know everything started with malfunctioning Bebes from the Gemini Corporation. Sure, Betty would not continue making Bebes, but no one would forget how the company had a hand in almost ruining the world. Of course, Betty probably would change the name of the company and that might be start in the right direction.

"Well, she doesn't want to see her father's dream die because of her brother's mistakes. That one I can understand somewhat," Felix said.

"Because of Vivian?" Kim guessed, even though she was not sure of the connection.

"She decided recently to help Betty with the company to continue her research in robotics. She's not going to create any more Bebes of course, but she's still interested in helping mankind and she knows she can if she keeps on working. She's keeping my mother's dream alive by doing that. She's hoping to one day make cybernetic parts that help people who have lost limbs, or are paralyzed, and such. It's similar to what they planned to do with Bebes, but this time without the added component of human intelligence and a chance of the creation having a soul," he explained.

"Did Bonnie have a soul?" Tara wondered aloud.

"I think… I think she did," Shego replied, earning some stares. She had connected more with Bonnie than any of them, save maybe Felix. She was certain she felt something there.

"I think so, too," Felix said. "I don't think she was all bad, but we shouldn't worry about that. My aunt's moved on and we should all do the same."

Kim nodded. "That's good. Vivian's been so much better since this whole thing ended."

"She has a purpose in life now that doesn't revolve around guilt and pain. Speaking of people being better, Shego, you seem better now that you're living with Kim," Felix noted with a smile.

Shego sucked her teeth. "Hey, are we going to help rebuilt this damn library or bore each other to death," she declared and walked off ahead of them. The others laughed and Kim just shrugged.

"You sure you know what you're doing by being Miss Cranky-pants' girlfriend?" Tara asked with a teasing grin.

"Obviously, you can't help who you fall in love with. If that was the case, I wouldn't be with a woman who tried to mow me down the day we met. And that reminds me," Kim said, breaking off into a jog. "You still owe me lunch, Shego!" she declared, chasing her lover and earning laughs from everyone.


Vivian was curled up on a lounge chair, resting against Betty. Vivian had her head against Betty's chest, listening to her heartbeat. Betty combed her fingers gently through golden tresses. They were outside, in the backyard of Vivian's home, appreciating the warm and fresh air.

"You know, everyone's going to be here soon," Betty pointed out. She looked out into the space, taking in the sight of grass by a fallen wall. This was a miracle on so many different levels.

"I know, but I want to stay with you like this for as long as possible. We have so much time to make up for. Years wasted," Vivian replied, wrapping her arms tightly around the brunette, as if she was never going to let go. She never wanted to let go.

"You're right. I'm sorry I gave up on you," Betty said, leaning down and placing a sweet kiss to the side of Vivian's head.

The scientist's hands caressed Betty's sides in response to the kiss and the words. "We gave up on each other. I was obsessed with redemption and you were traumatized. I should've been there for you."

The mechanic laughed and cradled Vivian's head to her. "I feel like I should be saying that."

Vivian shook her head. "You lost so much. Your father and then your dreams. Hell, even your inventions. Making matters worse, your brother took most of it from you. You were betrayed by family, by your twin. You lost so much."

Betty snorted. "And you didn't?"

Vivian sighed. "You're right. Let's not compare horrors. Let's look forward to the future and rebuilding everything, including our relationship."

Betty nodded and sighed contently. She felt complied to place another kiss to Vivian's head and did not resist the temptation. "There's a lot to do, but I feel like I needed something like that. I feel invigorated."

"That might be the alcohol working its way out of your system," Vivian teased, giggling.

Betty was kind enough not to bring up that Vivian had been almost as big an alcoholic as she was, but decided against it. They had both been sober since the defeat of Bonnie. Their energy was just so easy to direct to more positive things now that that dark cloud had passed. Between rebuilding the city and the company, that was more than enough to have their hands full, but there was more.

They were driven to work on themselves, too, both individually and as a couple. Plenty of their energy was spent getting to know each other again in every sense of the phrase. They often cuddled as they were now, talking to each other for hours, finding out what was going on in their heads. And, of course, there were other things to do beyond picking each other's brains.

Vivian pushed herself a little and playfully rubbed noses with Betty. The action drew a small laugh from the brunette before she went in for a proper kiss. Betty's hands were lost in Vivian's hair while Vivian's hands busied themselves against Betty's sides.

"You do know I have people coming here soon," Vivian pointed out.

"Says the woman whose hands are currently in my shirt and dangerously close to my breasts," Betty chuckled, emotions shining in her onyx eye.

Vivian laughed, too. "They have minds of their own when it comes to you and they don't know what a schedule is." She did not try to move her hands.

"Well, until company gets here, how about you leave me and your hands to our own devices," Betty remarked before going in for another kiss. Vivian responded by kissing the mechanic back.

Eventually they had to get up as they were having company. They were currently living small house that had been easy to move into after the Bonnie incident. Vivian's building was still standing, but it had a lot of work that needed to be done. She could not even reopen the Silky Android yet because of everything that happened. But, she kept busy, helping Betty to get control of Gemini Corporation and also trying to help in the rebuilding effort around the city.

Vivian quietly bought up several properties, too, planning to use them in the future for several things, like a science museum with the hope of getting children interested in science. She was surprised by how many people were eager to sell property in Go City. She gave them a fair price for it, but they did not seem to care about the money. It seemed there were some people who had given up on the area, even though she was certain that it would be back to normal in no time. Others just seemed to want to get away.

Today, though, they prepared for a huge party. They had invited people they considered family — Shego, Kim, Tara, Felix, and Will. Of course, Will was never too far from Betty, anyway, ready to do her bidding. In fact, he was currently out, gathering materials for Betty to repair several police vehicles, which was something that she volunteered to do after helping reorganize the police force. Will helped out with that as best he could since he was not a mechanic.

The couple also invited the Possible family since they were in town and Shego's brothers were coming, too. Kim invited her friend Monique. Tara tried to invite Barkin and Ron, but only Ron agreed to come.

Barkin had been keeping his distance after finding out that Shego was in a relationship with Kim. When he had returned to Go City, he tried to butt in on Shego's life in his loud and bullish fashion. She had promptly told him where to go and how to get there, but he would not take the hint. It was only when she openly kissed Kim in front of him, and a roaring crowd in a club, that he understood he was not her type. He finally walked away from her and out of her life.

Ron, on the other hand, had gotten much closer to the group upon returning to Go City. He did a lot of volunteer work with them, as did Monique. They fit right in, sharing in laughs and stories. They often hung out after doing their volunteer jobs, or actual jobs in their cases. Ron had found work as a short-order cook in one of the few diners that were up and running. He found this work much more fulfilling than GJ. Monique worked in one of the clothing stores that made it back on its feet, Club Banana it was called.

"I'm so glad everyone could make it," Vivian said with a smile, standing by Betty as they watched everyone mingle in the backyard.

Betty nodded. "It's nice, I suppose. Question, did the Possibles already know Shego?" she inquired, mostly because it looked like James Possible was giving her one of those "father talks." He seemed to do that any time they were in the same general area.

"I think they met a while ago. Around the time the Possibles came up to Go City," Vivian answered.

"He must know Shego well then to keep lecturing her," Betty remarked with a laugh.

Vivian giggled as well and they joined in the celebration. While James went over how Shego needed to treat and take care of Kim (again), Ann went to introduce herself to Betty and Vivian. While having heard a lot about each other, they had not had a chance to formally meet.

"Doctor Possible, I've heard you've been giving up a lot of shifts over at Go Hospital. I'm impressed by your workload. I feel almost as if I've committed sloth when I hear about you," Vivian commented with a smile.

Ann smiled back. "Oh, please, Kim's kept me informed of your actions too. You've been cleaning up as many buildings as possible to get people back into them. Not to mention, the scrap metal program you've started to recycle the Bebes and use the metal for other projects. We're all doing our parts."

"I suppose," Vivian agreed and then glanced over at Kim. "You know, you did a great job with her. She's incredible, not only did she help save the world, but she makes Shego almost tolerable," she joked.

"I heard that!" Shego huffed, shaking her fist at the blond.

"Almost," Ann said, smiling.

"She's got the patience of a saint to deal with that," Betty concurred.

Ann nodded, but she continued smiling. They watched as Kim went and rescued Shego from James, taking her by the arm and pulling the biker away to mingle with the others. James smiled as they walked away. It seemed like he was only hassling Shego as a joke now more than anything else.

It was at that time, in that yard, that everything was normal. It was that normality that promised everything would be fine between all of them. They could all move on rather than be tied down by the past and burdened with crippling pain. They could all heal and help each other. They could live.


The end.

Thank you guys for sticking with me through this ordeal of a story, but it actually made it through to the end! I hope you enjoyed it. Well, time for me to return to my padded cell. See you next story. Go check out my books on Amazon under the name S. L. Kassidy.