This is a Naruto and Harry Potter X-Over

This is a Naruto and Harry Potter X-Over.


In this Harry's parents are alive and his hour-older brother Brad is believed to be the Boy-Who-Lived.

Albus tells the Potters that they need to look after Brad more than Harry so they give Harry to Petunia.


In this story Petunia and her family are nice people and adopt Harry as their own son seeing as the Potter's willingly gave up all rights to Harry.


I don't own Harry Potter or Naruto.

That's JK Rowling Harry Potter and Masashi Kishimoto Naruto


The pairing will be Kaka/Iru/Harry!

There is no Uzumaki Naruto in this story.

The 10 Bijuu are bound to the Soul of the Chosen One.

The Spirit Master.



Chapter 1

3-year-old Harry Potter looked at his 'mother' in confusion, he knew that Petunia was actually his aunt but he thought of her as a mother and she thought of him as a son.

"Mommy…. Why're we moving to Japan?"

Petunia smiled, her 'son' was a true genius.

"Daddy has been moved there in his job… People now want him to make ninja weapons instead of drills!"

Harry grinned, he liked Sharp Pointy Things.

"Aunty Lily wont find us will she?"

Petunia's eyes darkened.

"No she wont I promise"

Harry smiled.

"I go get Dudley now…"