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Chapter 1 – Community Service

Tea walked into the classroom and to her seat near the center of the class, setting her brown backpack on her desk before taking her seat. She began shuffling through her bag, thinking of what she was going to need today for school, and found her reading book. It would be fifteen minutes before the bell rang, and the guys never came to class before the bell rang. Well, Yugi sometimes did, but that was when he needed to talk to Tea about something. Joey and Tristan had made it an art form to walk in the second the bell rang, which annoyed the teacher, Mrs. Asuka, to no end since she couldn't mark them tardy. Bakura wasn't even in their classes, and Duke was usually at work (he had admitted to coming to school just to promote his store). So that usually left her alone in the morning to read a book or check on homework she might have missed doing the previous night.

After she checked all her homework to make sure it was done, Tea placed it all back in her bag and took out her book, figuring she could catch up a little bit before school began. "I never get time to read anymore," she thought as she flipped the book open. "I'm always doing things for school these days, and now I have to start looking for a job. After all, I have to gain money somehow, and I'm not going to do it reading at home."

As she began to be enveloped by her story, she began to hear footsteps and looked up to see a pair of blue eyes glare at her before their owner sat down in his seat on the far right side of the classroom. Seto Kaiba, the CEO of KaibaCorp, had just walked into class. Tea watched as he opened his thin laptop up on the desk and began typing away feverishly, as if the world relied on this one paper he was currently typing. Knowing him, the world probably was relying on it. After all, KaibaCorp technology was used worldwide.

"He continues to amaze me to no end," she mused, trying to go back to her book. "He's so cold toward others, even Yugi and myself, and we've helped him out countless times! I understand if he doesn't trust others, but seriously…he needs to learn how to lighten up a bit." Tea had taken notice of Seto's habits at school, where he refused to talk to any and all of his fellow students and spent free time either working or reading a large book. He never seemed to just relax and take a break from anything. But with the job as CEO of a multi-billion dollar corporation, Tea had to admit that the word 'break' was probably not in his vocabulary.

"Oh well, it's not my problem," she thought, closing the book shut and leaning back in her seat. "We've tried accepting him into our group on numerous occasions, and he never wanted to. That's fine with me, as long as he knows he's always allowed to join us." She chuckled at the thought; it made Yugi's group of friends sound like a cult.

"Hey Tea!" a familiar voice asked, making Tea look up in surprise. Yugi Motou was sitting down in the seat in front of hers, smiling widely at her and waving his hand to say hello. "You're here kind of early, aren't you?"

"Just a little bit," she answered, smiling back at him. Yugi was basically her closest friend in the whole world, and many people always asked her when the two would be going out. And even though she admired Yugi and was friends with him, she wasn't thinking about dating him. She didn't want that with him…she honestly could say she didn't know whether he was straight or gay to begin with. It wasn't to be rude; it was a fact that she didn't know. So obviously dating wasn't on her list of things to do. "You have a lot of nerve, though. You're never here this early unless it's for something important."

"Yeah, well, Grandpa woke me a half hour earlier than normal," Yugi explained. "He was downstairs getting ready to open shop when he knocked over a piece of equipment. Needless to say he wasn't happy at all, and I woke up to hear him screaming at the broken parts on the floor."

"Will he be able to replace it?" Tea asked, not really surprised at Yugi's grandpa's reaction. She knew he was little off the handle at times.

"Oh yeah; he was just angry that it broke so early in the morning. All he did all morning was complain about how 'this was the start to a great day'. I just ignored him."

She chuckled at his comment when she saw a bunch of students beginning to enter the room. It was five minutes before the bell rang, and that was generally when the students began to come to classes. Several girls came in as a group and giggled over in Seto's direction, who seemed completely consumed by his work at this point. Yugi shook his head at the sight and said, "I'm so happy to not have many fan-girls."

"Oh, I'm sure you do somewhere," Tea remarked. "Maybe they just don't go to this school."

Yugi groaned at the thought and said, "I don't want many fan-girls. I like just being Yugi Motou. I don't need websites all about me like him." As he said this, he glanced over at Seto, who had finished typing and was in the process of shutting down his laptop. "I don't need to be stressed out like that all the time."

Tea nodded her head in agreement and went to comment on it when she saw Joey and Tristan enter the classroom. The bell immediately rang as they walked inside, and she hid her smile as the teacher glared at the two. Yugi turned around in his seat, and the duo sat down in their assigned seats. "Good morning, class," Mrs. Asuka stated as she stood up. "I'm glad to see that we're all here on time today. May everyone please take out their homework from last night as I come around to check on it?"

Tea took hers out of her bag and placed it on her desk before opening her book back up. This was basically the only time she got to read anymore, when the teacher was busy checking something or during a free class period, which were very few and far between. As Mrs. Asuka walked around the room, Tea could tell whether or not that particular student did their homework by the way she acted. Nothing meant they did it, nothing and a mark on her paper meant they didn't. She soon went around the class and reached her desk, giving Tea a smile in appreciation for doing the homework before going up the aisle to Yugi, also sending him a smile. It was kind of creepy, really. After all, it was only homework.

Once she was done going around the classroom, Mrs. Asuka sat down at her desk and took out a green clipboard. "Alright class, now there aren't really any new announcements save for assignments coming up. The Venn diagram project is due next Wednesday, and tomorrow's assignment will simply be reading the next chapter of our story, which shouldn't be too difficult. However, it has come to this school administration's attention that not many students seem to volunteer for clubs and community service activities lately. As a response to this, the administration is making all students in the high school perform at least 30 hours worth of community service over the rest of the school year."

Tea could hear groans erupting around the classroom, and it had taken a lot of willpower to hold back her own. She had enough schoolwork as it was, and now she had to do community service? "So much for getting a job," Tea thought bitterly.

"Now, now, it's only thirty hours, and you have all the rest of the year to do so," Mrs. Asuka stated, trying to be reassuring and failing miserably. "I'm to hand out these papers for you to get the person you work for to sign, signifying you have indeed done some community service. Though not all of you are going to receive these…" Picking up her clipboard, she stated, "I have a list here of all the students who have not done any community service this year. Only those students will be receiving these lovely papers right here. As for the rest of you, the administration knows you have or are doing community service and are not requiring you to fill out forms since you have already done so. So, as I call you up one at a time, I want you to come up and retrieve this paper." She began calling out the names in alphabetical order, and Tea sighed in frustration along with several other students.

"I really don't have time to be doing this," she thought, setting her elbow on her desk and placing her head in her hand. "I have enough going on! This is not going to be fun. Besides, what all is there to do for community service? Where would I find an employer for community service? I'm not going to join a church organization or anything like that; they expect you stay a lot longer than a few hours there."

"Tea Gardner," she heard Mrs. Asuka call out. She stood and walked up to the desk, grabbing the paper off the pile before returning to her seat. Looking back, she saw all the kids who had been called thus far either reading over their papers or smiling because they didn't have one. She listened to the next couple of names be called out, skimming over the page as she did so, when she heard Yugi's name get called out. She smirked and watched Yugi walk up to the front of the room as she had just done, grab a paper, and turn around to go back to his seat. He rolled his eyes at Tea, indicating how he felt about the assignment, and Tea had to stifle a chuckle. She began looking around the room for the people who didn't have one, expecting there to be only a handful. There weren't that many, but when her eyes landed on Seto Kaiba, she blinked in shock. He didn't have a paper.

"But…he should have been called up before Yugi…He doesn't do community service, does he? Why would someone like him do community service? He has the company to run. Maybe he just gives money to an organization to make the company look good. A lot of CEO's and business owners tend to do that in order to make their companies look better. Hmm…that's odd."

"Does everyone who needs one of these papers have one?" the teacher asked. When nobody raised their hand, she smiled and nodded her head. "Okay. As for the others who didn't need one of these, I'm sure you'll continue doing your community projects, and I want to let you know that the administration and the community both appreciate it. Now that that's out of the way, let's actually get to some work."

Work…exactly what Tea wanted to do after being told she had to do community service. Besides, she couldn't look for a job tonight. She was meeting Mai up at the coffee shop. The two always got together several times a week since Mai was now a top model in Domino City and all of Japan and could afford to do such things. Tea felt bad at first but was happy she was keeping her friendship with the blonde. So how was she going to find a community service project with homework and friendship visits? "Ugh…life sucks," she concluded before the lights were turned out, indicating that Mrs. Asuka was going to be going over the homework on the overheard. Sighing, she decided to think about it later and focus on her work. She couldn't afford to get behind in two things, that's for sure. Opening her textbook, she began to follow along with the teacher like the rest of the class.