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A Liar in every Midst

Aarch couldn't believe it. After 3 hours of tryouts that would last no longer than 2 minutes, they still had many hopefuls yet to go. Maybe he should have been more specific. He thought back over what he had seen so far.

Some of the kids were obviously good, many rubbish to put lightly, but none stood out really in his mind. Something told him that he would have to gradually filter the number of people down over the course of several days.

But he had to say, there were a few with potential. Maybe this planet was still interested in football as it had been 15 years ago. Rough round the edges, but nothing that hard training couldn't fix.

He watched as another hopeful stepped into the holo-trainer. The boy was tall for his age, black, spiky hair and a frown that refused to go. (A/n: To all readers wondering who the bloody hell I'm on about, it's Sinned.)Aarch had heard him have some…colourful discussions with some other boys. Apparently there was already rivalry in a team he had yet to create.

Turning his attention to the big screen that was on the wall, so everyone could see the standard of the players, he saw the player doing rather well. His accuracy maybe a little off, but the sheer forcebehind him. 145 km/h. He could be another possibility he could add to the list of call-backs.

Looking down at his list, he added Sinned's name onto the bottom. It currently looked like:


1. Micro-Ice

2. Alex

3. Ahito

4. Graham

5. Mei

6. Sinned

It was a short list but then, when you are trying to find the ones that you could get to revoke the Breath, it had to be. Although, he was wondering why there was a severe lack of girls trying out. Besides Mei, only 2 other girls had tried out and neither had what it took. There was also another girl that was there but she had yet to try out.

He paid close attention as Sinned came out. He was walking like he owned the place towards the group of boys (and the final girl yet to go) that he had spoken with earlier. 2 of them had already tried out and had successfully made the list but the third and fourth was yet to try.

His attention returned to the holo-trainer as another candidate stepped in.

"Did you see my brother?" whooped Thran, "I told you he could see when he wanted to. He was awesome. But obviously when it's my turn, I'll be way better."

"Yeah, yeah Thran. But we all know that it was me that set the standard of excellence as I went first. You all had to try be better than me, but none of you are" quipped back Micro-Ice.

"Micro-Ice, must you always be like this? It makes me wonder why on earth the male species was created in the first place" said Yuki.

"Hey, if you can't handle the pure awesomeness of me then step back a couple of planets, okay?" replied Micro-Ice.

"Well, well, well. What do we have here? Stupid idiots that aren't going to make the team, is my answer," laughed Sinned, as he abruptly entered their conversation.

"Get lost Sinned, this is a closed conversation that doesn't allow people like you to spoil the pleasant mood" replied D'Jok.

"Whatever, you'll all be lucky to get on to the next stage, unlike I, who is already a dead shoe-in" said Sinned.

"O.K then. Let's see about that. Bet you 10 that I deliver a higher average speed kick than you" challenged D'Jok.

"Fine. Beat 145 if you can…or not" replied Sinned before he stalked off.

(A/n: All those who hate D'Jok, like me, going on and on about his stupid destiny, you have my permission to skip his ever so not important speech in his overgrown bloated head. Thank you.)

D'Jok breathed deeply as he entered the trainer. He had to do this. He had to beat Sinned. There was no way he was going to get beaten by anyone. He was the best on Akillian and it was going to stay that way.

As the holo-trainer took on its shape, D'Jok saw a ball appear on the far side as some freaky thing appears next to him that had human features. Tilting his head he wondered what the hell it was and what was it suppose to do.

Next thing he knew, it was running full pelt at the ball. Finally, D'Jok understood and began his weird power-walking (Ever seen his tryouts, he looks more like he's trying to get to the toilet without wetting himself) before overtaking the droid-thing and slamming the ball into the target area as hard as he could.

Nodding at his obvious talent and expertise (bighead D'Jok talking, not me) he walked out into his cheering fans. (Not)

"All right, D'Jok. You went and got 150. Sinned must be kicking himself right now. Literally. You beat him" yelled Micro-Ice.

"Yeah, I knew I would. I'm great that way" said D'Jok, as most people around him that could hear just groaned and shook their heads at D'Jok's egotistical manner.

Aarch just smirked at the youth's display before concentrating on the next candidate.

Rocket was charging full pelt towards the ship. He'd seen what happened to ones whose fuel caught fire. And though he didn't want to be caught in the blast himself, there was at least one person on that craft that was in serious danger. That was enough to make him go.

When he arrived, he couldn't see anyone, but he could see how much it was smoking to a level to make anyone concerned. Climbing into the craft he searched for passengers but found none. It must only be the pilot then,thought Rocket, who then made his way to the cockpit. In there he found an unconscious person. He couldn't tell whether they were a boy or girl, but instead he got them out as quickly as possible.

He was only about 2 metres away before the craft did what it had been threatening to do. As the craft blew up, he and the survivor were blasted unmercifully into the air and outwards. As they landed, the person's body got twisted round and Rocket could see that it was a girl.

He found himself admiring her features. She was cute, with her white hair cropped around her face. She had delicate hands that looked like they belonged on a doll. Her face was sculpted to match a beautiful body of hers. One that was hidden under the baggy black trousers she was wearing, but brought out more by the green top and orange over-coat.

He was brought out of his reverie, by her. She wasn't yet conscious, but she was babbling something in her sleep.

"Aarch. I have to find Aarch. I must see him."

He supposed that she was another hopeful that had come, though probably from one of the surrounding moons as other planets were too far away to make it that quick. He wanted to help her, so brought his bike over and carefully placed her on it, before revving the engine and driving off to his cave. He always kept medicines there for just in case.

Back at the tryouts, Aarch was questioning himself more and more. Was he right to do this? Did he really think he could revoke the Breath of Alkillian? Was it lost beyond recovery? As each new player came forward, he found himself thinking that there was absolutely no chance of it happening.

He turned to Clamp, to ask him about whether or not he thought what Aarch was doing was right. But Clamp wasn't at the computer. Confused, Aarch turned around, looking for him, and found him having a heated discussion with two boys, brothers by the close resemblance, and a girl with bright orange hair.

He listened in on the conversation.

"No, no and once again no" argued Clamp, "we will only try out those who have what it takes. I'm sorry, but your cousin isn't good enough to be worth considering. She doesn't have the skill we need."

"You would know that, from not even seeing her perform?" complained Thran.

"I saw what I needed when you were training before. She just hasn't the skill for Galactik football" countered Clamp.

"Oh, and I suppose this has nothing to do with the fact that I'm a girl and that every girl that's tried out, you've immediately said no about. And then there is the fact that there are only 4 of us here, which means that compared to the boys, it is going to take a lot less time to see what we got. The only reason we are still here is because some men, such as Aarch, don't discriminate on players based on gender" screamed Yuki. She was sick, sick, sick of this phony saying that girls were unable to play football. Hello Mr Stone Age, we do now live in a world where a woman's ability to do equally as well as men has been recognised.

"Well, it's not my fault that none of the girls on this planet are, shall we say, useless at football. Thran can still try out but she needs to leave" said Clamp.

"You don't even use her name. It's Yuki. Learn it,or..." said Ahito. He was usually asleep round this time of day, but there was no way he could sleep while his little cousin had been neglected.

"Or what? You got nothing. You've already tried out so you can't threaten me with that" snided Clamp.

"Fine. You won't let Yuki try out, then I won't try out. You have said I'm good, but I have my terms. I will only go if Yuki goes before me" countered Thran.

"What? You can't-" began Clamp, before he was interrupted.

"What's going on here?" demanded Aarch as he stormed into the conversation. "Clamp, you're suppose to be monitoring our players, not having a chat with them."

"This- girl" Clamp flustered, pointing at Yuki "has been troublesome so I suggested that she leave quietly and return when she was actually able to comprehend what is a football and what is a person's head. She is rather terrible."

"That's not true." yelled Ahito.

"Our cousin is capable of out doing over half the boys here." yelled Thran.

"And I am not the one causing trouble. I haven't been the one crossing off as many girls as possible so you didn't have to deal with them." finished Yuki.

Aarch stood, swayed at the claim that Clamp was the reason there were so little girls trying out. He wouldn't. He knew about equality, didn't he?

"Well, I suggest that we see how good Yuki is and if she proves to be capable in my opinion, and that's not Clamp's, or her cousins' views, then we shall see. Is that satisfactory for everyone?" reasoned Aarch.

Clamp grumbled. Thran and Yuki whooped for joy. Ahito just nodded, glad the argument was over, put his head down and fell asleep.

Yuki entered the holo-trainer and stood in awe at the sheer size of the place. It was simply breath-taking. She had seen it on the holo-TV but it was still amazing. She got snapped out of her reverie by Aarch speaking to her.

"Alright Yuki, this is how it's going to work. Balls will be dropped from above the pitch at great speed and number. Your task is to shoot these as far way as possible, preferably in the goal if you wish. You have 1 minute."

Yuki saw the balls coming down and prepared herself. Then she saw one of the clone-drones other people had gone against. This was the opponent she had to score more against.

The first shower of balls came and Yuki began kicking out. Slowly at first, reserving her energy for when faster or further out balls came. Aarch said she could shoot for goal if she wished and she made certain every ball that connected with her foot ended in the back of a net.

Outside, Aarch was smiling increasingly at the girl's very obvious talent in the game. She didn't try lashing out and hitting every ball available like some idiots previously seen, but selecting balls out of those falling that she would hit, before finding the next target.

Clamp looked on with a frown. As Aarch was currently taking up the computer, he couldn't get to the controls and make her mess up. He knew full well she didn't deserve it. What she was doing looked impressive because it was in actual fact the easiest training method available. The reason that other girl, Mei, got in was because he had taken one look and thought of her as too much of a shopping blimbo- dispite that fact she was a brunette-, who would embarrass herself, and her screaming mother, in front of everyone leaving her ashamed. But he had been wrong. She had done the course given with obvious ease and agility, even if she had complained about it being for defenders when she wanted an attacking course.

Thran watched his cousin with pride, he had long since given up keeping his brother awake long enough to watch her, so was settling for cheering loud enough for both of them. She was made for the sport. if he was good, then Yuki was excellent. He was a born defender, but Yuki's talent was being adaptable to any position what-so-ever, and excelling in all.

Yuki saw the last ball in her path and prepared herself for the finish. She jumped up in the air and performed a move that had only ever been seen by her cousins that she had created. By bouncing the ball on her knee upward, she gained a few extra centimetres and flipped over, hitting the ball with the heel of her boot and the ball curved gracefully to the right before spinning wildly to the left and into the top corner of the net.

Hitting back down to the ground, she turned to the entrance of the holo-trainer and simply smiled. She knew they had seen the talent and she knew that she had one-upped Clamp hands down.

Exiting, she felt a glow of happiness as her cousins smothered her with congratulations, jumping up and down, screaming hysterically (A/n: I am not going to say which one)and all round general acting like they- Yuki, Thran and Ahito- had just won the Galactik Football Cup.

Turning, she saw Aarch smile, before turning to his clipboard and put on a very obvious tick. Yuki felt ecstatic. She lovedthe feel of knowing she had the control over a ball in such a way that she got the great Aarch to smile at her.

This can't get any better. Thought Yuki.

Rocket was currently making some hot soup to revive his patient when he heard her awake. She was lying on his couch wrapped up when he left her, but now she stood with the blanket half-dangling off her small, petite frame.

"Where am I? What happened? Who are you?" she asked.

"Hi, in answer to those questions, a) You're in my cave, b) You had a crash with your craft and I pulled you out before it exploded, and c) My name is Rocket. Now that I've answered that you can answer mine. Can I know yours?" replied Rocket.

"Hello Rocket. My name is Tia." she answered.

There was an awkward silence before Rocket spoke.

"So, what brings you to Alkillian then, Tia?"

"I must see Aarch. I need to get on his team." said Tia, before looking around. She noticed the many posters of the afore-mentioned player. "You seem to know a lot about him. Where is he?"

"Well, in actual fact, he's my uncle but I have never actually spoken to him." Rocket replied. He didn't like how these questions were getting increasingly personal.

"That is so cool. The Aarch being your uncle part that is. Can you take me to him? I need to see him." said Tia. She had seen the uncomfortable look in his eyes and decided to move on to a more open subject.

"Sorry, can't do that. So many people came that they have had to spread try-outs over 2 days. Anybody who wasn't there 2 hours ago waits."

"What? That's impossible!!! I can't wait two days." said Tia. There was no way she could handle that. She needed to be seen immediately by him.

"I'm sorry but that's the way it is. Is there anyone on Alkillian I can direct you too? Family maybe?" asked Rocket.

"No, my parents are currently over at the Planet Light. They are diplomats you see and..." Tia never finished.

"Ok, so we both have to wait till tomorrow and I currently have a girl that doesn't know how to have fun" summed up Rocket

"I beg your pardon but I do." countered Tia, "so what do Ice-planet kids do around here?"

Rocket merely smiled and said "Want to know what it's like to travel at 100km/h?"

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