The Doctor runs to the unusually crowded console – "And! Off we go!".

He pulls a lever - the TARDIS shudders as it starts and they all fall about, hanging onto the console for support.

"But what about the Earth?" Sarah-Jane asks "It's stuck in the wrong part of space!".

"I'm on it" The Doctor replies "Torchwood Hub, this is The Doctor. Are you receiving me?".

"Loud and clear" Gwen smiles into the screen "Is Jack there?".

The Doctor glances at Jack "Can't get rid of him".

He looks at Jack "Jack, what's her name?".

"Gwen Cooper" Jack replies.

"Tell me, Gwen Cooper" The Doctor begins "Are you from an old Cardiff family?".

Gwen and Ianto glance at one another on the monitor.

"Yes" Gwen replies "All the way back to the eighteen-hundreds".

The Doctor and Rose peer at her in delight.

"Mm, thought so!" The Doctor smiles. He looks at Rose "Spatial genetic multiplicity...".

"Oh, yeah!" Rose grins.

"Yeah, yeah! It's a funny old world!" The Doctor adds "Now, Torchwood, I want you to open up that Rift Manipulator - send all the power to me".

"Doing it now, sir" Ianto replies.

"What's that for?" Martha asks.

"It's a tow-rope" The Doctor explained "Now then, Sarah - what was your son's name?".

"Luke, he's called Luke" Sarah-Jane told him "And the computer's called Mr Smith".

"Calling Luke and Mr Smith!" The Doctor cries.



Luke jumps up from where he had been sitting dejectedly in the attic.

"Come on, Luke, shake a leg!".

"Is Mum there?" Luke asks.



"Oh, she's fine and dandy—" The Doctor replies.

"Yes! Yes!" Sarah-Jane laughs.

"Now, Mr Smith, I want you to harness the Rift power and loop it round the TARDIS, you got that?" The Doctor asks.

"I regret I will need remote access to TARDIS basecode numerals" Mr Smith replies through the screen.

"Oh, blimey. That's gonna take a while" The Doctor steps back, thinking.

"No, no, no. Let me! K-9, out you come!" Sarah-Jane cries.

K-9 appears on the monitor.

"Affirmative, Mistress!" K-9 cried.

The Doctor laughs "Oh, good dog! K-9, give Mr Smith the basecode!".

"Master. TARDIS basecode now being transferred" K-9 replied. The basecode is displayed on Mr Smith.

"The process is simple" K-9 added.

"Now then, you lot –" The Doctor says "Sarah - hold that. And Mickey - you hold that. Because, you know why this TARDIS is always rattling about the place? Rose - that, there" he indicates control "It was designed to have six pilots and I have to do it single handed. Martha - keep that level. But not anymore! Jack - there you go, steady that. Now we can fly this thing –".

Jackie's next. He hesitates "No, Jackie. No, no. Not you" pats her shoulder "Don't touch anything, just... stand back... - Like it's meant to be flown! We've got the Torchwood Rift looped around the TARDIS by Mr Smith. We're gonna fly planet Earth back home. Right, then! Off we go!".

He pulls a lever, and off they go.

The TARDIS is hardly shaking at all as the Doctor and his friends work as a flawless team. Donna strolls around the console, watching them work.

"Rose" The Doctor gestures to a button.

Jack pumps a lever. Martha grins excitedly. Sarah Jane pushes a lever down slowly.

"That's really good, Jack" Donna smiles "I think you're the best".

Jackie laughs.

They all whoop and cheer - everyone hugs everyone - they're absolutely ecstatic. They've done it. Donna wrenches Sarah Jane away from Jack and throws her arms around him.

Everyone is milling around the TARDIS.

"Yeah, I'm fine..." Donna says into her phone.

"Are you all right?" Jackie asks Mickey.

"I'm gonna miss you. More than anyone" Mickey tells her.

"What do you mean?" Jackie frowned "The Doctor's gonna take us home, isn't he?".

"But that's the point" Mickey explains.

Jackie understands. He'll never have Rose again. His gran is dead. Jake's married... He doesn't have anything in the parallel world... She pulled him down into a tight hug. He returned it almost painfully and pulled back.

Rose watches as Martha, Mickey, Sarah-Jane and Jack leave the TARDIS, The Doctor following after them. Jackie walks up to Rose and takes her hand, studying her face.

Donna comes back from talking on her phone.

"What's gonnah happen now, Rose?" Jackie asks softly.

"I don't know" Rose admits in a whisper "I don't know".



The TARDIS materialises on the sand on a day just like before. Jackie emerges first, followed by The Doctor, Rose and Donna.

"Ugh, fat lot of good this is!" Jackie cries "Back of beyond, bloody Norway! I'm gonna have to phone your father. He's on the nursery run".

Rose is looking around in confusion.

"I was pregnant, do you remember?" Jackie told The Doctor "Had a baby boy!".

"Ah, brilliant!" The Doctor smiles "What did you call him?".

"Doctor" Jackie replies.

"...Really?" The Doctor looks unsure.

"No, you plum. He's called Tony!" Jackie represses a smile.

"Hold on, this is the parallel universe, right?" Rose interrupts.

"You're back home" The Doctor says, smiles all gone and sadness replacing his tone.

"And the walls of the world are closing again..." Donna adds "Now that the Reality Bomb never happened. It's dimension retroclosure... See, I really get that stuff now".

"No, but I spent all that time trying to find you" Rose is close to tears now, completely bewildered "I'm not going back now!".

"But you've got to" The Doctor stepped closer "Because we saved the universe, but at a cost. You travelled through all these parallel worlds and affected every single one...".

Rose waits, the dread coming closer and closer to making her want to throw up.

"You have to stay here" The Doctor continues "To heal the fractures, you have to stay".

"Bullshit!" Rose shouts, making The Doctor and Donna stop walking and turn around.

"You just don't want me with you anymore..." Rose's voice breaks.

"Rose" The Doctor's eyes wells with tears.

"Fine" Rose cuts him off "Go!".

The Doctor freezes.

"Go!" Rose screams, tears falling from her eyes "Go!".

The Doctor takes one last look and walks back into the TARDIS with Donna, slamming the doors shut. Rose feels her heart break apart as the TARDIS begins to whirl that noise she missed so much.

"I'm sorry mum" Rose whispers, hugging her mother tightly before pulling away.

"Rose?" Jackie questions her.

"I'm so sorry" Rose replies "I love you" she runs to the TARDIS just as it's about to disappear and grabs the door handle, opening it quickly and rushing in, slamming the door shut.

Jackie watches with shock as the TARDIS disappears from sight and she's left, standing on a beach in Norway. A tear strolls down her cheek sadly.



"Your own mother!" The Doctor shouts at Rose, holding her shoulders tightly. He has her pressed against the TARDIS doors.

"I told you" Rose's tone goes soft "I made my choice a long time ago and I'm never gonnah leave you".

The Doctor draws back, eyes wide and shocked. Rose looks away and glances at Donna "Do'd you need any help?" her gaze is refusing to meet his.

Donna shakes her head "No" she adjusts the monitor, pottering around the controls. The Doctor is now leaning against a support, that awful sorrow back in his eyes. Rose is now standing inches away from The Doctor, frowning at his eyes.

"I thought we could try the planet Felspoon..." Donna continues, "Just 'cos... What a good name, 'Felspoon'... Apparently it's got mountains that sway in the breeze. Mountains that move. Can you imagine?" she twists a button.

"And how do you know that?" The Doctor asked quietly.

"Because it's in your head!" Donna cried "And if it's in your head, it's in mine".

"And how does that feel?" The Doctor continued.

"Brilliant! Fantastic! Molto bene!" Donna smiled back "Great bit of universe packed into my brain. You know you could fix that chameleon circuit if you just try and hotbind in the fragment links and superseding the binary, binary, binary, binary, binary, binary, binary, binary, binary, binary, binary, binary, binary, binary, binary—" she cuts off, in a deep breath "I'm fine!".

The Doctor straightens, brow furrowed, but in sadness rather than confusion. Rose watches as he moves forward in confusion.

"Nah, never-mind Felspoon" Donna continues "You know who I'd like to meet? Charlie Chaplin. I've heard he's great, Charlie Chaplin. Shall we do that? Shall we go and see Charlie Chaplin?" she picks up phone, speaks into it "Shall we? Charlie Chaplin? Charlie Chester, Charlie Brown. No, he's fiction, friction, fiction, fixen, mixen, rixten, brixton—" she gasps and doubles over as though winded.

The Doctor goes to her, Rose staring.

"Oh my god" Donna holds her head.

"Do you know what's happening?" The Doctor asked quietly.

"Yeah" Donna whispers.

"There's never been a Human-Time Lord metacrisis before now. And you know why" his voice is low, and lined with sadness.

"Because there can't be" Donna says quietly, her eyes moist. She averts her eyes to the controls and pretends to be busy "I want to stay".

"Look at me" The Doctor adds "Donna, look at me".

Donna raises her head, her body trembling and shaking "I was gonnah be with you... forever".

"I know" The Doctor whispers gently.

"The rest of my life..." she continues sadly "...Travelling in the TARDIS... The Doctor-Donna..." it suddenly dawns on her "No... Oh my god...".

Rose has stepped up to the control, tears in her eyes.

Donna shakes her head, backing away from him, eyes filling with tears. He steps towards her and takes her by the shoulders. "I can't go back" Donna gasps "Doctor... Please, please, don't make me go back...".

The Doctor looks into her eyes "Donna. Oh, Donna Noble. I am so, so sorry".

She looks up at him, in a panic trembling fear.

"But we had the best of times" The Doctor whispers "...The best".

Tears spill down her cheeks.

"Goodbye" The Doctor whispered.

She's frantic as he places his fingers to her temples and closes his eyes "No" Donna gasps "No, please! Please! No, NO! No!".

Images from their adventures flash backwards in quick succession, right back to the moment she appeared in the TARDIS in her wedding dress.

"No!" Donna screams as she falls into his arms, unconscious. Rose darts round and looks into his pain-staked eyes. A tear falls down his cheek and she looks away, brushing her hair away before looking back at him in sadness.



Rose sighs sadly and waits on the tattered couches of the TARDIS. She's glad she came back. Not glad she left her mum, stranded on some beach on Norway but she had a mobile phone and a purse full of money so it won't be that bad.

She glances around the empty TARDIS. She asked if he wanted her to go with her but he said no. She didn't take it personally, Donna was his best friend, she knew how much Donna meant to him.

Shove it. Rose pushed herself off the couch and walked towards the TARDIS doors. She opened them and saw The Doctor, standing outside Donna's house, talking to Wilfred. He was alone. No Donna to be seen.

Rose stepped out of the TARDIS and walked towards a bench. She looked up at the rain-filled sky and sat down, waiting for The Doctor.



Wilfred watched The Doctor a little anxiously. The Doctor turns and shakes his hand. They're standing at Donna's door, rain hitting down on The Doctor.

"Bye then, Wilfred" The Doctor mustered a sad smile.

Wilfred nods. The Doctor steps out further.

"Oh, Doctor..." Wilfred calls.

The Doctor turns back.

"What about you, now? Who've you got? I mean, all those friends of yours...?" Wilfred asks. Or he doesn't know what he's asking, really.

"I've got..." The Doctor starts "Just someone".

"I'll watch out for you, sir" Wilfred adds, saluting The Doctor.

"You can't ever tell her" The Doctor can't stress this point enough.

"No, no, no" Wilfred assures him "But every night, Doctor... when it gets dark... and the stars come out... I'll look up. On her behalf. I'll look up at the sky and think of you" his voice breaks a little.

The Doctor stands there, in the rain. "Thank you" he whispers. Wilfred nods and closes the door. The Doctor sighs and turns around to proceed to the TARDIS but as soon as he starts walking, he stops.

Rose is sitting on a bench, next to the TARDIS. She's drenched in water, mascara streaked down her cheeks and her body shaking painfully from the cold. He walks over and sits down next to her.

"Donna?" she asks him quietly.

"Safe" is all he can say.

"I'm sorry" she offers, reaching out to take his hand "I know she meant a lot to you".

"Yeah" The Doctor whispers sadly. He looks at her awkwardly "Rose, your mother—".

"Is a big grown woman" Rose cuts him off "She's got Tony, Pete, her job, the mansion... " she pauses, raising her eyebrow "She's pregnant again".

The Doctor looks surprised.

"She's gonnah be fine" Rose whispers, looking away "She'll be fine... She changed after that day... She's strong and she'll survive".

"And what about you?" he questions her.

Rose pauses and then smiles weakly "I'm always gonnah be here, right?".

"Yeah" The Doctor looks away, sighing softly "You are".

"You figured it out?" She looks away, down at the harsh rain.

"Yeah" The Doctor whispers, emotion rocking his tone "I figured it out".

"Why did it happen?" she has to question it. This wonderful thing that happened to her, she has to question it.

"When the New Doctor was killed, the regeneration energy was still fresh enough to resist... When you stepped into them, they stepped into you..." he explained.

Rose waited with fear. Did this mean he was also going to have to take away her memory? It would—

"You got the regeneration cycle, Rose" The Doctor interrupts her chain of thought "Or... One of mine, actually... You'll never age...".

Her heart skips a beat at his words and she snaps round to stare at him in the eye. She has to know he's not joking, he's not wrong, he wouldn't be wrong...

"I'll never..." she whispers softly "We'll be..." she can't say it. Because if she says it, it might be wrong. Fate has a way of cruelly screwing with your happy future.

Rose turns to look at him "I promised you forever".

The Doctor nods, looking down almost shyly "You did...".

"And so this..." she whispers it so softly, he has to lean in to hear her "This means I can give you forever..?".

The Doctor reaches up to stroke her tears away but it's in vain cause with the unrelenting rain, it doesn't make a difference "If... You want... You could... Come back, with me, old life... In the TARDIS...".

"Well, where else am I gonnah spend it?" Rose laughs and this time, he does to. It dawns on him. She hasn't got anyone else now. The only person she has real links with is Mickey and apparently after what he said... It didn't sound as if they had rekindled any kind of a relationship.

Something in him snaps. He doesn't know why he does it but he does. His hands slide down with ease to her hips and he feels her tense. She bites her lip and opens her mouth to say something but he presses his lips to hers, taking full advantage of her open mouth. His tongue ravishes hers and he towers over a little, making her grind against him.

She swallows his deep moan of pleasure and lets him bend her back more so his mouth is fully pressed against hers. She can't help but grip his shoulders as his exploration of her mouth is growing more passionate by the second.

All that frustration of being able to look but never touch forced it's way into the kiss, each fighting a war with each other, trying to over-power the other.

And then he pulls away, lips puffy and his eyes dark with desire. She looks up at him with a heated gaze and heavily panted breath.

She links her fingers through his, more tightly now. "Can we go home now?".

"Yes" he smiles, then beams "Yes" they stand slowly, drenched in hail-stones and rain. He opens the TARDIS doors and lets her walk in, him following her. He closes the doors over, smiling.

The wet-drenched TARDIS sounded off its usual whiz and started to disappear. Seconds later; Rose, The Doctor and the TARDIS were gone.

Wilfred peered out the blinds from his window and saluted the sky; a saddening look echoed on his face.


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