Calming Fire by AndromedaMarine

Elizabeth Weir was normally calm and collected. John knew something was wrong when she started destroying her office. The full-bird had to restrain the leader forcibly, and everyone in the 'gateroom and control room saw what was going on.

The first thing she broke was the window, causing shattered glass to rain down. John had just waked in when her elbow shot backwards. "Elizabeth!" John yelled, grabbing her wrists only to have them wrenched away. "What do you think you're doing?"

The woman was taking deep breaths. Even she had no idea why she had snapped. "Uh...I don't know." John noticed her eyes glaze over and the second thing she did was whirl around and elbow John in the stomach.

He doubled over, wheezing, but recovered quickly. He tackled Elizabeth around the waist and hauled her to the ground with him. "What the hell was that for?" he hissed into her ear. "Calm down, Lizzie."

The diplomat relaxed in the colonel's hold and twisted her head some to look at him. "Your eyes are green," she informed him in a whisper, making John frown.

"And you just broke a window, doctor. What is wrong with you?"

"N...nothing...I broke a window?"

"Yes, Doctor, you did," John said through his teeth. "Have you been off-world recently?"

The diplomat was silent. "Yesterday evening..."

"Any strange drinks or food?"

Elizabeth shook her head.

"You sure, doc?" He tightened his hold around her when she squirmed.

"No..." The woman wiggled again but was locked in the colonel's steely grip. "Colonel Sheppard, let me go!"

John shook his head and grimaced. "You need to visit Dr. Keller." With him still restraining her John stood and started to walk her out the door in a manner he would escort prisoners. John vaguely remembered the leader's strength when Phoebus had taken control of her body, yet that was a long time ago.

They were in a deserted hallway when John eased his grip and his prisoner struggled out of her captivity. She spun and faced him, the glaze returning to her eyes.

"There's definitely something wrong with you..." he muttered.

"I am perfectly fine," Elizabeth retorted.

"A perfectly fine Elizabeth Weir wouldn't have elbowed me in the gut," he pointed out. "There's something wrong with you." John held up his hands in a non-threatening gesture. "Let me take you to Keller."

In a moment of weakness Elizabeth's eyes drifted and John seized his chance. He pinned his leader's arms to her sides and clamped down as she struggled. The glaze disappeared. "Colonel," she warned. "Let me go."

If the whole trip to the infirmary was going to be like this John didn't know what else to do. Before Elizabeth could protest John swooped in and caught the leader's lips in a kiss.

The woman found herself unable to resist kissing back and only then did the colonel slightly loosen his hold. John pulled away. "I guess I just calmed fire," he muttered as Elizabeth's eyes locked with his.

The weird leafy tea on New Athos was Jinto's fault.