The Dream by AndromedaMarine

He woke in a cold sweat and immediately scanned the room for his wife. Not seeing or feeling her next to him he began to panic. He tried to tell himself that it was just a dream – but it was too vivid for the word 'just.' John fumbled for his radio. "Elizabeth, where are you?"

There was no answer.

"Elizabeth?" John threw the covers off and immediately regretted it when a blast of cold air met his skin. "Dammit...Elizabeth!" he said into the radio. Just a dream?

They'd been in their room, sleeping, and just suddenly Elizabeth disappeared in a flash of red light. Then he woke up – and no Elizabeth.

"Elizabeth!" Another flash of red light blinded him and when his eyes cleared John saw his wife, unmoving, on the floor. He rushed over and started to shake her. "Elizabeth! Wake up, Liz, wake up!" He lightly slapped her face. He checked her pulse and nearly died – there wasn't one.

John opened his eyes and saw a ceiling. The air felt cold against his sweat-drenched hair and neck. Frightened at what he would see if he looked at his wife's side of the bed he hesitated. He forced himself to look and saw his wife, peaceful in her slumber. Expelling a sigh of relief he slid his arms around Elizabeth and pulled her close. Their bodies were like puzzle pieces fitting together perfectly. Elizabeth shifted in her sleep, molding to her husband's shape.

John's hand rested on his wife's swollen belly. This was real, not a dream.