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Chapter 32


It had already been two days since Jasper's and Alice's arrival, my house-arrest and the realization that I was currently being hunted by a force that couldn't be stopped by ordinary means. The entire time spent not thinking about how I would meet my demise but on how I wanted to spend the time I had left. The answer was simple…with Edward, whatever it was, I needed to be near him.

I didn't think there could be anything worse than being away from Edward but I was wrong. It was unbearable to have him close but never close enough.

Since our encounter with voyeurism and having almost performed a free show for Jasper, Edward was extremely careful of his movements around me. It was as if he thought if our skin contact lingered too long, we wouldn't been able to control ourselves and submit to our emotions. It was almost laughable if not for the fact part of me knew it was somewhat true.

Instead, Edward focused all his attention on preparing for the rest of his family's arrival AND finding new ways of sneaking me out of the house without arousing suspicion from Charlie. After the attacks in the woods, the local t.v. station continuously ran non-updates on the search for the "deadly animals" that had killed one teen and most-likely killed the other. Their descriptions weren't too far off. This along with my admittedly shift in attitude, was putting Charlie on edge and having him take overprotective to another level.

He watched me like a hawk constantly looking for some kind of emotional breakdown caused by all that happened the past few days. All the while reminding me how much of a prisoner I was in my own home.

"To school and back. Nothing in between. I can't protect you while I'm at work but I'll be damned if you go off putting yourself in harms way. Especially with those wild animals on the loose", Charlie ordered. "You got that Bells"?

"Yes Dad", I automatically responded as I cleared up the dishes from dinner. His constant warnings were now a daily ritual as the threat level had reached its peak and I would be returning to school the next morning. Shuffling across the floor, plates in hand, I could feel Charlie's eyes watching me, waiting for some kind of rebuttal or refusal of his orders.

"Bella…I MEAN IT", he practically spit out. Placing the plates inside the sink, I sighed and turned to face him, expecting to see an angry Charlie. Instead of anger his face looked pained, almost hurt in fact. It was as if he knew deep down we were all in danger and he really DIDN'T know how to protect me.

"Dad…listen I told you already I promise to be back home as soon as school is done. I'm not in the mood for any extra curricular activities and I know a lot of the kids at school are thinking the same thing." Walking close to the chair Charlie was slumped in, I tried my best to reassure him. "Whatever attacked them in the woods will be caught. No more people will have to die. It's going to be okay Dad…, I whispered, placing my hand on his shoulder.

Out of the blue, Charlie sat up and grabbed me into a rib-crushing hug. "I'm sorry Bells…I don't mean to play bad cop hear at home but you mean the world to me. I just want you safe. I know its going to be okay kiddo, you just gotta let me be the Dad sometimes…" he trailed off, still hugging me to his chest.

"I know, I know. Everything will be fine", I said into his shoulder, tightly hugging him back. Staring into the woods by the backyard, imagining what lurked within them, I shut my eyes and lightly mumbled, "It has to be….


After our little emotional pow-wow, Charlie had went back to watching sports the entire evening, as I counted the minutes till I was in bed with Edward. His soothing voice crooning me to sleep as the whole world melted away.

Charlie had gone to bed 15 minutes earlier, as I lay in my bed watching the shadows of the branches outside dance across my ceiling, aching to be close to Edward. Though I had felt him watching me the entire day, knowing I wasn't able to touch his skin or breath in his sweet scent was beyond maddening.

Just the thought of his smooth lips against mine, his strong hands clutching my waist and his gorgeous eyes staring into my own was enough to make my pulse quicken and heartbeat pound rapidly. Shutting my eyes I moaned his name…"Edward".

Within an instant I felt his arms around me, his solid form encasing my body. I snuggled closer to him, never wanting to be away from him again.

"What's wrong my love"? He ran soothing circles on my back, as he tucked my head below his chin. "I was waiting till Charlie was fully asleep before I came in but I heard your heart beating a mile a minute and I had to make sure you were alright".

"I'm perfect now. Here. Now. Everything is just right. Just as it should be", I whispered to him, grabbing his hand and intertwining it with mine, bringing it to my lips as I kissed his knuckles.

His breathing became more labored then, his body suddenly rigid and stiff, never letting go of me but now very mindful of his movements. "Bella…I believe we already went over this. THIS can't happen…at least not at this current point in time", he reasoned.

He was right. All the reasons were there to stop. It was rational to not give in to what played in my mind all day but I couldn't bring myself to listen.

"I don't care who hears. I don't care if Jasper tells Emmett and we never hear the end of it…I don't care. I want you…NOW", I said angrily as I shifted my body away from Edward's and not-so-gracefully straddled him. I didn't know where all this was coming from as my heart and body were ignoring the arguments and warnings my mind was screaming.

Edward seemed shocked as well as all he could do was stare, his eyes clearly conveying his confusion on whether or not to accept or challenge me…