And I am back! After so many months, I finally have the idea and the inspiration for this story! It took me a while to think of a spin and all so I think I've found one. As much as it annoys me, this might not be a one-shot; overall, it will be a normal story/novel! So yay for you guys, boo for me XD lol I don't mind though.

Because this will be more of a story like…story instead of a one shot, there won't be as many lemons but there will be some.

Idea: Is the MMP really gone? After all these years of failed attempts to regain them back, has Monkey Fist really stolen them for a night of sinful pleasure? In this bed Ron's tied to, he can't help but ponder this. These thoughts are always interrupted by two other matters; why does his heart beat the way it would towards a woman he loved, if he was not gay? And why in the world does he keep dreaming about himself and Monty traveling to an exotic place to fight…using the powers? Perhaps they aren't really gone after all.

Sequel to Torture of Mind & Body.

"If two were to fuse as one, the dominate will survive…"

Such a small sentence that holds so much meaning. It was spoken rather lightly by Montgomery Fiske, also known as Monkey Fist, just last night…yet it weighed like a ton of bricks on the mind of Ronald Stoppable. Those words kept repeating themselves in his mind, in his dreams.

Sitting up on the silk covered bed, he noticed the temperature rose slightly since the first time he woke up. Relieved, he laid his back against the headboard and heaved a sigh. His body was sore and delicate to the touch but who wouldn't be after a night of 'power stealing' sex?

This made him grin. "Power stealing sex…" He whispered into the empty room. Anyone who was oblivious to the Mystical Monkey Powers or how he and the Englishman possessed them once would have assumed a different meaning for such a low murmur. They might think he meant energy decreased exhaustion…that's what a night of pleasure did, no? They might even presume he meant that Monkey Fist stole his ability to think correctly.

Yet they could not be farther from the truth.

The real meaning behind those three words was just that; power was stolen. Ever since that faithful day that Ron went with Kim to help Lord Monty Fiske, his fate was basically sealed. When he invaded the man's castle and, in a fit of fear and determination to get out alive, jump before the four monkey statues, Ron was basically signing his death warrant.

For the next few years, Monty tried to find numerous ways to become better than the 'imposter' that possessed his power. Not only try to become better, but tried to kill Ron several times. Somehow whether someone interrupted him or if he would hesitate, he just couldn't kill the boy.

No…not boy; Young man. Ronald was now at what should be the proud age of 18. Through all those years of Monkey Fist planning his vengeance, he lived past it all. Part of him still felt like he was on that bridge still. He still wanted to end his life merely because Kim, his once dearest friend, told his family that he wasn't straight. His family disowned him, scorned him for being himself. That was a first.

The other part of him didn't seem to mind being in this place with Monty. There were moments, of course, where his temper got the best of him but it was okay. It was far better than trying to find a place of his own. It was better than being on the streets alone.

But last night…did that mean anything? No.

Last night was merely a way for Fiske to be the 'dominate' one and reclaim the rights to being full Monkey Master. Oh man, if only Rufus knew about that…Rufus! "Rufus!" Ronald whispered as his head snapped up, remembering his old buddy. "I wonder where he is."

Whenever Monty's monkey minions had undressed him, which gave him shivers for phobia's die hard; Rufus had been hiding in his pocket! Whether it was Monkey Fist or his servants who did that, they must have put his clothes in a room and left them there. So that meant the naked mole rat could be anywhere by now in this…castle? Mansion? House? Hide out.

Wrapping the blanket around him merely for modesty sake instead of warmth, he looked up at the ceiling. At least he was able to sleep soundly without worrying about his head injury causing a coma. The head injury, he mentally noted, that Monkey Fist had caused!

Rubbing his eyes, he slowly lowered his body onto the bed. Surprisingly it wasn't similar to a rock; if anything, the mattress possessed traits similar to a cloud. His head rested on the pillow, the very thing he had bit into at first when Monkey Fist entered him. His cheeks flushed at the memory and he tightened the blanket around him.

He just still could not believe how his body betrayed him…then his mind did too…he liked it! Yet he felt no shame for it, which was good…right? One less thing to brood over. But with one less thing to ponder about, another came and took its place; could 'screwing the power' out of the young man really make Monkey Fist the Monkey Master?

It sounded so…trivial. It sounded so stupid and pointless and a little weird. The person who wrote such a thing in those ancient books, how did they know something like splitting the power could happen? A better question, how did that know how to fix it?!

Then again, nothing with those stupid powers made sense. Rolling his eyes, he figured silently that anything was possible and even if it was a simple one night stand, it was possible for the powers to leave him. Turning over into a comfortable position, he ignored the feeling of being watched. It wouldn't be the first time Monty acted as though he were an exotic creature in a zoo cage.

His mind was buzzing with questions and concerns that wouldn't be answered any time soon. Pushing them aside with a great deal of effort, he closed his dark brown eyes and attempted to sleep. Of course the land of dreams was supposed to be happy, it was supposed to take you away from your worries…not bring new ones to you.

Next chapter: The dream that causes Ronald to be suspicious if that whole 'one night stand' thing really got rid of his powers. Reviews would be very much liked.