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I Did WHAT?!?


I awoke with a pounding headache, but of course I already expected that much so I can't say I'm surprised. Using my hand I tried to figure out where I was without opening my eyes. Slowly feeling around I felt someone beside me. Hmm who is this? I opened my eyes to see Alice's boobs. For some unknown reason she seemed to not have a shirt on, but luckily she had a bra on. I tried to mumble out an apology but I still hadn't moved my face.

"Goodmorning to you too," Alice chuckled moving my head back so I could look her in the eyes. They were a beautiful topaz that I felt I could get lost in if I looked long enough. She raised and eyebrow questioningly.

"Umm... hi?" I managed to say through my previous embarrassment. She chuckled softly while pushing some of my more than likely crazy hair out of my face. I blushed.

"So how do you feel?" she asked softly somehow knowing I feel like my head could explode at any minute. I shrugged feeling the sheet slide down my bare shoulder. Wait why is my shoulder bare? Hold on...I look down at my self. Why am I naked?!?! I grabbed the sheets and pulled them up around me embarrassed... again.

"Alice...?" I began slowly unsure of what she was going to say. "Why am I... umm... naked?" I asked blushing. Alice's face flashed in a series of emotions, most too fast for me to read.

"Umm... what do you remember?" she asked me cautiously. Crap that means I did something dumb and/or moronic. I tried to remember anything from last night.

"The last thing I for sure remember was dancing with you," I blushed and looked down thinking of how intimate we made that one little dance. I blushed when I realized I was looking down at Alice's boobs again. Alice noticed and if she could blush I'm sure she would be. I sat up quickly still making sure to cover myself with the sheet.

"I guess my boobs really arn't safe from you whether you're drunk or not..." Alice trailed off then looked mortified she had said that out loud. "Umm anything else..." she trailed off again leaving me seriously scared of what I did 'while under the influence'.

"I remember bits and pieces. Like I kinda remember throwing up and eating soap and..." I stopped as last nights memories flooded through me. Alice undressing me and looking at me with her eyes full of want and desire, me dropping my towel seductively (still can't believe I did that one) and us making out with such passion that she would have to feel the same about me as I feel about her. I looked over at Alice's blank face, she was having a vision. As I contemplated whether or not to run from the room and hope Alice can't catch me she said one word that changed everything.

"Yes." I looked at Alice. "Yes Bella," she repeated again but firmer, more sure of what she was saying. She got on her hands and knees on the bed beside me. I looked at her.

"Huh... what are you saying yes for?" I asked still quite unsure of the question she just answered.

"Ask me the first question that comes to your mind," she told me trying to hold back the excitement flooding her eyes. I thought for a minute. OH MY GOD! I suddenly realized what she was saying yes to.

"Alice are you serious?" I asked trying not to let my own excitment show. She nodded furiously and did something I'm pretty sure surprised us both. She took my face in her hands and placed the gentlest sweetest kiss I've ever had on my lips. It was a short kiss, one of the ones where it leaves you wanting so much more. I blinked in surprise and looked at Alice. She had the happiest smile I have ever seen on her face. My lips tingled from where hers were not moments ago.

"Bella I..." I cut Alice off by pressing my lips upon hers once again. She didn't seem to mind that I cut off whatever she was trying to say. At first we kissed softly still unsure of how the other would react but our soft kisses turned into hungry ones where it seemed as though we couldn't get enough of each other no matter how hard we tried. Alice licked my bottom lip for an entrance I was all too willing to give. It seemed like we kissed for hours or maybe days, but of course like most things it ended too quickly. I laid besides Alice on the bed panting, trying to even out my breathing, which was really hard considering how turned on I was.

"Alice?" I questioned looking at her.

"Yeah Bella?" she responded

"Is this real?" she laughed at my dazed expression and kissed me again. She grinned.


"Good," I replied happily kissing her again. Oh. MY. GOD. "Alice?" I questioned completely mortified by this sudden thought that had entered my brain. Alice cocked an eyebrow (which I found extremely sexy) questioning my sudden change of emotion.

"Yeah Bella?"

"What are we going to do about... umm... you know... the boys?" I asked fearful of what she might say most of the fear revolved around one thing. What if she really didn't love me? Alice looked at me with such want and desire and love I figured that it was probably nothing like that... or at least I was hoping.

"Bella I want you to know something," Alice placed her hand on my cheek, gently careressing it. "I love you and I have for sometime now." I'm sure I looked shocked because she smirked. "NOTHING and I repeat NOTHING will ever change that we're just going to have to figure out what to do." Now I'm sure I looked scared because she softly kissed my forehead in reasurance. "I'm sure whatever we do our family is going to love us. Trust me, I can see the future," she winked. "Now put some clothes on. You have about five minutes before everyone gets home."

"Aww but I thought you would of liked me like this," I smiled seductively.

"Trust me I do. I just don't want everyone wondering what you were doing naked in bed with a partially naked me," she waved her hands over us. I kissed her softly and gently before wrapping the sheet around me and heading to the bathroom to get my clothes. Deep down I knew that whatever happened later on today would be fine as long as I had Alice standing there beside me.

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