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047 : A Helping Hand

"WHY are we out here again?" Lucy asked through panted breaths as she took another agonizing step forward on the practically vertical hill.

"You know why we're here Lucy." Happy said with a salute as he sailed above her, Lucy stretching out her arms in an attempt to grab his long tail in hopes that he could fly her to the top.

"Yeah." Natsu started as he threw an end of his scarf over his shoulder while turning around to face Lucy, "We're here to help the town below us so that they can live peaceful lives again without having to worry about the fire demon that keeps spewing lava down the mountain."

Lucy sighed as she turned around herself to look down at the quant little village, their latest charity cause.

"I know, I know..." She started as she turned back around to connect her eyes again with the older teen, "But do we REALLY have to do it for NO money? I haven't even paid the rent this month and you spent whatever money I had on fire food, which I remind you yet AGAIN, that I CAN'T EAT." She stated for the hundredth time, knowing that Natsu still wouldn't listen and the next time they went out she would no doubt come back with a burnt mouth from an attempt to make her try his favorite flame ramen.

"Come on. It'll take no time for this little job to be over. Aye!" Happy encouraged as he swooped down to her blond head, playfully tugging at her side bun before increasing in elevation and so evading her grasp once more.

"It'll only take a one of my punches to knock the demon out anyway." Natsu said as he flashed her a large, confident grin before turning back around to continue up the steep slope.

The blond shook her head before she started walking again, her keys slightly jingling at her hips as she continued the march.

- X - X - X - X - X - X - X -

Lucy sighed in utter exaustion as she flew herself on top of the bar in the newly built guild, not caring if she looked like a mess or not, as she threw her head into her arms that were crossed in front of her.

"Lucy...?" A soft voice called her name, Lucy groaning as she lifted her head to look up at the beautiful face of Mirajane as she smiled gently down on the younger girl.

But the equally pretty blond (just not at the moment) only blinked before dropping her head on the wood again.

"Did something happen during the mission? Did it go alright? Natsu seems pretty happy about it." She chattered out as she glanced over at the red head who was yelling about his great victory while standing on one of the tables.

Lucy sighed yet again before lifting her head up yet again, this time keeping it up as she placed her chin in her open palm as her elbow leaned against the bar counter.

"Nothing out of the ordinary." She snorted out before elaborating, "Natsu went in all bright eyed and bushy tailed at the sight of a challenge, fried me and Happy to a toast during his attacks, and then ended up blowing up the entire mountain top, which resulting in me falling down from that VERY high tip. If it hadn't been for Happy who had saved me from that jungle of falling, SHARP, rocks...urgh." She decided to stop her quick explination as she looked over at the dragon raised boy with a glare who now had a mug of beer to his lips.

"I'm sorry Lucy." Mirajane said with a small frown before continuing, "I think that you should head home and go to bed early. A good night's sleep always makes things seem less drastic in the morning." The older lady advised with another one of her kind smiles.

Lucy blinked before she nodded her head, a tired smile forming on her own face. It was already nine thirty and that hike had taken two and a half hours.

"Yeah, that sounds nice. I have to take a shower and clean up anyway." She vaugely said as she got up.

Mirajane's benign eyes widened as she saw Lucy gasp and grab her side as she got up from the stool. "Well, night." The blond beamed before waving and walking towards the door. Now Mirajane's eyes narrowed as she noted her right leg had the slightest gimp that the seventeen year old did very well to hide.

The silver haired beaut raised a finger to her plump lips in thought before turning her light eyes to a boisterous Natsu who seemed to be coming this way with a slight tilt of his bright haired head.

"Why did Lucy just leave?" He asked to the guild's postergirl, seeing the guild's doors shut as Lucy disappeared from view.

"She wasn't feeling in top shape after your little journey and she decided to go home early." She said, Natsu blinking as he wondered if she was indeed glaring at him or if it was just his imagination.

"I can't think why..." He said as he scratched his belly button before his train of thought was put off it's rails as he felt something hit the back of his head. He whirled around to see non other then Gray in his boxers smirking.

Psah. Gray could have just ASKED if he wanted Natsu to kill him.

- X - X - X - X - X - X - X -

Natsu practically fell into Lucy's apartment two hours later as he giddily giggled. Thank the GODS for Kana and her bales of alcohol.

But his drunken antics were soon brought to a close as he heard a yelp of pain from somewhere in the house. Sobering up, he jumped up with his fists ready, knowing he could bring some fire out in a split second if need be. When he head another hiss of pain, he could identify that it had come from the bathroom.

He warily started to inch towards the door but he didn't need to open it before it was thrown open by none other then Lucy.

"Ah...welcome back Natsu." She said as she walked past him in her frilly, matching underwear and bra. Even though they were both teenagers, she had learned from the beginning that it was practically impossible to turn on the fire breather. You had more luck if you waggled a piece of burning meat in his face.

"Lucy...what's on your back?" He asked with wide eyes as he looked at the small of her back that had an angry scratch on it, just ending below her bra clasp.

She twisted around to look and laughed a little at Natsu's stunned face.

"What? This? It's nothing." She shrugged as she started to walk towards the kitchen where she knew the first aid kit was.

"When did that happen?" He asked as he followed her, his eyes never leaving the fairly shallow wound.

"On the mission. What other time would I get it at?" She asked as she reached for the large white box and successfully grabbed it, finally turning around to face Natsu.

His eyes widened even more as he noticed another gash on her side near her hip bone and how her right knee looked pretty busted up.

"When..." He gulped as she sat down on their couch, taking out wraps and large bandaids that she always kept handy in the plastic box. Now he understood why she'd oddly worn jeans and had changed her shirt as soon as they stopped their free fall down the mountain.

"Like I said," She huffed as she started to blot her knee with hydrogen peroxide and providone-iodine, holding down a hiss as she watched it bubble up, "It happened during the mission when you blew up the mountain top and caused me to tumble down with all those rocks." She said as she slapped a large band-aid on her knee before moving on to her side.

"Why didn't you say anything?" He asked as he sat down on the floor in front of her with a faintly angry expression.

Lucy rolled her eyes at his immature pout. "I just wanted to get back to the guild and home as soon as possible. If we called a doctor it would have taken too long." She informed as she wrapped the white bandage around her hips, Natsu watching in silence.

"Damn...my back." She realized as she knew she couldn't reach it.

"Let me."

She glanced up with a raised eyebrow as Natsu sprung up from his sitting down position, a gleam of determination in his eyes.

"Do you even know how to dress a wound?" She asked as she rolled her eyes. She knew he was eighteen, but in her he had the attention span and brain of an eight year old.

"Of course." He huffed as she crossed his arms in a huff and turned his head away in a pout. Yep, definantly a eight year old.

"Fine." Lucy snapped as she flipped onto her stomach and grabbed a pillow to rest her head on.

Natsu only stood there blinking as he let his eyes roam her body.

"Well?" She asked, slightly irked as he didn't seem he was going to help in anyway as she'd though he would.

"Right, right." He said as he walked towards her. She expected him to kneel down at the edge of the couch, but he surprised her as he jumped up and positioned his knees on either side of her hips, sitting on her butt.

"You're heavy." She groaned as she tried to crane her neck to glare at him. She wanted to snap at him for sitting on her, but she kinda knew that he didn't know any better.

"It's muscle." He said in pride as he leaned down and grabbed the disinfectant.

She was about to snap back yet again, but that was before she suddenly felt his fingers on her ripped skin. She was glad that he couldn't see her face as a blush had suddenly sprounted onto her cheeks at the warm and comforting touch.

"It's not too deep." He said, holding down a sigh of relief, as he ran a finger on the side of the cut for a second time, making Lucy suppress a shiver.

Was it just her or was it getting hotter?

"You should tell me next time you're wounded. We don't have to call a doctor but I can wrap you up quickly enough." He continued to say as he leaned down and snatched the disinfectants and started swabbing her slightly dirty cut with fluffy cotton balls.

"It's not that bad and I'm not THAT delicate." She snorted as she held down another shiver as his fingers brushed against her soft skin again.

"Alright. Now sit up so I can wrap you." Natsu ordered as he got off of her.

Lucy easily complied and Natsu started to wrap the long white bandage around her thin torso without much difficulty.

He stood up and nodded once at his 'fine' and 'utterly supreme' work.

"Thanks Natsu." She sighed as she got up, putting away what she didn't use back into the trusty white box and walking back to the kitchen, putting it back to where it was usually placed. She slapped her still stained pink cheeks in the kitchen and took a few deep breaths before walking back out, suddenly self-conscious at how she was wearing practically nothing.

"Night." Lucy called as she made her way to her small room that was in the back of her place quickly, not wanting him to see her blushed cheeks. She had kind of hoped for some peace and quiet by herself in thoughts of Natsu staying at the guild, but she supposed that he just liked coming to her place to get away from Erza and Gray. And since he had supposedly burnt down his most recent apartment...

"Night." He called back as he watched her disappear into her room.

Only then did Natsu allow himself to grab a nearby pillow and groan into it, cursing a second later as he'd involentarily let out a breath of fire and so had scrourched the pillow. He threw it aside, not caring about it for the second.

He was more occupied in his thoughts of how he was such an idiot for letting his closest teammate get hurt.

- X - X - X - X - X - X - X -

"Thanks for dinner Mirajane." Lucy said with a smile as she got up to put her wash and then put her plate away.

But out of nowhere, Natsu swooped down, grabbed her plate, and had disappeared into the kitchen to reapear a second later with the plate cleaned and sparkling.

"Thanks...?" Lucy said with raised eyebrows as the fire boy nodded before running back to his fight with Gray that he'd just broken away from to 'help' Lucy.

"I can't help but notice Lucy..." Mirajane started.

"Natsu has been like your slave lately."

Both Lucy and Mirajane looked to their left to see Erza sitting there, blowing a lock of bright hair from her equally bright eyes as she starred at Lucy, making the blond squirm a little in her seat.

"You guys are overreacting." She tried to brush off as she smiled.

"No...I've been noticing it for the past three days." Erza said as she continued to stare at Lucy. The stellar spirit magician turned to Mirajane for a little help, but found the silver haired model to be far down the bar and talking to her elder brother Elfman.

"Well?" Erza asked as she absently drummed her fingers on the bar's counter in amusement.

Lucy gulped as she chocked out a strained laugh.

"Erza, you're not bothering Lucy are you?"

At Natsu's sudden voice, both teenage girls turned to the red head who had crossed his arms in front of his bare chest, Happy perched on his shoulder. Yet as the blue cat looked at Erza whose pretty face suddenly broke out a dark smirk, he took off with his white wings without a second thought.

"It's alright. Natsu's just been caring for me since I got injured." Lucy hurried to explain, hoping the swords master would listen to her.

"You let her get HURT?!" Erza's red eyes narrowed as she cracked her knuckles, making both Lucy's and Natsu's eyes widen.

"No! Wait! It's nothing like th-"



- X - X - X - X - X - X - X -

"I'm sorry Natsu..." Lucy started as she walked towards the kitchen to get the first aid kit yet again.

"Hah! No worries." Natsu laughed back as he sat down on the couch. He waited for a minute before Lucy came back into the room.

She silently sat down next to him, the fire mage turning to look at her so his cuts and bruises would be easier to access.

"You have to admit, it was a good fight." Lucy laughed as she dabbed at his left cheek with disinfectant before gently putting a bandage on it.

"I lost." He muttered out in distain as he lowered his head in depression.

"Yeah, yeah. Win some, lose some." She said with a roll of her hazel eyes, "Now hold out your hand so I can get that wrist."

Her examination lasted for another fifteen minutes before she was sure she had gotten anything and everything that Erza had inflicted on him.

"That should do it." She chirped as she gave Natsu a smile before sitting up and walking back to the kitchen to replace the kit.

But when he reemerged and stood in front of Natsu with her hands on her hips, there was a new determined expression on her pretty face. Natsu was about to ask what she wanted before she parted her lips and started to talk.

"Now we're even."

He blinked.

"So you don't have to keep waiting on my every will or whatever you've been doing. You know, I like to blame you for stuff that happens to me on the missons-"

He slightly winced.

"- but I really know that it isn't your fault. You only have the best intentions for me and the people you're helping."

He blinked again as Lucy sighed and smiled, shaking her head.

"So you don't have to worry so much about me." She said with a breath of laughter as she turned to start heading back towards her room.

"But that's what partners do." He defended as he stood with his own hands on his hips. "We're a team and we need to look out for each other."

This time it was Lucy who blinked in surprise.

"And I'll do anything to keep you safe." He said as he puffed out his chest and a broke out a 'heroic' stance.

Lucy could only laugh, making Natsu relax as he knew that she was feeling better.

"And I'd do that same for you." She said back as she went up to him and pinched his nose.

"You're weird." He said with a wide smile and in a slightly squeaky voice from having his nose cut off from air.

"Right back atcha."

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