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Yuki pov

"Naru! Wake up please." I said, I was so scared, I don know what was wrong with her. I lay her back on her chair and then went to the door frame and saw Toga was coming my way

"Toga! Please come and Help Naru! she passed out I don't know what's wrong." I cried I don't know why I was crying or why I called her by her first name I know she said I could, but only when we were alone, it just felt right for me to call her by her first name. It was like I know her all of my life, Toga came running into the class and he stopped for a moment then his eyes went wide he was looked at the panting of the girl with blond hair, I had made, but then saw Naru and ran to her he felt her pulse and I went to him.

"Is she ok?" I asked him

"I think so, she just passed out. I'll take her to the nurse and then she can tell us." he left her up and I followed him out.

3 hr later.

School was over for the day and Naru was still unconcern, I couldn't leave her side, Melvin and Usagi would come in when ever they could and brought my home work,

"MMM…Usagi?" she said I stood up from my chair and went to her as she stared to open her eyes.

"Yuki? What happen?" she asked she stood up

"Well I came to the classroom and you called me Usagi and then passed out, the nurse said it was lack of sleep and a lot of stress. Its been 3 hours school is out for the day, and I been here ever since ,Melvin and Usagi came in when ever they can, but they are doing homework to catch up with the others in class, Yori and Hotari are helping them ." I answer her unasked questions. I don't know how I know I just did.

"Oh Yuki you missed your last classes! Your get behind," she scored me as she stood up.

"It don't matter, I'm just glad you woke up, and Yori can tell me what I missed" I told her

"Yuki I think you can go out, Zero and the new girl well need help tonight now go on I well take care of Naru-Chan." Toga said as he came in and I was shook he use 'chan' I never head him us it before and it was a little odd hearing him say it, but I just nodded and stared to head out but not with out saying good bye

"bye, I'll tell Melvin and Usagi to come see you." and with that I left.

Toga pov

I can't believe Naru works here. I haven't seen her in years not after the funeral. When I saw that panting of my sister I know she was the one that painted it.

"Shingo?" she asked

"Its Toga now, Naru its good to see you again. Its been a long time." I said sitting in the chair near her bed.

"15 years almost 16. How is your family?" she asked me I sighed.

"My mother still in denial, she don't think my sister is dead they had to retired early from hunting vampire, dad's taking care of mom. She really needs my sister, its like she was the one that kept our family together..." I told her and saw her face fall and her eyes sadden

"Ya, I think we all do even after all this time I sometimes feel like am going to wake up and see her there next to me in one of our sleep over's, or when I have something I need to tell someone something I need to get off my chest, I get the phone and stared to deal your house number, but then before I deal the last 3 numbers I remember and hang up."

"ya, I can tell I saw that panting you panted in your class room." I said she looked at me puzzle

"What panting?" she asked

"The one of her she has angle wings in it."

"I didn't paint that….it was Yuki Cross. I don't know how, but she painted her and she even painted some of the girls, you know Lita and the others, she even painted Andrew you know how close Usagi and him were they were like a older brother and sister. I finally asked her if she know anyone from her paintings and she said no. She see them in her mind and in her dreams Usagi especially and she feels her feeling of pain and sadness, she never thought that she was real." she told me… so it Yuki but how could that little girl even paint my sister so perfectly. It was like she know my sister before she died. I have to know I just have to know.

"I see, I think I'm going to go talk to her later," before I could say anything else two kids came in one looked just like Naru as a teen and the other looked like Melvin

"Toga these are my kids Melvin and Usagi they just started today." she said and I nodded at both of them

"Nice to meet you , I better leave my class will start soon, we should meet up again and talk." I said as I left leaving them alone. When I walked out I looked thought the window and saw another new girl and Yuki they both nodded and came back into the school. I going to have to talk to her some other time…