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Its been a few weeks now and Yuki, Yori, Melvin, Usagi, Hotari and even Zero were getting along great.

Toga still hasn't had a talk with Yuki but was planning on doing it that Friday night since he did not have class to worry and he had yet to fighter out how say but he would fighter it out, it was times like this when he wished his sister was still with him she always know how to talk to others. But if she was around he would not be having a talk with Yuki on Friday night now would it…..

Always It was a Monday and classes were cut for the day for reasons unknown. It was about noon as Yuki, Yori, Usagi and Hotari were in their shard room, Melvin was with Zero doing god knows what.

"what should we do?" Yuki asked

"I don't know. Why don't we go into town? There this new café I want to check out what do you say?" Yori asked as she stood from her bed

"Sounds good to us. Let go." Yuki said as she got up as well and they all get their money and head out.

They left the grounds after telling the headmaster were they were going,

Once at the café, they had fun eating new types of cakes along with coffee and tae and since it was the grand opening everything was free for the day. Once they were full they headed to the market.

Yuki was looking at a cute shirt and then her eyes landed on a moon shaped necklace she didn't know why but she reach for it and got it before another lady did.

"HEY! I was going to get that!" she yelled and looked at Yuki. Yuki turn to see her and saw a women in her late 20's.

"Well I got it." Yuki snapped back she don't know why but she don't like the way the women talk to her, lucky for Yuki her friends hear her and turn to see that the lady had friends coming their way and they went to back up Yuki if she needed it.

"well I saw it first." she scream at Yuki as if Yuki was no one.

" Don't you think you too ancient for this kind of necklace." Usagi asked looking at her with a raise eyebrow.

"Hey who do you think you are?" a blond women asked

"We think, we are teenagers that are more suit for this type of thing then you, no offense, but aren't you 4 too old to try and fight with 15 year old girls?" Yori asked she didn't like the way this lady talk to Yuki or to the others.

"That right why don't you leave Yuki alone, she got it first and so she gets it." Hotari said looking a little annoyed with them she hated adults who try to act like they were still teenagers she then turn to Yuki with a smile "Yuki is that what you want?" she asked Yuki nodded as she looked at the moon shaped necklace.

"Ok then pay for it." she said

"Hey kid why don't you just put that necklace down, Ray saw it first." the lady with brown hair spat as she looked down at the four girls.

"Wait isn't that Hotari?" a blue hair lady said and Hotari took a better looked at them and her eyes widen when she know who they were.

"Ray, Lita, Amy, Mina?" she said as she looked at the women.

"well, what are you doing here?" Ray asked with a wicked smiled and then looked at Yuki, Usagi and Yori.

"I live here now, come on girls lets go to the book store" she said as Yuki paid for the necklace and put it in her bag,

"Are you such?" Yuki asked as she looked at the lady again she didn't like them, but if Hotari know them she might want to talk to them

"YA come on Yuki-chan." she said as she took Yuki arm and the other followed. The four women watch as they teenage girls were out of site .

"MMM….you don't think that one of those girls could be…her?" Ray asked as she look at Yuki and the others.

"Could be. Maybe that Yuki girl, Hotari seem to really want to keep her always from us, since she the one that she pulled always from us." the blond (mina) said

"we are going to have to find out ourselves own wont we." Amy (blue hair) said as she took out a small hand held computer…