Chapter 1: "Prophecy"

A white light streaked across the sky, followed by a dull explosion of thunder. Rain lashed against the misty windows, and the sky was as dark as night.
It wasn't very late, around 3pm but the angry clouds had blocked out the sunlight.

It had been the last lesson of the day, everyone had been drifting off, waiting for the lesson to finally end, the weather dampening their mood further.
Ash Shigure had drifted off to sleep, the classroom had been warm and cosy, and the day had worn him out. He was sleeping, arms crossed with his head on top, snoring quietly, mumbling incomprehensible words.

A red headed girl, two seats behind him, had her eyes fixated on him, she was miles away and in blissful ignorance.

"Misty Waterflower!! Concentrate girl, staring at Ash is not going to help you Manipulate elementa!!". Miss Kiriko hollered across the room. Misty's face turned a shade of crimson and mumbled " Yes, Miss".

Misty turned back to the exercise she was meant to be doing, still blushing from what Miss Kiriko had said. She hadn't even realised she was staring at him.

Elementa was the name given to the range of abilities or elements humans are born with, written into their genetic code, predetermined by fate, or otherwise known as the Elementa Zodiac. There were seven elements;

Fire, Water, Ice, Lightning, Shadow, Rock and Earth. Humans are usually born with ability to utilise a single element, with the exception being water /ice where bearers have the ability to harness both.
Misty had Water and Ice as her elementa's, the same as Ash did. Which might be a reason as to why Misty was attracted to him, they shared the same love of water and ice.

Some lucky humans are born with the ability to use more than one element, like fire and lightning, but, according to legend, only one person has been able to use all seven elements, and he was thought to be a god or a demon of some sort. Nobody knew his name, he was just referred to as the King of Gods.

Misty had heard of the legend repeatedly, but she was intrigued by what it said. She had an adventurous personality, which she obtained whilst growing up with Ash and liked to pick up on anything mysterious.

"I enjoy Elementa and being able to use it, but Manipulation has got to be the damn most boring thing ever" she sighed. She was still thinking about Ash, her face turning rosy red as she felt butterflies in her stomach just thinking about him.

They had both grown up together as childhood friends, so she was pretty friendly with him already. But as she grew up, she became attracted to his dark, black messy hair which always came over his eyes, which were golden and his athletic physique, he was pretty tall for his age as well. Misty had red hair which she had tied in a sidewards ponytail and ocean blue eyes. She had a slim, smooth body and had great breasts, well, in her opinion anyway. "Maybe one day I'll put Ash on the spot and ask his opinion, that should be fun." She thought to herself with an evil smile.

At long last, the bell rang and the lesson ended. Miss Kiriko dismissed the pupils and the pupils began packing away. Ash was still slumped over his desk, snoring away. Misty went over and prodded him in the back, "Hey wake up! You wanna spend the night with Kiriko?". He hadn't budged, Misty decided to go for a different tactic. She started blowing on the back of his neck, the soft jet of air tickling the hairs on his neck. He started groaning and scratched his neck, Misty kept blowing and eventually he woke up, "Who...wha..?" he mumbled sleepily. Misty then unleashed her favourite attack on Ash, tickling him until he cried laughing.

"Misty, no...please, your so mean, sneaking up on me sleeping" he choked, trying to resist another wave of tickles. "I could of left you here to sleep all night, that would be mean" she replied, keeping up her attack. "All right, Thank you already!!" he gave in, "That's more like it, now hurry up and get packed, we have to go".

It was still raining hard outside and Misty had forgot her umbrella. "You can share mine" Ash offered.
Misty's house wasn't far from where he lived and she visited him every day anyway, he would drop her off home and try to find what he'd been looking for last night...


"It's been half an hour, where the hell is he!?" yelled Sia. She looked scary, a frying pan in her hand (which was steaming) and her long red hair, she looked a little demonic. Her hair reached her lower back and was tied with a hair band at the bottom, its colour was vivid, as red as a ruby. She had a soft, cute face with beautiful golden eyes and her long red hair came across her eyes when she was angry, making her look even cuter. Her shoulders weren't too far apart and her body was slim, with some incredible legs attached and she had a perfect breast size too, not too big but but too small.

Her expression was annoyed, her golden eyes blazing fiercely as they glared at a handsome, tall, brown haired and blue eyed man who was cowering in fear. "I dunno, maybe he's with Misty again?" he mumbled, "I'm sure he's fine...", he trailed off as Sia began to rage again, "That's all well and good but his dinner is gonna be freezing when he gets home." she yelled with a touch of anxiety in her voice.
" David, sorry, you know I worry about him, him and Misty as well." she mumbled, "It's okay, don't worry about it, they'll be fine, they've gotten through hell before, that's why there pretty close...and we've looked after them well, right?" David said soothingly. "Yeah, I guess you right..." She said, lowering the frying pan.


Her heart was beating, faster and faster, she had her arm round Ash's waist, his arm round her shoulders, both under the umbrella, the rain crashing around them. It was quiet except for the rain and there was nobody else around as far as Misty could see. They walked through the narrow streets, not saying a word, enjoying each others warmth and company. Eventually they came to a little play park, surrounded by trees. It was too wet now, but it brought back memories for Misty...

Years ago, Ash and Misty would come here all the time and play, there weren't that many other kids around and they had known each other for years, they were the best of friends and they were inseparable, they played games together, pushed each other on the swings and hid under the trees when it started raining. Eventually, as they both grew older, they went to the play park less and less and spent more time round each others houses or going out together. They weren't boyfriend and girlfriend, just best friends, at least they were back then.

But as Misty and Ash became teenagers, Misty realised she had feelings for Ash, he had been the one boy she could rely on, relax with and could talk to about anything with. He had always been there for her, through all the bad and good. As Misty's affections grew, she began to appreciate Ash more and more. She had no idea how Ash felt about her, and she knew she would never be able to ask him, at least, not now...

The memory had made her smile as she remembered the past. The memories brought her even closer to Ash, she held him tighter. She wanted to stay with him forever. She knew she'd be home soon, she was dreading it already.

"Hey, you okay?"

Ash was looking at her, "Your smiling?".

"I was just remembering this old park, all the fun times we've had." Misty sighed dreamily.

"Hehe, yeah. This park has had some great times, we'll come back tomorrow, hopefully it won't rain again."

"Yeah...", Misty was still thinking about their childhood together.

Ash scratched his head. "Hey Misty, is your dad still on that business trip?", "Yeah, he's gonna be gone for at least another two months" she explained. "Why?" she added suspiciously. "Don't you get lonely? He's been gone for a month already." Ash already knew that Misty had lost her mother when she was younger, he had lost his own mother in the same incident eight years ago. "It does get a little lonely sometimes, that's why I come down and visit you so much."

"Maybe I'll visit you, give you some company tomorrow night or something, that sound good?" Ash asked. "uhh...uh..uh..sure, yeah sounds good too me" she stuttered, her face going crimson. "Great, I'll be round about 7, I'll bring a movie to watch as well ". She had the butterflies again, whizzing around her stomach a million miles an hour, she had Ash for the whole night to herself. She started having daydreams and was all smiles all the way up to her front door.

"See you tomorrow, then". He gave her a hug, she felt the warmth of his body and hugged him tighter. "Bye" she whispered. He let go and walked down her pathway towards the road, he waved goodbye and walked in the direction of his house. She watched him go, never taking her eyes of him, missing him like crazy already. Eventually he turned the corner and disappeared, she sighed heavily and walked inside into the warmth of her home, feeling lonely.


Four gems for power, the power to remake the world.
Scattered, the gems hold equity within the elements.
Together, the gems unleash Yu Shikon.
The curse of four souls, the curse of Chaos.

Light and Shadow, Shadow and Light.
There cannot be one without the other.

Divided, they cannot exist.
But together, their might will destroy Chaos.

Light and Shadow, Shadow and Light.
The ultimate elementa, the final defence.

The girl looked up from the ancient book, "Hey sis, what is this?"

"It's an old legend or prophecy, by some old geezer years ago, uhhh his name was...uhhh Braska? Yeah, Braska, a high summoner back in the era of the war against Sin or something like that." The voice came from a girl who looked roughly fifteen or sixteen.

"But Ryoko, we have one of the gems that this legend talks about, don't we? Isn't it dangerous then?" The girl holding the book looked slightly panicked, the book shaking as though it was going to explode. "Rikku, you worry way too much, the prophecy said that Yu Shikon is only unleashed when the gems are brought together, we have only one, there's four gems in total, and it's our job to make sure the gems never become reunited, because we don't know who's meant to be the Light and the Shadow.". Ryoko explained with a determined look on her face.

Rikku's expression had eased "Thank the gods for that, Chaos doesn't sound like a lot of fun".

The stars glimmered and sparkled outside the cockpit. A planet was in front of them, a celestial blue and green planet. It was beautiful and calm. The planet Earth was the best place in the universe, at least, it was to the two girls gazing at it.

"The earth is so pretty" Rikku sighed "I wonder how the others are doing down there?"

"Yeah... feel like paying them a visit Rikku?" Ryoko asked slyly.

"Yeah!! oh please, please, please!! Big sis, I miss them so much..."

"Then let's go see them" Ryoko smiled.

Rikku, the hyperactive fifteen year old girl, was in charge of mechanics and engineering on the airship, Celsius, owned by Ryoko, her sister, who was also fifteen, but seemingly slightly more mature and darker. Rikku had bright blond hair, which came across her vivid green eyes and was bunched up in a ponytail which spread across her head instead of falling down. She was slim, busty with slim legs, she wasn't too tall but just right for a girl her age. Her elementa was mastery of Fire, which helped immensely with mechanical work, soldering and as a light source.

Ryoko, the captain of the ship, was taller, with turquoise hair that came across her back to her left, with her fringe slightly covering her golden eyes. She had wider shoulders and was bustier than her sister but still retained the slimness they shared.

Her elementa was rare, she had a mastery of Dark-type powers, illusions, smokescreens and arcana arts, black magic and demonic spells. This could intimidate people, but she was a nice person, a little crazy with her emotions and only used her elementa as a last resort.

The airship Ryoko and Rikku were on, the Celsius, was quite big for an airship, the size of a jumbo jet, with four mechanical arms which propelled the ship using elementa, an aura of blue, sparkly elementa coming from each arm, which had a rotor and was engineered to that the Celsius could hover, glide or fly straight, left right, up, down and backwards. The whole ship was hotrod red in colour and had enough weaponry on board to make the armies of the world look pitiful.

Suddenly a siren echoed throughout the Celsius's bridge, the mainframe lighting up the bridge red. Rikku hopped onto the hover chair in front of the mainframe and started typing frantically. "We're being targeted by the Kamidake, it's the Galaxy Police!!"

"The Kamidake?! The prize pig of the Jurain fleet? What the hell !?" Ryoko began to panic. The Kamidake was the best ship of the Jurain fleet, which was the elite force of the Galaxy Police and was only used to intercept high profile criminals wandering the galaxy, Ryoko and Rikku even knew the Captain personally.

A communications window flared on the monitor, a familiar face with a look of seriousness appeared. "Seina!! What the hell do you think you're doing!?" Ryoko yelled. "You and Rikku have been charged with stealing the sacred gem of power, the Galaxy Police want you two apprehended and detained, with recovery of the stolen jewel, and i'm told that if met with resistance, my orders are to blast you into the Earth..." Seina mumbled "I really don't want to either, seeing as we're friends and all, can't you just hand the gem over and we can talk about this over doughnuts and sake?" He added desperately.

"As much as the thought of sake and doughnuts is tempting, coupled with the fact that I haven't eaten properly in days, you know I can't do that, but your more then welcome to take me and Rikku out to dinner" Ryoko said slyly

"Why can't you though? What's so important you can't trust the Galaxy Police to look after the gem? Is it that old prophecy?"

"Yes, it is the old prophecy, which is already began to unfold down on your home planet of Earth, do you want to see your world die? All you friends and family perish? Then let me go, say you never caught me, and I'll make sure this prophecy never happens." Ryoko pleaded.

"I'm sorry Ryoko, I just can't do that, I'm sorry..." Seina said, his face hidden in shadow "Forgive me. Amane! I want an Ion blast aimed at their one ready, knock out their right side engines." He commanded.

"Yessir" replied Amane, another familiar voice to Ryoko and Rikku.

"Amane! No!! Rikku! Shields up!!" Ryoko bellowed the last command.

"Ryoko, our shields won't hold up against their Ion blast, we'll have to make a break for the Earth!!" Rikku yelled back.

"Arghhh Seina you bastard, Tenchi and Yosho are gonna screw when I get back on Earth!! Rikku, forget the shields and move power to the engines!!"

"Yes Ryoko" Rikku replied.

The Celsius rumbled as the speed boost knocked Ryoko off her feet. "Shit, my head" she moaned, rubbing her head. A huge blast of green light zapped past the huge cockpit of the ship. "Seina, your going to fucking kill us!!"

Ryoko was beyond herself. "Then turn yourself in, I can't just sit back and let you girls go free, you two are the guardians of the gem, that I can understand, but can you understand that if I don't detain you, they'll kick me out of the GP!!" Seina shouted.

"So you'd rather put our lives in danger, then risk your hide over some job? Grow a spine man, if we die, your gonna regret this for the rest of your god damn life!!"

"Entering the Earth's atmosphere" Rikku said, sounding like computer for all her calmness.

The cockpit began to glow red, coupled with the green flashes whizzing past. Seina's face was still on the monitor and he seemed to be thinking over what Ryoko just said. Suddenly the ship rocked as a huge explosion came from the right arm of the ship. Ryoko watched as it fell apart and drifted into space. The ship lurched out of control, Rikku was screaming, ("So much for being calm" Ryoko thought to herself.) the siren was giving Ryoko a headache as the ship plummeted to the Earth.

She could see mountains, the ocean, all the while holding on to the ship's monitor for dear life. It came closer and closer, suddenly she recognised the land, it was Japan. "What a coincidence." She thought to herself. "Just where I needed to go."

They were headed for Okayama, they were losing altitude, suddenly Ryoko could see cars and houses and people. Then she saw a mountain with a shrine, which looked familiar to her, it came closer and closer. Now she remembered it.

When Ryoko had come to Earth before, she had lived not far from this Shrine, at another Shrine called the Masaki Shrine. This must be the Shigure Shrine. It had a big lake in front of it, with a mountain behind it with the actual shrine at the top.

The Shigure's lived by the foot of the steps, near the lake in a big house, it was a nice house, and had a great view over the lake and of the mountains, but it was nothing compared to the view at the top of the mountains.

Ryoko suddenly saw the lake approaching fast. "Ugh, a wet landing..." she grumbled. Suddenly the Celsius crashed, something exploded, Ryoko went flying and everything went black...

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Will Ryoko survive the Crash? Will Rikku still look beautiful? Will Misty pluck up the courage to ask Ash the Question?...All these and more answered in Chapter 2 of "Verbena".

Characters in the story were based off characters in anime's and games I had played, similar to the location used.

The location I got the idea from Tenchi Muyo! As well as the character idea for Ryoko. Great anime, go watch!

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