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The dim lights blinded our eyes, but we try to pry them open when we hear an all too familiar voice. A voice that I thought I would never hear again. Jared.

We searched for the voice through the blinding light.

"Jared," I tried to say, but my voice was not there. I tried again, still nothing.

Wanda, Wanda. Why isn't he answering us?

No answer.

Wanda, where are you? Answer me, please.

Where was she? Were we in danger? I tried to push through. I tried to regain the use of our limbs. I felt a hand touch our face. It took me a moment to figure out that it was our hand. It took me another moment to realize that it was I who had moved our hand.

I continued to move our hand, looking to rub our eyes. I needed to wake up so I can find Wanda.


There is still no answer.

Our hand had reached our eyes. As I rubbed them, I tried to remember our last memory. I remember lying with Ian, not wanting to leave. I wanted to stay forever, forever in his arms.


That wasn't my memory, it was Wanda's memory. What happened after that? I can't remember.

I heard a grunt beside me.

"I promised her, Jared," a relatively familiar voice said defiantly.

"But I didn't," Jared replied.


I instantly shot open my eyes when I remembered that Wanda was gone. It was still too bright, but I needed to get up. Every fiber of my being was telling me that Wanda was in danger and I needed to help her. I sat up rather quickly, a little too quickly because the room started spinning.

I heard gasps on my right side and then suddenly there were a pair of strong, sturdy arms wrapped around me, accompanied by a joyful sigh of relief.

"Melanie," Jared asked. His voice was timid and expectant. "Are you okay?"

"Yes," I answered in whisper. My voice had yet not returned to its fullest. I cleared my throat and tried again. "Yes, I'm fine," I said more loudly.

"Oh, thank God," he said relieved. He took my face in between his large hands and inched his face closer to mine. "Please don't hit me," he smiled at me, then placed his lips upon mine and kissed me delicately. He had never kissed me this way before. The kiss was passionate and romantic, a lover's first kiss, a fairy tale kiss.

I wrapped my arms around him, bringing him closer to me. I never wanted to let go ever again and he seemed to share the same sentiment. We pulled our lips apart and rested our foreheads on one another. We sighed in contentment.

"I missed you," he whispered to me.

"I was never really gone," I answered. "You always had me."

He caressed my cheek with his thumb, while his other arm was securely wrapped around my waist.

"It wasn't the same, besides, you didn't let me," he laughed.

"That's right, I didn't let you. But, I m here now and we …" I stopped mid-sentence. We, we … "Wanda," I shouted abruptly. "Where is she?"

Jared helped me down off of the table and then turned to walk toward the man I knew, but didn't at the same time. Doc was holding a silver ribbon in his hands, holding it safely in his hands. It was still wiggling. I sighed in relief.

Jared extended his hand out toward Doc. "Hand her over, Doc," he demanded.

"Jared, please," Doc pleaded. "It's what she wanted."

"But, do you really want to do it, Doc," Jared challenged.

Doc stared at Jared, still not fully convinced of what he should do.

I stepped over to Doc and cleared my voice loudly to gain his attention. "I already know that you don't want to do this. You told her yourself, I was there." I smiled.

"Then you should know that this was her request. It is what she asked me to do and what she wanted," Doc argued.

"I know what she asked. But, you're wrong. It's not really what she wants. Again, I should know, better than anyone. I know exactly what it is that she wants." I was holding my hand out toward Doc now also. We stared at one another for what seemed like a very long moment. But, I didn't have that long, Wanda didn't have that long. I needed to act quickly.

"You know she deserves better than this, Eustace," I emphasized, not breaking eye contact.

He sighed in defeat and then carefully placed the silver stream in my hands. Wanda, she looked so pretty and beautiful. I quickly slid her into the cryotank that Jared had ready in his hands. He sealed it quickly and Wanda rested securely within it.

We smiled at one another and he turned his attention to the tank in his hands. I watched him hold Wanda in his hands. Something about it made me feel awkward. I couldn't quite place what was making me feel this way.

As I continued to stare, a frown crossed my face. Jared had noticed and his expression seemed to mimic mine. I quickly snatched the tank out of his hands and handed it to Doc. Confusion now covered his face as I handed Wanda over to Doc. I quickly turned back over to Jared.

"Mel, what's wrong," he asked warily.

My eyebrows narrowed and anger spread across my face. My right hand balled up into a fist and with as much strength as my body would allow, I lunged forward and punched the side of his face.

"Ugh," he grunted in mild pain. His hand instinctively rose to massage his face. "What was that for?" he asked, still rather confused.

"That was for being such a JERK to Wanda," I shouted.

I heard Doc chuckle behind me as he walked over to his desk.

Jared stared at me, "But, baby …"

"But, baby nothing," I interrupted. "Wanda is a good person and the way you treated her was vile. I can now understand how their dislike for humans is justified. And despite the ill treatment, she still loved you and Jamie. She still loves all of us. Don't you ever treat her that way ever again. She deserves better, she deserves to be … happy."

By the end of my accusations, all anger had subsided. Jared merely gazed at me with a smile on his face. He took a step toward me and wrapped his arms around me once again and sighed.

"Yes, she does deserve to be happy and I will personally see to it," Jared promised me. He kissed me once more. I couldn't stay angry at him, I love him. We embraced each other tightly, as to never let go, never wanting the other to let go. We kissed each other fervently, my hand exploring every bit of his chest, while the other buried in his hair.

From behind us, we were interrupted by the sound of someone clearing their throat. It was Doc. We obviously had gotten a little too carried away. We chuckled at his and our reaction, but our attention was quickly turned toward the doorway.

Jared turned back to look behind him and tilted my head to look around him. My body immediately froze at the site. Ian stood there, red faced and fists clenched at his sides. No doubt seeing me in Jared's arms was not what he expected to see (well not quite yet).

He began to charge toward us.

"Now, O'Shea, settle down," Jared warned, but Ian didn't listen. Jared stood protectively in front of me when Ian punched him square in the face.

"What have you done with her," Ian demanded.

Jared was on the floor and now I kneeled protectively in front of him. I stood quickly back up to yell at Ian, but once I looked into his fiery blue eyes, I couldn't. I promised her I wouldn't. That and something in me just wanted to hold him in my arms. I quickly banished that thought and continued to look at him.

As angry as he was, there were tears streaming out of his eyes. He was hurt, heartbroken. He looked at me with the most sullen expression.

"Answer me," he grinds through his clenched teeth. "Where is she?"

I let out a sigh. "She is safe, Ian."

When Jared got back on his feet, I turned to walk over toward Doc's desk, to retrieve Wanda's tank. I noticed that Doc had disappeared from his desk and now stood across from Kyle. Jodi still had not woken up. She still lay there, slumbering peacefully. Doc and Kyle only stared at us, unsure as to whether or not to intervene.

Ian was close at my heels when I picked up Wanda. Before I could even offer the tank to him, he hastily snatched it from my hand that I thought he was about to drop it.

"Careful, Ian," I worried.

"With me, always," he said. He held the tank in his hands tightly, more tears spilling out of his eyes.

"You really do love her, don't you," I finally realized.

He nodded once without looking up at me, keeping his eyes solely on Wanda. At that moment, I heard more footsteps advancing in the doorway. It was Uncle Jeb and Jamie.

I ran to Jamie and hugged him tightly. "Jamie! Oh, how I've missed you," I shouted.

He pulled away slightly, confusion on his face, but then surprise. "Mel?"

"Yes, it's me, Jamie. I told you I'd come back." He pulled me into hug and began laughing.

Uncle Jeb was standing next to us and patted me on the shoulder as Jamie and I hugged. "Good to have you back, kiddo."

"Wait," Jamie said as he pulled away. "Not that I'm not happy to have you back. But if you're here, then where is Wanda?" His expression was wary, almost hurt. As if he were expecting the worst because his eyes started to water.

"Not to worry, little brother," I stroked his cheek. "Wanda is still with us."

I walked toward where Ian now sat with Wanda securely in his hands, the others followed behind.

"She is safe here and will continue to be, whether she likes it or not," I smiled at all of them. They returned the smile and look back to Wanda resting in Ian's hands.

I knelt down in front of Ian to talk to Wanda. He pulled away cautiously, but I smiled and he relaxed. I spoke to Wanda. "I am not going to let you go, I love you," I quickly looked up at Ian and then back at Wanda, "We love you. We are going to make this work, I promise you, my sister."

I stood up then and faced the rest on them. I smiled at each of them and said, "Listen up everyone, I have a plan."

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