AN: All characters are property of the incredibly talented Stephenie Meyer. I'm just biding time until August 2. Hope you enjoy.

Rated M for future lemon/s

Chapter 1

We had been leading up to this for weeks. After the day in the meadow, Edward and I knew there was no turning back. I was to be his bride and he would make love to me as the human I still was. Still, the days passed in slow motion and I was going crazy with desire for him. He may say he was going crazy with desire to wed me, but my wants were a bit more primal and basic than that lovely sentiment.

Although I had made the decision in the meadow to stop him from fulfilling my demand – and I stood by that decision – I still couldn't help pushing the physical boundaries between us. Any stolen moment alone… and they were stolen – the wedding plans were in full swing and Alice had constant news to share with me. And, now that I would be leaving his house, Charlie didn't want to miss a minute. Foregoing even his weekend fishing trips to spend a bit of time with me. Supposedly, I was teaching him to cook, but I knew he wanted to be with me to make sure I was happy with my planned future.

So my time alone with Edward was dwindling. I knew soon enough we would have forever, but I was anxious for forever to happen now.