Authors Note: This takes place as if JD never met Kim and Elliot broke off the wedding with Keith. Some people are going to assume that this means JD and Elliot will get together which I have not decided yet but the truth is I never really cared for Kim or Keith's characters. Also, JD still lives with Carla and Turk(and Izzy) but in a bigger apartment. Just a warning this is going to have a little more drama than usual for Scrubs but I am going to try my best to work in as much "Scrubs Humor" as I can! All reviews /- are greatly appreciated. If I don't get any, or lots of negative I will know not to continue with the story... Enjoy!

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01.01 My Patient I Can't Handle

"Oh, hey Bambi what are you doing up? Did Izzy wake you?" Carla asked nervously as she walked out to the fridge to get Izzy a bottle only to find J.D sitting on the couch staring at a blank TV screen. JD just continued staring at the screen like he hadn't even noticed Carla was there. As she walked back from the fridge she stopped directly in front of JD. "Bambi?"


"You feeling okay? You look a little pale..."

"Huh?" He asked again.

Carla sat down next to him, "What's going on Bambi?"

JD shook his head, "Nothing... Just thinking..."

"About?" Carla asked curiously.

"A patient... A little boy that came in today..."

Izzy started crying loudly, "Carla? Where's that bottle?" Turk groaned from the bedroom.

"Coming baby!" Carla stood up, "Let me take this into Turk and then I will be back and we can talk about that patient."

JD stood up as Carla started toward the bedroom, "That's okay, I have an early shift in the morning... I should get some sleep."

"Are you sure?"

JD nodded.

"Good night Bambi."

He managed a half smile, "Night..."


"Well good morning Anastasia! Nice of you to finally show up to work."

"Sorry Dr. Cox... My alarm did not go off this morning. I got here as fast as I could." JD replied so tiredly he nearly collapsed just from speaking.

"Please sir, don't send me to the principals office, I promise I won't pass notes in class anymore."

"What was that?" JD asked annoyed.

"I was mocking your school girl answer newbie... Nevermind... Your 5 year old, Johnny, coded last night."

JD's heart sank as he turned green.

"They brought him back, but he's in a coma." Dr. Cox handed him his chart. "Here are some more to get your day started." He handed him a few more.

"Thanks..." JD said sarcastically as he walked away.


JD stood outside little Johnny's room reading over the chart Dr. Cox had just handed him.

Pull yourself together JD. You can do this. You are a grown man. You can't let your life interfere with your work and you can't let your work interfere with your life. They are two separate things...

Just as he reached for the door handle he saw Elliot walking down the hall her arms full of charts, right before she made it to him she slipped on a pen in the middle of the hall and her charts went flying through the air. Regardless of how JD was feeling he could not help but laugh out loud.

"Frick!" Elliot yelled as she started picking up her charts.

JD bent down and started helping her pick up the remaining charts that littered the floor. "Have a lot of patients today?"

"She nodded. I was off hours ago but I have so many patients I can't seem to catch up."

"I'll help." JD offered, knowing this would pay off for him. "You take one of my patients and I will take all of yours you have left."

"What's the catch?" Elliot asked suspiciously.

"No catch. I just want to help." JD said trying to sound convincing.

"Are you sure there is no cat-" The top 2 charts in Elliot's pile fell to the floor. "FRICK!"

JD stood in front of her smiling holding up little Johnny's chart when Elliot stood back up balancing her charts. She quickly snatched the chart out of his hand, "Deal!"


"Vanilla Bear, what the hell?" Turk walked over to JD who was sitting at a single table in the corner of the cafeteria. "How are we supposed to sit with you if you are sitting over here?"

JD shrugged and stood up walking over the table Carla, Elliot, Perry and Jordan were sitting at. JD was sitting there pushing his food around his plate when he realized the table had grown quiet and he looked up to see everyone was starting at him.

"Henrietta, to what do we owe this pleasure? Your not talking I mean." Dr. Cox smiled.

"Oh, I was just listening to you guys talk. I mean, it was so fascinating."

"So tell me Newbie, what did you find so fascinating about our conversation?"

"T-the ending." JD looked down.

Dr. Cox laughed and continued to laugh as he stood up and took his tray to the garbage.

JD felt his face turn red. Why am I blushing? I don't get embarrassed. Dr. Cox says things like that all the time and it doesn't bother me. Why now?

"Bambi? You coming?"

JD looked up and saw that Carla, Turk and Elliot were all standing waiting for him to join them.

"Um... I just need a few minutes. I will catch up with you guys later."

"Are you alright V Bear?" Turk asked genuinely concerned.

"I'm not going to be alright if people keep asking that! Can't a guy get a little tired once in awhile?" JD immediately regretted snapping at Turk.

"Sorry buddy... See ya later."

Just as JD was actually going to eat some of his lunch he looked over and realized that Jordan was still sitting next to him. Not just sitting next to him, it seemed as though she was studying him.

"Can I help you?" JD asked feeling a little uncomfortable.

"Are you okay kid?"

He nodded.

"Are you sure?"

"Guess you missed my whole, 'I'm not going to be alright if people keep asking that! Can't a guy get a little tired once in awhile?' speech." JD snapped worse than he did at Turk.

She didn't say anything as she stood up, leaving him like the others.

"Jordan!" JD called out to her. When she didn't turn around he continued anyways, "I'm sorry! I'm just tired."

Why should I have to apologize to her? She doesn't have feelings anyways. I shouldn't have to apologize to anyone... Anyone except maybe Johnny... I shouldn't have abandoned him... What are you talking about JD, you didn't abandon him. You just couldn't handle taking care of him! COWARD!