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Title: Time To Step Up-Chapter 1
Author: Dream-chan
Rating:PG (for now anyway)

The place: Tokyo, Japan-High School Soccer Championship

The date: November 23, 2008

The time: 7pm

The stands were overflowing with people for both squads, each trying to out shout the other side in support of their favorite team. Banners and signs whipped in the cool autumn night while vendors peddled various foods and sports paraphernalia for the die-hard fans. This brought back so many happy filled memories for Yagami Taichi. Now a man of twenty, he was at university, still trying to decide where he wanted to go in life, but he really couldn't complain. He was doing well in his classes, he had great friends, and he led a pretty active social life, and was being scouted by teams in the J-League.

Life was good.

However, there was one area that needed some drastic improvement. The hopeless crush that he held for someone. Looking down at the game field below, he immediately spotted the person that had seem to take permanent residence in his heart.

Motomiya Daisuke.

The boy with the burgundy hair, expressive chocolate eyes, caramel skin, and a zest for life that rivaled his own. The boy that had idolized him and became his successor as leader of the Chosen Children. The boy that had now grown out of his shadow and came into his own. The young man that he loved more than life itself.

When they were younger, they had spent a lot of time together practicing soccer skills, talking strategy for the digital world, holding video game and eating contests to see who could earn the title of 'The Bottomless Pit', and basically hanging out. He could still recall when he would watch Dai attempt to get Hikari to go out on a date with him, knowing that it was a lost cause, since she had her sites set on another redheaded digidestined.

Then, changes gradually began to take place. This when he began to notice little things about Daisuke that he had overlooked all those years. Like the way his face wrinkled up when he was concentrating on something, or the way his eyes shined when he was happy, which was very often. He even noticed the fresh, clean, smell that seemed to always cling to Daisuke. Then he began to notice other things such as his heartbeat increasing when the younger boy was near. The sidelong glances he would take of the teen as they would play together, and the breaking point was when he realized that the boy started to invade not only his dreams, but to torment him throughout the day as well.

The only other person that knew of this was his best friend Yamato, who had figured it out on his own one day after watching the two goggle boys scrimmage. Once they were alone, Yamato had confronted him, not taking no for an answer. After two hours of coaxing, pestering, and death threats, Tai had given in and admitted his love for the younger boy, which had gained a knowing smile from the blond musician.

With the verbal affirmation of his feelings, Tai had to accept the fact that he was indeed in love with someone...a boy someone. The last part didn't bother him as much as the first. Being gay he could accept. Having someone with the ability to crush his heart was another thing. Knowing Daisuke, this was more the reality than the exception. Even though the Daisuke had stopped stalking his sister, he had become close friends with Ken Ichijouji. Almost as close as Taichi was to Yamato, which could prove to be a bit of a problem.

Besides all that, nothing really changed between the two, except that it was becoming harder and harder for Tai to keep his emotions under wraps. It had helped a little when he had went away to Nagano for school, but with the almost weekly email and phone calls, it proved a challenging task.

Lately, he had been concerned for the young man that was now doing warm up drills with the rest of his team. It had seemed that now instead of the chatty, innocuous letters usually awaited him in his inbox, had become just a paragraph long. That had worried him. Then he had received an email from Hikari, telling him of the distance that Daisuke was putting between himself and the rest of the digidestined. So, instead of studying for his chemistry midterm, he decided to come back home and see things for himself.

Taking a look around the stands, he scanned the crowd, and was not disappointed to see the many of the other digidestined waiting for the start of the game. When he got a little closer, a chorus of hellos reached his ears. Waving, he sauntered down the steps and plopped down beside his best friend, who gave him a lopsided grin in greeting.

"Hey Tai, whassup?" Yamato asked cheerfully, scooting over so Taichi could sit down.

"Nothing much Rock Star" he replied back in a joking manner, switching to the nickname he gave the blond years ago.

"Whatever." Yamato replied, giving his trademark response to everything.

Looking down the bench, he could see Sora, Miyako, Koushiro, Ken, Iori, and Takeru bundled up against the cold, but here in support for Daisuke. Hikari was a cheerleader, so she was down on the field, trying her best to work the crowd into a frenzy.

After catching up with everyone, Taichi refocused his attention on the reason he was at this game. After a few minutes, he was beginning to see why everyone was so concerned about the younger goggle boy.

Where there were once smiles and laughter, frowns and quietness now overshadowed his usual exuberant countenance. Even now, it seemed that he was just going through the motions without any of the excitement that usually went with the anticipation of playing your toughest rival.

Just then, the referee blew the whistle to alert the teams to report to the field. The players took their positions, his object of his affections getting into a striker's stance, ready to do battle.

Suddenly, the noise ceased as the referee walked to the center of the field, calling for the team captains to step up. Watching Daisuke step up to the referee as the team captain, a feeling of pride sweeping through Tai. With Odaiba winning the coin toss, it was time to get the game started. When all the players returned to their positions, the referee nodded once, and blew the whistle. The ball was kicked and the game was underway.

During the first quarter, both teams came out guns blazing, holding nothing back from play. It was getting so aggressive that it seemed that almost everyone had been hit with a yellow card (which is an ejection warning for all you non-soccer fans) by the referees.

The second quarter was no different. Each team gave as good as it got. Tackles and insults were exchanged as the game became even more fierce. Towards the halftime marker, the score was tied one all. With thirty seconds left, Odaiba had the ball, Daisuke at the head of the charge. Steadily the players made their way towards the goal, not backing down.
With accurate precision, Daisuke aimed the shot, making the ball arc beautifully in the air. The goalie tried to intercept but it was no use. With a mini spin, the ball landed safely behind the goalie, scoring another point for Odaiba.

The crowd went ecstatic, shouting and blowing horns in appreciation of their teams' effort.

Daisuke stood there with a big grin on his face, his teammates coming over to give him a pat on the back. As he was walking back towards the center of the field, he stopped suddenly, a look of intense pain crossing his tanned features. Within the next second, he fell into an ungraceful heap on the ground with a small thud. Suddenly, all jubilation ceased as fans began to notice that there was something wrong with one of the players.

His heart plummeting, Tai raced down the bleachers, and ignoring the shouts of his friends, pushed people out of the way in desperate attempt to get to Daisuke.

Finally reaching the field, he ran down over to the group of people that had surrounded the fallen soccer star. Barging his way through the human circle, he kneeled down, taking his love's hand, shocked at the paleness that seemed to be creeping underneath the perpetual sun kissed tan.

"C'mon Dai, get still have a game to play. You can't give up now," Tai said gently, brushing sweat-dampened hair away from his face. He gathered the fallen player to him and slowly began to rock him back and forth, praying with all his worth that Daisuke would be alright.

The seconds ticked by still with no response from the prone body in his arms.

At this Taichi became panic turned into mindless fear, for once feeling totally helpless at not knowing what to do. Fortunately, that decision was taken from him in the form of the team trainer that pushed him out the way. Slightly perturbed, Taichi reluctantly released his hold on Daisuke and allowed the trainer to do his job.

There were a few tense minutes as the trainer tried everything to revive Daisuke, but with no success.

"We have to get him to a hospital! Get the stretcher over here NOW!", the trainer yelled urging everyone to stand back. Within seconds, the standby emergency crew was on the field, picking up the motionless player and hurried to the nearby ambulance. Moments later, sirens were heard screeching down the street as the paramedics rushed Daisuke to the nearest hospital.

As Taichi watched the bright lights disappear from view, all he wanted to do was breakdown, but knew that was now was not the time. He had to be strong for everyone, but most importantly for Daisuke. It was time, once again to bear the crest that defined both of them.


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