Muse: I'm back!

Ttwitch5: (vein throbbing) Yeah, and you only gave me one chapter!

Muse: …so?

Ttwitch5: So?! You didn't tell me where in the world this is going! I have no clue what is going to happen!

Muse: …so?

Ttwitch5: …I'm so going to move, change my name, dye my hair, and get a new muse.

Muse: GASP! No!

Ttwitch5: Fine. I'll forgive you if you do this disclaimer.

Muse: Ttwitch5 does not own Inuyasha, Yu Yu Hakusho, the characters, Japan, any songs, poems, ect. used in the story unless otherwise specified, yatta, yatta, yatta. Any similarities with other stories are coincidence. The only thing she owns is the plot…and ME of course!

Ttwitch5: Wonderful... I think. Anyway, thanks to my annoying muse, I have one chapter and absolutely no idea what the plot is. All I know is this is either going to be Kagome and Hiei or Kagome and Sesshoumaru. I'll take votes on pairings and suggestions for anything!

The pendulum swung slowly back and forth underneath the ancient grandfather clock. Its rhythmic beat echoed, resounding eerily solemn in the stifling silence, in the calm before the storm. There was power in the air today, an ancient magic long since disregarded as myth and fantasy. It steadily grew in intensity until the very air was saturated with it.

The fifteenth star and sun align

The past will crumble

The future unwritten

The present lost in time

As destiny is fulfilled

The ancient magic whispered this prophecy with a voice indescribable by man. The voice held the knowledge of centuries past and of centuries yet to come. It was this voice that observed the strange happenings at the shrine, the girl with untapped power who lived two lives and the brash hanyou who guarded her. It was this voice that watched them today, as a new magic and a new fate settled on the child miko's shoulders.

Blood and tears move as one

Hidden gifts uncovered

Enemy turned ally

Ally betrays

Old scars resurface as new ones form

A choice is made

A heart is broken

And destiny is sealed

The ancient magic watched as she materialized, battered, broken, and bleeding, clutching a small pink jewel to her chest. It watched as she was taken away in an ambulance and as she was brought back in tears in the arms of her mother a week later. It watched as she picked up the ragged pieces of her heart and struggled to put them back together…and it watched as fate intervened yet again.

Two paths shall intertwine

On broken roads unwinding

A bond shall be formed

Powers shall clash

A new age shall dawn

As an old foe is brought to his knees

And destiny is fulfilled

And the pendulum still swings.

I apologize for the extremely short chapter. They will get longer as the story progresses, I promise. Anyway, like I said, I have almost no idea how this story is going to progress, so unless I get reviews with ideas or my muse decides to get up and work for once, I have no idea when this will be updated, especially since in less than a week, I go to camp (Scuba diving! YAY!) for three weeks. So, if I could get some reviews before then, I might be able to get a few chapters written at camp.

AND I just found out my Great-Grandma's been in the hospital for a couple of days and will probably be in there a couple more. WAH! So if you guys could pray for her, I'd really appreciate it.