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Part 1

Bella sat at her cubicle typing away furiously on her keyboard. If she wasn't answering customer service, she was on the sidelines writing up essays and assignments for her Creative Writing class at the University of Washington.

Angela walked past the cubicle, a hint of a frown edging her lips. Bella has seemed worn out lately from late night cram sessions and the constant pestering of the customers.

"Bella?" the soft voice of Angela's voice reached her ears.

Bella quickly save the word document and closed her laptop shut. She had a desktop for work and a separate laptop for the online courses and her free lance writing assignments.

She swiveled in her chair and met the honey brown eyes of tall Angela.

"Hey Angela," Bella replied.

"I am going out to get a sandwich and a cup of coffee down at Starbucks. Want to come?" Angela asked politely. Internally she wished Bella will get out more often. She would just stay cooped up at home either reading, typing or at work.

Bella shook her head.

"No thanks. I just have a couple of paragraphs before I finish. The deadline is in a couple of hours,"

"Are you sure? You sure could use a break," Angela asked, worried.

"I'll survive. I'm going to go to Forks tomorrow to visit Charlie and Rose," Bella quipped.

"Rosalie's back?" Angela asked with a faint smile on her lips. She hoped that maybe the beautiful Rosalie and her boisterous boyfriend Emmett will bring Bella to have some fun, mingle around and maybe find her other half. She smiled at the thought of Ben, her high school sweetheart and still loving boyfriend.

"Yeah. I haven't seen her in awhile and I miss them. We're going to have dinner at the Cullen's house and maybe I'll finally see their other two children. And Jasper is coming back from Cornell for the weekend. I heard that his girlfriend is the infamous Alice Cullen. So are you going? I hear the twins are wreaking havoc in school again," Bella teased.

Angela sighed.

"They are always in trouble. I would love to come but Ben is coming back from his comic convention down in San Diego so I'll be home. And our anniversary is in 2 days," Angela beamed.

"Oh! Sorry forgot about that. I'll send your parents and the twins your love," Bella said, embarrassed that she could forget about her close friends' important day.

"It's quite alright. You've been way too busy. Let loose for awhile down in Forks. Also I have presents for them from me and Ben. He sent up some autographed comic books for the boys,"

"Sure thing Angela, like I'll find fun in Forks. I doubt there would be any source of entertainment except for Jessica Stanley talking her head off to my poor ears and having Lauren glare at me for absolutely no reason. Thanks for the offer," Bella joked.

Angela rolled her eyes.

"I'm sure Jessica would be too busy fluttering her eyelashes at Edward Cullen," Angela stated.

"Who is Edward Cullen?" Bella asked confused. She had never heard of that name in Forks and in Forks you know everyone.

"He is the second son of Dr. Cullen and his wife. He's a famous worldwide concert pianist and is taking a short break back in Forks. Ever since he came to the bank for a deposit, Jessica couldn't stop looking at him. I hear he's gorgeous with these amazing green eyes and a tall, toned body," Angela replied, referring from her conversation with the blabbering Jessica the week before.

"Oh. I thought she was interested in Mike. Wasn't that the reason she stayed in Forks working as a banker along with her mother while Mike took over his family's business?" Bella asked, trying to keep up with the news.

"Yes, but it seems that Mike still is infatuated with you. Are you going to give him a chance?" Angela asked, hoping that maybe with Mike she can relax.

"Mike, he's nice. I like him, but only as a friend. He's very loyal and I know he'll treat Jess right, as soon as he gets over me,"

"We sound like gossiping Jessica's," Angela laughed. Bella soon joined her.

"Well I'll grab you something alright?" Angela asked once their laughter died down.

Bella nodded and opened up her laptop again. She rarely got calls transferred to her due to the fact that destiny always had her phone wires mixed up.

She shook her head at the thought. Less phone calls meant more time for writing and reading.

When Bella was in the middle of a paragraph, the phone rang. It was working again.

Bella quickly closed her laptop and pressed the answer button. She fixed her headset and proceeded to talk.

"Hello this is Bella. Thank you for calling customer service. How may I help you?" she asked politely. By now she had the desktop computer up and running and fingers hovering above the keyboard, reading to assist the customer.

"Just about an hour ago I was on a venture to the mall and when I was about to make a purchase, the sales person told me that my card was cancelled. And I went to a couple of other stores and the same thing happened. I didn't ever call to cancel my card and I wanted to see if you guys had made an error," an annoyed, but elegant voice huffed on the other end.

Alice Cullen licked her lips and took a sip of lemonade. Her fiancé, Jasper Hale, massaged her back, hoping to calm her down.

"Alright. May I please have your name?"

"Mary Alice Cullen,"

"Your credit card number?"

"1234 5678 9101 1121"

"Social security number?"

"12345 67890"

Alice could hear the distinct noise of typing with her sharp ears. She hoped that there was some slight error in the credit card. It was by all her favorite one.

Bella swiftly typed in the information the customer has given her. She waited for the screen to load. When it did, she quickly scanned through the information looking at the most essential ones.

"I'm sorry Ms. Cullen, but it seems that yesterday afternoon a Mr. Cullen has canceled your card,"

Bella tensed up waiting for the customer to start shrieking like a banshee and complaining. Customers weren't very…..calm these days. She had already accumulated that the Alice Cullen on the other end had a tinkling soprano voice.

On the other end Bella heard a frustrated groan and a faint calming voice trying to soothe the other person.

Alice Cullen was positively livid, bubbling with anger. She knew this would happen. She had a weird feeling that something would go wrong if she didn't pay her bills personally, but oh no Carlisle decided to make himself the ultimate payer of her bills. She definitely had more than enough money from her own high end boutique and her new fashion line was a hit everywhere.

Now when she desperately needed to buy something, the card was cancelled. She only carried cash enough for a taxi ride, but other than that using her credit card was Alice's main way of payment. Alice's bumbling assistant, Lily, was too busy ogling Alice's brother and spilled some hot, burning coffee on an important client's new Betsey Johnson dress and Burberry trench coat.

The dress was a limited edition one of a kind and the trench coat was the hottest one out there. The client demanded a new dress or at least a very similar one and an identical trench coat.

Alice ran all over the mall and Seattle. She called anybody who had connections. Soon she found a similar dress and the identical trench coat, which was coincidentally the last one in stock. Alice grabbed the items and had the cashier ring them up, but then her credit card bailed out on her. Edward Cullen, Alice's brother, seemed to have mysteriously disappeared after Lily's staring, which disturbed him in the darkest ways possible.

Jasper quickly went to Alice after her frantic phone call but only to find out the dress and trench coat was already sold out. Alice wasn't freaked out about the dress since she could always design another one, but about the limited edition trench coat. There was no way she could imitate it in anyway. All other available stores were sold out and online shipping will take days. There was no time left. In the end the client dropped her and Lily was fired, not like it made a difference anyways.

She stood up and thrust her glass of lemonade down, making the ice clink together. She quickly walked up the stairs. Along the stairs she passed Edward.

He eyed his sister carefully and raised his eyebrow in question to Jasper. Jasper merely shrugged and tried to get Alice to calm down.

All three of them could hear the frantic questioning of someone on the other line. Alice vaguely heard it since she was furious with Carlisle. They had just made up from their long time estranged relationship and this was a low blow for Alice. She lost an important client, one who could boost her career into the higher society of the fashion world. Someone who could make her known worldwide and every store and celebrity would come crawling to her for her designs.

"Hello? Anybody there?" Bella asked repeatedly. She wondered if the line was cut off, but then she could hear stomping.

Edward looked at the phone and back at Alice's face.

"Alice there is still someone on the line,"

Alice looked at the phone, forgetting who she was talking to. She had other matters to attend to.

"Here Edward, finish the phone call. I need to talk to Carlisle," Alice thrust the phone into Edward's hand, suddenly remembering who was on the other line. Customer Service. Alice offhandedly shrugged.

"Come on Jazzy," Alice and Jasper disappeared along the second floor.

Edward hesitantly put the phone up to his ear, hoping it wasn't some desperate woman hoping to go on a date with him and gossip all the time. He already suffered enough just waiting in line at the bank in Forks.

"Hello? Anybody there?" Bella asked for the last time. If there was no answer she already decided she would hang up.

"Hello, who is this?" Edward cautiously asked.

Bella was confused. This hypnotizing voice was deeper and sounded more like a man and was way different from what the previous speaker sounded like. But nevertheless she answered.

"Isabella Swan from customer service sir, I mean ma'am," Bella squeaked out.

Edward was silent for a moment. He debated whether he should hang up, but that would seem rude.

"Excuse me, but who is this? I mean you certainly don't sound like a woman who was previously on the line," Bella felt like banging her head on the desk continuously. That question was out of line and if the customer, whoever it is now, gets angry and file a complaint she would be fired. And this job paid pretty well and kept up the rent that she shared with Angela and Ben.

"Edward Cullen," That name sounded strangely familiar to Bella, but she dismissed the fact since she was already practically dying of embarrassment, annoyance and now hunger. She looked at the time on the computer and her deadline seems to be creeping closer.

"If you don't mind me asking but what was Alice talking to customer service about?" Edward asked. He wondered why Alice was so mad; usually Jasper was able to calm her down.

"Ms. Cullen was calling about seeing if her credit card was really cancelled and it seems like a Mr. Cullen had indeed cancelled it yesterday," Bella blurted out. She started biting her nails. She wasn't supposed to release personal information to complete strangers, but then she realized the same last names—Cullen. They had to be related. But then surely other people had the same last name.

"Uh sir, are you related to Alice Cullen?" Bella nervously asked.

Edward chuckled.

"Unfortunately yes. Why do you ask?"

"Oh because when I answered the question about why Ms. Cullen called I didn't really think about it. Also I wasn't sure who exactly I gave out the information to. Customers are suppose to have their own privacy and it would break the contract if we revealed anything unnecessary and important about a customer. No matter what I wasn't allowed to reveal that bit to you, whether you are related to Alice Cullen or not," Bella said, not thinking before she spoke. Now she was too busy rambling.

"Ah yes. Quite true. How would you know if my name was really Edward Cullen? My name could be Antonio for all you know," Edward teased the frazzled woman.

"But you aren't," Bella firmly stated. She didn't know what came over her, but she was sure that this man was definitely named Edward Cullen.

"Oh really, what makes you think that?" Edward asked.

"I trust you," Bella said it so firmly and stubbornly that both Edward and Bella were almost convinced themselves.

Edward was shocked by this…stranger. She didn't know anything about him but his name and relation to Alice and if she was smart she can conclude that Carlisle Cullen is related to him and Alice also.

"How do you know if you could trust me? I could be the bad guy for all you know,"

"I don't know," Bella said. She was suddenly blank. Words couldn't seem to process in her brain.

"You don't know," Edward repeated.

There was silence on both ends.

"I guess there is a…..gut feeling that I know you aren't……bad. You just think you are but for some reason I know you aren't some kind of……monster," Bella said quietly. She couldn't believe herself. She was being so sure of herself, so bold and she didn't even know the man!

"You don't care if I am a monster? What if I'm some vampire who sucks your blood dry or some werewolf you can just rip off your head?" Edward answered incredulously.

"No. No I don't. I wouldn't even care if you were some super freaky Barbie doll collector! You are not a monster Edward, no matter how much times you try to process that in my head," Bella adamantly said.

"You're stubborn," Edward said. He knew it was true. There was no question about it.

"How did you know?"

"I'm good at reading people's faces,"

Bella giggled. "But you can't see my face,"

Edward laughed. "You're right, but the way you talk and when you say things you put your foot down. You won't budge,"

"You're really good at this Mr. Cullen,"

"Call me Edward,"

"Can I ask you a question Edward?"

Edward nodded his head. He waited for Bella to ask away.

"Uh so is it a yes or no?"

"I thought I told you yes already,"

"Um, no you didn't,"

Edward wanted to punch himself.

"Sorry. This conversation seems like I'm talking to you face to face so I nodded instead,"

"I know what you mean," Bella laughed. Edward thought it was the most beautiful sound in the world, beating the music his precious piano could make.

"Okay. So what ever happened to Alice and why are you answering the phone?"

"That's two questions," Edward quickly answered.

"Edward?" Bella sweetly asked.


"Just answer the question," she said roughly.

Edward smirked.

"No," he said childishly.

"Why not?" Bella asked, a bit peeved.

"You said you wanted to ask one question and I will answer only one question. Got it?"

"Edward," Bella whined.

"Yes?" Edward smiled widely. He couldn't wait to see where this leaded up to.

"Please," Edward melted. His previous teasing and plan faded away and gave in to Bella, whose voice was addicting as a siren.

"Fine. Alice went to talk to Carlisle and she gave me the phone. Happy now?"

"Very," Bella laughed.

"Don't ever do that again,"

"Do what?" Bella said coyly. She had a feeling she knew what he was talking about.

"You know! The whole 'please' thing. You will be the death of me,"

"Oh. I didn't know it had such an effect on you. And what do you mean again? You plan on speaking to me some time again?"

"Maybe," Edward mysteriously said, his voice somehow getting huskier.

"Oh--" Bella's voice was cut off by a dial tone.

"Bella? Bella? Are you there?" but there was no answer. Edward hung up and ran his hand through his hair. He thought about his conversation with Bella. He wanted to talk to her again, and again. Her voice called out to him like singing angels. She sounded so innocent, but seductive all at the same time.

He redialed the number. He got connected to a different person.

"Hello this is Kayla. Thank you for calling customer service. How may I help you?"

"Can you please connect me to a Bella Swan? I was talking to her and then later all I heard was a dial tone,"

"Hold on one moment,"

Edward was soon listening to elevator music. A moment later Kayla answered.

"I'm sorry sir, but Bella's lines got cut off again. She has been having difficulties for a few weeks now with incoming phone lines. It was a miracle you made it through,"

"Yes, it was a miracle," Edward said with a smile on gracing his lips.

"I will be more than welcome to help you sir,"

"Is this the Seattle branch?" Edward asked hopefully.

"Yes it is,"

"Thank you for all your help Kayla,"

"No problem,"



Edward hung up. At least he knew she was in the same city and state as him. Edward found Alice cuddling up with Jasper in her room and threw her the cell phone.

"That was a long conversation,' Alice said, raising up an eyebrow.

"Yes," Edward said curtly. He wanted to get away. He suddenly had a new inspiration.

"Was it pleasant?" Alice asked suspicious of the big goofy smile and shining green eyes of Edward. He wasn't usually so bubbly and glowing.

"I guess you can say that," Edward said before running down the stairs and to his piano.

Alice and Jasper shared a look, but shrugged.

"What's he so happy about?" Jasper asked.

"No idea. I was only talking to customer service previously,"

"He seems happy and looks very inspired," Jasper said.

Both of them heard a sweet composition from downstairs.

Bella had barely started her sentence before the line went dead. She asked if anybody was there, but no answer. She hung up and stared at the phone. She couldn't believe her luck.

Bella sighed and put her head down on the desk. Edward Cullen had such a velvety voice and a beautiful laugh. She desperately wanted to talk to him again. She raised her head up and typed up Edward Cullen in the search database.

There was no Edward Cullen registered with the company. She suddenly felt down, like nothing in the world was complete with him.

"Hey Bells," the voice of Jacob was behind her.

"Hey Jake,"

"Messed up wires again?" he asked with a knowing look.

"Yeah. I don't know what's wrong with them,"

"Well let's see what I can do,"

Bella rolled her chair away from the desk so Jacob could see what was up with the wires.

"Oh I see what the problem is now," Jacob said happily.


Jacob showed her the gnawed wires.

"Looks like a rat has been chewing these up. I'll get some rat traps for you and then problem fixed,"

"Thanks Jacob,"

"No problem. You look so depressed, why?"

"I really don't know what has come over me. I had this phone call with a stranger and then we were talking and the line got cut off. I just feel so depressed without listening to his voice. I don't even know him," Bella said, raising her hands in the hair.

"I know what you mean," Jacob said. Jacob and Bella have become good friends lately since he was always coming to see what was wrong. They talked to pass the time.

"You do?" Bella asked puzzled. She was sure Jacob wasn't in this department.

"Well not exactly like your scenario, but every night I would talk to Olivia before I go to sleep. Her voice comforts me,"

"You haven't asked her to move in with you?" Bella asked, not believing what Jacob was saying.

Bella knew Jacob had a pretty nice apartment with more than enough room for Olivia. They have been together for about 11 months. They both loved each other deeply. Olivia was the apple of Jacob's eyes. Every thing revolved around her.

Bella thought she saw a shade of red go through Jacob's russet skin.

"W-well I thought she would want her own personal space. I don't want to butt in,"

"Jacob, you guys love each other. If I didn't know you two I would think you guys were married and living together happily. She's not going to reject you. Last week when I went with you two for lunch, she was hinting about moving in with you,

"Did you not get it when she said and I quote' I need a new apartment. Someplace with a good amount of space. Some place like your apartment Jake.'"

Jacob smiled sheepishly. "Women are very complicated people. I don't know why they must have that bag if they have a whole closet full of them! Or why they wanted to be complimented 24/7. It's very confusing,"

"You're such a dork Jacob," Bella said shaking her head.

"I'll ask her in two weeks on her birthday. I need to clean up my apartment,"

"Need help?" Bella asked, knowing how messy Jacob's apartment was. She didn't know how one person could make such a huge mess.

"Nah. Then she'll know I didn't put my whole effort in it. You know she has a hawk's eye. She can see that the future neatness has a woman's touch on it. I want to show her that she is that important that I'll personally clean my apartment for her," Jacob said thoughtfully.

"She can't refuse you then!" Bella said, standing up and hugging a tall Jacob.

"Thanks Bells. Are you coming down to La Push this weekend?" Jacob asked.

Bella shook her head.

"I doubt I have time. I'm going to visit Charlie and hang out with Rosalie. Knowing her there is no time for a visit down to La Push. Maybe some other time,"

"Well if you have time, come down. You know where to find me,"

"Alright. Say hi to Olivia and Billy for me,"

Something crackled on Jacob's walkie talkie.

"Bye Bells. Duty calls," Jacob walked away, but not before messing up Bella's hair.

Bella scowled and tried to fix her hair. She sat back down on her chair and opened up her laptop. There was only about 1 hour left until the deadline. She typed away trying to finish up quickly.

Bella stretched her body. She spent the whole hour finishing up her essay, rereading it, and making tweaks throughout. She wiggled out her fingers. She looked at the time and she had about 5 minutes before her shift was off.

She turned off her computer, closed the laptop and got up. She put her laptop in its case and grabbed her purse. She put down her headset and put it in its respectable drawer.

Bella scanned the desk quickly and there was no trace of food. She made a tsking sound when she realized that Jacob must have taken it. He was always hungry.

"Bella you ready?" Angela asked.


The two ladies walked to the elevator and waited for it to reach the lobby of the building.

"You seem happier today, not as stressed out," Angela noted.

"I don't know. I finished my essay and I had the strangest, but most amazing phone call with this stranger. His name is Edward Cullen,"

Angela's ears immediately perked up at the name Edward Cullen. She was positive that the Edward Cullen Bella had spoken to is the same Edward Cullen Jessica was talking about. Angela also knew that they both worked in the Seattle branch of the company and all phone calls from Seattle area would immediately direct to them.

But Angela didn't say anything. She didn't want Bella to start acting all paranoid and avoiding the trip to Forks.

"Tell me all about it," Angela simply said.

Throughout the whole elevator ride and short car ride, Bella told Angela about the phone call. Angela was smiling the whole time as Bella talked animatedly. Angela couldn't help, but feel elated for her friend.

Although miles away from each other, both Bella and Edward were smiling throughout the rest of the afternoon and evening.

And they both slept sweet dreams, dreaming about each other's voices.

Bella woke up with a start and slamming her hand over the blaring alarm clock. She rubbed her groggy eyes and got out of bed. She made her way down the hall to the bathroom.

Bella quickly washed her face and brushed her teeth. Her hair was unfortunately unmanageable. Whenever she combed it or tried to tame it with water or hairspray, it would just move out of face. After many attempts she stuck a headband on and it worked. She grabbed her bathroom essentials and brought it to her room.

Bella went to her closet and dragged out a black suitcase that would hold enough clothes for her visit, which was only about 2 days. She packed clothes for a couple of occasions, just in case Rosalie dragged her somewhere.

When she was done with packing, she changed into a thin midnight blue V-neck sweater and jeans with black flats. Bella rolled her suitcase out into the living room and headed to the kitchen.

She ate her cereal quickly and put it in the dishwasher. She left a note for Angela saying that if she needed anything she was only a phone call away and a Happy 5th Anniversary.

Bella walked up to her suitcase and grabbed the bag of gifts from Angela and headed out the door. She locked it behind her and headed down to the parking garage.

Bella opened the passenger door to her big, old, red truck. She stuffed the suitcase under the passenger seat and slammed the door. She opened the door to the driver's seat and got in. She smiled at the warm, toasty feeling. Angela and Bella usually took Angela's car since it had better gas mileage.

Bella started the car and she jumped at the loud roar it made. She hoped that the truck will last on the way to Seattle, so then Rosalie can look at it and maybe tinker with it a bit.

Bella pulled out of her parking space and onto the road. Soon she was on the highway heading to Forks.

Meanwhile Edward just woke up. He never needed much sleep. Edward got up and got ready for the day. He pulled on a T-shirt and put on some flannel pajama bottoms, seeing that he only slept in boxers.

He quickly brushed his teeth and tried to make his messy hair neater, but it only got worse. Edward went downstairs and in the kitchen there was Esme and Rosalie drinking coffee and chatting.

"Morning," Edward addressed them both.

"Good morning Edward," Esme beamed. She didn't fail to notice how Edward seemed much happier than usual at dinner and the sweet lullaby he was composing last night confirmed her suspicions.

"Edward," Rosalie said nodding her head, before taking a sip of coffee.

"Who is coming today?" Edward asked.

"One of my best friends from Forks High School, Bella," Rosalie said smiling. It was Bella's loyal and kind nature that helped Rosalie get over her bad break-up with Royce King.

"How long is she staying?" Esme asked.

"Probably about two days. She's always busy with work and college," Rosalie shrugged.

Edward didn't say anything. He was too busy thinking about a certain Isabella Swan.

Unconsciously he started humming the sweet lullaby he was busy composing. Edward felt silly. Here he was writing a song for a woman he could only identify by her name and voice.

Nevertheless he continued to hum his newest composition and changing the notes every now and then to make it perfect.

Esme and Rosalie shared a look that meant Edward Cullen had met someone. They knew that Edward never really composed anything that was out of the blue. He would compose for a family member or when a concert is coming up.

Edward walked out of the room and went to his piano. He opened it and swept his fingers over the keys. Then he started to play.