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Part 2

About 5 hours later Bella was meeting up with Rosalie down at a quaint café in Port Angeles.

They hugged each other and squealed like school girls.

"Bella I haven't seen you in forever!" Rosalie exclaimed. They haven't seen each other for a couple of months now. They never had time and when they planned to, something came up in the way. They only communicated with each other through email, phone and sometimes webcam.

"I know. I miss you Rosalie," Bella said hugging Rosalie even tighter.

"You look great!" Rosalie said. Rosalie noticed that Bella seemed to glow with happiness.

"Oh Rose, no need to flatter me. You look great, as usual but now that would be an understatement. How's the business?"

"It's going pretty successfully. I was thinking of opening one in New York. I can't wait until it becomes a hit," Rosalie said, smiling. Rosalie owned a store selling children's clothes. She always wanted to have her own children and she channeled that desire into her designs.

"How's Emmett doing?"

"Oh you know Emmett. He's usually at his gym, training people and coaching the wrestling team at the local high school. They recently won the city championship and they are going to state soon," Rosalie said proudly. The local high school's wrestling team was a complete failure losing every match until Emmett turned it around.

The two friends ordered some food and talked about the last couple of months events.

Rosalie and Bella drove to Forks with Rosalie's BMW M3 leading the way since Bella never personally drove her own car to the Cullen's house. They pulled into the hidden driveway and stopped.

Bella got out and went to the other side to get the suitcase, but found Rosalie already rolling it to her. Bella gave Rosalie a gentle smile and grabbed the suitcase. She marveled at the amazing Cullen house.

The door opened and a huge Emmett came bouncing out.

"Bella!" he shouted.

Bella opened her arms. "Emmett!"

Emmett opened his arms and picked Bella up and swung her around in a circle. Then he put her down and wrapped her in an extremely tight hug.

"C-can't…..breathe….Emmett," Bella said through gasps of air. Emmett let go.

"Sorry. I'm just used to being rough with those kids on the team," Emmett had a sheepish grin on his face.

Bella nodded her head, understanding what Emmett was talking about.

"Come on let's go in. Esme misses you," Rosalie said and grabbed Bella by the arm.

All three of them entered the mansion and plopped themselves on the couch.

"Emmett, bring Bella's suitcase up to the room Esme prepared for her," Rosalie barked. Emmett got Bella's suitcase and carried it up like it paper.

Esme came rushing through the living room from the kitchen.

"Bella!" she said jovially.

"Esme," Bella said happily.

They embraced. Esme always loved Bella and Rosalie as daughters.

"I can't wait for you to meet by other children! I mean I'm sure you seen enough of Emmett already," Esme said, laughing.

"Hey I heard that," Emmett said coming down from the stairs.

"Where are they Esme?" Rosalie asked.

"Alice and Jasper went to Port Angeles for a little shopping since Alice seemed a bit upset. Edward also went up to Port Angeles to get some groceries since they ran out of stock here in Forks. We were missing some ingredients for your favorite," Esme smiled.

"Esme, you didn't need to have Edward run around Port Angeles just for my sake," Bella said, hoping that Edward wasn't already there in Port Angeles and that he barely made it onto the highway.

"I haven't seen you in forever. It's a special occasion anyways. And it is Edward's favorite also. Plus it's rare that everyone is here together so you will sit and enjoy this meal," Esme scolded.

"Yes Esme," Bella timidly said.

"Good," Esme pecked Bella's cheek and went back to the kitchen.

"Emmett, so your other siblings are Alice and Edward?"

Emmett nodded before going back to his video game.

Bella thought about their names: Alice and Edward Cullen. It sounded very familiar to her. Then she realized that she had talked to an Alice and Edward Cullen yesterday. Bella shook her head. She thought it wasn't possible that it was all some freaky coincidence.

Bella tried to forget about it and played video games with Emmett as Rosalie did her nails and read magazines.

Time passed quickly and Bella was helping Esme set up the table for dinner.

They heard a door slam and Emmett curse. There were footsteps going up the stairs.

"They are back," Esme said happily.

"When is Carlisle coming back?" Bella asked.

"Oh he is just in his office. He had a nasty quarrel with Alice, but they made up already. He's probably researching or reading some medical book," Esme said, before heading back to the kitchen to bring in the centerpiece.

Soon dinner was set up and everyone was seated. Bella was in between Rosalie and Jasper. Both Esme and Carlisle were at opposite ends of the table. Across from Rosalie was Emmett and across from Jasper was his girlfriend, Alice Cullen.

There was any empty seat across from Bella, reserved for the last Cullen. Edward came down the stairs fresh from the shower. Esme had told him to dress nicely for the dinner and an important friend was coming. Edward couldn't wait to see who this person was.

Bella and everybody else waited patiently for the last person to arrive. Emmett was trying to eat bits of the salad without Esme noticing, but of course it always fails.

"Emmett! Wait for your brother!" Esme scolded, feeling a little embarrassed at his behavior, but slightly amused at his self control.

"But Edward takes forever! Why does he need to take so long to 'look good'? He's already a pretty boy!" Emmett whined.

Everyone at the table cracked up with laughter. At that exact same moment, Edward chose to walk in.

"What's so funny?" he asked, finally sitting in the empty seat.

Bella looked at Edward and she stopped laughing. Nobody noticed because they were still laughing.

Bella stared at the beautiful green eyes that belonged to Edward in front of her. Bella thought that he was gorgeous with his messy bronze hair, green eyes and chiseled face.

Edward stared back at Bella's big brown eyes. He thought she was one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen. He admired her long locks of mahogany brown hair, chocolate brown eyes and her full lips. He wondered if he was drooling at the sight.

"Now can we eat?" Emmett asked.

Both Edward and Bella broke their gaze; Bella blushed a light pink and stared down at her salad plate.

"Hello, I'm Edward," Edward said, holding his hand out.

Bella looked up and gave a small smile. She shook his hand and felt an electrical current running through her body.


"Nice to meet you," Edward said. Bella didn't fail to notice that his voice sounded strangely familiar.

"Likewise," Bella said. Edward felt that he heard the voice of this woman before, but couldn't remember where. He thought he was hallucinating.

Dinner was full of laughter, idle chat and catching up among everyone else.

"So Jasper how did you meet Alice?" Bella asked.

Jasper and Alice looked at each other and laughed.

"So I went to the city auditorium because I saw a flyer that had said there was a discussion on the effects of Civil War and so I went," Jasper said.

"Well he went in and he was met with models walking down the halls, because the neighboring fashion design school was showing off their designs for our finals. Coincidentally my theme was 'scholarly' and it just so happened I was missing a male model and Jasper was suddenly there wearing exactly what I was looking for,

"And she said 'You've kept me waiting for a long time' and I said 'I'm sorry ma'am," Jasper said, laughing.

"So what did you do then Jasper?" Bella asked.

"Well Alice still thought I was her male model so she made me walk down the so called 'runway'," Jasper laughed with Alice.

"And he was the best male model out there. Not only did I pass, but I got won the award for best collection," Alice stated proudly.

"That's so sweet!" Bella cooed, clapping her hands together.

"Not when you heard it like a bazillion times," Edward muttered. All eyes turned on him and he said, "What? It's true,"

Everyone had just finished dessert, strawberry cheesecake, and was stuffed.

"I'll clean up here," Esme said.

Carlisle left awhile back to the hospital due to a chain of severe car accidents.

Now everybody but Esme were lounging on the couch watching television with Emmett switching the channels every now and then.

Rosalie was on Emmett's lap. Alice was snuggled up to Jasper. Bella was sitting awkwardly next to Edward on the couch.

"So Bella how's work?" Jasper asked, quietly.

"Oh you know the same old same old. Just sitting in my cubicle answering calls or typing something up for my class," Bella said in an indifferent tone.

"How boring," Rosalie noted.

"Pretty much, but lately these few weeks no calls were transferred in. The wires got messed up. Jake just found out that a rat been gnawing at my wires. But yesterday I got a call, but it got disconnected," Bella said.

Edward sat up straighter at the news. He thought Bella's voice and laugh sounded strangely familiar.

Edward was about to ask Bella what she worked for, but Alice beat him to the punch.

"Calls? What do you work for?" Alice asked, curiously.

"Customer service for New Moon credit cards," Bella said.

Alice's mouth seemed to be twitching at the edge.

"I just called in yesterday. I called in about the cancellation of my credit card. Mary Alice Cullen, remember me?!" Alice asked happily.

"Yeah, I remember you now," Bella said, smiling.

"Sorry I kind of ditched on you, I had to talk to Carlisle," Alice said, hoping Bella will forgive her. Alice had a feeling that she and Bella along with Rosalie will become the best of friends.

"It's alright. I had a pleasant conversation with your brother over here," Bella said, sneaking a glance at Edward, who was smiling.

Alice looked at her expensive, designer Gucci watch and gasped at the time.

"I need to fax my designs to my client!" Alice shrieked.

Jasper patted her back. "Alice, it's okay. You have plenty of time,"

"Time?! I only have about 20 minutes left and I think I grabbed the wrong portfolio! And don't you have to email your paper to your professor or something?" Alice exclaimed.

"Uh oh," Jasper got up and grabbed Alice's hand gently and they ran up the stairs.

"Come on Emmett, let's get some sleep. We need to check over the blueprints for the garage and I need to look over Bella's truck tomorrow morning," Rosalie said. Rosalie and Emmett bid the remaining two people a goodnight.

Edward and Bella still sat awkwardly next to each other, but the tension was now tangible.

"You have two names now?" Edward teased, enjoying the beautiful blush that now donned Bella's cheek.

"Isabella is my birth name, but I prefer Bella," Bella said, now timid in front of this Adonis god.

"Okay Bella," Edward purred. Bella suddenly felt flustered.

Bella adverted her gaze, looking around the room frantically. Her eyes set on a beautiful piano near the door.

Edward followed her gaze and smiled.

"You play the piano?" Edward asked.

"I had lessons when I was younger, but I quit. Do you?" Bella asked.

"I am a concert pianist," Edward said.

"Concert pianist….Edward Cullen….Forks," Bella muttered under her breath.

"Oh! You are that world famous Edward Cullen! Girls at work will rave on and on about how 'delicious' looking you are and how well you play. I am an idiot for not making the connection," Bella blurted out, then blushed at her outburst.

Edward chuckled. He kind of expected that.

"Delicious looking you say? Do you find me delicious?" Edward said leaning towards Bella until his breath was fanning her face.

Bella was speechless. She was afraid that when she opened her mouth, something embarrassing will come out.

"Just say something Bella. Please," Edward pleaded, closing his mouth and forming a pout.

Bella finally gathered up the courage and said, "Yes I find you very delicious! Do you have a problem with that?"

Edward flashed a crooked smile at her, which left her in daze before she snapped out of it.

"No, I don't have a problem. Now I hope you don't mind if I do this," Edward ominously said.

"Do what?" Bella asked.

"This," Edward said before crashing his lips onto Bella's. Bella's lips were frozen for a couple of seconds before she started moving it back. Their lips moved in perfect harmony and Bella pushed herself against him to deepen the kiss.

Bella's arms snaked up to his neck and hooked on it and Edward's arms wrapped around Bella's waist. Bella made a bold move by sliding her tongue along Edward's bottom lip. Nevertheless Edward granted her access. Their tongues battled each other for dominance.

"WOW! Is it just me or is it getting hot in here?!" a loud voice boomed. Edward and Bella broke apart, breathlessly, and looked towards the stairs. Emmett was standing there, cheekily grinning and fanning himself with his hand.

"Oh wait it is just me because I am outrageously smoking HOT!" Emmett said before running back to his room yelling out 'Rosie'.

Bella blushed and laid her head against Edward's chest.

"What was that for?" Bella asked, still trying to catch her breath.

"For talking to me, for being insanely beautiful and being a great inspiration," Edward said.

"Inspiration?" Bella asked confused.

Edward said nothing and grabbed Bella's hand and led her to the piano where they sat down.

Edward opened the piano and put his fingers on the keys. He started playing and a beautiful, sweet melody was heard.

When Edward finished playing, Bella was almost in tears.

"What's wrong?" Edward asked concerned, wiping away a single tear that fell from Bella's eyes and down her cheek.

"You wrote that…for….me?" Bella asked, her voice cracking now from the tears that were flowing down her face.

"Yesterday when I heard your voice on the phone, it was the voice of an angel and this lullaby is suited for a beautiful angel like yourself. My angel," Edward said sweetly, before embracing Bella in a tight hug.

"This is too much, you barely know me," Bella said through gasps of sobs.

"Nothing is ever too much for you Bella. You are a one of a kind,"

Bella looked up and wiped her tears away and kissed Edward on the lips.

"Come on let's get you to your room. You must be exhausted," Edward picked Bella gently off the seat and went up to the third floor where her guest room was across from his.

"Sleep well Bella. I'll be right across from you if you need anything," Edward said before kissing the top of Bella's hair and leaving.

Bella sighed and rummaged through her suitcase before settling on a matching tank top and pajama pants. She crawled into bed and snuggled under the covers. After many attempts of counting sheep and tossing and turning, Bella got out of bed and tip toed across the hall to Edward's room.

Edward was still awake. He couldn't sleep knowing that Bella was right across the hall. He heard his door open and saw Bella creeping in sneakily.


Bella froze, knowing she was caught. She was hoping that Edward was sleeping and she could just sneak into his bed, facing the consequences the next morning.

"Hey Edward," Bella squeaked.

"Can't sleep?" Edward asked.

"Yeah. I don't know why but my heart aches when I'm away from you," Bella admitted.

"Come here," Edward scooted over on the bed and patted the space next to him. Bella excitedly went to the bed and got under the covers, cuddling up to Edward.

"Why are you still awake?" Bella murmured.

"Thinking of you angel," Edward said.

"It's so strange that we can harbor deep feelings for each other when we talked on the phone yesterday without knowing what the other person looked like and now I am in your bed," Bella wondered aloud.

"Well I felt something yesterday in the phone call. And I like the sound of that, you in my bed,"

Bella elbowed Edward in the stomach.

"Oof, but I do. I'm sure you look better without any clothes…in my bed," Edward teased.

"Edward!" Bella scolded, she was sure her cheeks were flaming red by now.

"What? I don't hear you denying anything so you must like the idea also," Edward reasoned.

"Maybe," Bella said. She liked the idea a lot and it would be much better if Edward joined her in the nude.

"You want to test it out to see if you like it?" Edward said in Bella's ear.

"Just go to sleep Edward,"


Bella rested her head on Edward's chest and Edward wrapped his arms around her waist. Together they fell asleep.

About 4 years later………

Bella and Edward's Anniversary Day

"Elizabeth!" Bella yelled. Bella and Edward's three year old daughter was running around. Her brown hair flying behind her and her green eyes were sparkling with mischief.

Elizabeth ran to the sandbox, destroying the castle Edward and Anthony made. Anthony was Bella and Edward's three year old son. Elizabeth and Anthony were fraternal twins.

Anthony growled and chased after Elizabeth. Together they ran all over the huge yard.

Bella sighed, shaking her head in defeat. Edward got up from the sandbox, dusting off the sand from his pants and headed to his pregnant wife.

"Bella!" sang a happy Alice. Trailing behind her was Rosalie, Jasper and Emmett and their other children.

"Oh thank goodness you are here early!" Bella said, grateful.

"I had a feeling you would need help with those kids. There are two of them!" Alice said.

"Where's Brandon?" Edward asked, hugging Bella from behind.

"With Esme and Carlisle. Nathaniel is also with them," Jasper said.

"So all four of you guys are going to take care of Elizabeth and Anthony?" Bella asked incredulous. She knew the twins were a handful but they didn't need that much people to baby-sit them.

"No! We also brought Lillian. It seems that she is best friends with Elizabeth and has a crush on Anthony," Rosalie said with a hinting smile.

Bella frowned.

"No matchmaking with my children. They are only three years old!" Bella said, stamping her foot.

"You never know Bella. We know Anthony is going to be quite the looker, like his father and Elizabeth….a heartbreaker. I think Lillian is growing to be a beauty pageant winner. Girls are going to be chasing after Brandon for his sensitive nature. Nathaniel will be a…..goof, just like Emmett.…unfortunately," Rosalie said.

"A handsome goof," Emmett butted in.

"Yes, a handsome goof. He's already putting whoopee cushions all around the house. Charming," Rosalie said dryly and sniffed.

"Oh I can imagine all five of them sitting in the cafeteria, looking beautiful, mysterious and of course fashionable!" Alice chirped.

"Okay can you please stop talking about the future now? I have a date with my wife," Edward interrupted.

"Come on. Let's go before they jump on each other like rabid animals," Alice said. The four of them gathered the kids and walked out of the yard and into their car.

"Come on Bella. I made reservations at 7,"

The two couple walked out of the yard, locking the fenced gate behind them. They headed into the car and Edward drove them to an expensive, fancy restaurant.

"Remember when we first met?" Edward cheekily said, putting his hand on top of Bella's.

"Oh yes. Remember when you thought you were so sexy saying that..."

And they lived happily ever after!

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