Hello, hello!
I got a review from one of my old stories on here, and I came back onto my profile, and read this story. Remember the days when I was updating and you guys followed me along the journey of this story. Your reviews made me smile and realize that I should get back into writing again.
I thought about this story, and thought.. this story was kind of a hit with my readers, and you guys really liked it. I was thinking; how would you guys like a sequel? Maybe see how Alice, Emmett and the rest dealt with death. Maybe add a supernatural aspect to it? One of those two.
I'm not sure how it would go.. since not many of us are really into Twilight anymore. But give me yours thoughts! Would you like a sequel? If so, would you want a supernatural aspect or just a regular, see how they're getting along? Give me your thoughts. (:

xoxo, Siob