Title: A Lover's Brawl

Pairing(s): IkeXLink, IkeXMarth, Eventual MarthXRoy, Eventual PitXLink

Rating: M

Full Story: Link has always been the quiet, shy type. That is… until Ike came into his life. Since then, Ike and Link have been an inseparable item ever since they've laid eyes on each other. Marth, coping with his broken heart after the disappearance of his very own lover—Roy—had secretly loved Ike from the beginning. But it was too late, Link was the only one on Ike's mind.

With his seductive powers and body, he lures Ike to him, the both of them sharing many nights together. And ever since, Ike has not been able to let him—nor his delicious shape—go. Link is totally unaware of this, Ike constantly lying to him about his whereabouts to protect he and his prince's relationship. With whole-hearted trust, Link believes every single word.

Marth wants a fully committed relationship with Ike—tired of hiding it—and he will do anything to get it, even if that means hurting one of the people that he loves the most.

But there is one more person that complicates this plot.

Someone who watches his crush from afar.

(This story takes place after Super Smash Brother's Melee, the reason why Roy is "missing")

The Beginning

The very first time Ike laid eyes on the blonde-haired Hyrulean, he was lured by a beautiful, peaceful melody of what sounded like a flute. He followed the peaceful sound until he found himself standing before a man wearing some strange, elfin hat.

Link sat alone in front of the enormous Smash mansion, taking in the breath-taking sunset with his faithful fairy Navi by his side.

"Hey there."

Link nearly jumped out of his skin at the booming base in the newcomer's voice. He dropped his peculiar looking instrument, Navi flying safely back in his pocket.

"Oh! Sorry... I didn't mean to scare you!"

"No, no... It's fine."

Link remained focused on the astounding view before him… clearly ignoring Ike's presence.

There was an awkward silence.

"What was that you were playing?" Ike nervously asked the stranger, picking up the horseshoe shaped utensil. He handed it back to Link, taking a seat beside him. "…Thank you. And this is a grass flute. I used to play it all the time from where I came from. T-To summon my horse…" Link replied frailly, receiving the one of a kind flute.

Ike smiled at him, but Link shyly looked away...

Okay, he's a little strange.

"Oh! Name's Ike. Ike Greil."

And he offered him hand to shake. Link stared at it long enough, as if he were thoroughly inspecting it, or reading his fortune lines. After for what seemed like an eternity, Link heedfully took his hand and slightly shook it.

"Link. My name is Link," he stressed... for whatever reason.

"Link…" Ike tested, "Nice to meet you, Link."

The blonde smiled at his new acquaintance, returning to the dazzling dusk only nature could conjure, and unsure of what to say next. Now that he had introduced himself, what else was there to talk about? Well... they could elaborate on how beautiful the skies looked, or he could probably ask him a few questions about himself.

Some moments passed before anyone spoke a word.

"Uh… Link?"


"You can let go of my hand now…"

"Ah—!" Link shouted, his cheeks burning as he shamefully tucked his hands in his pockets, "I am sorry...!"

"It's alright. No need to get so flustered!" Ike flashed him a confident grin. Link politely returned a half-smile, staring bashfully at his ruined boots...

"Well, I don't know about you, but I'm starving. Care to join me for dinner, Link?"

The Hyrulean's head snapped up, "Uh, yeah... sure—wah!"

"Let's go, buddy!"

And off they strolled into the Smash Mansion, Ike dragging the stiffened Link by the hand along his right side.


The Embrace

After dinner, and very much introducing, Prince Marth offered to show the newcomer around the mansion. As expected, Ike gratefully accepted, churning up more unfamiliar discussion of war and such. A discussion in which he felt he had no place to join. Link didn't like to admit it, but, he was always jealous of Marth's outgoing personality. Why Link was so introverted, he didn't know. He never really talked much, and he was socially… let's say... handicapped. Communicating with people he is not comfortable with was something he didn't excel in. Who could?

Marth could.

The ladies loved him, the guys envied him. Link wanted to have that much confidence, or at least some of it… he hated being the awkward, shy one.

They were now strolling through the hallway of many dorms, Link tagging along behind his friends. He was the "third wheel", if you would. And he was basically excluded from any sort of conversation. So he figured it was time to retire...

"Um, Marth… I'm going to go to bed… See you tomorrow," Link softly told royalty. Marth smiled at the shorter man, giving him a hug. "Alright! Goodnight, Link! Sweet dreams!"

The blonde grinned nicely, heading for his dorm room.

Until someone snatched him up.

"Where do you think you're goin'? Not going to say 'Goodnight' to me?" Ike pinned Link against his body with one bare arm. Link couldn't possibly respond. He was too being suffocated by Ike's chest, which he could tell was very toned beneath the thin cloth. The nervous Hyrulean hoped that he could miraculously escape from the confines of Ike as he peered into those friendly, blue eyes.

He prayed to whatever higher power that was present for no traces of red tainting his cheeks. It would only make him seem ever the more stranger to Ike.

"Um… Goodnight, Ike…"

"See? Was that so hard?"

"No… I guess not."

Ike grinned, "…Goodnight, Link. Hey, would you like to train tomorrow morning with me?"

"Oh… sure, Ike." Link replied with a big smile. One thing he did like to do was train. Maybe this way he would warm up to him and convince him he's not some... "weirdo". Ike's eyes softened along with his inviting smile and Link was beginning to feel this incredibly warm sensation bubble up in his chest.

I can't stop staring… His eyes… they won't let me go…

"Marth wants to go training, too!"

The Hyrulean snapped out of his trance thanks to that obnoxious, prince-like whine.

"Of course you can join us, Marth!" Ike assured with a heavy chuckle, "Well, Link here wants some sleep, so, I guess I have to let you go now."

Let me go…? What's he me—

He gasped.

And he wondered why he was feeling unexplainably warm. Link didn't doubt the idea that he was beet-red, and he hated being humiliated more than anything in the entire universe. The shaken, petite man forcefully tore his body off of the taller man, roughly knocking him to the ground.

He was just digging a deeper hole for himself.


The Kiss

Week after week did the three swordsmen train.

Link was surprised at Ike's enormous strength, but he was no match for Marth's incredible speed. Link gave him a couple of pointers about His Highnesses weak spots. He knew he shouldn't have, but that's how suddenly close their relationship grew.

The Hyrulean felt as if he could tell Ike just about… anything. A peculiar feeling he hadn't felt since he'd met Princess Zelda, strangely.

He was surprised at how Ike quickly adapted to his new surroundings, but he was a traveler... So it should've been expected.

But that wasn't even the best part about their friendship! Link didn't act so flustered about him anymore! Ike was a real easy person to get along with, and he loved the way the spiky-headed man gave off these coaxing vibes that it was okay to be himself... He didn't have to hide away in a little shell whenever he felt he was revealing too much of him. Sometimes he didn't even know he was acting like the "real Link". Just yesterday he burst out laughing at some hilarious joke that Ike told, but just as quickly slapped a hand over his mouth to cease the cackling noise. Marth and Ike's head snapped back at their shorter friend, eyes wide with shock.

Link?! Chuckling like a hyena?!

That was out of the ordinary!

All Ike had to do was simply smile and bat those lashes, giving the blonde Hyrulean enough confidence to remove his hand from those shy lips.

He and Ike spent more time together, the indigo-haired swordsman learning more and more about Link's hidden personality each day. He was very much still shy around him some of the time, but he was certain that it wasn't his bashfulness. There was a part of Link that he kept secret from his friend... He couldn't tell what it was, but something kept... pushing him. It wasn't visible, he couldn't taste it, it had no aroma, and there was no solidified matter he could physically touch…

But he would feel it... He felt it every moment he was by Ike's side, whenever he and Ike made intimate, physical contact, even when the indigo-haired man plainly spoke his name in the dreamy voice...

The feeling seemed to always be present while his heart simultaneously pounded endlessly against his chest... Telling him something.

But... what?

"Link, would you like to come over to my dorm to rest a bit?"

"Oh, sure... I'd love to go—I mean! I'd like to come over. YES!" he shouted enthusiastically, but he pressed down on his lips with his teeth as he began to regret responding so... desperately.

Ike deeply chuckled, gently patting his blonde head. "Heh, you're too cute. C'mon! This way!"

Did he just...? "Cute"?!

Link didn't have time to think it over; Ike dragged him by the arm towards the Smash Mansion, whistling an infectious tune. To the blonde one, it was sort of embarrassing to be dangling off some other man's arm, much less holding hands with him. A blush crept up Link's cheeks as he spotted their cupped hands. Ike's weren't as rough as they appeared.

They were actually very soft, very unusual for a person who wields swords. Especially a monstrous sword like Ragnell.

It was after dinner, and many of the battlers lingered to chat a little before retiring to their beds, but when Ike slammed open that door, Link in hand, all chatter ceased. Link stared back at all the other curious faces who dug holes into their bodies, feeling his face flush over with heat wave after heat wave. Ike, with his nonchalant attitude, ignored the sudden silence. The only noise audible was the whistling of the indigo-haired swordsman and the stomping of his steel-plated boots as he marched up stairs. Link stumbled to keep up, desperately wanting to die on the spot.

"It should be around this last corner... Ah! Here we are! Number twelve!"

Without letting go of Link's hand, he fumbled around in his pockets for the key. After some time, Ike found the golden key, opening the door. "Make yourself at home, Link."

The Hyrulean took in his new surroundings. There wasn't much in his room: a big bed, a lamp, a nightstand, Ragnell, a bare dresser and a closet enclosing his few outfits. Link sat nervously on his bed, careful not to bump into Ike's head. Ike lay sprawled on his back, staring up into the blank ceiling. "Yeah, I know there's not much in here... but I was hoping you would help me with that." Link jumped a little, "M-me?"

"Mhm. I like the way you have your pad set up. It gives me this, warm, inviting feeling, y'know? But, when I come in here, I just get... I don't know... depressed sometimes. My mind wanders; that's when I tend to think of... disheartening things."

Link would've very much liked to ask him what he meant by "disheartening things", but that would probably be digging too far into unwanted territory.

"Would you like to feel... happier?"

Ike sat up, smiling at his comrade, "That'd be nice. What color do you prefer?"

Link silently approached the fruitless walls, rubbing his chin as he inspected. "How about baby-blue? It'd match your eyes, and it's very soft. It's not as bold as other shades, so it's easy on the eyes and the mind doesn't get overly-stimulated. Like with the color red, for example. That was my first choice for you, but that'd be too heavy. Gives one the feeling of anger... Or it might not—I don't know, that's just my experience. It depends on who you are—"

The indigo-haired swordsman unexpectedly exploded in a fit of giggles. The Hyrulean—alarmed and confused—faced Ike, a puzzled expression on his face.

"What are you laughing at?"

It took him some time to regain his composure.

"...You sound like a girl."

Link reddened, becoming suddenly offended as any man would.

"A girl?! And how is that?!"

"No no!" He softly grabbed the short, flustered man by the arm gently as he pulled him aside, "I'm sorry, I meant it as a joke... It was in bad taste. I apologize, Link."

The archer peered down, "Yeah, well... keep in mind that I'm a very sensitive person, Ike." he whispered gently enough for his supersonic ears to pick up. There was more chuckling, which further angered and discouraged Link.

He's laughing at me... I knew he wouldn't like "me".

Link's head was swiftly craned up to meet two, sparkling, blue eyes.

Ike's ginger expression literally took his breath away.

"I know," he spoke, warm breath forcing Link's eye lashes to bat, "And that's what I like most about you."

Before the jittery Hyrulean could realize, Ike's long, strong arms enveloped his frame, bringing their bodies—and faces—even closer. Link tensed, his cheeks were blood-red, his heart did somersaults in his chest.

Ike grinned, amused at his friend's befuddlement. "So, my eyes are 'soft', eh?"

"Erm—yes," Link answered apprehensively.

"Yours are pretty soft, too, Link."

"…Th-Thank you—" Ike swooped down, slyly capturing the perfectly pursed pair of lips. They meshed in blissful, greased harmony. Link slowly closed his eyes, allowing himself to give into the kiss. His body was immobilized; he couldn't move, he couldn't speak, hell, he almost forgot how to breathe. This was unlike any spell he'd ever been casted under, or any poisonous brew that totally caused him to lose movement in his limbs. It felt... amazing.

And he was going to relish in it.

Link, whose conscious wasn't so conscious anymore, stood lightly on his toes, pressing his lips against the others with a bit more pressure. Ike faintly moaned, cupping Link's tinted cheeks as he pulled him closer. Somehow, strength found its way back into the blonde's body. That foreign feeling... that burning desire in his chest... It returned once again, but this time, tenfold. The shorter of the two was overwhelmed with this sudden burst of warmth and comfort... He felt so safe and secure in Ike's magnificently-supportive arms.

...Everything seemed to fall in place; Link knew what was happening, now.

It all became clear to him.

To plainly put this, he was in love.

Link ran his fingers through Ike's thick mass of indigo hair as Ike took full advantage of Link's penetrated lips, slithering his tongue into unknown, unexplored territory.


Ike curiously mapped out the spongy, warm cavern of Link, tasting sweetness on his tongue… Link—inexperienced in the art of French kissing—relied on his instincts. He scraped his unsure organ about its partner, trying his absolute best to copy Ike's expert strokes. A very tickled Ike giggled throatily as he kissed the blonde man, most likely amused at Link's cute, innocent tongue which caused Link to flush over with another wave of heat. Either way, he caressed the tissue passionately with his own…

Without interrupting their kiss, Ike picked the small man up and spread him onto his bed, straddling and gently forcing himself upon him as his lips broke away from the Hyrulean's to meet his lovely neck. Link exposed the skin to his comrade, shivering at the tip of his icy tongue skipping across his warm epidermis… Ike soothingly caressed the blonde's lovely thighs that caged him on both sides with gentle, coaxing strokes, dainty, adorable mewls from Link escaping into the cool air of his dorm room.

The unfamiliar feeling that coursed through his veins thicker than his own blood felt unmistakably amazing. Link had never felt this… this vulnerable in his entire life. Was that the right word for it? Never in his life would he think that his first kiss would be shared with another man, much less someone like Ike…

Ike nibbled at his pointy ears—oh how he'd been yearning to do that—as he stroked his teammates strong, short legs, muttering something along the lines of, "Such cute, little ears…"

Link faintly moaned at the ticklish tongue teasing his appendage… It felt… good. Abruptly, Ike bit down on the sensitive flesh of his ear, Link yelping at a fairly high pitch. He immediately bit down on his tongue, but it was far too late. Ike stopped, stimulated by the cute sound, and met the blushing blonde's gaze, smiling warmly. He softly pecked his pouted, kiss-swollen petals; he could easily tell that Link tried to prevent his shameful whine from passing through his lips…

"Let me hear you," he purred, nipping sweetly at his bottom lip. Ike's shin—somehow lodged between the Hyrulean's legs—shifted a bit, Link's bright-blue eyes beginning to bulge as the action greatly took him by surprise. Sensual electricity shot through his body.


Ike smiled, satisfied by this rousing cry, and lovingly locked lips with the blonde one struggling underneath, shortly departing from his swollen lips as air became mandatory. And that ended their kisses. Without warning, Ike released the blonde's body from his human cage, heedful of the fear and apprehensiveness in the his eyes. He was certain that Link had never gone with someone to that extent before, and so it was probably very nerve-wrecking to experience something like that all too soon and way too fast. Although, it was sort of a spur-of-the-moment thing.

But Ike had always had a bit of a crush on the blonde man, and for that his inner thoughts and feelings bottled up steadily, the result being a kiss-swollen Link. But… there was something intriguing about Link. Something that he liked… something that made him want to get to know him better… Mentally, emotionally…

Who knows?

Maybe even physically if the future allows.

Cobalt orbs met another cobalt pair…

What just happened…? Link questioned himself.

But even he could answer that. It was a while before either of the two spoke up... but when one did, it was the melted, blushing Link.

"I-Ike...? Um—" A silencing finger was put to his full lips.

"I'll answer questions later. But now... Where's the paint?! I'm itching to get started!"

Prologue finished!

Hot sex in the next chapter.


Much Love,