Title: A Lover's Brawl

Pairing(s): IkeXLink, IkeXMarth, Eventual MarthXRoy, PitXLink

Rating: M

Full Story: Link has always been the quiet, shy type. That is… until Ike came into his life. Since then, Ike and Link have been an inseparable item ever since they've laid eyes on each other. Marth, coping with his broken heart after the disappearance of his very own lover—Roy—had secretly loved Ike from the beginning. But it was too late, Link was the only one on Ike's mind.

With his seductive powers and body, he lures Ike to him, the both of them sharing many nights together. And ever since, Ike has not been able to let him—nor his delicious shape—go. Link is totally unaware of this, Ike constantly lying to him about his whereabouts to protect he and his prince's relationship. With whole-hearted trust, Link believes every single word.

Marth wants a fully committed relationship with Ike—tired of hiding it—and he will do anything to get it, even if that means hurting one of the people that he loves the most.

But there is one more person that complicates this plot.

Someone who watches his crush from afar.

(This story takes place after Super Smash Brother's Melee, the reason why Roy is "missing")

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"Are you sure this is something you wish to go through with? You know, you have caused me and this entire franchise great strain in your absence."

"Y-Yes, Sir. I-I'm sure. This is what I want."

"You are positive about this?"


"Very well; it is renewed. Full effect shall take place in approximately a month. Welcome back, young sir... You were missed."


Something about him has changed.

I cannot put my finger on it. I cannot name it precisely or accurately... but he is not the "Link" I personally once knew.

He is a... a different creature. A different man unknown to me.

And I have grown ever the more attracted.

Before, Link has always harnessed this... this... vulnerability about him. It was not that he was weak, no, not in that sense. But I could consciously sense this at times. He was always open, whether he was aware of this or not, but he was beneficially easy to read.

There is no such thing now.

Eye contact is steadily dissipating; when our eyes do meet, it is I who is left breathless. Those pools of onyx permeating my own, causing a rumbling fuss within my soul. His irises—now stone-cold blue towards me and not at all their orthodox, oceanic, lax tone—chill me, cutting me open like a battering, winter breeze...

Now I have become the vulnerable, vincible one. When we pass one another, it nearly takes all of my strength to maintain sturdy balance in my legs. That timeless, spanless second, the instance when we are perfectly aligned... side-by-side, I can feel the energy of his pull, sapping me of everything—all that I have left. Basically, I become a limp and useless piece of worthless flesh. My heart constricts unbearably, my body feels as if I've sprinted without rest. I become short of air, my mind spirals, my mouth dries...

All of that... occurring within a second, and yet he remains flawless. Unmoving. Stagnant.

Nonchalant towards my feelings and emotions. And he is fully conscious of it.

It is as if he finds nutrition from my suffering... because he knows I'm hurting without him.

I miss him. I miss his smiles, I miss his small arms around me, I miss his kisses...

I love him.

He's all my heart has ever known.

Some may argue that my actions did not show this, and yes, that is arguably true. I made my mistakes, and I most definitely regret them with exceeding remorse. But no one has the right to say that I did not love him. They have no way of knowing the passion that ensued between us.

There aren't any words for it.

They were not the ones to receive my passionate kisses. They were not the ones I made love to.

None of them where.

So what makes them think that they can have a free say in our private matter?


Everything has changed.

Link is not the Link I... betrayed, for lack of a softer term for cheating with one's best pal at the moment.

So much so, that... when I look upon him now, I have to catch my breath. This being is unfamiliar to me. I have to ask myself, has he always been this beautiful? Has his hair always been that lustrous? His lips that fine and sweet? His smile that infectious, charming, radiant...?

He looks... happy now. Happier than he was when he... when he was with me. There's more pep in his giggle, a skip in his step. There he is... fancy-free. Unbound. Liberated, to do whatever he wishes. Date whomever he wishes...

...to love whomever he wishes. That is what keeps me up well into the early morning; picturing the man you have loved endlessly in the arms of another is a hard and painful thing to do. But he is gone now; he is so far away from me.

I fear that I will never reach him.

Not even in my dreams.



Ike searched from within for anything else his heart wished to record, but could find nothing. He was pretty satisfied with this entry, significantly a little lighter. A rather pessimistic ending, but, he wrote something! With a few, final taps to the brow with his ballpoint stylus, the mercenary pressed the gold-plated button—retracting the tip—and closed his navy-blue journal, shelving it on his nightstand, which was also home to a few, worn novels.

"What's this?" one may be asking, "Ike writing in a journal? Whenever did this brew?"

Well, jolly Prince Marth—with knowledge of how keeping a journal positively benefitted his former, redheaded love—ever so kindly purchased the distraught swordsman a handsome, dark blue journal to record his deepest of thoughts safely and securely.

"Here you are... I took the liberty in buying you a little something. It's a journal... M-My lover used to own one. And, oftentimes when he was upset, he'd pour every little thing into his book. He was so passionate and expressive when he wrote, and he would always comment that he felt a tab bit better, so... I-I thought this could help you in some form... It's a great outlet for pent-up feelings, which, I know can be very painful if kept inside and not handled properly."

Though at first, Ike was reluctant to fill up a single, beige page of the leather-bound book.

"You mean keep a diary? Like a little girl? Because that's exactly what this means."

He'd received a slap to the face from the prince at this, whom he later apologized to. But when tiring, draining and occupying himself with exercise proved to be insufficient, and insomniac, dismal nights alone did not aid his healing process, one day, when he was one jump away from leaping into a pool of insanity, Ike emotionally emptied himself onto the first four pages—front and back—close to breaking his writing utensil. His hand ached, not accustomed to his unorthodox art, but he thrust the pain to the far rear of his mind. He pressed on, birthing letter after letter, word after word, being as descriptive as his vocabulary would allow.

That heartache, that hurt and that unremitting pining for that blonde man he lusted amorously for, all of it flowed from his heart, down his arm, through all five, reddened fingertips, into his pen and out through the over-flowing, black ink gel after each wide stroke.

Moments after his very first entry, he could say that he felt detectably better than he did thirty minutes prior to his writing frenzy. Not one-hundred percent—he never expected to personally achieve this level of satisfaction any time soon—but far, far better. Prince Marth proved to be correct: it actually was a brilliant method of coping with feelings that often depressed him... He was truly grateful for that man, and all of his help and assistance.

Lost, he would be, without him.

It was nearing twelve o' clock in the morning on that flurried Thursday evening. Ike figured he'd jot down some of his last-minute, cancerous thoughts and feelings that he'd been biding in his new book.

His burning fingertips found coolness in the depths of his roots. He figured he should shower and head off to bed for the remainder of the night. Sleep is good for those that are weary...

A few knocks at the door interrupted his paced thoughts.

...It appears as though he would have to put his plans on hold for a moment.

The mercenary's ears perked upon the unceremonious, soft noise, and unexplainably, his heart—as if it has been jolted by a fatal amount of volts—started up at a progressing pace. Could it be Link standing behind that barrier? Could he have come to settle this matter and put the past behind them? To makeup? To repair their broken love and become one again? But... at this time of night?

Be realistic, scolded his heart, and instantaneously, his mind descended from the mystic clouds and back to solid, tangible earth.

It wasn't good to get your hopes up about the improbable.

"One minute," Ike called, slinging himself off of his bed, approaching the door at a steady pace. Not really so much in a rush, he did not feel topnotch physically... He was sore all over from excessively engrossing training.

A mere foot from the door, Ike lazily branched for the bronze knob and rotated it clockwise, pulling it open to reveal to him one of his fellow comrades, whoever it may be.

Fortunately, he did not allow his hopes to get too high.

Because there—tall and proud—stood the ever so lovely Prince Marth, who gave his friend a sweet, friendly smile and a humble wave.

"...Hello, Ike."


They stood in their places awkwardly for some time.

"Um... May I come in? I-I promise not to keep you awake for too long! I know it's a tad late to be making visits, but... I-I just... er... wanted to talk to you for a... a few moments... That is all."

There was a twitch in the edge of the traveler's lips, thusly creating a light, unenergetic smirk. Nevertheless, it was a smile. He gentlemanly took two steps back and widened his door.

"Sure. C'mon in."

"Thank you...!"

The prince shimmied on in, properly—and in a royal manner—propped himself upon the man's dismayed bed, anxiously drumming his fingertips rhythmically on his bare thighs.

"Do you mind if I take a quick shower?" asked Ike, grabbing a suspending towel.

"Oh. N-No! It is fine!" Prince Marth assured, throwing in a few articulate gestures with his hands to ensure this, which in return, Ike wholeheartedly grinned.

The bluenette retrieved his towel, "I'll be out in a sec, I promise."

And he disappeared behind his bathroom door without further ado, a long, hot stream of air curling from the prince's soft lips as he exhaled. He did not even know that much air has been biding within him. What was it doing there? And why had he been biding it?

There was a humming of the water circulating throughout the entire dormitory; it eased the noble's mind to a certain extent, but it still pondered on what could've possibly caused the hitched breath. He'd painfully come to terms that Ike did not harbor those... amorous feelings that they—once upon a time—shared on a ludicrously deep, intimate level anymore. He was far too submerged in silently grieving over the inevitable loss of his beloved... even thought it had been some weeks since their separation.

And so his sugarplum dreams of him being his "knight in shining armor"—or prince, literally-speaking—were annihilated.

And he accepted this...

...he... accepted this, yes.

Prince Marth kicked his bare, manicured feet at the edge of the bed like a waiting child, ticking his head side to side, loosing himself progressively in the hum or the water.

So this was it?

They would remain friends and nothing more?

How does one miraculously fall out of love with the one they've loved for nearly a year? One that you've shared your dreams, your hopes, your most private desires, secrets, the naughty, little things, your body—all that you had to give and more—with? Where does all the love go? Does one just, up and forget about this person? Well, that was impossible for the prince to attempt: he followed Ike around like a helplessly-loyal puppy dog, they resided under the same roof, and he personally offered help to him whenever he needed it.

Well, did one's heart just lock all of it up and throw away the key? Does it evaporate? Go away? Can one wish it away? Does it diminish over time? If so, at what rate?

Where does it all go?

I am only here to help him get over this, Marth reminded himself at that very moment, that is it... that is all. Nothing more nor less.

And to add onto that list of ever-growing questions, here is another: How long had he been thinking?

A warm mist, clouds of condensation and a scent of lavender embraced the young man's skin and perfect nose. Ike was finished bathing already?

With a spin of his head, Prince Marth smiled at his comrade's emergence, "My, that was quick! You said you wouldn't—" dilated pupils punctured his chest, "—be... too... long..."

Spheres of cyan grew an enormous—and gorgeous—three sizes. Every inch of the prince's moisturized skin quivered upon recollection...

Ike chuckled attractively—unaware of his fellow Smasher's expression—ridding his tresses of excess moisture with a white hand towel, "Yep. The water was nice and hot, too. Usually I'm always left with the cold water..."

Prince Marth's gaze softened, but—involuntarily, mind you—a certain part of him steadily hardened at the godly sight of a saturated, sopping wet, honey-skinned Ike, with only but a thin, drying garment clinging to him suggestively, concealing the most... sumptuous region of him. But dear gods, how could the prince ever forget that incredibly built torso of his?

Liquid drops of water shimmered in the lamp's artificial glow, thus making the mercenary's torso appear to radiate light... His wonderfully-defined collar bone, his beautiful, muscled chest, his sinful obliques—those teasing, little, sextuplet cakes of yummy joy...

Marth, however, could not help himself but to stare down that accursed, ivory towel that hindered him from more delectable treats, making him ever the more obsessed with this god before him. It'd been a while since he'd last seen him in some form of nudity, and instinctively, this was how he reacted. If you asked him right then and there—and if he was capable of giving you a readied reply—what he wanted to do just then to that edible sculpture, was... well... he'd want to lick up every last drop of water dangling from his body for starters.

"I need to start on my laundry again... I'm running low on shirts," commented the swordsman to himself, who'd completed drying his hair and began to wipe down the remaining drops off his dripping flesh. Typically, Link would've kindheartedly taken care of his tainted clothes; fresh, warm pairs were always there to greet his dried frame. Now, he was dependent on himself.

With a simple flick of his hand, Ike banished the towel to his multiplying pile of clothes, "'Guess I should get started soon, huh?"

And he paused there, awaiting some sort of response from his fellow friend.

His fellow, drooling friend, "hot and bothered" etched feverishly on his softened countenance.

Ike's left brow arched in question, "Marth?"

It was not his voice that broke him out of his trance. Though simultaneously at the call of his name, a drop of saliva suspending from the right slit of his lips plopped onto his exposed thigh and the cool sensation irked him.


His first response was to look at what caused that sudden coldness; his pupils enlarged upon seeing a clear pool of his own saliva on his leg.

What? Oh dear, did Ike see—?

Reluctantly, the prince met an entertained, delectably half-naked Ike, retaining a serious expression.

And at that moment, his cheeks could fry a dozen eggs. Over-easy.

Because he saw that... degrading liquid. He saw the evident lust lurking behind his glassy films.

"Uhm—!" messily sputtered Prince Marth, hastily about-facing, nearly fumbling off the bed, trying a tad bit too hard to make it seem inconspicuous.

"You okay?" the mercenary inquired, quickly and fluidly slipping on his nighties. The slightly smaller of the two quivered in his silken pajamas, but oh, he wasn't at all cold. That was not the problem here. He crossed his long, slim legs in hopes of concealing his new predicament...

H-How foolish of me! I've made myself look like a—! A wanton! This... I cannot allow this to happen!

"I-I must go...! I suppose I will talk to you tomorrow—!"

The flustered bluenette prince rose to bolt, but with a grip to his shoulders, he was forcibly pushed back into his seat.


Cerulean's mingled in warmth and understanding. Ike—now fully clothed, thank goodness—settled himself next to the sanguine prince, "You see... We need to talk. Or... more like... I need to talk to you."

Marth blinked, "Talk to me?"

What could he possibly want...?

"About us... About... things."

Ike's low, delightfully-moving tone entered serious territory, those four words casting a binding spell of careful concentration upon the other man, rumbling his gut.

"Uh... A-Alright."

Prince Marth averted his gaze to his thighs, not really knowing what to expect from this, but nine times out of ten, it was going to be some kind of awkward. Ike meditated on these words that he was about to speak, and with a cleansing sigh, he summoned forth mentally everything that he'd prepared...

"Over the course of this whole... situation that we're in... I've been thinking, y'know, sorting my feelings, basically trying to get a grasp of how I really feel about you, an'... how I feel about Link, about... everything. The reason why it's taken me so long to tell you how I feel is because I've been doing some deep searching. I've been trying to find the right words that I could use to denounce some of the things that I've said to either you or... things that I've said to myself... Because I was not being wholly honest with my feelings. I was angry and... and hurt. I've said some... really mean things, and... I... I just want you to know, that I'm sorry. I'm truthfully, wholeheartedly sorry. When I said that I regretted... ever making love to you, I said it out of feeling after losing Link. They were just empty words and—"

"—Empty words that made me feel like an utter whore," inclusively declared the noble strongly, the injected statement damn near saturated with bottled, contracted emotion and ache. But the cap came flying off, and there was no probable way of taking the said words back. Prince Marth blinked out of his fixed trance of recollected anger, shoving two digits over his pursed, minty lips.

"UH—! I'm sorry! I did not mean—!"

"No, no! It's okay!" Ike reassured, notably anxious, scooting intimately closer to the outspoken man adjacent to him, if that were possible. He was already practically plastered up against his side, breathing down his elegantly stretched neck. Marth, alerted but discreetly adoring the familiar position of Ike's comfort position, exhaled his never-ending jitters, the pretty noble relaxing himself. The lulling scents of lavender soap and the taller man's natural pheromones pleasantly numbed everything in him. A large, lukewarm hand stroked his slumped shoulder blade consolingly, and in rolled that husky, grounded, low voice like a trail of thunder clouds...

"...It's okay, Marth. Share your feelings... It's okay. And I'm sorry. I..."

Utilizing all of his courage and strength, the prince, wet-eyed, craned his neck until their gazes crossed... Pitch-black pupils entrapped the other in a sweet, timely gander. Marth's enlarged spheres utterly melted the mercenary's core and played a depressing piece on his heartstrings. Because mirrored in those aquamarines was all the inflicted hurt, angst, and heartache he'd caused him over the discourse of their romantic relationship. Though he tried greatly to mask it, Ike knew him all too well.

Nothing could get past him.

And nothing would.

"...I apologize from the very depths of me. It was wrong to say those things to you. I mean, the nights we spent together... those meant something to me. Whether we were just talking, or whether we were in fact making love. You were... you were always there for me. Always. As a comforter, a listener... Even now, presently; I don't deserve it. You've always stuck by me, and you didn't have to. I often overlook this. I take that for granted—no. I should say that I take you for granted. You are a very precious person to me, and I apologize for treating you as if you were otherwise. I apologize for treating you differently, as if you were second-rate. I didn't keep my promise: to treat you and Link equally.

I'll confess: I placed Link higher at times—well, nearly all the time. That, too, was wrong. And I'm sorry, Prince Marth. I was not worthy of your love...

I-I hope you can... forgive what I've done."

Prince Marth Lowell's twinkling, glossy spheres locked onto the mercenary's sincere pair. Beautiful, sweet lips whipped up into a pleasing smile... a delightful spectacle.

"That's all I've wanted to hear..." he murmured delicately, "...all I've wanted to hear."

Ike's lips, too, smiled, the man snuggling closer to the prince, who snuggled back just as warmly...

"So... we are... friends?" peeped the noble, unable to keep himself from getting tongue-tied. Ike pursed his lips in thought, steadily exhaling.

"...I hope we are!" Ike then tickled the prince with spidery fingers, earning manly chortles from the other bluenette, who successfully plucked them off one by one. Soon after this friendly assault, Marth focused his orbs elsewhere to find something else they could blab about. After all, that's why he'd come to his dormitory in the first place. Ike had been acting indifferently today for whatever private reason he had.

"S-Say, why are you still scurrying about so late?" invasively inquired the noble, adjusting his ruffled bangs. And visibly, Ike flourished with a sugary baby-pink.

"I-I was... writing an entry."

Prince Marth was thoroughly blown away by this reply, so excited and roused that he clapped.

"Were you?"


"And you feel better, don't you?"

Ike snickered, "Considerably, though I've come to find out about myself that writing about what I want to happen only urges me to act it out ever the more... and I haven't the strength nor the conscious to do it... That's what weakens me."

Marth peered for other hidden details in his fellow swordsman's eyes, whose countenance's lovely, spring blush began to dissipate into a dark, heavy expression. And no, no, no! The prince would not have that! Such pretty, luscious lips were not meant to create such sad lines!

"...Do not fret, Ike."

The mercenary halted to listen, and Prince Marth continued when he felt entitled to do so.

"...Tomorrow is a new day; you can do with it anything that you wish. You can say what you wish, do what you wish... So there is no rush. And besides, you will have millions of other tomorrow's, millions of other opportunities..." the duo of sparkling sapphires met gently, "...Pace yourself, Ike. Relax. You have all the time in the world... Don't you think so?"

Ike could only gape like a loud-mouthed woman who had just been slapped to her senses by her mate, gaping at the smiling bluenette before him in awe.

He knew when to say the words that he wanted to hear. He always seemed to; how and why was this? Lifted from the tainting thoughts of darkness, the traveler nearly bounced on him and pinned him to his bed whilst giving His Highness—who shrieked in response—a suffocating, out-of-character man-hug.


"Thanks, Marth," Ike lightly abraded their rosy cheeks, "Thank you. You're... really amazing."

And Prince Marth—dazzled by the overpowering muscular limbs binding him like a serpent—leisurely and slightly brought his palms to stroke the other man's flexed biceps, sinking into the embrace.

"You are very welcome, Ike," muttered he easefully, relishing in this intimate embrace.

I am always here when you need me.

At trying times like this, Ike truly valued their new, comfy relationship...

Lost, he most definitely would be, without him.


It was a brand-new day at the Smash mansion.

Lovebirds were rested warmly in their nests, tweeting melodies of tenderness and hope. The yellow star in the heavens appeared excessively bright, more than usual. Its rays of aesthetic, golden heat were unforgiving and beautifully malicious.

The early-rising Hyrulean had experienced vast weather conditions throughout his short lifetime. He'd experienced the frostiest wastelands and the skin-peeling winds of indefinite deserts... But today—even with the sun in its early stages of star life and of that morning—the heat was enough to fry eggs for breakfast that morning for every soul in the manor for that matter.

He, Prince Marth and Ike had planned to have training the night before, not one of them aware of how ungodly hot it would be the following day. Plus Prince Marth had just recovered from a black out—which Link believed to be the result of his newly-adopted "diet"—and so he was not able to attend their scheduled practice rounds.

"Well, looks like it's just gonna be you and me, babe," the indigo-haired charmer said, giving his little love a romantic squeeze to his shoulder, endeavoring to sound truthfully disappointed since they stood before the sickly prince who rested in his sack.

That's what Link feared—and anticipated—the most.

There was an obvious twinkle in his godly, blue eyes...

Alone? With that man? At dawn? Even if he was his lover, Ike just made the little hairs all over his body tingle like mad!

He could easily recall what occurred the last time they were alone together as if it took place less than a week ago.

That kiss.

His very first kiss.

Stolen by a man.

Another male.

And he was the submissive of all positions! But compared to Ike, it was expected...

A definite surprise to the archer, the kiss was. Those large, warm hands fondling him, his fingers stroking him, his tongue tasting him... and with Link being a total beginner in this charade called "love", and despite the solid, unmistakable fact that Ike was the same, sexual species as him, thought of it as a mind-blowing experience.

And a rather terrifying one as well. He hadn't a clue what he was getting into; eyebrows ranging vastly from bushy to thinned and trimmed—Marth's—were starting to arch as chemistry between the two began to blossom... and beautifully.

They have every reason to.

Prior to the fruitful beginning of their relationship, Ike would always smile at him across the table, waving and grinning, attracting attention, of course. And Link, embarrassed somewhat, sank deep into the large, cushioned chair as every head turned to look at the reddening blonde, who would sheepishly grin and wave, desperately spitting prayers below his breath to his goddesses for the ability to turn invisible.

Ike occasionally and blatantly would pull him aside to whisper a few things into his ears, though making it appear romantically suspicious by the sensuous motioning of his lips and the actual place where he held him. Often it was around his midsection. Link was always left with as though a cherry bomb detonated over his face. And often, Ike pecked his cheek after sharing a "Good Night" or a "Good Morning" and other cute messages.

And lastly, but most definitely not the final occurrence that caused seeded rumors of romance to sprout about the manor, Ike's amorous stares and gazes of interest. Link would catch a sly duo of hazy eyes that cleverly wielded a passionate intent behind those smoldering, oceanic films... staring thirstily at him. When their pupils locked, subtle, delicious messages sent tingles to the blonde's most sensitive, vulnerable areas. He had to catch his breath. Overcome with these sensible sensations, the quiet one would steer his vision elsewhere, yet that edible blush lingered for the speculating residents to feed off of and for the mercenary's pleasure. Link would directly afterwards look back to see if those eyes continued to ravenously monitor him, feeling considerably safe since some time had flew by...

...And they were.

Though the second time, Ike acted as if his gaze alone could penetrate his clothing and strip him stark-naked, those spheres traveling up and down... and up once more to gaze into those eyes as he smirked bigger, all-knowingly. And little Link was forced to turn away, feeling molested—though, it really wasn't molestation if he did like it—finding himself oddly short of breath.

The Hyrulean did not classify himself openly as a... homosexual. Men did not naturally catch his eye, and women were always just... there. He'd been far too busy saving the Hylian kingdom to get involved in relationships, and serious ones at that...

But this man. No matter how repellant Link was toward him, no matter how little interest he displayed, Ike mightily pushed just as hard to make his feelings that he harbored for him apparent and persistently—in public and intimacy—letting the entire mansion aware that he had his eyes set on him and he was not giving him up to anyone.

In other words, he had dibs.

Link found this... extremely flattering. Someone would actually go through all the trouble just to capture his attention? He pondered and pondered till his brain bled why in the world anybody—let alone... the sexiest man in the mansion—would take an interest in little ol' quiet, uninteresting him.

And a sexual interest at that.

Reverting back to the situation regarding the training session set at sunrise...

Link, having a rather tiring day the day before and desiring sleep, had forgotten to set his alarm clock for their established time. And although he had a most wonderful, replenishing and rejuvenating rest, he had slept nearly forty-eight minutes into their session.

He was visited earlier by Princess Zelda who had been sent by Ike to investigate the reason for his tardiness, but upon walking in on the blonde's rest, she left him be with a smile.

Deep down, though, he wished she should have woken him! But he looked so restful and at ease.

Sooner or later he did rise, and glancing at his alarm clock, he scrambled like a little rodent out of his comfortable sack of heavenly, warm sheets! He'd slept in on their private session! Hasty and half-asleep, the Hyrulean bustled into the shower. He threw on his traditional uniform—roughly forgetting his beloved, green hat—darting out of his dorm and into the corridors, making a rather hazardous break for the entrance of the mansion. He, the prince and his beau sparred and engaged in jabbing and the like out front, typically.

Darn it... I overslept! I hope he hasn't been waiting on me... and for too long!

Unavoidably, the blonde man reached his desired destination—thankfully with zero casualties—catching his broken breath as he slung open the heavy, aged barricade. A skin-tightening wave of dry, unpardonable heat swathed itself about his cool body. It forced him to blink as he looked out to the distance for a sign of his newly-found love, tears accumulating, oddly. But amid the liquid swayed a dark mass.


Stepping out into hell, closing the door behind him, Link wiped the nuisances with a few rubs to the wrist to acquire a better view.

And indeed, what a fair view it was.

The dark mass, who proved to be his lover Ike, emitted a grunt of labor as he swung Ragnell over his head, only to quickly thrust it to the left, as if he were lightly stubbing his imaginary enemy. He repeated this thrice, halting, figuring that he'd mastered the maneuver and was sated.

Link's knees were on their very last limb. Ike's manly, brute, skull-crushing strength was tremendously admirable, yes, but that was not what he was marveling over.

The man was half-naked.

Topless, baking deliciously in the glorious presence of the sun. Perspiring profusely, glittering appealingly... And dear goddesses... Whatever did Link do to be sent such an angel?

The indigo-haired male seemed to have decided that he'd booked enough training in for that morning, settling his monstrous blade against a convenient three that bore a few, summer leaves. He then received his bottle of what seemed to be water from the ground, unscrewing its plastic cap, bringing the opening to his part lips. Link, with half-lidded eyes, watched interestedly as his lover's fine lips latched around the opening, taking long swags of the liquid. Somehow, he found pleasure in watching the "apple" in his mate's throat bob up... and down... He broke away, his chiseled chest rising and falling, pouring the remaining water into his hair, using the other hand to work it well into his thick roots, water splashing everywhere...

The grass, his obliques, his neck, shoulders...

Link swallowed the manifested lump of nerves, sharply inhaling. And by that he was finally discovered.

A warm pair of Siberian-blue hues interlocked with his twinkling own, and a complementing pair of lips gave him a charming smile.

Ike gathered up Ragnell, his religiously-worn bandana, his discarded cloths and bottle, approaching his on-looking lover while taking the sexiest of strides, cheesing all the while. Everything within the petite swordsman, anatomically speaking, felt as if it'd adopted a chemical makeup of jelly or taffy, or some other amorphous, unstable substance...

This was his boyfriend, right?


This... this fine, mouth-watering specimen?

Beaming brighter than the star above, Ike finally reached his stimulated love, chuckling. He gripped the gentle chin, hiking his head up slightly to accommodate their cute height difference everyone loved to comment on.

"Hey, baby," a sweet, greeting kiss was shared between the couple. Link's nerves rattled at the still foreign feeling of the man's lips working wonderfully against his own. My, was he a lucky man...

They broke apart, the mercenary continuing to secure his chin and his handsome grin. Link could only stare bluntly, agape.

"I didn't see you there. Were you spying on me? Naughty, little thing..."

"NO! I most certainly was not!"

The taller of the two heartily sniggered, sweeping his tongue across his bottom lip before pulling it into his mouth, "You are so cute... I would hold you, but I'm all... sweaty and wet."

The blonde sighed...

"I heard you slept in a little bit."

This shook the shorter male from his post-kiss expression.

"I-I know. And I apologize! I set my alarm clock, b-but it still didn't go off! I haven't mastered working that thing yet..."

"Aw, don't sweat it. It's alright; Zelda told me, by the way. She said she didn't want to disturb your rest. You looked so peaceful s'what she said."

Link blushed, "I... I suppose I was."

Ike smiled, "In case you haven't noticed, it's a blazing oven out here. I don't think we should even have the tourneys in this heat, 'less Master Hand wants us all dead—which doesn't surprise me. Besides, I'd rather just spend the entire day with you... Alone, y'know? You would like that, wouldn't you?"

"Alone" echoed in the canals of the little blonde's Hyrulean appendages, and he was bestowed yet another kiss to his beckoning petals...

"Y-Yeah..." he mindlessly agreed, sparkles prancing about his beau as he bat his lashes... Ike was very pleased at Link's love struck expression. There was no way of telling that he would have such an expressive man…

"I'll be seeing you at breakfast... I'm gonna take a quick shower. Don't stay outside too long..."

Ike didn't dare leave his partner without a kiss, and he did so, and the smaller man could've sprouted little wings on his back and soared into the sun...

He then parted Link with a grateful smile and a thumb brush to his chin, disappearing behind the large, oak doors.

Once out of his presence, Link nearly flattened his lungs as he breathed out, his azures doing somersaults before they sank back into his head and his eyelids closed.


What oh what was he going to do with a man like him?


Prince Marth Lowell fanned away the fruity fumes after he sprayed nearly all of his hair spray's contents. He did not mind it: it made his bathroom smell rather nice and exotic! Lovingly, the prince ran his comb through his shimmering locks of heaven, humming and singing as loudly and harmoniously as the birds.

"Hmph. There! That'll teach you to defy my orders," triumphantly proclaimed the man, barking at an errant strand of hair that now bowed respectfully, lying in place precisely where the young man wanted it.

Shortly after proving himself to a strand of nonliving hair, the noble flocked to his dresser for more personal primping... whilst clothed in only his undergarments, his imperial-blue uniform's blouse and purely cotton socks. Only the best for his precious soles.

An assorted variety of lip glosses stared their obsessive owner in the face, all bearing fruity, pleasantly-scented aromas and the promise of more full-looking, kissable, irresistible lips. Many of the colorful, plastic cylinders appealed to the nobleman, but today wasn't any other ol' day. Today was an exceptionally special day for the vivacious young man. It was important. It retained relevance... It was he and Ike's one month anniversary, and for this very occasion, Marth was hell-bent on perfecting every miniscule thing... from the microscopic blending of his make-up onto his creamy skin to the most disobedient of hairs.

Perfection was what he was aiming for, because every single thing had to be perfect for this day, and it was going to be.

The inquiry remains, however...

Which flavor would Ike prefer have smudged onto his lips? When they kissed—and oh how thoroughly they kissed—what would he want to taste today? The prince liked to switch things up every now and then. You know, to keep things a little interesting between him and his stealthy paramour.

How about something unusual...? That would be exciting, non? Would lime be deemed as extraordinary and different? It definitely was different if you asked him. Or pineapple, by any chance?

"Hmm... 'Poison-berry Paradise.'"

The prince unloosened the sleek, dangerously-dark purple cap, pulling out the stem and applying the clear liquid to his thin, projected lips. The fragrance drifted invisibly, settling near his nostrils, and he sighed in pleasure with a shiver.

"This surprisingly smells really good."

Once he'd figured he'd applied a sufficient amount, he packed the lip glosses away, yet stowing his new favorite into his pocket for safe keeping and future uses. Just in case Ike liked it too much.

Prince Marth Lowell snickered ecstatically and frolicked slightly to his left, grasping preciously his antique parfum de l'eau—an elegantly-crafted glass of a bulbous nature, bearing a periwinkle liquid—squeezing the balloon-like end twice.

He proceeded tediously to expertly apply his make-up. Every eyelash was fanned to the farthest, feasible extent, his cheeks bore an irresistible blush, and all traceable blemishes temporarily ceased to be, blessings to the miracle of mineral powder. Minutes the man spent painting on his facial canvas until he was verily pleased with the resulting reflection in his truthful mirror.


He didn't like to toot his own horn—well, yes he did—but he was one sexy man. Link was... attractive in his special way, but based on appearance, whomever suggested otherwise, they apparently needed a new set of eyes.

"Why hello there Your Highness, Prince Marth. You are looking rather ravishing today," said the prince to the prince, snapping his limbs in pretzel formation, deepening his smooth voice as he practiced his coquettish winking. It was a daily ritual of his, telling himself how beautiful he was. Not that anyone hadn't told him lately that he was lovely—he had gotten at least five hundred complements a day—it was just something he did to boost his confidence... or rather inflate his substantial ego.

"Oh ho... Please, stop it~!" He cupped his cheek here, his sparkling orbs looking to the ceiling, waving a dismissive hand.

"No no, you look staggeringly beautiful, as always."

"You really think so?"

"Why, I know so. Say, have you done something with your hair? I'm absolutely loving—"

—Two, simple knocks resounded throughout his dorm, Marth pausing his one-sided conversation with the other prince in the mirror to allow his visitor passage inside.


A short-lived indigo blur, and the very next thing the half-clothed bluenette knew, he was hiked up and swirled about in the air, before roughly being forced onto his made bed unwillingly, wrists seized and tacked on either side of his head. Prince Marth's chest rose and fell violently, as red as any springtime cherry could be, scrunching his manicured eyebrows as his enraged sapphires focused fixatedly on whomever forced him into this disrespectful position.

"Hey, Luscious. I've been waitin' to see you all week..."

Low and behold, it was Ike, who snickered just as joyfully at his amour's current features, trailing his teasing digits all about the ivory epidermis of the fine prince's outer thighs once he'd relinquished his red-ringed wrists, inching forward for a welcoming kiss.

"Mmm, and much to my delight, I see you're just getting dressed—?"


And with all of his princely might, Marth swung himself upright, sending his paramour flush against his lavender wall with a terrifying push, Ike emitting a deep, "Umph!" Prince Marth, at breakneck speed, pranced towards his gargantuan mirror in a flash, observing with scrutinizing orbs his do, which he already had an inkling how destroyed it was, but he just wanted to know how much damage had been done.

Pretty much, Ike disheveled it really well, and this had hot, sweltering steam spewing from his ears. All of that hair sheen, hair spray, the immeasurable minutes of painstakingly laying down each, stubborn thread of cobalt, all whisked away in a single, stoppable incident.


Ike, the little cuckoo birds dissipating one by one, peeled himself from the wall, giving his noggin a well-deserved rub or two.


Marth groaned and huffed and spat... most likely complaints. If he didn't love him there's no telling what he would've done to him. He rumbled his upset hands about his dresser in desperate search for a ready comb, "My goodness. How am I ever going to get that shape back? Bothersome locks..."

Ike, now coming to, thinned his mesmerizing lips into an alluring grin as his orbs took in the delicious spectacle of a trouser-less Prince Marth, who was furiously powdering his petite nose while tugging a comb through his ruffled mane all at once. But the tallest of pair wasn't at all that fixated on his hair.

But those legs.

Those long, slim, pretty legs... slightly curvaceous in all the right places, bestowed upon them a tasty shade resembling crème milk. The hem of his princely undergarment's stopped mid-thigh, granting the observing mercenary the god given blessing of drinking in both sumptuous appendages. The curve of his petite hips, the voluptuousness of his muscled calves...

He'd had enough teasing; it was time he reeled in the bait.

"Great... it's unfixable now—"

With the strength of a locomotive, Ike swallowed the quavering prince from behind, pouring him flush against his hot frame. He situated his head in between the inviting crook of his sweet neck, thus burying his lips against some of the available skin, sowing kisses...

Marth, blushing bloody-red, wriggled like a dehydrated inch worm, "No! Release me, Ike! You're further ruining my hair!"

But gods, did he feel good doused in his warmth...

"Not even if I have this to give to you?"

Prince Marth continued squirming in defiance, until a long, pertinent, single pink rose encased in a plastic cone stared him blue in the face.

The noble bluenette blinked stupidly at the flower, engrossed in its simple beauty.

"Wh... What?"

"A single rose for a single month... Kinda cliché but I figured you liked that sorta thing. You thought I forgot, didn't cha?"

A handful more winks of sheer befuddlement and bing. Everything within His Highness's cranium clicked. Inhaling as if it was going to be his very last breath, Prince Marth brought up his tremulous hands to grasp his beautiful gift.

"...Oh, Ike," he leisurely turned to face his captor, Ike voluntarily slacking his clutches, but resettling his arms about his waist. The rosy-cheeked man scrutinized his beauteous flower longingly, bringing it to his nostrils, taking in ginger whiffs of its natural earthiness, thusly looking to his paramour with shimmering, bright irises...

"You... You didn't forget..."

"'Course I didn't... Besides, how could I with you tossing around hints every minute of every day? You like it?"

"Yes. Yes, it's beautiful...! Oh Ikey, you don't know the slightest bit how happy this makes me!"

And at that subtle challenge did the indigo-haired swordsman's lips develop a deadly, sinister smirk.

"...Think you can show me with that body of yours, baby doll?"

His Highness, adopted a similar, foxy smirk, simpering throatily as he deposited his coral rose onto his disoriented dresser.


Felinely, he coiled his right leg about the mercenary's left inching his parted, tasty lips teasingly closer to the anticipating, opposite pair, more teasingly than a nice, big platter of hot cookies. A second from meshing in ecstasy, the prince pushed Ike onto his bed with a laugh; consequently, because of their tied appendages, he toppled onto him, smiling as the day was long.

"You underestimate me."

Prince Marth brought his incredibly soft hands to Ike's aglow visage, planting his thin lips upon his paramour's. A low, unconscious moan slipped from his mouth. It's been roughly a week since the last time he'd tasted these lips. Impatiently, the mercenary powerfully skewered the noble's defenses with the very tip of his tongue. Marth mewled fittingly, gasping for precious oxygen as he accepted the man's invitation to a lovely slow dance with his tongue, massaging the fleshy, warm insides of his cheeks.

They engaged in a needy, overdue lip lock, Ike, grinning all the while as a sweet and equally citric substance caught his taste buds. HHHfgdfgis naughty, wanderlust hands began to grope Marth's gentle thighs; he was rewarded with the most adorable whines he'd heard him muster... a close, very close second to the blonde.

They tore apart reluctantly, partly for air and to share a few soft words.

"...Raspberry?" estimated Ike, attractively licking off the greasy, flavored balm with an upward arch to his eyebrow. Marth giggled, "Nope! It's a new one—Poison-berry. Like it?"


Ike, with a strong tug to the prince's nape, reclaimed his lips, growling possessively as he hastily caressed the flavorful walls of his mouth. Marth worked his own tissue, steadily becoming aware of the now migrating hands who sought northern territory—his rear. Clearly one thing was on his mind at that time.

Smiling in between the kiss, the noble bluenette whispered, "Where's... Linky...?"


"Has... he been... waiting... long?"


"How lonAH!" Prince Marth relinquished a loud cry when given a sharp and totally unexpected spank to his bottom. An entertained Ike simpered, "Quiet," he hissed militarily, "No more talking."

Recovering from the kinky smack to his ass, the prince, with half-lidded, shady eyes, smiled just as wide and conniving, "Yes, Papa."

Lucky duck Ike was about to have himself some prince à la mode for breakfast that morning, a fine dish if you must ask him, when disappointingly, the young man rolled off of his frame and popped right onto his feet.

"That'll be enough!"

Ike blinked, damn near close to tears. Registering painfully what had just occurred, the taller male shot up straight, observing the other male, who continued managing his tresses with an expression of utter disbelief.

"Marth? May I ask what in the world you're doing?"

"Fixing my hair."

"Yeeeeah, I can see that clearly. But I thought... I thought we were gonna... Y'know—"

"—Have sex? Mmm, 'love to, but I'm not really in the mood for a quickie today, dear. Plus I can't afford to skip breakfast with this new diet plan. I'm craving a raisin bagel and some pineapple slices," a shriek of excellent, "Victory! My hair is once again perfect!"

However, the mercenary could not find any happiness for his forbidden lover. Not even if he tried. He was just left hanging high and dry! A comical unhappy face coated his features as he cuddled the younger swordsman from behind.

"Why not noooooow?" he whined with a manly pout, tooting his lips in hopes of swaying him. This only bubbled a soft round of chortles, and a warm palm to the opposite cheek.

"Aww, you big baby... Don't worry," His Highness sliced into his eyes, "I'll give you a night that little Linky will never measure up to." And he punctuated that promise with a fluid, sensual rock of his hips with drew a murky purr from Ike. With a curled finger, he brought the lovely man's lips to his mouth via grip to his chin, Prince Marth moaning as if he'd taken a large bite out of a delectable upside-down cake.

"I'm holding you to that..." Ike whispered to them, smirking fiendishly.

"Eleven o' clock. Sharp. And you'd better not be late if you know what's good for you."



The nobleman scooped the off-guard Hyrulean out of his chair and into the macho bear trap of his arms, pecking his irresistibly peckable cheeks.

"Ouuuu, good morning, my dear, dear Link! How are you fairing?"

Link, gasping for oxygen, cracked a smile for his friend, feeling the marrow of his bone churn to putty.

"I-I'm fine..." he drained, a slight kick in his legs. He glanced in desperateness to his sniggering lover in hopes that he'd save him from this friendly human octopus. Ike shrugged in his seat as he crunched on his slice of cantaloupe; he found nothing really that would raise an immediate red flag. He personally found their relationship adorable. Why, when they first met, he actually thought that they were a couple, basing that assumption off of how attentive the blonde was to the prince, and how awfully close of a brotherly relationship they had.

"He's like a brother to me, Ike. An eccentric one, but... one that I've never had."

In time, and fortunately for the blonde's health, the prince lowered him onto the shiny floor, grinning.

"Are you feeling better?" Link questioned, inhaling.

"Oh yes! I feel one hundred percent!"

"Good, good... Um... Marth?"

"Yes, sweetums?"

The petite swordsman gazed to his aged boots, then to an absent table in the northern part of the café, before ringing his arms about him, digging his face into his collarbones. Marth blinked at the unexpected hug.

"Don't ever scare me like that again, Marth. Please... never again."

"Oh, Link... I-I'm sorry!" Marth muttered patting his back. Link peered into his friend's pupils, a widespread mope evident on his prominent visage. It gnawed at his heart like a binging parasite. He honestly meant it. Never before had he witnessed him produce such crestfallen lips... He had a good friend.

A great friend... Who cared about him. Genuinely.

"LINK—!" the bluenette shoveled his little blonde amigo into a second trap, "—Don't make that face! You're making me feel guilty!"

Liberating him after a few more wails, Link—taking it upon himself to prepare the prince's meals to be sure that he was ingesting his daily, vital nutrients henceforth—began his trek to the hot carts. Marth and Ike occupied their usual chairs at their usual eating area, engaging in an adulterated version of footsies that was fittingly secluded by a dark-colored curtain.

Boy could neither man wait till eleven o' clock.


The beginning matches commenced as they typically did on that hot, regular day. All of the Smashers as well as their fellow fans and comrades of various worlds and dimensions received excess shade to protect them from the sun's moodiness. As of then, Yoshi and Wario were swiftly dodging falling bob-ombs, hanging in there for that one critical moment where one or the other would succumb to the power and unseemliness of the explosive. Each and every spectator hung on the edge of their comfy spot. All except for the lovey-dovey couple Ike and Link, who was currently being teased to death about his abrupt and unfathomably cute peck by his mate.

"You're becoming more and more aggressive lately, Link. I like that."


Ike's sexy lips and naughty hands sexually assaulted his body and neck—not that the Hyrulean minded—until he claimed his ultimate prize: a wet, open kiss with his compliant blonde.

The sharp sounds of slashing, moist tongues and passionate moans interrupted and disturbed the prince from his grooming. He was seated next to them—Link specifically. Using his peripheral vision, he could vividly see that large, familiar hand roam all about Link's rear, the groped one mewling and nervously kissing Ike with his shy appendage, submitting unto him obediently. He was lightheaded, queasy, but all over feeling so good.

And it burned Marth's ass.

Naturally jealous, His Highness repeatedly cleared his unclogged throat in hopes of grasping the blonde's undivided, thusly tearing those pink lips from his Ike's mouth. But this proved to be ineffective and pointless. It was times like these when the noble has to resist the temptation to stuff his quite expensive boots up Ike's tight ass. Yes, they were trying to keep their secret relationship all hush-hush, but the mercenary did not have to go and rub it all in his face that he was dating his best pal with kisses and petting and... the typical lover stuff. Especially not in front of him. It was a wonder why Link couldn't hear his blood boiling like lava with those supposedly sensitive ears of his.

Time for a not-so-subtle approach.

"Oh you two! Simmer down, why don't cha? We have little children here, you know!" politely, yet with a sharp tongue, said Prince Marth with a few thrown-in giggles. He made absolutely certain that he was heard, raising his gentle voice loud enough to overcome the noisy smacking and sucking of lips and tongues. Link ripped away from his boyfriend with a snap, furiously wiping the dribbling edges of his lips, as red as can possibly be.

"You're right!"

Ike, smirking, for he was very pleased with his lover's reaction to the situation, wrapped his lover up tight, "Linky started it."

"I gave you a simple kiss!"

"See? You still started it..." the swordsman retorted with kisses.


Marth's hues gyrated, "You're lucky to have such an affectionate man, Link! One who loves you and only you."

He punctuated "only" with a glare in the mercenary's direction. Ike caught this glare straight away, jolted and alerted, his kisses to his blonde paused in mid-action. Figuring that got his attention—and the reaction he wanted—the prince nodded to his friend with the same, phony smile and pat.

"Yep! A man who's always there for you every minute of the day! Propping you up on a golden pedestal! You should be happy that he values you above all others! I would be if I had a guy like that!"

Marth re-cut his eyes deep into the mercenary, wishing that piercing gaze alone could penetrate his sinning flesh, who guiltily turned to look in the other direction, knowing precisely who those slyly-stressed words were aimed toward. Despite the tension being tossed about between the two cobalt-haired swordsmen, Link—who by the way, couldn't pick any of this energy up—smiled apprehensively at his best friend, "I... I am thankful for Ike. Very thankful... I love him very much. He's very... very kind to me. I am just not used to such... affection—I'm sorry if it really bothers you!"

"Oh, don't mind me, darling! You go on ahead and snuggle up with your man! It's fine with me! I'm off to the restroom to freshen up a bit, besides. I'm perspiring everywhere. It's unbearably hot today, is it not?"

The prince rose from his seat, waving to his comrade and the cheater on his left, "Be back in a bit!"


After a few waves to his most loyal fans, Prince Marth began his long trek to the restroom, suddenly overcome with a sensation that a spacious bubble of air nestled itself in his chest.


Ike could say that he loved him until he was blue in the face.

All day and all night and for all eternity.

And the prince would believe him.

With every kiss, with every hug, spooning bout, midnight rendezvous... Yes. He would believe anything those lusciously plump lips poured out. But upon witnessing one kiss with his precious blonde. One long, warm, touchy embrace...

And Ike's efforts were all for naught.

Nothing in the world could sway the prince from his fixed state of jealousy. Reality hit him, or, more like trampled over his pretty, angel face. And no one tramples over Prince Marth Lowell's angel face.

No one.


But this was something that could not be tangibly fought, but it fought the young prince, alright, and it won each and every time.

It was a never-ending cycle of this. So much so that it ate at his heart like concentrated acid.

Why was love so cruel to him? Whatever did he do to deserve such unfair, unjust punishment? Whatever did he do to have the love of his life abandon him? Walk out? Just up and leave without... one last kiss...?

Prince Marth fiercely thrashed his head to the left and right... ruining his locks, yes, but hoping that this would banish those harmful thoughts of his old flame. No. It was not the time nor place to be thinking of him. He was history. Ike was now.

Yes... Ike.

That's who he'd like to focus his mind on.

Gazing endlessly into a reflective mirror, Marth scrutinized himself with his sharp eyes. His lips compressed into a hard, distinctive line, before eliciting a delicate sigh.

Whenever he said it... "I love you"... then he should believe him... right?

He said it nearly every day, and His Highness verily did feel loved in "various" ways. So, why was there a need for question?

Oh, right. Link.

Little Link was the only one wholly receiving all that "good lovin'". Marth accumulated an exceptional amount, but only for an allotted time.

One day.

Half a week.

A handful of choppy hours.

But Ike put on that manipulative grin, embraced him awfully close, and murmured, "You know I love you, baby..." in a tone that nearly gave out his knees.

And all was well.

In those moments did the prince feel nothing could even begin to compare their unsurpassable love for one another, but yes. There was that one person, that one being who slapped the foundation right off that youthful face.

Again, Link.

My, was he envious of him! To have such a beautiful partner! And he would dare push him away and refuse his affectionate, vigorous kisses? Did he not know how fortunate he was to have him in his clutches? Why, Prince Marth was more than qualified—overly qualified—for a lip-licking beefcake such as the mercenary. He had the looks, the experience, and the unconditional love that any man would ever lust after.

But Link was chosen over him.


A blessed prince.

Another unexplainable phenomena of the universe.

Marth cleanly removed his old, chapping layer of gloss and applied to his exfoliated lips a new film, making faces in the silver mirror before stepping out and into the white sun. Nearby was a convenient water fountain, and the noble thought it refreshing to have a few sips before returning to his comrade and paramour. He pressed gently on the jutted bar, out flowing the cool, crisp water from the faucet. Elegantly, he lowered himself upon the fountain, pursing his lips, but careful not to allow the liquid to ruin his balm. The water wasn't mineral-enhanced, but it would suffice. It passed through his lips, water dribbling from his mouth, a relaxing sensation...

...A pair of hot hands gripped and squeezed firmly at his buns.

Prince Marth nearly bounced three meters high.

A hasty spin on his heel, the young man rapidly about-faced—as pink as a grapefruit pulp—eyes tensing and narrowing at his "touchy" friend. Did a fan trickle past security again? Who was Master Hand hiring these days...?

"What in the name of—?"

Pupils locked.

A handsome pair of tulips shone brighter than the star in the heavens.

Ike reeled him in hungrily like a fisherman would do a difficult bass, his gaze delicate and sweet, easy on the eyes. Marth, now stiff and visibly changing into numerous shades and tints of the red spectrum, flickered his thick lashes at the gorgeous man whose arms constricted his midsection lovingly.

"...G-Goodness, Ike. You nearly scared the ghost out of me."

The mercenary drilled his bright hues at his amour his infatuating grin spreading as fast as the heat bubbling in His Highness's blue blood.

"Hmh, I'm glad that's the only thing I almost did. M'surprised you didn't knock me out. I just wanted to take a more... creative approach."

Marth bobbed his head a little. His nervous sapphires sought other things rather than the other identical pair.

Odd, his behavior was, and Ike found it very, very strange and rare how easy it was for him to detect it. Prince Marth went to great and lengthy lengths to conceal his true inner feelings and emotions. And then, right that very second, Ike—searching inquisitively in those vast hues—could unconsciously sense a spirit of unsettlement quivering in them.

To see him in this state. It was... unnatural of him.

Vulnerable of him.

And in a strongly weird way, cute of him.

"Somethin' bothering you, Hun?"

At this airy and abrupt utterance, Marth acknowledged his lover reflexively by meeting his eyes, but quickly looked back to the tiny rust on the white rail.

"Wh-Whatever do you mean? Nothing's 'bothering' me, no... Nothing's... Nothing's wrong."

"Oh. So you shot me a death glare and stressed those words for absolutely nothing? There's definitely somethin' up with you—" Ike slapped his right hand onto the way that the prince's back pressed upon with a heart-pounding smack, it positioned nearly an inch from his head. Marth's azures, electrified, wavered noticeably with no effort of cowering or hiding anything from the still, vibrant pair.

"—And I want to know what."

The noble gulped.

He lamely looked into Ike's powerful orbs. He could feel them digging into his soul. Excavating, questing for something. And only he knew what that something was. He would voice it. No, that would weaken him more than he was already. Ike would have to figure things out for himself.

So Marth let his guard down.

His eyebrows relaxed, his sapphires a mirror—a gateway—to his conflicted heart. All the man had to do was peer inside them...

And he would find what he sought.

...He found it.

The indigo-haired swordsman angled his head to the left, a faint smirk on his lips.

That piqued the prince with no problem.

"How dare you smirk! How would you like it if you saw your—you know what... Never mind it—"

"—No no..."

Prince Marth endeavored to veer off and out of his bodily trap, but Ike permitted him little wiggle room, deliciously compressing his well-proportioned body against him, the flushed prince sandwiched between the wall, and this... wonderfully-made man. The slightly taller of the two reached for Marth's hot face, caressing his toasty cheeks with the coolness of his knuckles as their pupils mingled passionately.

Without gasping another word, without taking a second breath, Ike chewed at his prince's lips, being merciless and selfish in terms of departing for air. Marth steadily lost his sanity, opening himself to his paramour, clinging onto his torso as his mouth eagerly swallowed up Ike's kiss, dainty moans betraying him as his hard efforts to have them silenced failed. The man had a way with his lips; Link was a fool to reject them.

In a progressive manner did the taller bluenette retreat, but the royal one continued to longingly chomp at him like a piranha. He blinked at the absence of those perfect petals... a dreamy twinkle in his glazed eyes.

"Damn you."

"Don't resist... an' I'm sorry, babycakes. I know I was makin' you jealous just then. It was obvious the way you ran off. I didn't mean to intentionally... You know I love you both the same."

"Yeah, yeah... at times—whatever you're in the mood for. I don't necessarily find it publicly entertaining watching you grab at Link's ass..." sinisterly, the prince's spheres changed their course as he simpered, "...I'd rather you grope my ass."

This roused a chuckle or two from his mate, "I'll make it up to you in a couple hours, lovely. And you know... I was kinda gettin' back at ya from leaving me hanging back there."

"Well, it was a sick joke," Prince Marth tooted his lips, poking the other man's chest plate, "...You promise you'll be there? Eleven? At my door? Promise, promise...?"

Ike claimed those inviting cushions of heaven with assurance, "I promise, Marth," the smooth devil nipped his lobe, "...And when I finally have you all to myself, I'll be tappin' that pretty, little ass all night..." He justified with a pleasurably painful pinch to his rear, drawing a moan from His Highness.

"Ike you naughty man... Talk dirty to me some more."

"You like it when I talk dirty to you, baby?"

"I love it," hissed the prince through his pearls, who smacked the mercenary's firm buttocks, but kept his hand onto that delicious muscle, which in turn elicited a husky, sexy purr from within the base of his gut.


For supper in the Smash mansion was a thick cream of soup brew with garlic shrimp and bread. It was rather appetizing to add.

Ike and his love did not wish to stay for dessert. Unforeseeably, the green-loving man desired some alone time with the other swordsman. His head nearly exploded from pressure and the thin skin on his face nearly shriveled into ash at the increasing heat when he shakily invited Ike to his domain. Of course the mercenary accepted, there was ever-delicious desserts involved! And it was also a perfect opportunity to mature and strengthen their developing relationship… in privacy.


Things kicked off with a foot massage, Ike not being a specialist in this science, but he genuinely gave it his all in order to provide his lover with the relief he needed. Link's worn, chocolate boots failed to supply him with the arch support he so desperately needed for his feet.

A good-sized pot yielding cooking oil steadily heated on one of the eyes of the blonde's stove. The dessert wasn't readily made. No, no. But this was all intentional. Link thought that it would be wonderful and fun to have he and his mate work side-by-side in preparing their mini doughnut holes together. He could not wait to get started, but the oil took a bit longer than expected.

But that was alright with them both; it did not hinder them from bonding.

Dressed in pajamas after a nice, hot shower, Link relaxed against his wooden bedpost, his backside cooled by plush pillows. He traced invisible ellipses on his thighs as Ike's thumbs kneaded his weeping red soles at the rear of his bed. He smiled at his blonde's foot…

"You have a really small foot."

"I am a small man, if you haven't noticed," the shorter of the two sharply retorted cockily. His twinkling, blue eyes cut to his lover, whose smile grew by three, rousing a series of chuckles…

"What size do you wear?"

"Er, it really depends on the shoe type. But in my boots I'm about a seven… seven-and-a-half…"

"Seriously? A seven? Awwww... Winky and his widdle, cute, size seven feet…" cooed the mercenary, lightly tickling his skin. Link snatched his foot away, for ticklish in the feet, he was.

"I said seven-and-a-half! I'm almost an eight!"

Ike let out a couple of hoots as a reaction to his love's snappy and defensiveness, reclaiming his foot. The blonde one plainly gyrated his azures in his head, folding his arms and nestling them into his chest. He could not see anything "cute" about a grown man—a hero!— having a wee pair of small feet. He'd rather have a much larger pair, like Ike and Prince Marth and Snake and all the adult males. You know, manly feet. Ike, as if he read every thought that bustled about in the Hyrulean's head at that moment, stopped his thumb-stroking. He preciously craned his foot to his lips, planting them squarely in the middle of his sole. Link's face illuminated with a healthy, pink glow at the tenderness of his lover's juicy lips, then wincing at how heavily their gazes collided. But he did not look away.

"I love your feet. I love everything about you."

And—literally—in the blink of an eye, Ike was straddling him, or more like lying on top of his mate's baking body forcefully, brushing lips. He was significantly heavy due to muscle mass, but that didn't matter at all to the blonde. It felt amazing to be skin to skin with someone who made him hot. Ike's fingertips stroked Link's cheek, shortly afterwards kissing the warm skin affectionately. The archer sank quietly into his pillows, his sapphires fluttering to a close as his mate produced more pecks. But steadily, those coral lips began to migrate south, creating a molten trail of moist kisses that had Link quaking with anticipation and… irreversible fear. Ike unconsciously pushed him further onto his bed, nearly till he laid straightly upon it, his kisses firming and gaining hardness and vigorousness as he sensibly ground his body against his mate.

Marth forewarned him of this only minutes ago.

A hand on his bare thigh, the other abandoning his burning visage, scraping under his sky-blue shirt and fanning out onto his flat abdomen.

No one's ever touched him in such a suggestive manner; especially not a man. It was… starling, and Ike's actions seemed to escalade as the days flew them by. He was always grabbing at Link in sexual ways… kissing him and stroking him… always beckoning him to snuggle in his lap. The blonde did not mind it, but lately, his uncomfortableness and uneasiness caused the hairs on his body to prickle and rise.

Ike's lips, and a faint bit of his tongue, traced his lover's jaw line, then dragging his instruments to the skin under Link's chin, kissing that thoroughly, and traveling lower and lower…

"I… Ike?"

A drunken, apprehensive Link placed his hands on his broad shoulders, squeezing his eyes closed as if he was preparing to be bitten by something hideous and ravenous. Hot lips now resided at the base of his neck…

"Ike… Mn… St…"

Teeth nibbled at his jutted collar bone, lapping at the sweet skin as the hand brushed delicately around the base of his boxer shorts, and kind of hanging around that area.

"I-Ike…um… sto—"

The mercenary lovingly stroked the blonde's thigh, that hot tongue dipping further into inaccessible areas of his body guarded by his shirt. He also popped the elastic band of his shorts. That's where Link drew the line. He pressed down on his shoulders, shoving him from his being.

"Ike, stop!"

The other swordsman, having no other option, removed himself from the archer, bore a slightly perplexed mask.

Link straightened himself, not readily able to meet his lover's confounded sapphires, but yearning to give him an explanation. They sat in the sheer cold of awkward silence.

"…Did I do something wrong?" inquired Ike indifferently. And Link's spheres inflated.

"No… I-It's not that. Er… it's just… how um…"

"So, you don't like it when I touch you?"

This was asked utilizing an undecipherable, foreign tone that Link did not know what to make of. It forced him to look to his lover, whose face was lit with a meager blush. His eyebrows frowned as did his lips.

And it shattered Link's heart, which also took a steep dive.

"Oh… Ike, no…"

The archer crawled into the open inviting lap with cautiousness towards Ike's facial changes. With sweetness, Link cupped his face. Ike had never seen a pair of eyes so empathetic and sincere.

"I… You misunderstand…! I… like it when you touch me. I do. B-But um… when you…"

"…Go a little overboard sometimes?"

"I-I'm not used to… all that, y'know? It's a little much for me. It's not that I don't like your touches, Ike. I feel special when you embrace me an'… kiss me. I feel lucky that you've chosen… a boring person such as myself—"

"Baby you're not 'boring'—"

"—You're the one keeping things interesting between us. I-I'm too… inexperienced to do anything. Marth told me that if we don't… d-do it soon, you'd lose interest in me and… and leave—"

"—He said WHAT?" hollered a flabbergasted bluenette, who nearly snapped Link's head off his body as he yanked it to meet those true-blue eyes. The shaken blonde peered away shamefully.

"You'd lose interest… B-But I don't wish to lose you like that. S-So I guess I should… loosen up and—"

"—No. Don't even—don't believe—don't listen to that nonsense! Geez… Link, c'mere…"

And Ike squeezed that body so, so tight with every muscle, "…None of that is true. Why, that's… that's so juvenile! Sex? All I want is sex? Babe, we're more than that. I'm more than that. 'Course I'm attracted to you, and I like to touch you. You know, feel you up from time to time. You're my boyfriend; it's kinda… how should I put this… required? And your 'inexperience', as you so negatively word it. It doesn't bother me; I find it cute when you squirm! We've only been dating a few months an' sex is one of the last things—"

Link quirked an eyebrow.

"…Erm, well not really one of 'em, but… you get what I'm sayin'. I'm not rushing you into anything. So just forget alllll about what Marth said. You please me well enough with these spontaneous pouts of yours…"

Azures glistened…

"You mean that?"

"That's my word."

And the pointy-eared man tackled his mate to his bed with a hug, the unexpected force and power sending him onto his back.

"Now don't tempt me…!" the bluenette warned.

The radiance of Link's shining face spawned a jumbling in his boyfriend's heart.

He just had to be the most beautiful thing he'd ever stumbled upon. A bright, young man with a massive amount of love to give, and he was the lucky recipient. Those eyes, and those lips… his smiles and that understanding… Link brought so much joy to him; whenever he was mentally and emotionally prepared to take that giant leap into the next complex stage of their union. He was not for sure if he could "discipline" himself. There was more kissing, when a truly frightening "pop" phenomena resounded throughout the four green-shaded walls. Link hopped off his mate, swishing his head and captivated attention towards the direction of the noise.

The pot on the stove rattled unpleasantly mad. The golden, slick vegetable oil flew from the pot in thick streams, the bottom of it dancing on the stove's eye like crazy with an irritating, metallic screech.

"Shoot, I let it overcook!"

The shorter of the two darted for his active stove, but Ike salvaged him by the wrist.

"No. Lemme handle this—"

"—I-I'll take care of it—"

"—No, no, no. Yoooou sit down," he physically placed the blonde plush onto his mattress, "and let Ikey tend to the dangerous stuff."

Tinting to rival a rose, the archer observed his mate approach the pot casually. Being extremely precautious, Ike cloaked his hand with a handy, green oven mitt, situated the shimmying pot onto a non-active eye, and put an end to the heat. The bubbles were steadily decreasing, becoming less of a threat. The fumes emitting from the foul-smelling brew of burnt oil stirred wooziness; Link hustled over, his countenance crumbling.

"Darn it…"

"It's alright! We can just wash it and start all over!"

"But it's getting late…"

"Late shmate. We've got all the time in the world, darling. This is our quality time, right? Who's to rush that?"

Ike's handsome smile and ginger touch to the cheek was enough to subdue any opposing thought of the blonde's.

"Yeah. You're right…! Umm, I suppose I have enough oil left over. We could make a few! Perhaps even some for Marth and the others!"

Ike was hit with an invisible club of consciousness.


He unflinchingly glanced to the digital clock.

"10:03 P.M."

That gives me fifty-seven minutes… Yeah, that should leave plenty o' time for me to make these things and head on over to his dorm…

"Ike can you help me with preparing the dough?"

"Uhh, sure thing, sweetie."

The couple hit things off, working alongside one another closely and swiftly. Link would plop the mini balls of biscuit dough into a much calmer pot of oil, and Ike would gather the browned fried dough and settle them into a dry container, where they stayed for only a handful of seconds before being tossed about in a mix of cinnamon and sugar crystals. Sometimes Link would catch his partner gobbling up a few of the spheres of deliciousness before due time…

But they did not take long to cook! Repeating their actions with ease, Ike and Link finished in record time. The two hopped onto Link's bed, finding interesting and fun ways to feed one another the sweets.

A very happy Ike savored this special time; more and more of his new lover blossomed before his cyan eyes. An even more amazing being sprouted from him, along with it, a brand-new impression…

"Weady?" questioned the archer at the far end of his bed. His mouth was wide open, his head tilted back. Ike shut one eye as he squinted with the other, aiming the last-remaining—doughnut hole for the blonde's "basket". The last remaining for them, that is. The others were packed away for their comrades.


The ball of bread became airborne—Link swaying carefully, monitoring it—and with one, desperate motion of the head in went the piece! The swordsman chewed with happiness, scrambling to Ike who swallowed him up.

"…Mmm, those were good. Better than I expected them to be."

"I agree… Want s'more milk?"

"No… I'm fine. Thanks."

There was a smothered yawn…

"…And sleepy, too, apparently. You're nice and full now."

A laugh, and Link lay his golden head against his mate's chiseled chest that softened when relaxed, ringing his arms around him.

"Yeah… sleepy…"

Stealing a couple kisses, Ike took a double take to the electronic timekeeper.

"10:42 P.M."

Perfect. Got some quality time in and just enough time to spare. Now, all that's left is to rock the baby to sleep…

His mind continued to wander about he and His Highness's fast-approaching, midnight rendezvous, while Link's brain ached as he rearranged varying sentences inside it.

"Ike? Would you like to sleep with me tonight?" No… that's too broad. He might get the wrong idea… Hmm… how about, "Ike? Would you mind spending the night with me?" That sounds a bit better… I-I would think that he would say yes. I would hope that he would agree—

"—If you're sleepy an' you wanna go to bed, I mean, I wouldn't want to keep you up."

"Oh n-no! You are fine! A-And… actually, there's something that I want… to ask."

The duo of ceruleans collided carefully.

"Somethin' troubling you, babe?"

"No, nothing like that. I-I was just wondering if… y-you would… if we could… or if you wanted—"

"C'mooon," Ike squished his love's lips together with a candid smirk, "Spit it out."

Link lightly swatted his boyfriend's bothersome hand from his mouth, pouting with knitted eyebrows at the childish action, but he attempted to "spit out" his inquiry. It wasn't as easy as he thought it up to be…

"I… I wanted to ask you if you'd um… mind spending the night in my dorm?"

…"Blown away" would be the select words the befuddled mercenary would've used if he could muster the energy to speak, or even form a simple sentence.

He furrowed his eyebrows, bumpy hills popping from his forehead, and his eyes narrowed significantly. He analyzed his lover. His eyes swished all over—from his bedspread and into Ike's eyes mechanically—fingering his cold toes with jittery fingers. Awaiting, anticipating, dreading the answer that would either stun him, or numb him… The other swordsman's mind was like a powerhouse conjuring up question after question. Out of the blue, Link invited him to share his bed? Openly and cannily? Yes, there was an obvious squeak in his tone and a slight tremor in his body language, but… why now?

"…Where is this coming from? Are you doing this out of your own free will? No rushing, remember?"

Ike combed through his mate's silken locks of gold, comforting him and hopefully easing him and coaxing him… Link shuffled closer to his lover.

…He was so good to him.

"…I thought it up. I mean, since we are lovers, and we've been… d-dating for a few months, I figured we could… take that step."

A quick "yes" nestled at the tip of Ike's tongue, ready to leap out into the air, but something yanked that tongue shut. A mystical force. A powerful one.

One not to be reckoned with.

Forgetting someone? alarmed his conscious.

…The prince.

"...You promise you'll be there? Eleven? At my door? Promise, promise...?"

That promise.

That promise that was not to be broken under any circumstances; it was written in stone. Promises were everything to the noble. That was the foundation of their relationship. Making equal time for him and Link wasn't always possible; in some cases, Link had to be put first. And he was, leaving the prince without a fair turn with the mercenary. That was happening far too much for Marth's liking. So their scheduled liaison was meant to close the gap and spend some much needed bonding and spooning time with his beau.

But it could all be terminated by this one answer of the mercenary's.

Who did he treasure more? His lover, or his "mistress"?

"If you don't want to… I'll understand…" peeped the hunched Hyrulean, with a droop of his pointed ears.

This obliterated all the thoughts and arguments with himself over whether to stay or leave.

And the answer came pouring out.

"No, baby! 'Course I'd love to sleep with you!"

And Ike's long arms trapped him in a constricting hug. And in that moment, Link's happy heart exploded with fireworks of all colors! He'd did it!

"You will?" his eyes narrowed dangerously, "…and no funny stuff?"

"Yep. And I promise, no funny stuff."

The blonde's azures have never been so bright… Surely this was a night the he would never forget. Ike, too, was ecstatic about this rare ordeal, but one, poisoning thought spoiled that moment. A vision… both inflicting and inevitable. A picture of an alone, waiting prince, glancing timelessly at his clock.


Swallowed in darkness and sprinkles of moonlight here and there, Link crawled into his bed on the right, Ike entering the left. The blonde fell on his back with a sigh, and simply laid like that for a few minutes, sweating. Panting. The organ in him pounding and pounding and pounding.

Ike mimicked his lover, but turned his head to gaze at him, calculating what move or gesture he should perform next. Whatever it was going to be, it could not shy him away. He wished for Link to be as content as a kitten and crème, even though not he lusted to bind him in a smothering embrace amongst other things, but he promised no funny stuff.

Link felt eyes jabbing him. He wouldn't dare look at them. No, he wouldn't dare. Having another human body lying with him on his mattress under his covers beside him was already a bit much. Mind you, he'd never really shared his bed with another person. And for his first candidate being his male lover, one would bet it would be nerve-wrecking for him. For anyone with a predicament like his! A contemplating Link clutched his comforter…

Okay… it's alright. I-It's just nerves… that is all.

"You know, I don't bite."

A statement birthed in the darkness. The blonde turned his head; that's when their pupils locked dead on. Ike's lips and handsome profile bathed beautifully in the light of the moon. He dug his elbows into the soft mattress, to be closer to his love, but not alarmingly close. Close enough to create a sweet, romantic atmosphere in the dry air. Link blinked at Ike, who was now sitting up, looking down upon him propped up his elbows.

And… somehow, his body… moved closer to him. He didn't know why nor how, but he moved. Sluggishly and unsure, but… he moved. The other swordsman silently reached out, gently roping him in by the waist, but not forcibly, no. At his pace, at his preferred speed. Link felt that large hot hand on his naked back, and followed its guide right into Ike's chest. Smooth flesh kissed, and the very content mercenary pledged to never let go of the blonde's waist.


That is what Link would describe the sensible, thick feeling shooting through his veins.

…Good. He felt… good. Hot skin against his own, a caressive hand enveloping him protectively and preciously… the hand and body of the man he'd fallen helplessly in love with. It all felt so good to him; he didn't ever want to forget this new feeling. He burnt the warmth into his heart, hoping it would never leave.

Slowly, Link lifted his head from Ike's chest to search the irises of Ike's and simultaneously a hand cradled his cheek and fingered his ear.

"…I love you," whispered the bluenette, a kiss to the brow enclosing it. Link could only cheese and dig his nose into his mate's collarbone. Pure, indescribable happiness robbed him of his ability to give a right away answer… He was so exhilarated!

I am so lucky.

"I love you, too, Ike…" the blushing blonde muttered airily, but instead of a swift kiss to the head, he quietly craned his neck to kiss him. And they did.

Rather passionately.



Prince Marth elegantly slurped down his vanilla espresso after doing away with a banana nut muffin and a few morsels of fresh fruit. His poor teeth would need a good thorough brushing after this to reduce the staining, but he'd been wanting one for the longest. They would be alright… His shoes made a funny, tapping sound when hit against the waxed floor, but it did not annoy those around him. He sat proudly in his chair—posture awake and intimidating. He was polished down to the tooth and nail, almost literally; the man strived for perfection, notorious for it! His garments were crisp and tidy as always. But what contrasted and clashed with his entire appearance were his eyes. They were bloodshot, or just recovering from being bloodshot. From lack of sleep, maybe? Too much light?

Or, not impossibly, the result of flowing, steaming tears?

Or the remnants of a broken, stomped on heart?

Yet, he seemed to be so collected and stable! Why was this?

And they say eyes are a mirror of one's heart, which is the sanctuary for emotions. One glance into his clouded, tinted orbs and one would be overcome with a heavy feeling of worthlessness. But an even denser sense of unmistakable hatred.

They stared and stared at the tall, cherry-wooded door in anticipation of someone. The saucer quaked in his hands and the muffin crumbled between his fingertips.

A pet peeve of everyone's was a broken promise—but this just crossed the fine line.

Well, to cut to the chase, Ike failed to make his appearance that night. The prince waited and waited and waited like a helpless lover would wait for the return of their mate lost at sea, except Ike was not lost at sea. The bastard was a floor from him, and his ungrateful ass couldn't take a few, measly steps to his dorm and at least grow the balls to give him a reason why he decided to bail out on him at the last minute.

But, no. The prince did not need an explanation for that. He knew where he was that night. Precisely.

With Link.

Again, chosen over by him. He didn't understand it. Equality was one of their promises that the mercenary swore he would keep balanced and uphold.

Quite obviously, he lied.

And Marth wasn't having it. He wasn't some petty, useless tissue that you could just pick up use and discard whenever you pleased. Oh no, he was far above that.

Having him wait and wait and wait for hours and hours as if he were some patient on some damned schedule! He went all out for that night, and he dares to not show his face?

Even when he'd promised?

And he "loved" him?

…Love did not feel this way. Love did not make you feel meaningless. It did not constrict you, it did not plague you relentlessly and mercilessly, it did not torment you with visions of loneliness. It did not make you think that you were of far lesser value. Love was not those things. Love wasn't anything like that, and the prince knew it.

Love felt good.

But… why did this begin to feel normal to him? He did know one thing for sure.

Love was troublesome. A troublesome, lusted thing.

…The doors creaked open.

His Highness's eyelids sank back into his skull.

There, strolling through the wavering doors, were Ike and Link, hand in hand.

How sickening…

The mercenary nodded in direction to the morning greets they were receiving, progressing towards their table.

Towards hell: towards Prince Marth Lowell.

"Ah! Marth, Good morning!" Link gleefully greeted, more sprightly than usual.

Someone's happy…

Ike had no greeting for him. He preferred to puff his cheeks and look at his feet. A rather smart move for the pickle he was in.

Prince Marth sprang to his feet and embraced his amigo wholly and friendly, putting on like he so expertly did oh so well. He could fool anyone, a benefit and advantage in situations like these.

"Good morning to you, too, Link, my darling! You look like you certainly had a good night's sleep!" He glared swiftly at the disregarding bluenette. His gaze along could put him under heart arrest.

Link scratched his head, "Mm, yeah. I-I slept good. Great… oh!" This was when the archer handed him the plate he did not notice he was carrying, "I brought something for you. Ike and I made these last night."

"Ohhh… These look delicious! Thank you, sweetie! I can only wonder what else you two will make…!"

Ike shivered.

The shorter of all three peered happily into his friend's pupils, but… the happiness soon faded… Blue orbs flooded with concern.

"Marth, are you okay?"

"Me? Why, yes. I am quite fine, thank you for asking."

"No. I mean, your eyes are red."

Acting utterly surprised, the prince blank dumbly.

"My eyes?" he flipped out his compact mirror, "Oh! Ahh, must be the pollen in the air. Darned, nasty things...! How misfortunate, huh? I suppose I'll fetch my eye drops and head on out to get some last-minute training in with Falchion here—"

"—Did you have breakfast?" Link inquired.

"Mmhm! A muffin and lots of fruit! You need not worry, my precious friend. I promised to never give you a scare like I'd done the other day. And I keep my promises!"

Ike swallowed, but that produced a large smile on the blonde's lips.

"That's really good to hear…! Um, Ike what would you like for breakfast?"

Ike flinched at the call of his name, but he brushed it off.

"Uhh, French toast. Lots of French toast."

"Okay, I'll go fix a plate for you," Link released his hand, "See you outside Marth!"


And the Hyrulean took off…

Ike and Marth stood as quiet as dust.

Honestly, the mercenary feared for his head. He knew—oh, he knew—what this crazy man was capable of doing when motivated by feelings. He braced his body, his mind and his heart for the fury of the bluenette prince with the hardest of steels, when—just as he'd finished—Marth simply walked off.


Yep, just walked right on past him. No words, no shouting, no snarls or flashes of beastly teeth. Nope. Nothing.

Which naturally meant something was terribly, terribly wrong.

Difficult, it was, to delve into his prince's mind, but never did he let him off this easy.

So he's just gonna walk away? Just like that? I… Well, what can I say? No… I can't say anything. There isn't anything I can say. I broke a promise. There is nothing one can possibly say after a broken promise. But I just can't let him go. I can't let him walk way...

"Marth, bab—"

Ike took only one step. One, and was stopped dead in his tracks. There was a gust of wind, a sound of sharpening metal, and a small prick.

As rapidly as a brain could conjure up a thought, Prince Marth had withdrawn his blessed blade, shoving it between him and the mercenary, the tip of the blade tightly piercing the exterior of his cobalt tunic and the skin of his right breast.

Wincing, the taller man cautiously met his eyes…

His watery, red eyes.

"I. Hate. You."

He said it casually, without a crumble in that decree. Not one falter, not one stuttered letter. His eyes did not even quiver. He allowed his secret lover to sink that deep, deep, deep into his skull, onyx dots coldly unresponsive, his thin eyebrows clashed, lips pressed tightly.

Ike was truly petrified…

Marth sheathed Falchion mechanically, refusing to tear his eyes from him, but fluidly turned on both heels and walked out of the silent café with angry hips. Ike blinked like a dumbfounded deer.

Because he meant those words.

End Flashback…


Daichi wa hateshinaku subete wa utsukushiku

Omae ga me wo tojita kisetsu wa sugite yuku

Kanashimi wa ima mo kie wa shinai keredo

Omoikogarete ita sekai ga hajimaru

Kanashimi no hate ni yatto mitsuketa

Omae to iu na no hana wo dakishimeta

Yarusenai hodo ai ga koborete yuku

Umarekawaru nara omae no soba ni

You are the irreplaceable flower…

(The Earth goes on forever, everything is beautiful

You closed your eyes and the seasons pass on

The sadness won't disappear, even now, but

The world I longed for is beginning

At the end of my sadness, I found it at last

I held the flower named you close

Till it makes me helpless, I overflow with love

If I am reborn, I will be by your side

You are the irreplaceable flower…)

…The crowds roared as a comfortably dressed blonde powerfully stretched the very last syllable to completion. Once finishing the piece, Link calmly exited the stage through the blinding snow, wetting his dry lips as he parted for the special sectional for the Smashers, greeted by his spazzing comrades.

"And that was Link, everybody!" announced Captain Falcon—or Douglas for the sake of his hosting gig—applauding, "Outstanding! What a voice!"

The Hyrulean started up the steps, trading embraces and high fives to and from his friends. Pit could hardly wait for him to come to the top! He absolutely loved Link's performance! The way his voice echoed deeply throughout the dome, and his eyes. His sparkling blue eyes bubbling with passion in sync and connected to the lyrics of the song.

He was genuine with his singing… all hearts could tell.

He's… amazing.

"You were simply superb, Link. Beautiful, beautiful!" Princess Zelda commented, ruffling the snowflakes from his blinding locks. And the archer laughed wholeheartedly, given a peck to his head.

"Thanks, Zel."

Moving right along, two duos of painfully familiar irises entrapped his own. Ike—with the prince to his right—held a gaze with him, refusing to let go even as he made his way to the top of the bleachers. No problem. Link agreed to the stare down challenge, his pupils sharpened, emotionless and connectionless. Prince Marth backed out of the competition, shaken.

Ike did not know what those blue eyes were trying to tell him. But suddenly, his lips—his face overall uninterested and still—coldly smirked. And with that, he marched composedly to his seat. Ike was forced to blink, partially because fluttering snowflakes were interfering with his sight, and to check if he was seeing correctly.

…It was not just any ol' smirk. A sort of… "I told you so" smirk. One that a professional smart aleck would wear.

The bluenette didn't know what to make of it… he was happy to some extent that it was a step beyond just peering plainly at him, but… was that smug smirk one in a bad direction?

Prince Marth sneezed lightly; audible enough for Ike to stop and pick his jaw from the ground.

"Bless you… Sick?"

"Hopefully not. I don't have the sniffles…" the prince sank into his mink coat, sighing, "Well, Link had a wonderful performance. It reminded me of the old times."

"Yeah… It was really good—"

Another sneeze.

"—Bless you! You sure you're not coming down with something?"

Marth motioned his gloved hand, the other shielding his nose.

"I-I'm good!" he sniffled, with—and though his comrade could not see it underneath his hand—an ensuring grin.

"Oh, alright… Ah—" the mercenary dived into one of his thousands of pockets, thus appearing a Kleenex… "—Here you go."

Prince Marth inspected the thin tissue for a moment, accepting it nonetheless with a soft nod.

"Thank you, Ike."

A wide smile, and Marth delicately blew his nose, dabbing it ever so tediously. Ike put on a smirk, when those watchful, scrutinizing pupils made a… ground-breaking discovery, though purely unexpected and unintended.


Ike caved closer his eyes intensified.

This roused an uneasiness within the blue-blooded, wide-eyed one. With a few, final swipes to the nose, Marth slowly backed out of the angelically soft tissue. Did he… do something?

"Y-Yes?" he spoke, his orbs darting here and there.

The mercenary leaned closer, those azures probing for a few more moments longer before finally explaining the reason for his sudden awkwardness.

…There was a warm smile.

"You're not wearing any make-up."

Prince Marth blank thrice, then glowed with a soft tint of rose in his cheeks.

"O-Oh…" he stuffed the stained tissue way in his coat pocket, his gaze abruptly focused on other things, "Y-Yes… I-I am not. I thought that it would be a nice change… Plus it takes hours to apply and remove that stuff. It's work…"

He dug his neck into the confines of his authentic mink coat—both for concealment and warmth—a little self-conscious still, but the man had stopped, and so suddenly at that, this long-time habit?

Ike grinned at him…

"I like the change," he said, gentle eyes glistening proudly. Marth's burrowed head inched out of hiding like a curious tortoise. A touched, curious tortoise.

Sapphires mingled, and a prince's sincere smile graced the crisp, night air.

"Thank you, Ike. Really. That… that means a whole lot…"

"It's nice to see a more natural side of you… Although, I am smelling a faint scent of… strawberry."

"Hey. Small steps! And for your information, it's balm, not lip gloss! There is a relative difference."


"Fine. But small steps! Small!"

Meanwhile, five bleachers above, Link shuffled his way back to his spot adjacent to the dreamy-eyed brunet.

"Link! That was—! That was great!"

The giddy blonde took his spot, and Pit settled on down into the empty chair…

"Thanks, Pit," he grinned handsomely in his direction, "…I wasn't as nervous this time."

"You didn't look nervous at all to me! You were so calm and collected!"

"Yeah, 'Suppose so… but still, it'd be nice if you were up there with me like last time. Hey! We should do another duet!"

Pit's heart lifted off… He actually desired to sing alongside him once more?

"Really? You really want to sing together? A-Again?"

"Why not? You're a beautiful singer; I'd like to hear more of your voice. You're already a huge hit!"

That mere statement was sufficient enough to instill an astronomical amount of courage within the glowing angel. Once again, that specific feeling resurged. That… pure, unmistakable emotion that purged thick through his veins. That feeling… that he could do anything—say anything, be anything—as long as Link was by his side. Nothing, absolutely nothing, was impossible in those deep blue eyes.

Link swiftly met those probing amethysts, just… smiling.

It baffled the young Pit.


The spheres did not change.

That caused the brunet to really spasming, his toasted face bleeding with pink.


Those fine lips taunted him for too long during those awkward ten seconds, but Link soon turned his head towards that evening's current spectacle.

"It's nothing," he assured with the same smile.

"O-Oh… Alright."

And the roused Pit settled calmly into his chair. But his thoughts were anything but "calm". Why, there has to be a reason for that momentous gander! Just… sitting there, gawking at him with that grin and… those gentle eyes. Or, maybe he was misconstruing everything again. Maybe there was indeed something on his face, and Link figured he'd look silly flaunting it about… Love, again, was notorious for providing him with mixed signals. Why couldn't it be simple, like a game of checkers with an infant? OR a "Walk in the park" as the earthlings like to say? Well, by any means, Link did say that he was not searching for a love interest at the moment.

"…I'm not really interested in getting involved with anyone."

It left a rather hopeless spirit in the striving angel. So, his painstaking efforts, his hopes and dreams stretched further away from him? But, that just graced him with more determination and thirst! It made him want him—pursue him—with exponentially increased passion and hunger. Winning Link's love was going to be trying and indefinitely long… but there wasn't a greater love in the universe nor a bigger shining heart, then that of the blonde swordsman. And if you asked Pit things between them could only get better! They'd been talking a lot, finding out more and more about one another. Link was smiling and laughing at his silliness. Yeah, it could only get better from there on out.

As long as that Ike steered clear of them—what he had been smartly doing for the passing days—the two would be inseperable!

"Hey, when is Nana and Popo's performance? Aren't they after the Random Selection?"

Pit thought at Link's inquiry, "Uhm, I think so. Ugghh..."

The brunet dreaded the upcoming performance. The pint-sized pair of mountain-climbing fighters were scheduled to put on an acrobatics routine.

Acrobatics meant outrageously high heights, hazardous stunts, and possibilities of serious injuries. He was dead-set against the two and their decision.

"Piiiiiiiiiit! Popo and I've climbed mountains double the size of this stadium—!"

"—Yeah! Quadruple the size—!" the piqued male chimed with mitted fists.

"—I think we can handle an acrobatics routine!" Nana persuaded.

A quite rational argument she presented, and with a little added persuasion from Link, she and her partner won the angel's favor.

A hand cupped the angel's knee cap with a comforting squeeze. Pit's amethysts caught a beautifully chilling set of blue eyes twinkling just as bright.

"They'll be okay," Link pressed.

Bones raddled, and an eternally-beating heart fluttered as the jolt of electricity from that beautifully expressive touch. A blush consumed his little peach face... he wasn't so cold anymore.


"—Is it our turn next, Link? Our turn?" barged in Popo, who was currently trying to fight off the capped boy latched to his blue parka. The blonde was startled by this abrupt intrusion—all of his attention was given to the glowing, young man next to him—but he gave the boy his full attention as any kind person would... Sadly for Pit, he lost that warm palm on his knee.

"Almost! You're right after the Random Selection!"

He ruffled his hair, and the boys took their rough-housing elsewhere and carried on, leaving the couple be.

Though the angel missed that wondrous hand on his body, it gave him some time to recover from his sudden gesture. He wasn't expecting something of that magnitude, and so suddenly! But his recovery time was short-lived. Link, again, refocused onto Pit. Amethysts trembled at the blue hues as he retained his healthy blush. Those perfect lips slowly parted to say something, but the astonishing thunder of Douglas's voice severed all conversation throughout the herculean coliseum.

"Movin' right along!" a very formal Captain Falcon consulted his program card, blinking at the snow in his eyes, "It's the third Friday, so you all know what that means! Looks like we've got a Random Selection! Let's see who the lucky star'll be this evening!"

On all of the wide, silver screens, a rainbow whell of fortune appeared, each little slice of pie bearing a name and face of every Smasher that resided in the mansion: all thirty-five of them. Spectators hollered the names of the fighter that they'd love to see sing their heart out onstage.

Link just wished it wasn't him again. Random Selection meant there were three songs for him to sing—consecutively. He just didn't have enough "sing" in him after "Flower". Pit wouldn't mind singing, only if the blonde would agree to aid him. Ike hadn't sang a lyric since he'd arrived, and he had no intentions on starting anytime soon, especially not tonight.

"Is everybody ready?"

Lots of hooting and heckling verified that it was indeed time to throw the dart.

"Right on! Spin it!"

And at that command, the wheel gyrated, the colors all slushing and running together in a flickering mass.


Seconds after, the demanded yellow dart flew to the wheel at a random, and a selection was made.

"Prince Marth! Our random singer for tonight is the prince!"

There were some cheers, a few, silent groans from those that thought it was a perfect waste of a selection. He'd sing anything on any day, but everyone was generally happy about the selection. The spotlight rained down on the unsuspecting nobleman, who had began to doze off a bit, relaxing against the comfort Ike provided. But the loud, white light and the call of his name woke him right on up. The screens broadcasted his deer-in-the-headlights expression, sinking into his jacket.

"Uhh... I... I..."

"Go on... Go up there," moved Ike with a few nudges.

"But I don't want to sing tonight..." pouted the prince, a grown man pout.

Ike's entire facial reigon distorted at this unorthodox remark. He didn't want to sing? From the very start that he'd closely known the man, he'd never turned down a song! But... just then... submerging himself in royalty's emotional, tremulous hues of blue, the mercenary understood where this strange opposition sprouted from... and where it originated from.

He understood.

"Hey, look..." Ike pet his shoulder to fully grasp him, "That won't happen again, alright? I'll put 'em in a vegetary state if I have to. I'll be sure of that. Now you go on up there and sing. You leave the hecklers to me."

That nice gesture was captured by the cameras, soft "Awww"s and "Ooooh"s and sharp-winded gasps catching the ears of many, the men included.

"C'mon, Prince Marth! Crowd's a waitin'!"

Another push by his confidently-smirking comrade, and the cherry-blushed prince trotted down the steps and onto the stage. He was handed a microphone.

"Alrighty. We've got our participant! Now, my friend, you're familiar with this—a test of vocal versatility and stamina! Are you ready to grace us with your voice?"

"Well, I-I—"

"—And let's see 'em!"

Every good set of eyes observed the panel, three little boxes with empty slots, though one had already commenced, browsing for a lyrical.

His three songs were chosen, again, at a random, but revealed to him only when he prepared to sing.

"Alrighty then, your three songs have been selected, but you won't know the names of the others till your song is over. Keeps the suspense, but of course you already knew that."

"But I should warn you—a-all of you—I wasnt expecting to sing—"

"—And that's the beauty of the Random Selection—!"

"—Yes, but...! I-I may be coming down with something—"

His last plea going into a deaf ear, Captain Falcon simply exited the stage, leaving the abandoned Prince Marth in the center to either sink or swim.

Chatter dissipated as light peetered into darkness, though a lone, stream of light illuminated the nobleman.

Somewhere, out in the stands, watched a very anxious set of cerulean eyes shielded behind a pair of black shades. This indiviual wore a black beanie as well, though they did not fully capture the lingering crimson strands of hair poking from beneath his hat and into his orbs. His lips were stretched from ear to ear supon looking at the prince on the screen.

His prince.

A very antsy Roy waited at the very edge of his seat. It was his second time concealing his identity behind dark cloths and successfully marching into Kareoke Friday, and both times he'd gotten to hear his former love sing! Of course he saw that man snuggled so close to him, and was still considerably heartbroken over the "bathroom" incident a couple days ago, but, he was going to support his lover. And he also had a little trick up his sleeve for the mercenary Ike. That indigo-haired man didn't know what was comin' to him.

Sing, sweetheart... C'mon... show those eyes...

His Highness closed his eyes for a momentous second, then, indeed, showed the awaiting audience those familiar spheres flickering with shine.

Shihaisareru yubisaki made

Kuruoshi hodo shibirete

Atama no naka kowarete yuku

Watashi wa ima naze doko

Me no mae kara hikari ga kie

Towa no nemuri shi demo

Sasoi monku

Akai sono kuchibiru

Shibireru kokoro odoru midarete yuku

Sono chi ni oborete somaru

Mihatenu chi ni mukau me wa

Nani wo utsushi dashite yuku no?

Douka douka watakushi wo

Sono te de tsukande ite...

(I'm being controlled all the way to my fingertips

Becoming insanely numb

Inside my head I'm breaking down

Where am I now and why?

The light before my eyes disappears

Permanently sleeping, even death

Tempting complaints

Those scarlet lips

The pounding of my numbing heart becomes disrupted

Stain yourself by drowning in that blood

Eyes facing neverending lands

What do they reflect?

Please please hold me in those hands...)

The disguised Roy sighed... His heart responded overwhelmingly to the prince's voice... a voice fit for a lullaby. It pounded fiercely, aching and longing for His Highness returned stronger than ever before... Though it wouldn't be long... No. It wouldn't be long until he won his heart all over again...

...Anata to no hibi yume mite

Chitte itta hoshitachi mo

Douka douka samenu yo ni

Mune ni te wo ate negau

Yasashii no yara nani na no ka

Ichibyou goto ni iro wo kaeru

Zutto zutto watakushi wo

Sono te de tsukannde ite ai de.

(...The dream and scattered stars

Which I saw with you day after day

I touch my hands to my chest and wish

That I please please won't wake up

What is this tender feeling?

It changes colour every second

Forever and ever hold me in those hands with love.)

The first song closed, a breathless Prince Marth overcome at the cheers and whistles from the restless crowd.

His eyes sparkled at the warmth he felt from their responses! With glazed eyes, the prince waved softly to his fans.

"Th-Thank you—"

"—Whoa! Not one yet partner! Next song: Hit it!"

The music played, Marth hopping right back on his toes, clenching the microphone, concentration intensifying. This piece was, however, rather lax and easeful, allowing him to loosen up a bit...

You followed me annoyingly, and took a deep breath trying to catch me,

who's leaving you alone.

I grabbed your shoulders tightly and loudly said "We're through!"

That the farewell poison has already, without you knowing, spread in my heart...

The disease where my love is slowly dying,

It hurts a little,

but I don't want to get better,

every single memory is erasing,

going back to the times when we were strangers,

I want to rest now...

Roy was mesmerized... Those aglow sapphires saturated in emotion... his prince was forever a majestic man. Oh what he would give to wrap his arms about him securely. To taste his coral lips. To... to love him again. To give him his heart in dire hopes of being received...

...Facing you and taking your hands, with a bitter smile, I said, "Please, be happy"

To find a person who will soothe and embrace the scars that i've left you...

...Though it hurts too much now

some day, you might wipe your lips as a kiss triggers an unpleasant memory,

trying to erase the warmth you felt when I held you in my arms,

cold tears will wash you... (2)

The thought of Roy was irremovably stained into his head while singing this. It took every little muscle in his eyes to hold in those tears that he'd held for him. It was... as if all the films of his eyes could see was a still image of the redhead he once adored. Even when he curtained his eyes, there he was. Smiling, just as he did the last time he saw him happy. The last time he made him smile... Surely somewhere, someone else was making him happy. Whoever it maybe, Marth felt as if he owed them thanks...

That last lyrical piece left the prince somewhat stunned, a plain smile on his lips as he stared softly at his white boots, Roy on his mind. However, there was a following song that was left unsung.

A now settled crowd glimpsed to the screen for the title of the pending song.

...Link's breath hitched deeply in his chest as he recognized instantaneously with a wince and the angel saw.

"Is there something wrong?" he questioned.

The pointy-eared man stood on his feet.

"That's... that's his song," he muttered. Gasping, the blonde—like a brain-dead zombie—and walked to the steps. Pit shot up, "Link? Link, where are you going?"

...Roy was still. Not a muscle in his body would act, obey or shift. The title... he... it was all too familiar. Painfully familiar. And he saw in his former mate's stricken pupils. He had snapped out of his personal trance upon picking up all of these gasps, his heart nearly popping like a balloon in his bosom as he, too, read the title.

"I-I can't sing that..." Prince Marth spoke to the himself, then collected enough boom in his voice to announce to the people, "No. I cannot sing that... that song..."

Captain Falcon, also aware of the title and its significance in accordance to the prince, nodded in respect.

"Ah... O-Okay. Sorry folks, Sakura Sake is, um, well... M'sure we all know—"

"—Looks like we're short a person, but I think two is enough to do the job. Don't you think so, Marth? You are my friend, after all. My best friend."

The spotlight shifted all about the stadium, until finding the very man who'd stood up, who was seriously the last person he'd ever think would look at him.

Link stood just as tall before the hunched prince with a smile that could light the sun alone. He had a microphone clutched in his right hand, and there was a wave of cheers from the darkened stands.


"—You take over Roy's parts. I'll lead for a bit," the blonde man whispered to the confounded one, "You think you can sing this...? It's your test. To see if you have truly moved on... that's why I could not bare to stand by and watch you struggle with yourself. So, are you up for it?"

Prince Marth was, without a doubt, ecstatic that his best pal was talking to him; singing at his side was an added treat! But his reason... yes... it was precisely a test that would ultimately determine his place and feelings about the redhead. Because in the time of Roy, the three of them would perform this song altogether, though it was Roy who took over lead parts.

He sang it flawlessly; the very first time he did perform it, he smiled at the prince, and that is when he felt a Cupid's arrow in his shoulder. It was a pivital time for the blue-blooded man—the time when he first laid his eyes on him—so he really needed this closure. He needed to accept that the man was gone... And by singing this song as silly as it sounds, would provide him with that psychologically.

"I... I can do it. I'll sing," Prince Marth announced, and Douglas clapped his hands.

"Well, folks! Looks like we'll have a third song after all! Annnnnd it appears that Prince Marth'll have some help—from a friend!"

As the millions of spectaters cheered; all seemed to be in favor of this untimely surprise! Ike's heart warmed for the prince. Since the incident, all the nobleman would fret over is relationship status with his former love. They had something special, and he reiterated that he feared it would be shattered forever on a daily basis. Having the blonde up there with him, talking to him, singing with him... he couldn't begin to imagine how ludicrously happy he felt.

And that empatheticness for him brought happiness to him as well.

Pearls twinkling in the light, Prince Marth winked to signal the sound booth they were ready. With a swift look to Link, who nodded, he waved his hand.


And right on cue, the music blasted.




Nigirishimeta te ga nanika iu

Kakedaseba ma ni au sato

Konbini de zasshi tachi yomi shiteta

Kinou no boku ni "Bye-Bye"...

...Hashiri dashita—


—machi no oto wa—!

—Kansei no you...!

...Sakura sake boku no mune no naka ni

Mebaeta na mo naki yume tachi

Furimuku na ushiro ni wa asu wa nai kara

Mae wo muke!

(Those hands clasped together say something

They say, if you dash out you may just be on time

So it's Bye-Bye to the me of yesterday...

...Who'd stand at the convenience store, reading magazines—

The sounds of the street that I dash out onto—

Sound like applause...!

...The cherry blossoms bloom in my heart

Those yet nameless dreams have started to grow

When I turn back to look, it's not tomorrow that's behind me

So I shall head forward!)


Eki mae de dareka utatteru

Sore wa kimi no suki na uta

Tooku hanarete mo kesshite kie nai

Dakara wakare ja nai

Itsuka futari—


—nozomu basho de—!

—Meguri aitai...!

...Sakura sake kimi no mune no naka de

Yureteta chiisana tsubomi yo

Make nai you ni kujike nai you ni ima

Utau kara

Mirai nante sa sugu ni kawaru

Kaete miseru!

(In front of the station, someone's singing

That was your favourite song

No matter how far away I go, it definitely won't fade

That's why it's not a parting.

Someday, I hope—

—the two of us—!

—will meet by chance at the place I'm dreaming of!)

Roy could not believe his own eyes. His cherished and Link on stage singing his—no—their song just as harmoniously and beateously than he? With just as much pep and hype as he...? It was nostalgically beautiful... To this day, he does not even know what force was acting upon his legs that hindered him from getting up and serenading with them...

...Sakura sake boku no mune no naka ni

Mebaeta na mo naki yume tachi

Furimuku na ushiro ni wa asu wa nai kara...

...Mae he! Mae he!

(...The cherry blossoms bloom in my heart

Those yet nameless dreams have started to grow

When I turn back to look, it's not tomorrow that's behind me...

...Forward! Forward!)

A precussional ending, and the audience crackled with excitement. Prince Marth gobbled the blonde up and spoiled him with kisses and love. Roy gave them a standing ovation. It really moved him... It moved him to the point where... where he wanted ever so badly to march down there to reclaim his beautiful prince. But no! It was all too soon!

"Wow! Yet another magnificient performance from Prince Marth and Link! Terrific, fellas, terrific! I'm suer if our Roy was here, he'd be so proud of you two! Fantastic, fantastic!" the host praised.

The pair of friends stepped down from their pedestals on stage, murmurs and speculation following them as they were bound for backstage. Still clinging to him like grape jelly, the giddy bluenette tugged at the Hyrulean's sleeve. Once clearly out of the limelight and into the make-up hall, the blonde man spun on his heel and soulfully embraced the man on his arm. It got a few blinks from the prince, but straightly after he wrapped his arms about him as tightly as he could. He did not want to let go of that man for anything in the world.

Because that was indeed his best friend, and it felt so much better to love than to hate...

Link pulled back slightly to look at the face of the man that... betrayed him, only to not find that man. Yes, he found someone entirely different. An... emotional one, one with jumbles of words to spout and not knowing how to voice every single one without tying his own tongue. His sockets bore liquid that he fiercefully tried to wipe away, which roused a giggle from Link himself.

"Aw. Don't cry. You'll ruin your—" and it was that very moment that the blonde man witnessed the unbelievable. Marth removed his hands from his aquamarines, and there was no streak of black in sight. No residue, no nothing. Link—beyond bafled—rested his hands on the prince's naturally tinted cheeks.


"You're... You're not wearing any make up!" announced Link, grinning along with the royal one.

"Well, just tell the world, why don't you?"

"Oh, Marth! You look so handsome and imperfect!" Link hit his shoulder, "I told you you didn't need that stuff... What brought along this?"

"This... This entire situation. Which reminds me..."

Prince Marth lowered himself upon a knee.

"Come now, Marth. This isn't necessary... Stand up," a red Link muttered, peering around for onlookers.

But he was ignored.

With his right hand in Marth's clasp, the prince planted an apologetic kiss upon his forepalm, thusly peering back up into his eyes with the most humblest expression any prince could manifest.

"Link, I am... so, so very sorry for my actions. I... I was incredibly selfish and I hadn't a care in the world how that would—"

"—Marth, this isn't the time nor place to be discussing that. Let's do it over lunch tomorrow or something—"

The noble popped onto his feet.

"—Then allow me to treat you to dinner!"

Link blank at the alarming movement.


"Yes! I'll pay for everything! Anything you want!"

"Now spending your money is definitely not necessary!"

"No, please! It's the very least I can do for you! I... I never thought you'd ever speak to me again, let alone look at me, Link. You were so angry that day, I thought you were going to eat me alive... I love you, Link. It is a love that is unreplaceable. And to not have that love is like losing you and Roy. I lost him, but I refuse to lose you!"

And he hugged the blonde sweetly... who felt the love for him seeping through his pores and suffocating him with an invisible blanket of humbleness.

Link closed his eyes... "Well... alright. If you insist."

"Yes! Sunday evening! Do not forget!"

"I won't, Marth."

And the Prince marched away, skipping on by...

Link could only grin... He knew he wouldn't be capable of avoiding him for too long. Why, avoiding Marth would be like trying to avoid getting sand in one's shoes in a desert. It just wasn't going to happen. He had already forgiven him—of course his actions would not be forgotten—but Ike? No. It would take a hell of a lot to summon the mental and emotional strength not to slap that piteous man straight in the face.

"No! Pit! Tell that lady to leave me alone! I'm not puttin' on that girly stuff!"

His biding hurt for that man diminished at this new stirring. Link channeled his attention to a fussing Popo, Nana and Pit, who he caught staring at him with a confounded expression.

Oh, that's right. Nana and Popo's acrobatic routine was after the Random Selection.

He rushed over, Pit breaking out in spasms, redirecting his focus to Popo and the make-up artist.

"Uhh, he'll be fine, ma'am, th-thank you!"

Popo smirked in victory as the woman walked off. That's when Link arrived on scene.

"Link! We're finally up next!" Nana pronounced before the blonde could even produce a breath.

"Ah, yes! You are, aren't you? You'll do fine, I'm sure."

"Some lady tried to put make up on my face... That stuff's for girls—"

"—That'll be enough, Popo. She just wanted you to be presentable when you performed, that's all. And um, speaking of make up, you two go on ahead and wait by the entrance. I'll meet you there in a sec, 'kay? Off you go! Off, off, off—And don't touch anything!"

And with a few pats to the smalls of their backs, the pair raced one another to their instructed area.

Link cocked his head in question... Pit had emphasized make up.

"Is there something that you'd like to discuss, Pit?" nervously asked the blonde. The archer's eyes shied away from this smooth voice.

"You and Prince Marth? You are friends now?"

"Well, um, yes. We're friends again. Of course, it's going to take some time to regain all my trust in him, but, he's still my friend. He'll always be special to me—"

"—After what he's done to you? How he's hurt you? How he's made you cry—the both of them—?"

"—He is my friend. We have a bond deeper than you could ever imagine; I've told you that before, haven't I? I could give less of a damn about Ike, but I can never keep my back turned on Marth—!"

A suddenly fiery Link retorted with tense brows, but a just as spicy, piqued Pit responded, now staring pointblank into those restless oceans.

"—But he doesn't deserve anything! He doesn't deserve—!"

"—Who are you to say what he deserves and what he doesn't? You haven't begin to understand what he's been through! He's crossed me, yes, but I have forgiven him...! I thought you of all people would understand that. You're an angel, right? You forgive those that have done you wrong? You love them? Maybe you should start practicing what you preach!"

Pit's entire visage shifted, blinking as if sand had been thrown in his eyes.

...Those words.




Those words did not fit his once gentle, sweet-talking Link.

Because words spilling form those sweet lips made his heart soar.

Those words were one more syllable short of obliterating it. And Link could definitely tell that he had done something wrong—those words, and that tone that he'd used was foreign to him as well.

"And up next, we have our very own Ice Climbers Popo and Nana with an amazing acrobatics routine for us all!"

Pit, now shivering a little bit, softened his face, but the tense eyebrows lingered.

"C'mon Nana, Popo... Let's get you two on stage..." he told himself, walking away.


...The winged one walked to the mini Smashers, guiding them to the stairs with a false smile.

"Now you two do your best...! And be careful! Do not try anything risky and do not go off schedule for anything in this world! Popo, you make sure Nana—"

"—Piiiiit! We'll be okay!" Popo pleaded, quite annoyed.

"Yeah, you shouldn't worry about us so much—!"

"—About everything, actually—" the boy intruded.


"—Nana...? Popo? We're all waiting!" Captain Falcon said.

The ice-climbing female gave her guardian a tender hug.

"See ya, Pit! Don't worry, okay?"

And the pint-sized Smashers went on stage to do their thing, waves of greetings ringing in their little ears.

...Pit was stunned in his shoes by the whispered words of Popo. Even though he thought that he was... a bit of a worry wart, he only worried—he only went that extra mile—to ensure their safety. To protect them.

That's all he wanted to accomplish. To protect the people he loved from all the faces of pain, even if it meant shrouding them with overbearing annoyance.

Even if it meant... practically pissing them off.

Popo voiced what he'd been mentally fighting himself over. He tried to let up, he tried to break that difficult habit, but it was his angelic nature. Protection was his forte, his niche. To simply "back off" was not of his liking... He was not able to stop.

For love outweighed all reasoning.

Link stood behind him for a few moments, twiddling his fingers. He'd snuck up behind him during his epiphany, bearing with him a heartfelt apology.

"...Pit? Pit, I'm—"

"—Do I honestly worry too much? I-I don't mean to bother anyone. Or annoy anyone. I just... I just want to protect everyone. That's all I wish to do; I hate pain..." he about-faced to meet the blonde's hues, "...I care for you, Link. And Marth may promise to never ever hurt you again. But I cannot help how I feel. I do not want you weeping on my shoulder again, I do not want you to be pitiful or... or think less of yourself. I—! I... I don't like it when you're taken advantage of. I won't ever let that happen again! Not to you! Because angels do not allow their friends to walk blindly into pain!"

...Link stood stupefied before a beautiful indiviual. An understanding one. One who genuinely care for his wellbeing. Never would he think that this angel, someone he'd only knew little about personally, would be as sheltering towards him as he was... and fierce about it, too.

It was... a friend's love.

And it bewildered the Hyrulean to some extent, but slowly, slowly, he embraced the brunet, who shakily responded back with his arms.

"I'm sorry, Pit," he muttered crisply in his red ears, "I apologize for challenging you. You're a nice person, and I appreciate you for caring about me so... Thank you."

Pit pulled back, just to catch those breathtaking orbs in their natural state. And time paused for him. Link was just so... unbelievably gorgeous. His sharp jaws, soft skin, long, exotic ears and beady, blue eyes... like turquoise sequins.

Do it! Tell him!

No... not now! Pit mentally retorted to himself. He'd been doing a lot of that for the past few weeks they'd been hanging around each other.

What do you mean, "not now"? He's practically slobbering all over you! Tell him now!

It's not time yet! Not now... not just yet...

Oh yeah? Not if I can help it—

"—Link!" "Pit—?"

Neither male spoke another word after that.

"Y-You go first, Link."

"No, Pit, you."

"No really, Link. What were you going to say?"

The archer sighed with a mild blush, "Uhm... well, there's something that I've been wanting to ask you for a while now..."

The brunet angel's heart rate skyrocketed. Could it be? A confession? Has Link been feeliung the very same for all this time?


"I just wanted to know... has your room always been white? No color at all? Just... bare?"

Pit felt as if he'd been knocked by a two ton mallet.

"Oh... yeah... always white," he humdrumingly replied, releasing him.

"I figured that. I mean, when I first walked into your room it was plain, despite all your beautiful figurines, and my, do you have some beautiful ones. I'd rather have them complimented, you know? By a color... it would liven up your dorm, I bet!"

"I've wanted to paint it a yellow-ish sorta color—"

"—Dandelion yellow! That would be brilliant! So, my question is..." Link hunched forward a little bit, "Would you allow me to... paint your room? I-I know it's a little awkward to be asking you this, but better now before I forget."


And Link's pupils sparkled with joy.

"Really? You'll let me?"

"Why not? I'll help you out if you want."

And a very content Link encompassed the brunet swiftly.

"Then it's settled—!" Cheers broke out within the stadium, "—Oh yeah. We'd better get going if we want to see the rest of the kids' performance. Now what was it you were going to say?"

Pit, engrossed by Link's beauty, but now brought back to earth, blinked from his spell.


"I interrupted you earlier. Weren't you going to say something?"

"Oh, that! Uh... no."


"Yeah... it was n-nothing."

"...Are you sure?" the blonde pushed with a coaxing tone. Pit almost said it... He almost managed to get it out. But something held his tongue and clamped his lips shut.

"Yep, completely sure," he assured with a—literally—cheeky smile. And the two young men took their seats to partake in watching the duo of daredevils parade in the sky.


"...And here you are! Thank you for coming out tonight! Enjoy your evening!"

Prince Marth kindly handed a middle-aged woman an autographed portrait of himself and waved, genuinely smiling. She trotted away with her lady friends, giggling expectedly. Ike stood to the side with his arms folded, waiting on the prince to finish up the few autographs he had left to dish out. Now prior to the infamous situation they were in, they'd be out there for hours at a time signing pictures and oftentimes taking them. But now, the amount of people seemed to be halved from the original count, but the prince was happy that he retained some loyal fans.

After a full hour of signing portraits, it boiled down to four, patient spectators. As Prince Marth began to prepare a signature for a little girl, a certain comment caught his ears... and the last person in line.

"Man... I've never been this close to Prince Marth before! The lines would always be crazy long, but I've finally gotten the chance! He's even sexier up close..." purred one quite normal-looking man to his neighboring pal.

"Yeeeah... Y'know, I heard he can undo a button with his own tongue."

The prince flinched a little at that remark, a very unsettling nauseousness pooling at the pit of his being. Why must people talk of such things?

"For real? Heh, makes me wonder what else he can undo, know what I mean—?"

"—HEY. Knock it off!"

The pair stepped aside to reveal the wielder of that powerful, passionate voice. Ike was reflexively brought to attention, and Prince Marth, too, peered up to meet eyes with this unknown yet bold indiviual.

The fully dark-clothed man with the peeking, crimson bangs shook a little in his shoes, but stood strong and seculded behind his black sunglasses. Roy squeezed his eyes shut in hopes that his voice did not give away his identity too much. But then, he was feeling as though being outspoken wasn't a bad idea. He couldn't nor would he stand by and listen to some meatheads degrade his prince no longer. No sir, he would not.

"What's his problem?"

"C'mon, let's go."

The men walked off, leaving the redhead behind with the lone prince, the mysterious one, and a standoffish Ike.

Shoot! I knew this was a bad idea—!

He turned on his heel to sprint for his life.


At the very command of His Highness, the former swordsman didn't dare take a step further. With his back turned against him, Roy panicked, shivering like crazy, and not from the biting cold.

Crap, crap, crap!

Prince Marth slowly stood up from his chair, pupils glued on the other man's onyx trenchcoat. He was an odd one, he so personally thought, but there was something about this odd one. From his suspicious beanie where a colony of rebellious red locks flared on the nape of his neck, to his winter combat boots that seemed to have collected a hoard of snow on the way. Ike thought he looked conniving more than anything; he'd have to keep a fine eye on this one.

"That was... very nice of you," Marth softly spoke, inching closer to this male. Roy simply nodded his head, calculating his next possible move.

What can I do? If I talk, he'll realize who I am right off the bat! I can't allow that to happen... Master Hand said I must not reveal myself until the appropriate time, but... oh how I yearn to see his face. Man, this is bad. I can't stay here for much longer... I... I have to leave.

Again, he started for the nearest coliseum exit—

"—Stop, please!"

His order never failed; Roy cursed himself.

Marth walked closer, "Don't rush yourself! There has to be a reason why you've come here. You wanted an autograph, right? Well, as you can see, I've got plenty left over."

The bluenette spun around to gather one of his portraits and marker, walking until he stood before the slightly taller male, who now looked to his boots, "Now, who may I write this one out to?"

"Ro—" he stopped himself, grunting, "—uh—Roooooux. (1)"

"...Roux? Did I hear that right?" Marth uncapped his permanent marker, running his brows into one another.

Roy nodded.

"Okay..." and he began to write, the black marker squeaking, "To my... very outspoken friend Roux. Love, Marth... Here you are."

"Roux" accepted the signed portrait, gulping. It was Roy's most treasured photo: A timeless black and white, Marth wearing a teasing smile, his eyes gently glowing while his hair was whisked away by an invisible wind. It was a picture of eloquent elegance... It was the picture framned romantically on his nightstand. The one he wished "Goodnight" to religiously before laying his head on his pillow every single night.

"Well, have a nice evening, Roux. Be safe; come back next week!"

And Roy hightailed out of there, leaving a very puzzled and dazed Prince Marth behind in the dust.

"Man, do you attract the weirdest people," Ike set a hand on his broad shoulder. Marth kept his eyes on "Roux's" backside, smiling.

There's something about him that stirs me.

"C'mon, let's go eat before there's nothing left. Then I'll be pissed."

And Ike started on his way, Marth staggering behind... then stopping, watching and waiting until the man blended into the canvas of the black night. It was quite some time till the mercenary noticed his sluggishness.

"Marth! You comin' or what?" he called.



Saturday came, and typically for the cobalt-haired men, there was absolutely nothing to do. Their comrades frolicked in the heavy snow—Ike figured they would've gotten sick of it by now—whereas others smartly stayed inside doing whatever they saw fit for a day like that. The mercenary chose this day to ultimately tidy up his dormitory, because it looked as if a thousand tornadoes ripped through with an intent to kill anything and everything. Or maybe that was an exaggeration.

In the process of making his space more execeptional, he'd dug up some tickets—a pair of them. Guessing they were old and as useless as a used hankerchief he was as little as three seconds away from tossing them behind his back, thusly getting rid of them forever. But wait, they were still of some use! Why they were the tickets that he'd purchased a while ago—tickets to the fall carnival nearby.

They were still valid, for it was the last day of the autumn festivities. And since there were two, he must've been planning to go with Link upon buying them, but since they were not an item, the other ticket was a waste. Unless, he could find someone else to go with him. Oh, who was he kidding, he wasn't on good terms with anyone else in the manor, excluding the prince. Yeah, he'd try Marth and see what he was up to and what his plans were for that day. He wanted to do something; he wanted to be proactive today.

He wanted to get out.

I'll clean this up later...

(Marth's Dorm...)

May 19th... 12:55 A.M.

Prince Marth can be the most romantic man in the world. It's funny how at one moment, he makes me want to chew his head off. And the next, I feel as though I would die without him by my side. We had yet another misunderstanding, but this man is grotesquely enchanting. Beautiful with his actions, light with his movement, charming with his eyes... It's not healthy. It's up and down with him all the time! I'm fed up with it... but I love him all the same. Link suggested that we try one more time with a calming dinner date away from the mansion tomorrow.

I can only hope and pray that this works...


"Another glass of fruit juice, love?"

Roy lazily bit off a piece of ham, "Sure."

Prince Marth took his mate's glass, departing to the juice counter with a long, gentle kiss to the cheek.

"I love you, Roy. You know that, right?"


A half smile and a second peck—this one longer—and off he went to the bar. Link—who had been watching from Princess Zelda's table—politely excused himself, then bolted to Roy's table. He'd known about their argument the previous night, but since the young couple appeared to be talking, he presumed that everything was alright between them once again.

"Mornin', Roy!"

The redhead sighed with crestfallen lips, "Good Morning, Link."

"Everything alright?"

That's when Roy shot him an expression that answered his inquiry, and one that spoke for itself, catching the message. The Hyrulean rolled his eyes... What was he going to do with them?

"That's how I feel, Link! I'm tired of this, too! It's driving me insane..."

"I thought everything was good now! What happened this time...?"

Roy drenched his waffle in maple syrup. "The typical: Fuss and fight. Get tired. Apologize. Make-up sex. Call it a night."

Link shrugged, "Well? That's not good enough?"

"'Not good enough'? Link, it's the same ol' song! We're always fighting... and over some of the dumbest of things, but it feels as if it's over a matter of life and death! My heart is in shambles. At one minute I'm as happy and in love with him as any giddy, lovestruck fool would be. The other... he's... he's intolerable. He won't listen to me, he disrespects me, he offends me... I can't do it—"



"—Marth? Hey, Marth, you up?"

The prince flinched at the loud knocks; Consequently, Roy's diary had been shut. He registered that it was Ike, flung himself off his comfy bed and answered the call of his comrade.


Marth looked himover. Ike seemed to be dressed casually and warmly. He himself just slipped on some shorts and a tee. He hadn't planned on going anywhere today. Was he heading out some place?

"Oh, uh... Hey. Morning."

"Good morning to you as well, Ike. I see you are dressed nicely today!"

"Yeah, I was, uh, getting ready to head out to the fall carnival. I've got an extra ticket, so, I thought about asking you and... seeing if you'd like to go with me. Unless you're busy..." the mercenary took a peek inside the nobleman's dorm, spotting a thick, onyx book, "...It looks like you were reading, or relaxing."

"Oh no! It's nothing! I'm avaliable today. Let me just slip on something really quick and I'll be ready to go, okay?"

"Alright. I'll just... wait here."

"You can come inside if you'd like. I'll only be a few, I promise!"

Ultimately, Ike shuffled inside, sitting at the side of the prince's bed. Marth scurried inside his spacious closet, picked a few clothes, and scurried right on out.

"Be right out," he assured, stepping into his bathroom, all smiles, disappearing behind the ivory door.

Ike returned the smirk, his orbs then free to wander wherever they pleased. Quite noticeably, Marth's novel rested and closed undisturbed near the end of his bed.

Another book?

Ike salvaged it, admired its unique texture, looking for any words indicating a title. He found none, which even enticed him even more about the book.

Must've thrown the jacket away.

He opened it, landing instantly on the page the prince last left. He observed the handwriting, surprised that he did not find printed words like one would see in a regular published novel. It... looked to him that it was a diary. But since when did Prince Marth keep a journal, and why didn't he know about it? Nevertheless, he carried on, deciding to pick up where the blue-blooded bluenette left off.

"—It's not the same anymore, at least, not for me it is. The kisses, the sex... it's not passionate. It's not pleasurable. Not special... I love him, yes, and he's trying so hard to keep us together., but maybe... maybe it's time to split—"

"—No Roy. No... You can't possibly mean that!" Link protested and questioned, for those words swept him back in time to the day he and Prince Marth were settled warmly in his dorm, baking him the malfunctioned animal cookies, and the prince running to and fro like a headless chicken, unsure of how he'd confess to his crush. The fear in his heart, the excitement in his eyes...

Prince Marth loved Roy with a love text failed to express, and for Roy to talk of separation—like princesses discussing fashion over tea—was unacceptable to the blonde!

"I can't have a partner that kisses me with the very same lips that curse me. I don't deserve that. Maybe we're not compatible—"

"—And so your only option is breaking it off? Just like that? If that's the case, then, I say you are not as strongly and deeply in love with Marth as you claim."

Roy winced at this presumption.

"Excuse me? Link, if I did not love this man with every fiber that exists in me, do you think I would have put up with his foolishness for this long? Do you think I would be voluntarily wasting my time and my limited breath having this conversation with you on whether I should rid myself of him? Why, if I didn't love him, and if I was without a heart I would walk right on over there and break it off right this very instant! But what causes me to falter in doing this? My love for him, that's what! I love, love, love my prince and I have tried everything possible to keep the both of us happy, but my efforts seem to be in vain! I wish to stay in a relationship with Marth, but I also wish to stop hurting and being without him seems to be the only way!"

Tears pricked his azures, colorful emotions to be the blame as warm waves coaxed the liquid drops to fall.

But no! He refused to start babbling again. It was as if he didn't have enough of those nights where he silently wept himself to sleep in his lover's arms. Link consolingly pet his shoulder. He understood his pain, though never really experiencing something like that for himself, but, the rare, human trait of empathy granted him access to his heart.

"I want to do something, Link...! But... I don't know what to do."

That was Roy's way of indirectly pleading for help. He'd been trying not to rely on the archer's guidance for the last, few arguments; Link had later told him that asking for help did not show weakness.

"When's the last time you and Marth had a nice, evening dinner with one another?"

"...The night before?"

"Nooo... Like, away from the mansion and out to a nice restaurant? Has he ever taken you out to eat?"

"Oh, uh..." Roy put some honest thought into it, "...I don't think he has."

"Then why not start? From what I'm getting, you desire closeness with your lover. You two need to get away, is all! To talk over things in a relaxed atmosphere. Everything's tense around you both, and it's driving the two of you from each other. I think you should ask Marth about it. I'm sure he would agree. I hate seeing you two unhappy and clawing at each other all the time," Link stood as he caught his other comrade approaching, "I miss the feeling of my stomach turning inside out when finding you two just about connected by your mouths."

Those words tickled the redhead's stomach, which in turn, roused hearty laughter that painted a fresh blush on the tips of his cheeks and the brink of his nose. He missed those days, too...


"—No need to thank me, Roy. Anything for you."

"Well... that and... You need to get laid, my friend."

With that humorous, bold suggestion soaking into the blanched archer, Prince Marth reclaimed his spot in his chair, placing his love's drink next to his waffles.

"Oh! Why hello, Link. Good morning to... you...?" Link, dragging his boots across the reflective floor, did not produce a sound as he shuffled out of the mansion with the look of an outsmarted, outwitted master.

"Um... alright. Well, Roy they didn't have anymore fruit juice, so I settled for apple juice. I hope that is alright with you."

"It's fine, thank you," spoke Roy, with a true-blue smile.

Prince Marth bowed his head in understanding, this smile going unnoticed, raising his knife and fork to being consuming his own waffle. A warm hand nestled itself under his chin, which hiked his head up. Roy rose out of his seat, leaning across the talbe, and capturig his mate's lips by utter surprise. The noble blinked, but relished in the wonderful sensation of the sweetest lips on that side of the galaxy pressing against his. Roy—getting his fill—pulled away slowly, his smooth fingertips tracing his underside, grinning to his prince as he promised with all he had, "I love you—"



Faster than light had Prince Marth snatched the book out of his hands. It was so startlingly sudden and swift, Ike had to ask himself was he actually reading it minutes before... if it was acutally in his hands.

Confusion embraced him.

Ike, his sapphires digging holes into his empty hands, now cautiously peeled his body from the royal one's bed. He eyeballed the latter, who had frantically raced to his elegant wooden drawers. He threw the book inside, and shut the compartment, heaving... and heaving... and heaving. He steadily gained each one of his senses back, and his shattered composure. Why had he reacted in such a way? It was... it was just Roy's diary, and after all, he'd left it on his bed open for invitation. Of course any sane person would want to do a little snooping.

But... that journal. It was special to him. It was the last tangible piece of his beloved he had left. It belonged in no other hands than his own, because that's where he thought it to be the safest place. In his arms.

"Uh... I'm sorry Marth—"

"—No, it's fine. You're alright."

The prince arose to his toes, dusting himself and flaunting a princely smile. Ike's eyes permeated far past that plastic smile. Now probably wasn't the time to be discussing his momentous "freak out"; they were a few minutes away from having fun with one another.

"Okay... Ready to go?"


And the swordsmen parted from the mansion, bundled comfortably for their little outing.


Amid the now light, drizzlzing snow, the fall carnival retained its colorful liveliness. The sun was beginning to set on the wintry horizon. Multicolored, dazzling lights and neon signs showed their true colors. There were still balloons, candies, exotic gifts and flavorful foods. Rambunctous children were scurrying here and there, layered and fluffy like colorful marshmallows. Rides were still functioning properly under such conditions, but staff ascertained top safety for all their riders for that final day.

The mercenary Ike and Prince Marth arrived right on time, the prince politely offering to purchase his own admission and treats, but Ike insisted and insisted on taking care of everything financially. A gentleman.

Truly, he had come for the snacks and the side booths that hosted many challenges. Along with winning one, as always, a reward was given. Most of them were various stuffed animals, big and small. He really didn't care much for them, but Marth found happiness in their cute faces and proudly toted them about on his shoulders and in a gallon-sized bag when they began to add up rapidly. Not that he was completely useless in these challenges. Whilst Ike dominated and excelled in the physical-oriented competitions, Prince Marth found his strength in the more intellectual mind games.

There was one specific game where a woman or man would try and guess your age. Well, Marth participated and was extremely flattered when the lady estimated younger than he actually was, and so much so, that it was in the range of winning a large, stuffed animal instead of the unattractive trinkets. He chose a green hippo, figuring Link would like something like that. He wished that his buddy could've come. It would be... sort of like a bonding day. But the issue of Ike being there would make things unavoidably awkward for them all. Still, he had their evening dinner to look forward to!

Another little side game he took a liking to was the three cups or more game with a single object under one.

One would shuffle them and ask the person which cup the object hid under. The prince, being swift with his eyes, would guess correctly every time, becoming the proud owner of three white, blue and yellow sheep.

He appeared to have gotten lucky in such games like the pond ducklings. The objective of this game was to choose one of thse identical water ducks, and whatever color you chose, you would find the corresponding shade on the differentiating types of prizes and you would only pick a prize within that shade. The most common color was white, which consisted of smaller, cheaper gifts. And Prince Marth did not like cheap. Yellow was medium, blue was large, and pink was extra large.

Fortunately for him, he attracted more blue than anything. Though he had been aiming hungrily for a pink-bellied duck, having his eyes on this jumbo-sized bunny. He used all of his tickets trying to win that bubby-eyed rabbit staring adoringly and longingly at him—or so he imagined. But... his winning streak ended; he ran out of luck, and his winnings were a frog, giraffe, three T-Rexes, a rainbow fish and an elephant...

All out of tickets and not bothering to ask Ike for two of his, he reluctantly left the stand.

Since it was a carnival, most of the prizes were the same. And so the bunny rabbit's cousins hiked high in the air taunted the prince. The mercenary witnessed the entire escapade when he went fishing for that pink duckling, and recognized his want for that fluffy animal.

"You hungry?" he asked his comrade, scents of cooking hot dogs coaxing his stomach and it had been doing that the moment they set foot in the fair.

"Mn..." Marth paused, as if listening to his stomach, "...a little. A snack would be nice. Do they have candy apples?"

"Yep. I'll be right back, here you go," Ike gave him his bag, loaded and blended with his animals, "And hey. Watch out for that kid over there. He's been eyeing your bag for... a while."

And Ike made his way over to the eatery, Marth settling down at the nearest table, sighing as he soon realized that his beloved bunny was a handful of paces away. If only he hadn't spent all his money and tickets elsewhere...

...A chilling cry alarmed him. One fit for an upset child.

Prince Marth directed his eyes to the place he thought the noise came from. A small, red-faced boy, about the height to where his knee cap was, was bawling to his mother as if he lost his favorite toy. After much investigating and eavesdropping, that was just the case. And that had been the kid Ike was just warning him about.

Dressed in a puffy, blue winter coat, the child pointed to the prince, and the mother followed his finger. She then shook her head in a disapproving manner, grabbing his hand and escorting him to the eatery line where Ike waited to place his order. But he resisted her tug by countering it with his own staggering force, giving his mother an even tougher time. And he was stirring up quite a scene.

I think he wants one of my stuffed animals...

Marth's eyes observed his swelling pouch of toys; surely they wouldn't all fit in his dorm. Plus, they would be much more valued in a young child's arms opposed to a grown man's corner simply for show. So, being kind and generous, the prince brought his sack to the fussing and tussling boy, tapping him lightly on his wee shoulder. It was if it was a magical touch, because the screeches ceased instantaneously. The little boy turned his round, pudgy head to look at the intruder, immediately identifying him as the tall man with all the toys, including the one he lost.

"Hello there, young one. Aw, did you lose your toy?"

Nervous, he lifted his head, giving him one sharp nod.

"Well... You can have one of my toys. Any one you want!"

He opened the mouth of his bag, stepping back to allow the child to fish for his preferred toy, but... he simply stood before the mammoth-sized bag. He could've easily gotten lost in it now that the prince thought about it.

"Wex," the boy peeped, chewing a finger.

"'Wex'?" Marth knitted his brows.

"Rex. He's... trying to say 'Rex'. He set his little T-Rex down for one minute and the next it was no where to be found," his mother kindly clarified.

"Oooh, T-Rex! Actually, I think have quite a couple of those guys in here. One moment," the nobleman then turned to his colorful bag, "Oh yes! Here's one... and another... and there's this one, too..."

Meanwhile, a happy Ike received his precious hot dog, and the requested crimson candy apple, starting for the table that he previously saw the prince stationed at. Thing is, he wasn't there.

Odd... Where could he have gone?

Taking a large bite out of his refreshment, he stood firm, eyes scanning and searching for a certain, cobalt-haired man wearing a tiara, when he was just actually a couple of paces in front of him with that kid... and assumably his mother.

Ike swallowed, monitoring the situation from afar.

"...A green one, a yellow one, or a red one. You may have whichever one you like—"

The little, rosy-cheeked tyke launched himself at the yellow, animated T-Rex, yanking it from the hands of the prince, the smile created on his face for being reunited with his dinosaur—priceless.

"Thank you, sir! Oh, thank you! I was afraid he would never stop crying."

A grand smile lit up his visage, "No problem, ma'am. My pleasure," he kneeled to the young boy, "Now you have fun with him, okay? Don't let him go this time!"

He thanked him in the most understandable "Thank you" a little one like him could concoct, moving forward in line along with his appreciative mother.

"Aw... That was so sweet Marth."

With a turn, the prince locked pupils with a grinning, chewing Ike, who offered him his glittering candy treat.

"Here ya go. Last one, too."

"Heh, thank you," Marth removed the plastic, "The boy lost his dinosaur, so I gave him one of ours. You don't mind, do you?"

"'Course not! That was very kind of you. I'm sure he appreciates you for that..."

And so the swordsmen journeyed back to their table. As Marth munched on his candied apple and held conversation with Ike, those sapphires just kept drifting to the baby blue bunny across the cemented road...

"You want that rabbit, don't you?" Ike finally asked.

"More than anything... But I haven't a ticket left..."

Without another word, the mercenary handed him what was remaining of his hot dog—which was virtually nothing—starting off to the game stand.

Now at this little stand was a game that tested strength. It included a wedge mallet fit for crushing a skull, a cushioned button that, when hit, would launch a piece of metal up a lengthy and numbered board that stood... maybe ten feet tall, give or take. Reigning on top was a rusty, metal bell, which would ring when struck, supposedly by the metal block. The board displayed the numbers zero to one hundred, where the bell was nestled. Whoever struk the bell would win one of the jumbo prizes.

On the outside, it seemed simple. Even Ike thought so. But by the looks of things, the most other contenders could produce was a borderline fifty.

Three unsuccessful persons later, it was Ike's shot. Ceruleans were set on that bell, winning that gigantic rabbit for his pal. The manager of this game held his hand out to the bluenette. He presented him with his ticket, and in exchange, he was given the mallet.

"Alrighty, here you go sir. Whenever you're ready. Just hit the cushion and hope for a one hundred."

Ike swung the mallet a little... and was befuddled. Why, this mallet weighed no more than Ragnell; the man nearly labored passing the thing to him, and his physique wasn't at all towards the meager side.

Maybe it was just him.

Relaxing himself, Ike set the iron hammer on his shoulder. Two seconds, and he struck the cushion, a sound rivaling thunder resounding in everyone's ears, a grunt following it as he gave it everything he had— which was a bit much. The bell rang sharply as the metal collided into it, flying off of the board and into the sky... or... wherever it went.

The manager was speechless, as was all the stunned passerbys.

"IKE YOU DID IT!" Marth cheered, leaping to his feet. He ran over, shoving others out of his path in order to reach him, "Oh, thank you, thank you!"

"No problem, bud. Go on, tell 'im which one ya want."

He requested the rabbit and got it, toting it about on his shoulders as Ike now dragged around his envious bag of animals.

After swirling about in decored bowls and indulging in more fattening treats, Ike had come to two, final tickets. They'd rode nearly everything, won everything, and played every single side game. All that was left was the ferris wheel; Marth insisted that they rode it before leaving since the beginning of their outing. Ike had the tickets to do it. It was a fairly large one, but the people carts could not accomodate all of the prince's winnings. All except for Rufus, his newly acquired bunny. The ferris wheel manager promised to keep the rest of the animals safe, but he could not trust her with his bunny, so it rode with the prince instead.

In cart six, did they ride. It was rather refreshingly large for only two people, though Rufus counted as a third, but he sat of the opposite side of the men.

It had been a long day for the both of them, and all Ike wanted to do from that moment forward was relax and rest a little...

"Had fun?" he asked, stretching out.

But Prince Marth was too preoccupied looking out of the plastic window, cold, winter air caressing his face as he peered to the darkening heavens, spotting the very first twinkling stars that pierced through the fabric of the sky. There was nostalgia in all of this... Licks of scarlet painting over blue, the blazing sun hiding half of itself from the earth...

...Two new lovers—a redheaded swordsman and a blue-haired prince—all cooped up in a cart on a ferris wheel twenty minutes, both nervous wrecks, but with mouthfuls to say to one another. But all it took was one look. A look, a touch, a kiss...

...Roy had been on his mind for quite some time this week. It rose questions within, but it did not hurt him as much as it used to. He wondered about that.

And with Roy fresh on his mind...

"This place is very special to me," Marth faced the interested mercenary, who had already had his pupils tacked on him, "Roy and I went here, two years ago just about. We were a new pair, dating for some months; we wanted to do something special. Although it had been some time, we were still so shy towards each other. But here... On this very same ferris wheel, we loosened up. We became stronger together... I don't know why I brought that up. It's just... I've been thinking of him a lot lately—maybe it had a lot to do with "Sakura Sake"... And yes, the book you were reading earlier today, that was his diary."


"Yes. He left it behind when he decided to quit on us... I've been reading it since that day; it has everything in it: his deepest desires, his heartache, his urges, his dreams, even his little crushes on Link, and... as you most likely read in that entry, our ups and downs that I'd hoped to fix. He did not give me that opportunity. But I am beginning to think that I didn't deserve one. I assumed that since he loved me so, he'd always stick around. He'd tolerate me and my... drolly attitude, so I kept pushing it and pushing it... until the day I inevitably pushed him away. He hasn't come back since..."

Hopeful azures looked below, the citizens magically turned into ants by the height. The gorgeous, setting sun seemed to have moved closer, glowing as red as Roy's hair...

"...But whenever he told me that he loved me—that he'd never leave me—I believed him. There wasn't a time when I second-guessed or was not at all convinced. He was faithful. Truthful to his word. And so I ask myself, despite it being two years since I had last seen him, if he still loves me, will he eventually come back for me?"

Ike, touched by Marth's openness, and the fact he trusted him enough to be told such information about his past love, scooted undetectably to his side, wrapping an arm around the prince's shoulder, pulling himself and his entire body upon him. Such warmth and intimacy comforted Marth; he relaxed into his hold.

"I think you should take your own advice. If this Roy really loves you, he'll do everything in his power to get back to you. Everything."

Prince Marth turned to look into the mercenary's orbs... he could sense if he honestly meant what he said by doing so.

"You... really think he'll come back...?"

"Yep. You're a good man. A little thick-headed at times, but you mean well. I'm sure he'll be back. Till then, though, I'll be takin' care of ya."


And the mercenary found himself entangled in his comrade's arms.

"Thank you..." he breathed, breath broken, "Thank you, Ike."

Link had told them those same, exact words on those cold nights. He just needed a refresher... a reminder. With Ike there to keep him level-headed, he could get through this... he knew he could.

And now, with a renewed hope, the prince, Ike, and Rufus watched the sun sink into the earth.

Well, there you go! I hope to never let an update take this long ever again. I put a lot of thought into this chapter... adding and deleting stuff (although it seems as though the deleting wasn't enough, huh? xD) Often did I think to sever this chapter into two parts, but I was already a third of the way finished when I thought of that, so I just said, "What the heck..." and pushed on through the writer's blocks. If anyone wants me to make the chapters a tad bit shorter, I will seriously consider it. Seriously. Just be sure to mention it in your review. :)

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They will have their troubles, too~

Hokage's (meaningless) Points:

(1): "Roux" actually means "redhead" (for a male) en français. It's convenient how that worked out, finding something that partially sounded like "Roy" and given the context.

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And here are the songs for anyone interested... (and the bold words meant Marth and Link were singing simultaneously, in case anyone forgot.)


- "FLOWER" by GACKT (trns. xKokoro/Quizilla)

- "1582" by KAT-TUN (trns. HaNnA/JPOPAsia)

- "Love Disease" by Super Junior (trns. emily/JPOPAsia)

- "SAKURA SAKE" by ARASHI (trns. Etchizen/JPOPAsia)

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