This is a lil' something I wrote while I was playing the game.

English is not my first language, so I apologize for any errors that might occur.


Jaster's grip around the sword handle tightened.

How could Zegram do something like this?! All their work, all they had gone through to get the Key Pieces, and he was betraying them?!

Zegram gave a trademark grin.

"You've been rubbing me the wrong way since I met you."

The older space pirate lunged his big throwing weapon at Jaster, who acted reflexivly, lashing out at the right time. The weapon fell to the deck with a clatter.

Zegram 'humph'ed and reached back, unsheating his sword.

The blond tensed, muscles getting ready. He held his sword in front of him, teeth gritting.

On an ungiven signal, they jumped at eachother. Swords clashed together and they stood close, face to face.


They jumped apart only to lash at eachother again. This dance continued until Zegram had Jaster up against the wall of the small 'house' with the door that led down below deck. Their clashed swords kept them only inches apart.

Zegram grinned again, using his height to lean close to Jasper.

"I really enjoyed those nights we spent together," the brownhaired breathed hotly in the blond's ear. Jaster's eyes widened as he felt warmth spread across his face.

"Z-zegram, you-"

Suddenly, Zegram was pressed flushed against him, except their swords pressed tightly between their chests.

"Can't deny you enjoyed it yourself, Jaster," he husked and darted out his tongue, tracing the blond's peculiar scar with it.

Jaster felt his will waver.

Oh no...

"I know you did." With that, Zegram rolled his hips against the youth's, their groins grinding together. Before he could stop himself, Jaster let out a small moan. Zegram gave a satisfied sound.

"Jaster, Jaster. Tsk tsk tsk."

Another roll with those hips and Jaster could feel a gloved hand slide up his side.

No... The Key Pieces..!

Mouth by his ear again, lips massaging his earlobe.

It took terrible willpower to do it, but finally Jaster was able to muster up some strenght and push Zegram away.

"No! You won't be leaving with the Key Pieces!"

The one with the eyepatch walked backwards, sheating his sword. He took ahold of the ship railing and jumped.


Jaster ran up to the railing, and he then saw that Zegram had jumped onto a small ship that was hoovering in height with the Dorgenark.

"You've gotten stronger, I see. Wish I could play some more, but I've got other plans. Later, kid."

Grin again and the small ship blasted away.