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The sun was shining on another day in Konaha. For a certain violet haired ninja it was just another uneventful day or so she thought. It had been two long years since she saw his face. Since she had talked to him.

She sighed as she got up of the bench she was sitting on. "When is he coming back?" her violet eyes shined in the light as she walked through the streets.

"Hey! Hinata!" Hinata turned to see TenTen running up to her. TenTen had always been a good friend to Hinata. Hinata and her told each other everything. Hinata had even told her about her secret crush on a young blond haired ninja.

"H-Hey TenTen..." Hinata hung her head and started to walk alongside her friend. TenTen knew right away something was wrong. But before she could ask there was something more important to say.

"Hinata guess what?!" TenTen looked like she was going to implode on the spot with excitement. But Hinata wasn't really in the mood.

"Whats that?" Hinata asked dully. TenTen opened her mouth but was cut off by a different voice. Hinata immediately recognized it. His voice. Hinata spun around to see a young man standing in front of her.

He was dressed in a orange and black jump suit instead of his usual orange one. His headband was wavering in the wind along with his blond hair that spiked wildly about. His blue eyes seemed to be an endless sea Hinata found she easily got lost in.

"Naruto!" TenTen yelled, "So it true you are back!" TenTen was jumping up and down and Naruto just laughed. He had matured so much.

Hinata started to blush as she realized how close she was to him, only about a foot apart. She was speechless he was back. He was, wasn't he? Or was this just a dream. "If it is a dream let me never wake" she thought to her self.

Naruto was looking at Hinata and smiling. Before Hinata knew what was happening Naruto had brought her into embrace. He pulled her off the ground still in an embrace.

Hinata was shocked and she could only blush and ,oh, did she blush. TenTen just giggled to herself, she was enjoying the scene in front of her.

"Hinata! How you been!?" Naruto said in his usual spunky voice as he finally put Hinata down. Hinata was still speechless. And to her horror TenTen had snuck herself away and left Hinata alone with Naruto. She was going to pay. Oh yeah she would have her revenge.

"Earth to Hinata! You still alive?" Naruto waved his hand viscously in front of her face trying to get her attention, "You haven't said anything since I got back. Do you not miss me?" Naruto got a sad face pasted on him.

Hinata's eyes grew wide. "No! No! I have been waiting two years for you!"

Oh crap

She hadn't seriously said that did she? Hinata mentally slapped herself. Naruto looked confused. Very confused.

"What was that Hinata?" He prodded her for an answer.

Hinata's blush took over her as it engulfed her pale face. She went back to her nervous habit of pushing her two index fingers together. "I-I-I umm said...I-I-I've b-been w-w-w-waiting f-f-f-for you...I really have wanted to see you...I-I-I have missed you..." She hung her head in embarrassment. She braced herself for what was to come next.

But to her complete and utter surprise he said words she never thought she would hear from him. "Ive missed you too, Hinata!" Naruto smiled and laughed. He brought a key in front of his face, dangling by his finger.

"Jiraya got me something and I'd really like to show it to you!" Hinata could only run alongside him as the words rung in her head over and over

'Ive missed you too, Hinata!'

"Oh my god Naruto...he got you a house?" Hinata looked at the house in front of her in awe. It was much too big for one person, but Naruto didn't seem to mind. He smiled a sly smile at Hinata as he grabbed her wrist.

"Lets check it out!" Naruto practically dragged her to the front door. On the door was a note:

Happy Birthday Naruto

He put in the key and opened the door to a beautiful sight. Their was a large living room with two couches a table and a fireplace. Their was a fully furnished kitchen. Two bathrooms and 2 bedrooms.

But what Naruto was all giddy about was the in ground pool in the backyard. Hinata was dumbstruck. Naruto turned to Hinata. He gave her a hopeful look, that just melted her heart, she knew exactly what he was thinking.

She nodded slightly and Naruto yelled in happiness. She ran back to her home where she picked up two things. When she got there Neji was at the front of the estate.

"Good morning H-" but before he could finish Hinata had ran past him in a blur. He looked back where she ran too. He had never seen her run so fast in her life.

When Hinata got back Naruto was already in his bathing suit. She blushed as she realized she was in the same room as a topless Naruto. Naruto had just started noticing her blush that day and now he smirked.

"Now Hinata you really are going to have to stop that blushing" he laughed as Hinata just reddened even more. He noticed Hinata carrying something shaped like a box covered in wrapping paper.

Naruto gave a questioning look at the box. Hinata looked down

"Oh! Happy Birthday Naruto-kun!" she handed him the box Naruto took it gingerly, "I found it kind of strange your birthday was the day you came back, but um I've kept this for your birthday back in Konaha..."

"You remembered? No one except for Jiraya has remembered my birthday before because well..." Naruto hung his head. Hinata was confused, so she asked what was on her mind.

"Why wouldn't anyone remember your birthday?" Hinata prodded for an answer.

"Because its the day that stupid fox attacked Konaha 16 years ago!" Naruto was now in tears. He wiped them away trying not to raise his voice to high, "It's just people really don't find this day special..." he looked away as tears started to form in his eyes.

Hinata was having a hard time watching this. "Naruto," she began in an almost whisper, "Forget the people who don't find it special...because those people don't really know, know who you are! And I find this day one of the most special!" Naruto looked up at the girl in front of her. He looked at her in a different way then he ever had. She turned around realizing what she had just said.

He walked over to her and turned her around. He embraced her again with his strong arms. He whispered into her ear.

Thank you Hinata

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