Tiger: Alrighty here comes the bolt of lightning that I'm shooting at ya. This is it It's over the stories done.(cries and sobs). But I promise you the end is a happy one! Please forgive me for stopping the story short, I feel terrible but I really have to get my other story out or I'm gonna lose the ideas. I really hoped you like how I love, I know I loved hearing your reviews now here's the ending. It's short, okay its only a page long, but it made me feel good to write! Think it of as an extension of an epilouge


("no..." Hinata said showing a depressed look)

Naruto blinked. His heart melted. His soul left his body. Her words rang in his head like a church bell. He looked up at her dawning shame and sorrow on his face. His head dangled to the floor.

Hinata exhaled sharply. A smile crossed her face and she started shedding tears...

"...No way I could say no."

Naruto's head shot up. He lept up smiling wider than a canyon. Taking her into an embrace. Both of them were crying hard. Hinata nuzzled her face into his chest. Both were racing at the speed of light. Naruto pulled her chin up to look at him.

"I love you more than life itself Hinata, I can't live without you, your my world, the sky, and everything that's important to me. If you were to leave I would die. Nothing will keep me from you ever. That's how much I love you, Hinata Hyuga." Before she could say a word he grabbed a kiss onto her lips and ran his hands through her hair.

Hinata pulled back. "You make me happier than I ever thought possible."

They snuck another kiss on the other feeling the others love touch them.


"With the power invested in me, I pronounce you man... and wife. You may now kiss the bride." Naruto lifted the veil and kissed Hinata dreamily. Applause erruted from the pews as they ran together down the isle hand in hand. As Naruto opened the door and entered the light of the day he realized this was just the beginning of his new life with his shy, beautiful, cute, heavenly, childish, strong, Hinata. They ran together into their new life together without a care in the world.