Chapter 6: Dream of Guilty Pleasures: Determination and Surprise

It seemed to Hinata that ever since she had allowed her husband to steal a kiss from her he had become a bit more affectionate. It didn't really bother Hinata as she had always dreamed of having a husband that was sweet and kind to her (even at a young age she knew that she would be unable to choose her groom) but it was rather unnerving. Sasuke knew his boundaries and didn't stray to far from them; the only time he broke away was when Hinata initiated the contact. Yes, Hinata had actually kissed Sasuke without him asking for permission. In fact she had kissed him in public, where all eyes were still on them, without being forced.

Hinata didn't know why she did it only that it felt right. Sasuke had walked her to school just like every other morning when he wasn't making up for lack of sleep and had bade her farewell when she rather impulsively (it was too much like those scenes in those books Ino made her read) kissed him. She kissed him and not on the cheeks either but on the lips, in front of a crowd of people.

Ino had not let her alone for the rest of the day but that had its perks so Hinata didn't really mind her friend's probing questions. The hyper blond kept Hinata safe from gossiping crowds.

Hinata didn't know what she was doing.

Oh, and did she mention that after she had pulled away blushing and stuttering out excuses Sasuke gently grabbed her by the chin and ravaged her mouth? Well he did and he had flicked her forehead too saying something along the lines of having a nice day or don't push herself to hard. Her brain was too busy trying to process what had happened to register his words.

This was the beginning of a rather tumultuous sequence of events.

Kurenai was not a bit surprised by Hinata's sudden marriage to Uchiha Sasuke (she was one of the few people whom Hinata had told about the contract she had signed to ensure Hanabi's freedom from the cursed seal). Such actions from Hinata were not surprising to the genjutsu user anymore. Kurenai knew that it was only a matter of time for Hinata to choose a course of action regarding her sister. After all she had witnessed the beginning--- she was the cause of the beginning-- that lead to Hinata's marriage to Kakashi's traitor student.

It was all her fault that Hinata was in her current situation, after all it had all begun that one cold winter day...

Kurenai was overseeing her team's training that afternoon. Snow was falling heavily from the sky coating Konoha in a thick blanket of white. It was during extreme weather like today that she brought her team out to the edges of Konoha for special training. Under her orders Kiba, Shino, and Hinata were dressed in dull black and white clothing. In the flurry of snow even she found it hard to make out their figures. Kiba was bouncing on the balls of his feet, his rough voice carried in the wind. Shino was standing stock still as he observed each flake of ice touching down. And Hinata was fiddling with her fingers her eyes darting from side to side once in a while. Back then Kurenai didn't notice the air of nervousness and fear surrounding the girl. She was too intent on the lesson.

She had forgotten that Hinata's mother had died during a similar circumstance.

Kurenai gave the single, a lone red flare in the snow, and the trio disappeared to fulfill their separate tasks. Not soon after she sent her team out the weather worsened. Kurenai frowned. She had been told that the snowfall would continue soft and gentle all day. Night was falling fast and the dark clouds hid the moon, her only available source of light so far out from the village centre. Kurenai, feeling that the safety of her students were more important than the completion of the task, lit a firework. It burst in the sky a show of bright red sparks illuminating the falling snow an ominous red.

A few minutes later Kurenai was able to make out Shino crossing the field with Kiba following. Akamaru led them through the heavy snowdrift. Hinata was nowhere to be seen. She sent Kiba and Shino home first. The two were reluctant to leave without first making sure of Hinata's safety but Kurenai was adamant. She didn't know how long she stood there shivering in the cold as snow began piling on top of her lithe form. She lit another flare and watched as it exploded in the sky. Was the snow to thick for Hinata to see? Kurenai doubted it. With the Byakugan, even with Hinata's level of Byakugan, Kurenai was sure that Hinata would be able to notice the flares.

By now Kurenai was worrying. She knew better than to just stand and wait, Hinata could have hurt herself. She mentally berated herself for sending Kiba and Shino back without asking them to inform Neji of the situation. It was lucky for her that her students were worried enough to stop by the Hyuuga compound in search of said shinobi. He appeared before Kurenai like a saviour, a knight in shining armor.

Together they scoured the surrounding forest for Hinata. They found her standing dazed and cold by an old tree somewhere deep, deep in the forest. Snow hardly reached were Hinata was, but every once in a while a torrent of snow would fall to the ground when it became too heavy for tree branches to support its weight. Kurenai recognized the place as where Hinata's mother had been found dead.

Most people believed that Hinata's mother died in her home, a peaceful death surrounded by her family, but in truth the Hyuuga matriarch had perished in the cold when a freak snowstorm hit Konoha all those years ago. Kurenai had forgotten that the location of Hinata's mother's death was so near. How could she have forgotten? Neji gently eased Hinata from her trance. He nodded once to Kurenai before scooping the silent Hinata into his arms and leaping away. How could she have forgotten such an important detail about Hinata?

Breaking from her reverie Kurenai rushed to follow Neji. She wanted to make sure Hinata was all right.

Hiashi greeted them at the compound gates. His face was stern and upon seeing his daughter something Kurenai linked to disgust (or was it pity?) flit across his face. Kurenai bowed respectively. She turned to leave. She hadn't gotten far when she heard raised voices lifted by the bitter wind. Confused Kurenai turned around. Hinata had woken from her daze and was arguing with her father. Her stance was wobbly and she held onto Neji's arm for support. Hiashi said something to Hinata and Neji replied back. Kurenai could make out Hiashi's angry face as he stared at his nephew. Neji glared back. Kurenai knew what was going to happen even before Hinata's horrified gasp.

Kurenai shook the memory from her mind. The image didn't have any place in her current situation. "I'm sorry Hinata-chan, you want me to what?" She asked again sure that she hadn't heard correctly the first time.

Hinata blushed, "Nothing! It was nothing, Sensei." She cried embarrassed.

Kurenai frowned. "It obviously isn't nothing." Kurenai said. "Tell me what's wrong Hinata-chan. I'll do what ever I can to help you."

Hinata looked around. They were at the training grounds and were by no means alone. Hinata leaned over to her former teacher and whispered, embarrassed, her request.

Kurenai wasn't surprised at Hinata's sudden marriage, but she was surprised at Hinata's request. If she had known the look on her face resembled what Neji looked like when Hinata asked the same question years ago she would have laughed at the sheer impossibility of it. Surely Hinata would be smart enough to avoid such topics with her stick-in-the-ass cousin Neji. Kurenai, finally getting over her surprised took hold of Hinata's hand. Her smile was kind and motherly. "Hinata-chan," she started. "Having sex is something that you learn through action. You can read as many books on the topic, watch as many movies, but in the end they won't be of help to you in the bedroom. If you're looking to pushing your relationship with Sasuke-kun to the next level then you have to do it on your own. Seeking guidance from others will either force you two apart or cause a misunderstanding. Approach him with your feelings, not the feelings of others." She told Hinata sagely.

Hinata looked at Kurenai with wide adoring eyes. It was such wise advice! "But what if I don't know what I should do?" She asked. "It's-- We don't talk a lot. Well, we do, a little. Sometimes. Mostly about things that we need to do around the compound and about dinner dates and things like that. " Hinata sighed. Looking back at the last few months of her marriage she could not recall a decent conversation with Sasuke. She learned things about him through observation and trial and error. Hinata wasn't even sure if Sasuke knew her favorite snack or sweet! (She knew his, but only stumbled on this tidbit of information accidentally).

"You know," Kurenai started, "Sometimes the best relationships are the ones where you can convey how you're feeling to the one you love without words." Kurenai patted her stomach fondly. It was flat, no longer round, but from time to time she would glance down and remember the feeling of knowing that Asuma was gone, but still alive at the same time.

Hinata wanted to dispute the statement, but Kurenai began talking again.

"Hinata-chan, how do you feel when you're around Sasuke?" Kurenai asked.

Hinata looked at her hands. The soft thudding of fists and weapons hitting their intended target were distracting in her mind. "Well, I don't know, really." She said. "It feels like being around Sasuke-kun." Hinata mumbled.

Kurenai raised a brow and leaned forward, interested. "Do you feel happy when you're near him? Sad? Afraid?" She probed.

Hinata glanced at a patch of grass that seemed a bit taller than the rest of its peers in the surrounding area. "I don't feel afraid of Sasuke-kun! He's not scary at all!" Hinata said defending her husband.

Kurenai was surprised at the outburst. So, Hinata didn't find Sasuke scary. This was interesting. "Why don't you think he's scary?" Kurenai couldn't help but ask.

Hinata didn't look up at Kurenai. She mumbled something under her breath.

"What? Hinata-chan, you're going to have to speak up." Kurenai said.

Hinata lowered her head. Her long hair fell from her shoulders, framing her pale face. "Sasuke-kun isn't scary because, because, because he's always nice to me and doesn't do things without asking and always helps with the chores." Hinata whispered.

"I see," Kurenai mused. "What do you mean by he doesn't do things without asking?"

Hinata blushed. Kurenai could practically see her former student shrinking before her eyes. "He asked me if he could kiss me." Hinata meeped.

It took a while for the statement to reach Kurenai's shocked brain.

"Ah! B-b-but Sasuke-kun is my husband and doing things like that is okay! I mean he didn't really have to ask me, but he did any ways! That made me kinda happy. So you see, Sasuke-kun is really nice, you don't have to worry about him taking advantage of me! Really, Kurenai-sensei, Sasuke-kun even washes the dishes without me asking him and he makes sure he's available on the days I go out grocery shopping!" Hinata blabbered.

Kurenai wanted to tell Hinata that she was just shocked that Sasuke had asked for permission before kissing Hinata. It wasn't something that Kurenai could see Sasuke doing-- it wasn't in his character! "I see, he sounds like a good husband. I'm happy for you, Hinata-chan." Kurenai opted to say instead.

Hinata smiled a dazzling smile. "Yes! Sasuke-kun is a really good husband! Thank you for your time Kurenai-sensei! I have to be going now!" Hinata bowed away.

Kurenai shook her head. Sasuke, a good husband. It was too hard to imagine.

Hinata wanted to crawl into a hole and die. She could not believe that she blurted out something so embarrassing to Kurenai. It was true that she thought Sasuke was a good husband, but that was something she wanted to keep to herself! "Ah mou! I don't know what to do now!" Hinata cried. She was at home preparing dinner.

Hinata shook her head and sighed. She focused her mind on the things she would have to accomplish tomorrow. Check on the renovations, walk by the farm, grade some papers, prepare the skills test for her class, stop by the Hyuuga compound, check up on Hanabi, speak to her father, go over the bills, double check all the contracts...


Hinata jumped in surprise.

Sasuke was leaning casually against the door frame of the kitchen and was looked a bit amused by her action. "Is something wrong?" He asked.

Hinata shook her head. "Nothing, I was just going over my schedule for tomorrow." Hinata replied. "Do you need something, Sasuke-kun? Dinner will be ready soon."

"No, I just came to inform you that I'll be leaving in two weeks for a 'S' rank mission." Sasuke pushed himself off the door frame. "I don't want you to schedule any activities for me the week before I leave."

Hinata nodded. The rice cooker beeped, signaling that its contents were done. The fish simmered in their pan. "I see. How long will you be gone?" Hinata saw a flash of tension pass over Sasuke's face.

"Two month at the least." Sasuke said before turning and leaving Hinata to finish in shocked silence cooking dinner.

Two months. It was already near the end of November, so Sasuke would be back by February, or if the situation changed, March. If Sasuke were to be severely injured then all her plans would most likely be set back for another two months. Hinata frowned. There were too many unknown factors that would affect their marriage contract; if Sasuke died (Hinata was positive Sasuke would not die) and she had no heir to the Uchiha name, then the marriage contract would be nullified and she would have to marry Hiroyuki and Hanabi would have to get sealed.

Hinata did not want that, but what could she do?

Sasuke was worried about the same thing she was, that much Hinata could see, but he wasn't going to act on his whims. If anything Sasuke was too gentlemanly-- too nice-- to her. Hinata appreciated it, but they had a contract to fulfill and neither of them was willing to make the first move. Hinata carefully set the plates and eating utensils on the table.

Sasuke didn't want to scare her and that meant he definitively won't force her to do anything until she had prepared herself for it. Hinata paused. Was she ready to fully surrender herself to Sasuke? Her future, as well as Hanabi's future, rested in the simple unspoken words.

Hinata did not want to force her sister into a life where bitterness and anger reigned. She was ready to start a family with Sasuke. All she had to do now was convince Sasuke she wasn't afraid. The hard part would be convincing herself she wasn't afraid.

Hinata called for Sasuke to come down to dinner.

She hoped that by the end of the meal she would have enough courage to approach him about the topic.

Earlier that day Naruto had chosen to stalk Sasuke as he went about his ninja duties. This annoyed Sasuke to no end. It wouldn't have bothered Sasuke as much if he had no idea he was being followed, or if the person following him actually tried to mask their presence, but Naruto did none of those things. Sasuke wasn't even sure how the idiot became such an important shinobi! He had no sense of stealth at all!

Sasuke was determined to ignore the stupid blond, but he had a limited amount patience already stretched thin to the point of breaking.

"Okay, bastard, you tell me why you're following me, and I won't slit your throat." Sasuke growled. He pushed the kunai so that a trail of blood welled at the tip of his weapon.

Naruto was not fazed. He looked a bit dejected, but other than that it seemed he didn't care that Sasuke could kill him before he could even utter a sound. "I heard you kissed Hinata-chan."

Sasuke's face remained impassive but inside there were giant question marks floating around. Why did Naruto care if he kissed Hinata? She was Sasuke's wife, not the baka Naruto's!

Naruto, seeing that Sasuke was not about to answer quickly filled in the silence. "Sakura-chan was all uptight about it."

Of course, Sakura. It always turned back to Sakura in the end.

"Aren't you going to talk to her?" Naruto demanded.

Sasuke withdrew his weapon, wiped off the blood, and returned it to it's rightful place. "I don't have any reason why I should speak with her. She needs to get over the fact that I'm married."

"It's not easy when she's been in love with you since we were kids!" Naruto said in defense for his pink haired love. Well, he wasn't sure if he loved her anymore. At one point in his life he had a crush on her, a really huge ass crush, but was that love? He didn't know.

"What about you?" Sasuke asked off the bat. "Aren't you in love with her? Why don't you use the chance to swoop in an have her fall in love with you?" He would have to wash his mouth out later.

Naruto paused mid-step. "I don't know." He confessed.

Sasuke turned around and faced the blond with sudden interest. "You've been avoiding her." He stated.

Naruto jumped in surprise. "How did you know that?!" He demanded angrily.

"Your reaction just now. Baka, what kind of ninja are you?" Scoffed Sasuke. "I don't care what happens between you and Sakura, as long as you don't drag me into it. I'm already at the point of breaking anyways." He added under his breath.

Naruto caught the annoyed look that flitted across Sasuke's face. "Having trouble with Hinata?" He asked teasingly.

Sasuke punched him, sending him flying down the street. Ignoring the semi-shocked look from the people around him, Sasuke continued on his way.


Yes, his patience was definitely at its breaking point.

Dinner was a nerve wracking affair for Hinata though she kept it under tight wraps. She picked up Sasuke's agitation almost immediately as he sat down and did not want to make him feel even more agitated than he already was.

"What plans do we have this week?" Sasuke asked roughly. He was glaring at his rice. Blandly Hinata wondered why.

"Ah, nothing important. We just need to check up on the rebuilding and visit the civilian farmers working on our land."

Sasuke grunted and remained silent for the remainder of dinner. "I have some reports to look over." He muttered before getting up and stalking out. Hinata let out the breath she hadn't even known she was holding back. She leaned forward until her forehead rested against the smoothness of the table and sighed. Trying to lose her virginity to her husband was harder than it seemed.

Hinata washed the dishes quickly before taking a short shower. Now she was standing in their bedroom, her hair still slightly wet, staring at her reflection in the mirror hidden in their closet. They had to start tonight. If not, then when? It took more than one try and if she procrastinated any longer Hanabi's future would be at stake. She would do it. She would not regret it. But she better hurry, or else to short fit of courage would pass and she would find herself back in the Hyuuga compound; a place she had no wish to return to.

Sasuke was sitting in the living room reviewing some reports when Hinata boldly decided to join him. Sasuke was handsome, Hinata admitted. He was graceful, and confident while still remaining cool and aloof to the world around him.

"Is there something you need, Hinata?" Sasuke asked after a brief silence.

Hinata shifted uneasily in her seat. Sasuke was looking at her in that weird way of his again. " I wanted to talk to you about...something." She was trying hard not to fidget.

"What is it?" Sasuke put the reports down and reclined onto the sofa. He could practically smell his wife's nerves being fried.

"I, I think it's best if we tried today, after all you're leaving for a mission soon and I know that we should have, you should have some sort of guarantee to come back too!" Hinata mumbled.

Sasuke looked at Hinata through half lidded eyes. "You think I'm suicidal?"

Hinata blushed furiously. "No!" She cried defensively. " I think, I think, I think we should try to conceive an heir tonight!"

The utterly look of surprise on Sasuke's face was pure gold. But Hinata didn't have time to enjoy the priceless look because she was too mortified to look at him straight in the eye.

Sasuke composed himself quickly. "Hinata," He ran a hand through his hair. "You're still afraid of me."

The statement caught Hinata off guard. She had expected him to either agree or straight out refuse. Was she still afraid of him? Hinata didn't know what to say; in the months she had been married to Sasuke she had learned something about her husband: Uchiha Sasuke was not as scary as he seemed. Sure there were times when Hinata felt that Sasuke was effectively suffocating her and forcing her into a corner, but Hinata hadn't felt scared since the initial 'first month'. You could say that Hinata had finally learned to read her husband's actions, some of them any ways.

"Ah... I'm not scared of Sasuke-kun because, because, I..." Hinata bit her lip. She what? She didn't love him. There was no chemistry between them they were just together. So what was the feeling deep in her chest the welled up every time they went out together, when they spent time together?

Hinata looked straight into Sasuke's eyes, the emotion behind her opal colored gaze was almost defiant. "I'm not scare of Sasuke-kun because I trust you." With that Hinata leaned over the coffee table and gently planted her lips on his.

Sasuke's hand twitched, as though reaching for his kunai pouch. When Hinata finally pulled away, it was only a second later; he gave her a wary glare. Hinata blushed and looked away. "Alright, we'll have it your way tonight." He said.

"My way?" Hinata asked slightly confused. "What do you mean by my way?"

Oh gods, she wasn't a virgin anymore. Hinata blushed heavily. Did they know? She glanced at her fellow peers. Some were chatting happily, others were busy grading papers, a few were asleep at their desks. They didn't seem to know that she had done it. What if they find out? Hinata wanted to slap herself. Of course they'll find out at some point! It would be impossible for them not to find out when she announces her pregnancy to her father. Her hand found its way to the flat of her stomach. Was that a kick she felt? Wait, that was impossible. Hinata sighed. At least she wasn't sore any more.

To say Naruto wasn't suspicious when his friend came into the Hokage's office with a saunter would be an understatement. He could be stupid, but he wasn't that dim not to notice the difference in Sasuke. He bet that if he asked the dark haired man about Hinata, he wouldn't punch him again. Of course, he didn't want to chance it, but he knew. It was like a sixth sense.

The room was dead silent as Tsunade glanced up at the masked shinobi before her. "Your mission has been moved up, prepare to leave by dawn." She said gravely. "It is of the utmost importance that you accomplish this mission quickly and efficiently, for the sake of Konoha." Her eyes landed on each one of the ANBU members before continuing on. "This is a top secret mission. Do not inform any one about where you are headed. You'll receive your tasks once you leave Konoha. That is all, dismissed."

"Hai! Tsunade-sama!" And in a flash her office was empty again.

She glanced down at the note she clutched tightly in her hand. If the information was true then Konoha was going to be in a state of turmoil. Stupid Jiraiya, forcing the task of becoming the new Hokage into her hands, before she died she would take him with her too. "I need a drink." Muttered Tsunade. "Lots of drinks."

After the classes Hinata made her way through the Uchiha district. Many people came up to greet her and request that she dine with them but she was saved the chance of declining the offers when Ichiru came tumbling down the road shouting.

"Out of the way, out of the way you! Hinata-sama has come to check the progress of the rebuilding! Don't force her to do anything!" A burly man of a towering six feet eight inches pushed past the twittering group of women and a few men. The group sighed, paid their respects to Hinata and once more pushed their requests before scattering.

Hinata smiled up at the big man. "Thank you Ichiru-san but it wasn't really necessary." She said.

Ichiru shrugged. "It was for me. Those old hags keep coming around to feed my men making them fat and lazy. If I didn't know any better than I'd think they were buttering us up for a bonfire night." Ichiru laughed loudly at his own joke. "Any ways I know that you're here to see how work is coming along."

Hinata nodded. "Yes, just a quick overview please. I still have dinner to make and Sasuke-kun is coming home early today."

"Very well," Ichiru said. "I'll show you what we've done so far." The tall man led Hinata down a small alleyway.

"Some of the houses we found were un-salvageable so we've marked them for another group to come tear it down and rebuild. I'll be handing in the sheet with all the monetary calculations later today when we've surveyed the other homes in the area for your approval before contracting another group to come in." Ichiru glanced down at the small woman who nodded her consent before continuing on. "Those that are only slightly damaged are already beginning to see repairs. A few houses have been finished but the others surrounding them are in either need of demolition or toxin removal."

"Are those the houses that are done?" Hinata asked pointing to a row of glistening buildings. Ichiru nodded. "I would like to see the inside, if that is possible." Hinata requested.

"Of course, of course. This is your land after all Hinata-sama." Ichiru complied. "The smell of chemicals still linger so prepare yourself."

Hinata covered her nose with her sleeve. The inside of the house was completely bare. The once dirtied walls had been scrubbed to a grayish color waiting to be repainted. The wooden floors had been scrubbed and sanded until it shone bright in the sunlight and in some places Hinata could see that the boards had been completely replaced. Hinata strolled through each room eyeing inconspicuous places and ignoring those spots that seemed grayer than the surrounding area. New doors were needed for most of the rooms and some windows needed to be fixed but other than that Hinata found the job well done. She made her thoughts known to Ichiru.

"If the other two homes are as thorough as this one I am happy." Hinata said. "I trust your crew worked as hard on the other two." Hinata gave the man a dazzling smile. "I would love to see more of the work being done but I really must get dinner ready soon." Her eyes darted to the position of the sun. It was already past the noon mark allowing Hinata to deduce that it was close to five 'o clock

"No apologies needed. As the lady of this manor I understand the pressing needs that come with your duty. Come check again in two days time when we will begin renovations." Ichiru bowed. Hinata agreed and set a time for meeting before leaving for home.

Sasuke returned home just after Hinata did. She was washing some vegetables when her husband approached her. Hinata squealed in surprise when she felt a pair of arms wrap around her waist and lift her up.

"Sasuke-kun?" She asked her voice quivering.

"Forget dinner." He muttered into her hair sending shivers down her spine.

Hinata was confused. "You're not hungry?" She questioned. She tried to squirm out of his grip but Sasuke held on tight.

"I am, but not for food."

Big question marks floated around her head. "H-huh?" She yelped when Sasuke suddenly lifted her, threw her over his shoulder, and proceeded up the stairs. "W-wait! What? Sasuke-kun?" Hinata didn't bother trying to escape. Sasuke would catch her anyways. "What are you doing?" She asked, almost fearfully.

Sasuke threw her on the bed and followed in suite.

"W-wait!" Hinata held up her hands. "Ah, um, if we're going to do that can you close the curtains and turn off the lights?" Hinata asked blushing.

Sasuke buried his head in the side of her neck and laughed. "It would have been more fun if you protested, you know." He said. "You could at least hit me or something, act like you don't want it."

Hinata blushed. "Are you a masochist?" She asked confused. "I don't think I can do those things."

Sasuke pulled himself on top of her. "I am not a masochist." He replied sternly. "Do you really want to do it?"

Hinata stared back, color rushed into her cheeks. "If I didn't I would certainly not have let you carry me all the way up here."

Sasuke smirked. He threw himself off the bed and turned off the lights. "You're a stubborn one aren't you? You make a good Uchiha."

Hinata didn't know whether to take that as a compliment or an insult, but it didn't seem to matter as Sasuke began exploring her body.

When she woke up the next morning, nude and slightly sore, Sasuke was no where to be found. Fear rush into the pit of her stomach. Throwing on a robe Hinata descended the stairs in search of her missing husband. On the dinner table Hinata found breakfast, in need of reheating, and a note that read:

Left on mission early. Be back soon. Breakfast on the table for you.


Hinata sighed. Did he want to give her a heart attack, leaving in the middle of the night like that? But despite her annoyance of finding herself alone in the morning Hinata couldn't help but smile at her husband's sweet gesture.

Sakura was looking for Naruto, having not seen him for the last few weeks ( or was it months?). She had spotted Kiba and was going to over to him and ask if he had seen Naruto but when he caught sight of her he had immediately turn in the opposite direction and ran. How rude. It wasn't like she was the one who threatened to castrate him.

"Good morning Sakura-san." Hinata greeted sweetly. "Are you looking for someone?"

Sakura jumped in surprise. "Hinata-chan! Good morning! Yeah, I'm looking for Naruto, have you seen him?" She asked.

Hinata shook her head, her hair swayed softly in the wind and Sakura was struck by how beautifully Hinata had become. "No, I think he's on a mission. Sasuke mentioned something about it a while ago. I don't believe he's back yet."

"Oh." Sakura replied deflated. Naruto always told her when he was leaving on missions, why hadn't he told her about this one then? Even Hinata knew, granted it was in a round about way, but she knew!

"Ah, I have to be going to now! I'll see you around, Sakura-san." Hinata said with a wave.

"Bye!" Sakura waved back. She'll go ask Tsunade when Naruto would be back.

Hinata could feel her body quivering with need and fear. She had never voluntarily let anyone come this close to her before and liked it. It was an adrenaline rushing experience She gasped and giggled when ever he touched a sensitive point on her body.

She squealed his name, her voice breathless.

Sasuke moaned her name in return.

Their room was pitch black under Hinata's request. She felt too awkward when she could see her husband doing all those pleasurable things to her body, and when he could see how much his attentions affected her. The darkness didn't bother Sasuke, he rather liked it. (It gave him an excuse for his hands to wander).

Sasuke leaned down and whispered something to Hinata. He licked her earlobe, causing Hinata to clutch onto him tighter. She murmured something in return. She could practically feel her face heating up. Sasuke smirked in the darkness. He ran his hands up and down her side. Hinata laughed brightly. She squirmed under him.

It wasn't painful, not this time, but Sasuke remained gentle. Hinata wrapped her arms around his neck. He bent down to kiss her lips but missed and kissed her throat instead. Hinata laughed. Sasuke growled something onto her skin, sending shivers down her spine....

Hinata snapped out of her daze. Her mind had been drifting again, as it had for the past week. She smacked her head against her desk. Sasuke had already left for mission so why were her thoughts reverting back to that? So she had unexpectedly enjoyed it but that was a set primal instinct... right? Her hand found a way to her stomach. She had no way of knowing, not this early.

"Hinata-chan, are you alright?" Ino asked semi-worried. Hinata had been repeatedly hitting her head on her desk for the past minute. "Did something happen?"

Hinata held back a blush. She was not thinking. She was not thinking. She was not thinking. "I'm fine Ino-san." Hinata replied.

Ino grinned. She leaned over her desk, her blue eyes twinkling with mirth. "Are you missing your hubby?" She teased.

Hinata could not hold it back any more. A massive blush engulfed her face. She was sure the last time she felt so embarrassed was when a random guy confessed to her and she had ran away. She didn't even know him! How was she suppose to answer? Hinata covered her face with her hands. Why did Ino have to torture her now of all times?

"Oh hoh! Hinata-chan is so cute, ah, to have some one to worry about." Ino sighed dreamily. "Maa, maybe later. I'm still young and free! Good luck Hinata-chan, I'm sure Sasuke-kun is doing just fine! You should worry more about those papers you've been grading for half-an-hour and still haven't finished even though you have only twenty or so students and they're all one in a half pages each." Ino said smiling. "I have some extra students to watch over today so I'll be going first!" Ino wagged her fingers good bye. Hinata returned it with a small smile.

It was just like Ino to start something and whirl out before anything could be said or done.

"Are you missing your hubby?"

Ino's question rang in her mind.

Did she miss Sasuke?




Hinata pounded her head on the table again. Maybe an answer will fall out of her head if she hit it enough.