Chapter Thirteen Out Where a Friend is a Friend

Bobby returned to the bedroom, Alex's drink in hand, and frowned at the bed and the emptiness he found there. The tangled sheets looked to have been casually tossed aside and the imprint of Alex's body was still visible. Running water drew his attention to the bathroom and the sliver of light under the door.

Placing the glass on the side table, he moved with a grace belying his size to stand to beside the door. The doorknob jiggled and the door creaked open and Alex stepped out. The moment he saw the smooth expanse of her back, he pounced.

She squealed as he wrapped his arms around her, trapping her own arms and lifting her aloft. Her heel pummeling his shins, she squirmed within his embrace. He groaned as the movements brought her ass up against his groin and, holding her tight, he strode over to the bed.

"What the fuc—"

For the second time that night he tossed Alex into the middle of his bed, this time silencing her protests by immediately stretching out on top of her, his lips finding hers. She struggled against him half-heartedly for a second or two, before her hands came up to clutch at his shoulders.

"No fair." She complained, as his mouth traveled to the tender spot behind her right ear.

"Never said I'd play fair," Bobby grunted, nuzzling her hair and breathing in the soft scent of her.

Her hands stroked along his skin, fingers caressing the muscles of his arms and back. "No," she murmured, tasting the skin of his neck with tiny nibbles and licks. "You didn't. But I thought you were a gentleman, Bobby. Is that any way to treat a lady?" She couldn't quite keep the humor out of her voice.

Bobby glanced up and found he could see her eyes even in the darkness of the room. The shadows played over the paleness of her skin, highlighting the fine bone structure of her face, the taut lines of the muscles in her neck, and soft curve of her breasts. His fingers moved there, brushing against her until she strained upward into the cup of his hand.

"You're right, Alex." His eyes moved to watch her flesh pebble and rise beneath his fingertips. "I've been remiss."

His mouth found her skin again as he moved down her. He took his time, his lips mapping the contours of her body. He knew this woman; knew what made her tick, what made her angry, what made her smile. But this – his mouth tasting the sweetness of her, his fingers tangling in moist curls – this was a mystery. A mystery he relished unraveling, caressing the clues from her body; finding out exactly what made her shiver, made her moan, made her come.

He suckled at the skin of her inner thigh, feeling her legs quivering against him. His long fingers slid along her labia, opening her for him. When he moved his mouth to her core, thrusting his tongue within her, she shuddered, pulling her knees up to cradle his head as her hands grabbed fistfuls of his hair.

This was no shy violet, trembling in his hands – this was a woman who knew what she wanted and how to get it, with strong hands that guided him in his exploration and her toward fulfillment. When she pulled her knees up, her thighs cradling his head, giving him even more access to her, Bobby felt his cock harden to the point of pain. Wanting to stay focused on the woman writhing beneath him, but desperate for the relief of friction, he thrust against the sheets.

The trembling in her legs grew, her thighs tightening, tightening . . . and then Bobby moved. His tongue slid along swollen flesh to work against her clit, two long fingers entering her, curling, pressing, and bringing her to the edge and then over it.

He continued mouthing her, his fingers working in and out of her, as she came down from her orgasm. When her thighs fell aside and her hands loosened from his head, he placed his chin in the crease where her thigh met her hip and smiled up at her.

She was still breathing hard, her face and chest flushed and rosy, when she opened her eyes and looked down at him. "You still have any hair?"

He chuckled, crawling like a lion up her body until their noses touched. "I think I might need a little help hiding those two bald patches."

"Sorry," Alex stated casually. "Let's see if there's some way I can make it up to you, or," she reached between their bodies and took a firm grip on his cock. "Make you forget about it?"

At the feel of her small hand circling him, Bobby groaned. His head fell to her shoulder and he thrust against her.

Alex laughed softly, giving him a soft bite on his earlobe. "No, Bobby, this is too good a hard-on to waste on a hand-job."

There were a few inelegant moments of condom retrieval and application, and then she was under him again; her hips bucking, her legs wrapping around his hips, her hand beginning to guide him into the warmth of her body.

Bobby pushed up, levering his body onto his forearms, to look down at her. "Is this okay, are you—"

Alex's answer was to grab his ass with both hands, pulling him down and into her. The tight heat of her overrode what little part of his brain was still functioning and he began to thrust.

"Okay, Ow!"

At the sound of her distress, Bobby jerked back. Before he could pull free of her body, however, Alex gripped his shoulders and held him still. "Now, don't go getting that kicked puppy look . . . I'm fine. I'm just rethinking this and invoking my right as a woman to change my mind. Roll over."

Before he could process her words, Alex pushed against his left shoulder with her right hand and dug the heel of her right foot into the bed and neatly rolled him onto his back. That she ended up astride him was amazing. That he remained inside her was nothing short of a miracle.

Alex must have agreed, because she began to ride him hard, wringing the pleasure from his body with each rise and fall of her hips. Bobby tried to participate, bucking his hips up as she drove down upon him, but ultimately he just relaxed back and let her have her way with him, his hands gripping her hips.

Despite the differences in their size, Alex mastered him and wrung him dry. Her slender thighs gripping, working feverishly against him. Her tiny hands grabbing his shoulders, leaning forward to present the tantalizing view of her breasts bouncing just out of his lip's reach. Then, rearing up, she began to caress her own body, palms grazing over his and then up her waist to her ribs and at last reaching to cup her breasts. She moved like that, her fingers tweaking her nipples, as a glistening of sweat rose on her skin.

Bobby was done. Finished. Crumbling fast. Far too fast.

Feeling his own orgasm peak and crest, Bobby moved his left hand from Alex's hip to her clit, his thumb pressing down, his hips bucking up forcefully. As he finished spending he felt her tightening around him, her climax coming hard and fast, and then she slumped against him, her breasts flattening against his chest.

They laid there like that for several minutes, Alex's body boneless and still against him, his arms around her. When at last it seemed she could move again, she shifted to lay beside him, giving a few unladylike grunts in the process.

He pulled her close into him, his chin nestling in her hair, listening to the slowing of her heart beat. "You okay?"

Peeking up at him through her tousled bangs, Alex grinned. "My cervix may never forgive you, Bobby. But the rest of me? Pretty much your love slave."

To Be Continued