Hey guys...I haven't been slack with my writing, I promise! I'm working on a chaptered fic right now, which I'm keeping under wraps til I'm further into it. I've got a couple of oneshots in the works too...in the meantime, here's a drabble I wrote for the LJ community 100foraslan challenge prompt #1: Sleeping in.

Edmund pulled the covers up over himself, willing the world to disappear. Try as he might, he couldn't block out the noises from the room above.

Last night, the King and Queen of Narnia had consummated their marriage. This morning, judging by the cries and moans seeping through Edmund's ceiling, they were busy assuring one another of the validity of the union.

He couldn't stand it. It was gross. Caspian…and his sister! Hadn't once been bad enough?

Thump. Groan.

So much for gentle.

He clapped a pillow over his head, wishing bitterly that he had slept in a little later.