Title: Stolen Moment

Author: Denite

Pairing: Atobe x Fuji, Tezuka x Fuji

A.N. Just a short drabble I wrote after a long night.

Stolen Moment

"Why do you laugh?"

"Because I can."

"Why do you laugh at such sad things?"

"What can I do but laugh?"

"It would be better to cry if you are sad."

"Then I would be miserable."

"Pretending to laugh makes you more miserable."


That night Tezuka stay by my side all night long. Like a dam weaken by a crack, I let down my guard and remember my mother. My beautiful mother who was always sitting by the window waiting for my father to return. The mother that selfishly left me all alone because her heart had grown weak. As my tears start to stain my cheek I started to feel my anger taking over my mind.

I become angry at my mother for leaving me all alone and my father for being unfaithful. Yet, ironically the man that I fell in love with was also unfaithful, just like my father. I remember the first time I made love with Keigo.

"I would be happy to be with you always."

"Always ... forever."

"Shusuke, I want you to always be by my side."

"If you were, I wouldn't need anything else."

Lies. They were all just beautiful lies. Our love was full of flaw, but I pretend that they didn't exist. I pretend that I couldn't see the painful inconsistencies in our love. I didn't want to die like my mother. I didn't want to die with a broken heart but I never really found the meaning of true strength. And it seems, I still don't.

Over and over, Tezuka continues to stroke my hair in an attempt to ease my pain. Morning came and it seems that we have spend the night together. Together, sitting on a wooden floor I left Tezuka's warm embrace and for a brief moment I was tempted to return to Tezuka's warmth.

Thank you for the warmth that accepted me.

Your feelings have reached within my barrier.

I promise I will watch over you without averting my eyes.

Fuji ...

Frantically, Tezuka drop the note that Fuji left on the table and run out the door. The door swing open violently and Tezuka's heart drop as he pulled a startle Fuji back into his arm.

"I thought you left." Whispered Tezuka.

I smiled and put down my bags.

"I don't have a place to stay anymore so you must take responsibility."

The grip on my arm tighten and I remember that my mother always used to tell me that somewhere in this big scary world, I will find the one person that will love me and need me simply because no one can go on living alone.

I don't know when but I hope someday I will be able to put my past behind me.

Fin ...