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Forks. That's all I have to say. Just Forks. It is to this town that my father decided to move. Another selfish desicion of his, when he realized that he just couldn't live without my mother. Though I understand him, because ever since her death, I myself was up for a change. Forks was.....a change indeed. Just not the exact change I was looking for. It wasn't horrible...just...differen. I sighed as I carried the rest of my boxes up to my room. I placed the boxes on the blue comforter my father's maid chose for us. If my mother were here she'd be rearranging the room. I sighed again. How much I missed her. I looked down at the brown cardboard box that was staring back at me.

Edward, written across it. I opened up the box, breaking the weak edges of the cardboard as the tape pealed it off. I popped the middle open and ripped it apart as I looked down to see my music collection still sane. I took out the each one of my CDs one by one. I turned around to the opposite side of the room, where the wall was black, and a metal shelf was placed. I started to put each CD side by side until the shelf was full. I turned to the cardboard box and continued putting things away.

I finally finished after what seemed like hours. I ran a hand through my hair, turning to my bed and crushing the cardboard box down and throwing it across the room. I grabbed another box and tore it opened finding random things I had packed. I started to throw things out or put them away. I had pictures of me when I was little and started putting them on my desk. I turned around and dug my hand deeper into the box and pulled out a glass frame. It wasn't until I actually took my time to look at the picture, that I realized who was in it. My mom. I could see the laugh lines, and vibrant green eyes piercing through the thin glass holding the wooden frame. I smiled at the memories flooding my already too crowded brain.

I went to my desk where I had placed the picture of me and my father, and replaced it with the picture of my mom. In the bottom of the frame it was engraved, Elizabeth. I traced my mother's name and thought about what she would have said when my father mentioned his transfer here. My father was working as a doctor in the town's hospital. He said he wanted to because it was calm and peaceful according to him, and he said he needed a change from the city life since my mother's death, as I had mentioned earlier. I didn't mind the change. Maybe it would be best for me. My thoughts were interrupted as my father entered the room.

"Edward?" He called as he pinned his name tag to his shirt. Mr. Masen. I looked at the name tag. His full name was Edward Sr. and I got my name from him. Edward Anthony Masen. I looked up at my father as he fixed his tag. I was sure my mother would have named me something like, Tristan, or Troy, 'Edward' was surely my father's idea of a proper name, and Junior would have been my middle name if it weren't for my mom's stubborness, and ability to keep the man wrappde around her finger.

"Yes?" I finally said, reminding him that he was in my room. He looked up.

"I see that you have settled in well. Hazel will put your clothing away." He said softly looking around my room. He was worried, I knew it. It was no mystery what went on in my father's head, for I knew him too well. The usual thoughts that occured through his brain now and days were my mother, and Forks Hospital.

"Dad, I already put it away, Hazel doesn't need to." I said. He nodded, unsure of what other gesture he could do. We stood there, uncomfortably, the silence thick in the air along with the tension. He finally cleared his throat.

"Alright. Well, I'm going to work, to fill up the papers, and whatnot." He said desperately, probably dying to leave. I nodded, signaling him to continue. "Well, you know, I'll be gone only half an hour, and it's getting late. Maybe you should hit the hay. You got school tomorrow." He added while picking up a signed baseball I had. I sighed.

"Yea, I guess. Well, goodnight." I added before turning. I waited to hear his footsteps as he left the room. The deafening sound of his Italian shoes filled the room and echoed until they were faint knocks on the wood downstairs. I then decided a shower was in order. I got into the warm water as it hit my skin. Tomorrow was the first day of school for me. Meaning that I had to face Fork's High. I turned the water off after a while and walked out into my room. I slipped on some pajama pants and a shirt. I walked down the hall to Hazel's room, something I had come accustomed to.

I peaked my head into her room as she watched T.V. The light was illuminating her grey hairs, and freckles that were still visible under her pale skin. She looked up at me and smiled.

"Yes Edward?" She said. After all these years she knows not to call me Mr. Masen. She was like family to us.

"I just came to say goodnight." I said politely. She nodded.

"Goodnight." I smiled and with that I closed her door and walked back down to mine. I jumped on the bed and laid out my feet and arms while resting my head on my pillow. I pulled the covers over and started to feel my eyes drooping. Finally my last thought before being completely knocked out with tiredness was rain.


I woke up as the sound of the rain hit my window. It didn't really bother me at all. It was actually kind of calming. The window outside made my room look slightly dark, from the lack of sun. I shrugged of my covers and headed for the bathroom. I brushed my teeth. As I brushed them I noticed how my hair was going to be unmanageable even if I did by any chance happen to brush it, or wet it for that matter. The light from the bathroom was making my slightly bronze hair to look light, in the reflection of the mirror. My eyes seemed darker for some reason. They weren't their usual bright green; they were a dark forest green. I knew that for a fact I would certainly be the new talk of Forks, and maybe even have a few rumors start about me. At least it would be something to entertain myself with.

What new rumors could be started about the new doctor's son? Hm...perhaps that I do drugs...or maybe a modeling contract like they said in Boston the few years I stayed there. Who knew the capability these new Forks High students had when it came to brain power. I finished brushing my teeth and spit out the tooth paste as I drank water. I put on a simple black long sleeve shirt and a jacket with jeans and some converse I found. I ran downstairs to the kitchen after grabbing my book bag. I took an apple and left out the door with a goodbye from Hazel. I didn't even ask for my father knowing he was at the hospital. I slipped into my Volvo and drove off.

Finding the school wasn't so hard, I drove into the parking lot and got off, walking to the front office. Behind the counter was a woman, who look pretty old with red hair. I walked up to her slowly so that I wouldn't scare her. "Excuse me." I said in a polite tone. She looked up from her papers, and as she slowly took me in, her eyes widened a bit.

"Hello. You must be Edward Masen." She said politely. By her expression she was probably thinking about my 'looks'. I laughed to myself. I had an old lady checking me out....nice.

"Yes. I am." I said politely.

"Well, we've been expecting you. Here is your schedule, and your slip, a map to the school…" She started. After she explained everything to me, I nodded softly and walked out with my papers in hand. Students were already staring at me. I looked down at the papers Mrs. Cope had given me, and walked off to find building 3. According to this I had trig, something I was pretty good in. I walked off into the class as the rain hit me softly. I found the door and walked in. The students were already whispering to each other, looking me up and down, seeming to look for some damage. I didn't even want to see their reactions. I turned to the teacher handing her the slip. She signed it and had me sit down in the back.

The class wasn't bad at all, I rarely paid attention. As the class came to an end the guy sitting next to me leaned over.

"Hey. I'm Billy." He whispered. I nodded.

"Edward." He put out a hand for me to shake.

"What's your next class?" He asked in a hushed voice.

"History." I answered. He nodded.

"Me, and my friend have that class next. I'll take you." He said. I shrugged, it was nice to have at least one person show you around.

When class ended he took me to history, where he had his friend, Dougie and Millie. He introduced us and asked me to join them for lunch. I agreed, after all they were being nice, and I could tell they meant no wrong. So I accepted. The classes went on and I made new friends I suppose. Most of them were girls, including one named Jessica and one named Lauren, there was I think a boy named Mike, and some one named Erin, or Eric. I don't remember.

Lunch came strolling by, and my hunger was not bothering me, so I passed on getting food. I followed behind Billy and Dougie as Millie followed behind me. Dougie was blonde with long hair that covered his eyes, and Billy had brown cropped hair. Millie had was really something else. She had pink short hair and various piercing to go with her little round face. She was very thin and small, while Billy and Dougie were tall and pretty muscular. They were more like me, normal. I wondered what rumors these three could have gone through when they arrived, since they most definitley didn't seem to have been born here.

We sat down on the table while they discussed things about the teachers. I tried to pay attention but I kind of just drifted off and looked at a crack on the wall. I didn't really care what Mr. Banner said to Lauren about her mini skirt, or what Mrs. Cope called her husband. The day had gone by fast, and I hadn't exactly heard any rumors about me yet...so since I couldn't have my fun with that, I decided to examine my fellow classmates.

There were all kinds of stereotypes. There was the jocks, nerds, cheerleaders, people that looked like possible pot heads, and then there was them. There were five of them. One girl was small, she looked about 4'9 or so, and was thin to the extreme, with chin length hair that was spiked in all directions. Next to her was a male, with blonde hair, he seemed like he'd be tall, he was lean, and muscular, like if he was on track or something. Then there was the beautiful blonde with a perfect body and features to match, though she wore a smirk on her face. Next to her was a muscular guy, he was huge, and seemed like a major body builder. He had curly brown, short hair.

Then, next to him, was a brunette, with medium length hair. It was a beautiful color, like mahogany, and it looked luscious against her pale complexion. She seemed to be 5'4 or along those lines, and with a body just like the blonde only a bit more subtle. What brought my attention was that they all had the same pale skin, and dark gold eyes. So dark you'd think they were black. Not only that, but they all looked like they belonged in a magazine rather than the isolated town of Forks. I felt Billy tapping my shoulder. He turned to see what had caught my attention.

"Ah, the Cullen's." He said. "The blonde is Rosalie, she's with Emmett, the other blonde dude is Jasper, him and Rosalie are twins. The short pixie looking one is Alice." Billy said. Cullen's?

"They're all related?" I asked. Dougie laughed.

"Uh, no. Not unless they would actually date their siblings. They're all adopted. Rosalie and Jasper are the only Hales, the rest are Cullen's. They were adopted by some doctor at the hospital, and his wife. Something about not having kids. Jasper is with Alice and Rosalie is with Emmett." He clarified. I looked at the brunette. She really was gorgeous.

"And the brunette?" I asked. Billy answered this time.

"Bella. She's not with anyone. Her only real brother is Emmett. They came together just like Jasper and Rosalie." I looked at her again. She had her eyes fixed on the table, her brothers and sisters looking just as still. "Don't get your hopes up. You see the big guy, and the blonde dude? Yea, they protect her like there's no tomorrow. Mess with her, then you get it from them." He said with a nod.

"Though, she doesn't need them. She can protect herself. She knows what she's doing." Millie commented.

"Yea, I had to learn that the hard way." Billy said with a pained expression.

"Kicked your balls?" I guessed. He nodded. I chuckled. At least she can protect yourself. It wouldn't be smart for her to walk to a dark alley.

"Yea, well, she is beautiful isn't she?" Dougie asked. I found myself nodding. I turned back to look at her. I was staring at her intently. The way she seemed to just look down at the table, a secret smile playing along her lips, but her eyes were soft, and defensless. She looked so fragile in a way. Her face was perfect, and matched her hair as it flowed down in waves. It looked like it was alive. I was concentrated on her so intently, that I almost jumped when she suddenly stared back at me. I wanted to look away, embarrased that I had got caught, but before I could advert my eyes, she had already look away, disinterest written on her face. She's probably like every other girl. Probably the popular princess. But the way that she stared at me, almost like if she was kind of bored, and they way her family looked, they looked like they didn't fit in. I finally looked away, done with my examination.

"So she's another pop princess?" I asked, clearly upset that I couldn't figure it out. They all stared at me like I had three heads.

"Not even close." Millie said. I wanted to ask her what she meant by that but the lunch bell rang. I got up and said my goodbyes. As I took the paper out of my pocket it said 'Biology.' Great…

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