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Now on with the disclaimer: ...Is the show's name "Hinata" ? Is it a shoujo? a reverse harem focusing on Hinata? Is every guy in love with Hinata? No? Then no, Naruto is not mine... though I sure as hell wish it was.. I mean, come on... Akatsuki, the Rookie 9 (which are guys) and the other guys in the anime/manga are way hot!

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'Hinata rocks!' - inner talking or simple thoughts...

"Hinata rocks!" - normal dialogue

Hinata rocks – normal writing.

I felt like a walking zombie. A sigh left my lips as I dragged myself towards the school. I knew I looked bad... I feel like shit for goodness sakes! I had spent the whole night crying, the redness under my eyes was the perfect proof of it. My heart was still experiencing the same piercing pain as it did yesterday. I walked towards school with my bangs covering my eyes as I avoided shedding the tears I knew I was barely keeping at bay, I felt my eyes watery and I was sure they were glassy.

I thought things over and rage filled me. 'Damn Sasuke! I hope he rots in hell and Tayuya dumps him!' when I remembered his name tears shed again. I ran as fast as I could to school, not stopping even if my legs told me to, I ran three and a half miles, non-stop(I ran thrice the distance from my house to the school house-school-past school-back to school). When I arrived to the school's gate I was panting and I leaned forward to breathe easier. I felt the trails the tears had left on my skin.

Once I was collected enough I walked slowly towards my class, I was early anyway, 'cause I didn't want to see Sasuke. Not only was I dumb for falling for my father's rival enterprise's heir-to-be though fiancé but I was dumb for believing that a playboy like him would like me. To top all my luck off, the guy is my neighbour. Just Dandy! I fell back, holding my head. I stared up to see who I had crashed into and found a blond guy with blue eyes. He stared back at me and held out a hand for me. I smiled shyly and took it, he took this as a signal to pull me up.

"Thank you" I muttered quietly and smiled at him again.

"Why is such a pretty lady crying like this, yeah? Look, all your mascara is stained from crying, and it seems her pretty violet mascara smeared on her face, un" he guided his hand and cupped my cheek. I stared at him in awe. I shook my head and cleared it. How did he know it was mascara? I mean... for girls to know it... it's necessary but men never do...I slapped myself mentally. How could such a gentleman and pardon the phrase SIZZLING HOT guy could be gay... he couldn't be!... could he?

"U-um... i-it's nothing" I mumbled out. Gosh! I'm such an idiot! I just made a fool of myself, I thought I didn't stutter since a long time ago!!

"You can tell me, un, there are like... what... thirty minutes before school starts, yeah?" I cocked an eyebrow. Well... it could help... and...hell! He doesn't even know my name... why would I tell him?! Wait... maybe just because I don't know him I can tell him and he may help... I mean, he seems nice, right?

"U-um, I'm not so sure..." I said with my gaze on the floor. He chuckled.

"I don't bite, Hun, yeah" I stared at him shocked. I shook myself and blinked.

"Yeah, I know you don't... or at least I hope so" I said with a smile. He laughed out loud and threw me a smile.

"You're fun, come on. I don't even go here, I wouldn't tell anyone" I looked at him, yeah! I forgot to consider him telling someone... "Tell me? It might help, yeah. I mean, you'll get it out of your chest right?" I smiled at him. He is right! I could tell him and I don't think he might tell anyone nor any of those stuff... He looked at me with a puppy eye look. I nodded.

"Okay..." we walked towards a bench in the centre yard, he sat beside me and I frowned. "Um... I broke up with my fiancé" he stared at me with sad eyes.

"I'm sad to hear that, may I know what happened, yeah?" I stared at him again, this time my gaze completely blurry from the tears. He smiled at me and wiped the tears from my eyes.

"Don't cry... what happened?" I began sobbing uncontrollably. He hugged me.

"H-he, h-he cheated on me!! and, a-and he decided to end it in a horrible way!" I said as I clutched onto him. Gosh... I'm an idiot... I'm telling my problems to a stranger! How dumb is that?!

"He cheated on you? What a jerk, un! Why?! Did he give you a reason, yeah?" I shook my head, but then I stared at him and nodded. He stared at me intently.

"H-he s-said he never l-loved me... and, a-and that all had been a scam! T-that he was just with me thanks to his f-father's petition, that he just w-wanted to marry m-me and keep both h-h-his family's company and my f-f-f-family's c-com-company!" I said sobbing harder. He frowned. "a-and, a-a-and that i-if I ever thought I-I was p-pretty e-enough to suit him!"

"That goes past jerk... that is an insensitive ass hole,un... he doesn't deserve you Hun, nor he deserves your cute look, also Hun, the black, adorable, new season's Manolo Blahnik's, yeah" he said smiling. So... I wasn't wrong... he's gay... I smiled at him.

"Thank you... you are truly nice" I said between sobs, my eyes red from crying. I frowned. All my mascara had gone to waste! I mean, it all ran down!! He looked at me warily.

"Hun, why are you frowning, it will give you wrinkles, you know, un?" I smiled slightly.

"All my mascara ran down..." I muttered, laughing as I wiped my tears away.

"It's okay, come on, do you have some kleenex in your Gucci leather handbag?" I nodded and smiled. "Did you bring your mascara and eye-liner?" I nodded again. "Great, do you have water?" I nodded again. "Oh, Hun! I'm glad you're well prepared, hand me those things" I smiled at him again and opened my bag and took out all the items he told me to. He grabbed the kleenex and damped them with water, he pulled me closer and brought my face to the light. Softly he began to wipe the stray violet pigment from my cheeks and dried my cheeks with a dry kleenex. He smiled.

"Hand me that eye-liner" I did as he told me and he began applying it very softly. I blushed at the proximity and the gentleness of his touch. "Hand me the mascara" I once again did as he told me and he applied it, gently once again. He finally released my chin and blew a little on my eyelids. He finally drew away from me and smiled. "I'm a genius. You look adorable!" I cocked an eyebrow. How in the world did he manage to make me seem different with the same articles I used? He took out a mirror from his bag and handed it to me. I stared at my reflection in shock.

He had made the line with eye-liner longer and thicker at the end, making my eye not only seem bigger but longer. Then he only applied mascara on my upper eyelashes and he had applied softly a bit of the mascara (A/N - I do mean mascara and not eyeliner people) under my lower eyelashes and then rubbed it a little to make the ink look lighter though increase the area with make up. I was thoroughly shocked.

"How did you do that?" he looked at me confused.

"Do what, yeah?"

"make it look different! It looks one-hundred times better!" I said shocked. He winked at me.

"tricks from an artist. I'm Deidara by the way, un" I shook my head. We hadn't introduced yet! I forgot!

"Oh, I'm Hinata, Hyuuga Hinata" I said with a smile.

"You know Hina-chan, can I call you Hina-chan, yeah?" I nodded. "I have an idea" I looked at him with eyebrows furrowed.

"Yeah??" he nodded with a smirk.

"How about we make that boyfriend of yours-"

"Ex-" I corrected.

"Sorry, un, ex-boyfriend of yours, jealous, make him realize how much of a jewel he lost, yeah" I stared at him stunned.

"W-what?" I asked not sure if he had just said that... isn't he gay?

"yes, look, I study in a beauty college, I study make-up, I have some friends that are hair stylists and stuff, un. You obviously have good fashion sense for you like things like Manolo Blahnik and Gucci, now we just need to increment it and push it in the right direction, yeah, meanwhile I will act as your boyfriend, yeah" he said with a proud look. I giggled.

"But... aren't you gay?" he looked at me with eyebrows raised.

"Ugh! I feel offended, yeah! Did you immediately thought I was gay when you met me,un?! You didn't even know me yet!" I stuttered. I screw it up! And he was willing to help me! I began to look panicky. "haha, just kidding Hun, anyway, they don't know that right? Besides I have a friend that can lend me things like a motorcycle or something, yeah. Then make him realize that he lost a diamond and show him you are not down about it, un" I frowned. I am! I am down about it! My heart is crushed into pieces!

'Idiot... its so you'll get over the damned jerk' I finally understood, thanks to my inner me... wait... I'm confused, this is my inner me! I mean, I am the one talking to myself mentally... and out of the blue another me appears... and she's my inner? I mean, I am my own inner! I am in my head! ... I'm confused.

'Wake up!' she said to me with a slap. I glared at her mentally

"Are you sure you'd do that for me?" I said still mentally glaring at me inner...He nodded sweetly.

"Hun, I once met a guy like that and I hated the guy for the rest of my life, yeah. I want to help you get payback, yeah! Besides, girl, I love you! You are just perfect to be my final exam's model! So I help you and you help me, un... though It'd be unfair for you help me twice for I will also use this to think I got payback on Itachi" I looked at him shocked.

"Itachi?! As in Uchiha Itachi?!" he nodded confused. "God! The two idiots are so alike! God!" I hissed. Deidara stared at me with an eyebrow cocked. "Lets bring the playboy down!"

"... two idiots, un?" I nodded.

"My fiancé was Uchiha Sasuke" He looked at me shocked.

"Lets kick some Uchiha butt, yeah" he said when he recovered from the shock. I smirked.

"Yep. Hey... can you really pull the straight guy look?" he wiggled his eyebrows.

"Sure! And hell! I'm sure I'll make the hottest straight guy ever, yeah! I mean, look at me, I am drool worthy, yeah" he said with a smirk on and his eyebrows raised, a cocky look on his face, I jokingly rolled my eyes and giggled.

"Yeah, but you'll be MY hot straight guy! Though, you'll have to control your hormones when you are around guys! This whole thing will go down the drain as soon as they know you are gay... and that it was all a fake" I said with a wary glance at him. He winked at me.

"Don't worry Hun, no one will know. I mean, come on, do you think I'll have such poor taste that I'd like a guy walking down the street, un?! There is like... what? 0.01 percent of possibility in that, yeah! Anyway, I'll come pick you up today when school ends... which is...?" I stared into space until inner me woke me up from my daze. 'Hinaaata... Deidara is speaking to you! Don't leave him hanging like that!' I 'woke' up and stared at him.

"I'm sorry, what??" I asked making him laugh.

"When do you get out of school?" I pondered on it for a second.

"At 3:00 I think... yep, at 3:00" he nodded.

"I'll pull some strings and get a cool ride and a cool attire to pick you up" he said with a wink before he stood up. "Bye Hun, also, think of a nick-name for me, cause, I already have two for you, we need to seem like a couple" I nodded and waved at him. "Also..." he reached towards my hair and pulled the rubber band off. "Leave your hair down, the wavy look is cute" he said with a final smile and wave. He winked at me and blew me a kiss, taking off with his bag. I blushed softly.

"He's cute..."

'He's gay'

"I know, okay? It's just... he's nice and hot and I won't get over that soon!" I pouted.

'I agree on that all right... anyway, lets go, people are probably already arriving and since no one ever comes to the central yard we should leave and be with our friends' I nodded unconsciously and stood up, my Gucci purse handbag in my hand as I walked inside the school.

Yay! First chapter done! I know it's short, but I think short and fast is better than long and slow... besides, I felt like Chapter 1 should end here so the next part of the day is described and played at Chapter 2, and onwards. I hope you enjoyed, cause I did! Also I invite you guys to check "Gay Boyfriend" the song out! It truly rocks! Well... it's kind of a goofy song but it's fun and the video is bound to make you guys laugh. Anyway, bye bye!! see you next time! And I love you guys!