My first Hajime no ippo/Fighting Spirit fic. NOTE: includes spoilers from "Mashiba vs. Kimura"/ Hajime no ippo volume 31 (chapter 273)


To become a champion. Kimura was ready to go through a lot to get that far even though he hadn't actually expected to reach such an exceptional possibility so suddenly. But lately it had become a dream that just might come true if he gave it his best shot. Only that finding that best shot was pretty damn hard. Just watching that video Miyata had brought him to watch was enough to crush his confidence into even tinier pieces than it had already been before seeing his opponent's current state. How the hell was he supposed to stand up to that person who was much more like a demon than a human being? Obviously he was in the situation where he didn't seem to have a ghost of a chance to win, no matter how hard he tried to think about it. Nevertheless, there was still no way he would give up now. There just had to be a way how to do something about the absurd situation. But what on earth could that have been?

And then there were also all those things that Miyata said while they were watching the video in the dark room. The amount of pressure Kimura felt right then had already made him sweat and clench his fingers together. It didn't happen because of fear, but the feeling of desperation, that had been building up within him ever since he had decided to go for the match, was taking a tighter hold of him once again.

Keeping his eyes fixed on the TV screen, Kimura sat on the couch and was very deep in his thought looking for the most important answer to the question that had been bothering him probably more than anything before. And all of a sudden he remembered something that had made him rather pissed off in the beginning of his training with Miyata. Perhaps that was the reply, perhaps that was what he was really meant to do, and most of all, that must have been what Miyata had tried to make him understand. The exact reason why it had been definitely the right, as well as the best, decision to ask Miyata to help him to get ready for his first title match. After all, Miyata hadn't only fought that monster but he was also an out-boxer like Kimura himself, and on top of all that he was exceedingly bright and prudent. Of course he must have known that simple reply for long, but had decided to let Kimura find out the same reply on his own. That was enough proof to realize just how outstanding Miyata's skills were, especially as far as boxing was concerned. Even his father hadn't had the slightest idea what he had been up to. He truly was an amazing boxer.

When Kimura turned his head to compliment and glance at Miyata who was standing somewhere behind him, he was much closer than Kimura had originally thought. As a matter of fact he had come all the way to lean on the back rest of the couch right behind him. Thus there was no way to stop it from happening. His face bumped directly into Miyata's but it didn't hurt at all since it wasn't meant to hurt. On the other hand it was the most pleasant way to bump into someone else, while on the other hand it was one of the strangest things that could have happened in that situation. The part of their face that was mostly in contact, were their lips. For that brief moment Kimura forgot about everything else but just how soft and moist Miyata's lips felt. Never before in his life had he experienced this kind of a kiss, so gentle and sensual even though it was with another man. But how could have no less been expected from a guy like Miyata?

However, the kiss ended almost as quickly as it had begun. Kimura had hardly had the time to even think about replying to it. Nevertheless, he was rather elated right after Miyata had pulled back from the kiss. If that had been his reward - that was what Kimura thought the kiss had been about - then he would work as hard as he would have to and receive more rewards like that.

"Miyata," he spoke eventually after a few deep breaths.


"If I survive... And I'm planning to do whatever it takes, I'll do everything I can to become the champion," Kimura said now fidgeting with his fingers. "But even if that doesn't happen, if I somehow end up failing because the opponent is Mashiba after all... If I just come back out of the ring alive, can we do that again?"

Very slowly Kimura turned to look at Miyata again. He was still standing close to the back rest but had shifted to stand on Kimura's left. In the dark it was quite hard to see but when he gazed at Miyata as closely as he could, there just might have been a slight bit of red on his cheeks which made him look uncommonly cute.

"Do your best, Kimura-san," was the somewhat reserved reply. What else could he have expected from the younger boxer? The line had been crossed but only Miyata seemed to know where that line was drawn.

"Sorry about that," Kimura apologized. "A swelling face with wounds and blood all over isn't exactly the most enticing sight."

He heard Miyata snorting. That was how obvious it was. Even so that kiss was everything Kimura could think about right now. He knew Miyata well enough to know for sure that he wasn't the kind of a person who would kiss people randomly, just like that, without a proper reason - or if he had, then he must have gone crazy. But that wasn't the only thing about the kiss that bothered Kimura. More importantly there was the issue of being kissed by another male and actually liking it. At the end of the day, it had been quite a while since Kimura had been kissing with anyone. He had scarcely had the possibility do such things, especially after he had begun to box. And because of all that, the kiss with Miyata had been far too remarkable just to get over it right after it had happened. Only if he had had the time to do something, too, he would have definitely done something to savour the kiss for at least a little longer.

"Kimura-san, what are you thinking about?"


When Kimura looked around, he finally noticed that Miyata had sat on the couch next to him. Very close but not close enough to suddenly bump into him again.

"To tell you the truth," Kimura began a little nervously. He couldn't remember a time when his heart would have beaten so fast, especially out of the ring. At the same time his palms had begun to sweat as well and the subtle embarrassment had made him blush the way he never had before. Well, he hadn't ever experienced anything like this and therefore it was difficult to make the right decisions and do the right things. But he had to do something, he wasn't going to let that special moment end just like that. "I... I'd like to try that again. Do it before my face swells and hurts too much to move a single muscle."

"Okay," Miyata replied immediately in the way he always did. Only that Kimura hadn't exactly expected it to happen so fast.

"Kimura-san, just do it," Miyata had to urge because Kimura hadn't been able to do or say anything. He was merely staring at him stupefyingly.

"O...oh," Kimura stuttered and swallowed loudly. What an amazing chance he had been given!

"I'm not going to bite," Miyata added with a faint smirk on his face. "Unless you want me to."

That was nearly as though he would have said "go for it!" or even "come and get me!" However, being the gentleman that Kimura basically was, his first move was very discreet. Those long bangs that hid Miyata's beautiful eyes were gently brushed aside with the slender fingers that inched along the other cheek to the mentum. It hadn't been much yet but Miyata was apparently reacting to the touches. The way how his long eyelashes fluttered, how his lips pursed, how his other hand got wildly lost in Kimura's hair, he was silently asking to be kissed as soon as possible. Thus Kimura could only smile as he pressed Miyata on the couch and settled himself against the younger boxer.

"I won't bite you but..." Kimura left the rest unsaid, deliberately. Everything he would have to do anymore was to press his lips against Miyata's and show him what kind of a kisser he was. Except it began to seem like that wasn't going to be enough for Miyata at all. The way he squirmed under Kimura pulling him even closer to his firm but fragile body and how he invited him to French kiss with him using his tongue in the most unique way, it was all brand-new to Kimura who soon didn't quite know which one of them was leading what they were doing. But the most essential thing was that after everything that he had had to suffer lately, from the training to watching the terrifying video, all of that faded away, moved into the background, and right now Kimura felt as though he had been on top of the world already. Yes, this was what "over the moon" meant. What an incredible guy Miyata was to take him all the way to such flabbergasting heights. It was almost unreal - he should have been back to his training, getting ready for his next match but here he was plunging into the hottest kiss of his life with the person who was helping him to train for the above-mentioned match.

Yes, there had been women in his life. But none of them had been able to bring out such steadfast passion from him. Not one of them had made him feel his genuine vitality and just how virile he really was deep within. Perhaps he would have ended up going all the way to prove his masculinity but Miyata separated himself from the kiss and their tight embrace before anything else happened.

"See you later, Kimura-san," Miyata uttered breathing rather heavily after getting up from the couch and moved towards the door.

When Kimura was able to get up, Miyata had already left the room. Scratching the back of his neck, Kimura wondered what had happened. Had he done something wrong or what if he hadn't been enough for Miyata? And why was he thinking about such things when his true opponent was Mashiba? But in spite of all, just tasting the sweetness of those lips and feeling the warmth of his closeness wasn't enough! Letting it end like that wasn't something he could consent!

Clenching his right fist Kimura stood up and decided to get going for roadwork. He needed to cool off after all that unexpected heat. But before he could take a single step away from the couch, he noticed something he hadn't paid any attention to during the time that he had been with Miyata. His underwear might have been able to take the tension within them but his trousers couldn't. They weren't exactly his best trousers or anything like that, but they weren't that loose-fitting, either. Especially from the crotch, the part where it had begun to feel too cramped. So Miyata must have noticed it, too, and run away because of it. Knowing that made Kimura feel even more embarrassed and slightly pathetic as well. This was definitely not the right time for such feelings. He had to become tough and rough in order to overcome what was right ahead of him.

Somewhat wearily Kimura let out a long sigh. First things first. Supposedly he could get back to Miyata after becoming a champion. And then as a brand-new champion he would do everything he could to help Miyata get the OPBF belt. The image of them two celebrating their championship belts together popped up in Kimura's head. Nothing, absolutely nothing could be better than that. From now on that was going to be his goal, and then after getting to wear those precious belts around their waists, he would show Miyata what kind of a man he truly was, once and for all.

However, first and foremost he would have to use the toilet.

-the end-

Note from author:

I can't even begin to tell just how many times I watched the first half of "Mashiba vs. Kimura" while I was writing this. I love it to bits!! And well, this isn't what really happens! Nevertheless, it was fun writing about it!