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Joe's Pov:

She is the freakin' most complicated girl in the school. Yesterday was you know as good as it could be, until I ran into Kathy. I mean I broke her heart. Kathy had, had a huge crush on me from I don't know birth or something. I tried dating her and broke her heart when it didn't work out. I can't help but be extra nice to her when I'm around her, it's the least I can do.

I mean duh it's obvious that she still likes me, but it's not I like her back or anything. That part of my life is way behind me. Kathy had my style, but defiantly not me.

But Miley, man she has a temper of a red head (I have red hair and my family and friends say that all the time ) I went to the restaurant to hang out with them, and she ends up avoiding me the whole day. Now it's Monday and I have to see her, and maybe find out what the hell her problem is or was. I guess that depends on her mood. If you haven't figured out, Miley can be a bit of bipolar. I know she isn't but I'll be darned if he she didn't act likes it.

"Dude hurry up, we have to pick up Cassidy and Candace"

I looked up from wear my head was in the pillow

"Cassidy and Candace?" I asked confused to why we had to pick them up "Don't they usually ride with Miley?"

Nick shrugged from where he stood at my doorway

"They texted me…" Nick started

"Wait they txt you now?"

I was really confused now

"Yeah we started talking a little more at the place the other day and now they txt me, and they need a ride this morning. Something about Miley taking longer this morning and coming into school a little late"

I nodded, and dragged my sorry butt out of bed. I grabbed my backpack and shoved me and Nick out of my room. We walked down the stairs and saw my mom and him sitting there eating breakfast.

"Hey boys" My mom greeted us "Good morning Joe, your brothers have already ate but theirs some breakfast left if you'd like some"

Things were awkward now, from the other day. Ben was coming over all the time now, I felt a move coming on. I didn't want to even think about him being around twenty-four/seven. It's hard enough for me to sleep over.

"No mom, I think I'm going to go to school without the most important meal of the day"

I know I was making everything more difficult, but I didn't care.

Mom shook her head and placed her head in her hands.

"Well in that case, theirs money on the counter by my purse. If you want to be like that then you can eat at lunch time"

I went over to the counter, grabbed the money and walked towards the door.

"Bye mom" Nick said walking out the door with me.

Nick and I didn't talk to entire drive, except for Nick telling me where the two girls lived. Thankfully the two didn't live far away from each other, maybe like five houses down. Candace was the last one in the car.

"Thanks so much for the ride, I don't think I can be late to class anymore" Candace said to me as she put her bag on the floor

"No problem" Nick said turning around to them

"So why is Miley going to be late?" I couldn't help but find myself asking

Cassidy pitched in this time.

"Something about a wardrobe malfunction or something like that"

Go figure, typical Miley.

"She said she'll be late to first period defiantly" Candace nodded

I got my regular parking space and parked the car, grabbing my bag at the end of Nick's feet and got out the car.

I knew we had like five minutes before the bell rang, and like the two other girls I couldn't afford to be late. On the other hand, I could get kicked off the cheerleading squad.

I grinned at all the possibilities, but I figured the principal would just suspend me anyway,


Miley POV

"No" I flung the white shirt over my shoulder as I took the next shirt and put it up in front of me as I looked at it through the mirror



"No" I flung that one

This was impossible; I couldn't find a shirt to go with these jeans. The brand new jeans that I had bought the day before; I didn't even know why I bought these things in the first place. They were a teal color. I had a melt down, I bought those and like five other colorful tight skinny jeans, I bought like three pairs of converses and tons of shirts.

I have no clue why though. I mean I was looking at what Kathy was wearing and then it clicked; I wanted to look like that. That is how I got here with no shirt to wear with the stupid teal jeans.

Is it really that impossible for me to just find a shirt that looks good with these jeans? I went through all my new shirts and decided to just look through my closet again.

Black would be good, and white what about yellow? Not blue, no not yellow. Let me try this one.

I held up my plain black t-shirt and decided that this would have to do. I slipped it and found that it hardly went past where my jeans and belly button meet.

Oh well…I shrugged and went over to my black converses putting them on over my socks. Then I went over to my vanity, my hair already pin straight. My hair is my prized possession on my body; it was practically down my back. In my shopping spree I had ended up getting eye line, the color black instead of blue or the other colors I usually got. I don't even know why I am wearing it.

But I did it anyway surrounding my eyes with the black eyeliner and placed the black mascara on my lashes. I took a step back when I was finished, my eyes dark. It didn't look that bad.

My whole outfit didn't look half bad. Defiantly different then the mini skirts and plaid shirts I would wear. It was a good different. My hair looked good like this, it wasn't very often that my hair was straight, and it was longer when it was straight.

Looking in the mirror I saw my alarm clock and saw '8:20' in red numbers. Time to go to school, I went over and grabbed my new bag from Journeys. It matched my outfit pretty good.

Grabbing my car keys I went out to my car and started it, going to the school.

I parked my car ten minutes later and went to the attendance office grabbing a late note and rushing to class. I opened the door to my first class and saw the class look back at me. Nothing that drastic wasn't like I wasn't used to be looked at, I was all the time. I walked down the middle aisle of the classroom and gave the note to my teacher.

"Have a seat and get caught up with the notes"

I shifted my bag on my shoulder and maize my way through the desk to get to my in the back of the classroom next to Candace.

Sitting down at my desk, I felt two eyes on me. I looked over and saw Candace staring at me with a weird expression that I couldn't even explain.

"What?" I felt uncomfortable

"Miles what are you wearing?"


"I can see that obviously, but why so…different"

"I don't know, I just felt like it. Why does it look stupid?"

I knew it probably would, why did I wear this? I slammed my head on my hands and hid my face. It was all weird I have no idea why I wanted to look that girl. It just seemed like…I don't know.

"No it looks really good Miley it's just different. But I swear you look awesome" Candace assured me

"Thanks" I said not knowing what else to say

Third POV

About an hour later the bell had rang. Candace said she had to run to her locker real quick and would meet Miley at their next class.

She ran down the hallway to meet Cassidy before she got to Miley. When she got there she was surprised to see Nick and Joe standing there.

"Whoa where's the fire?" Cassidy laughed

"Miley's going through a stage" Candace let out a huge breath "I don't know, I mean she's got eyeliner on Cassidy, and I don't mean the normal pink I mean black, thick black eyes"

"What?" Cassidy asked shocked "Are you serious black? She never wears black"

"Yeah and she's wearing the black top, black converses and like some teal skinny jeans." Candace said real serious but then got a bubbly face on and smiled "Though her teal jeans are uber cute. I would totally wear them…"

"Candy, focus here…what else" Cassidy said placing her hands on her best friends shoulder

"Right" Candace said nodding and focusing "Well she was acting really weird, she asked me if she looked okay. I mean that's really weird because she's like so confident all the time. Why would she need to be told she looks okay?"

"I don't know…" But then her voice trailed as she stared wide eyed

Joe and Nick noticed and followed her gaze and landed on Miley. She was walking down the hallway, her pants riding her hips making her stomach show along with her 'V'. Strutting her new 'style' down the hallway.

"Oh…" Cassidy started

"My…"Nick said

"God…"Joe gaped as Miley came up to them smiling as she put her bag farther on her shoulder

"Hey guys" She said

Joe did a double look as Miley stood there with the smile on her face. Is this really the Miley that he had always…oh heck no.

"Hey Miley" Cassidy said inspecting Miley's outfit

Miley smiled again, and suddenly felt very self conscious. She tried to cover herself the best she could by moving her arms over her chest.

She looked over the three of them standing there just staring at her.

"You know, you three could say something" Miley said to them, wishing that they would say something.

But no the eyes continued to stare into her.

Miley looked at Joe, who finally took his off of her. That made Miley cross her arms tighter around her.

"Awkward…" Joe said under his breathe as the bell rang.

Miley practically ran to her next period. She couldn't believe that she actually had the nerve to wear what she had, and she expected Joe to say something about it. She felt tears come to eyes, as she thought about how they were staring at her like some kind of alien.

And the weirdest thing was, she had no idea to why she even felt that way.

As lunch came up Miley went to gym instead. She had decided to come up with a new cheer routine, instead of eating lunch. She grabbed a piece of paper out of her binder and began.

In the middle of what she was writing, the most brilliant idea that she had ever had came to her mind. Miley smiled evilly to herself as she came up with the best payback ever.

After School

Joe's POV

This has got to be the best reason to become a male cheerleader.

I watched as the girls bent down into their stretches. I have never seen a girl bend so far in my life before this ever happened. Who knew that girls could bring their leg that far to themselves?

"Hey Joe" I heard someone said, I looked around and found the source

I nearly cringed when I saw Gary, one of the other cheerleaders, bend over and his head between his legs.

"Dude" I said shaking my head and going over to him "Give another dude a warning"

Gary had that stupid confused look on his face. I pointed towards his butt and that's when he finally came into realization.

"Oh sorry" He said standing straight up and turning around "So anyway have you heard that Miley has came up with some new routine things?"

"Nope, haven't heard anything about that" I said shaking my head

"Yeah I heard that it's like beast" He said stretching his arms.


"Alright formations for the dance" Miley demanded coming into view

Not wanting to make her upset, I went towards the back of the group where all the boys were.

"Oh no Joe" Miley said

I turned around, what did she mean on no Joe?

Miley had her hands on her hips. Her mouth turned into a smirk, and moved her right arm pointing to the position right in the front.

"I want you right here"

I looked around and saw that everyone else was just as confused as me, if not more. I began to walk to where her finger was.

"As rumor has been going around, yes I have decided to turn the routine around a little. States are in approximately a week and a half. We have seriously got to get our acts together if we want to win this year. Lake View is not going to get first place this time, there is no way that I am going to let that happen again." Miley ranted "So here we are, with a new routine"

Everyone started to chatter softly at first but getting louder as time went on.

"Shut up" Miley yelled, and that seemed to make the noises disappear all at once "Cassidy and Candace already know the routine, go to them. I want six people for either one of them."

I went to go over to Candace's group, but Miley grabbed my wrist.

"Oh no Joe, you're stuck with me"

She scowled.

"First thing's first" Miley demanded "Get on your hands and knees on the floor"

Say what?

I stood there for a few seconds processing those words through my head, until Miley brought me out of it.

"You heard me" Miley said "Hands and knees"

What the hell was I a dog?

But I did it anyway.

"Alright now I want you to bring the arm closest to the audience behind your head"

"You mean my right hand?" I asked her

"Yeah" She said rolling her eyes

I did just as I was told.

"Quickly drop to your back"

I did it

"Lay on your side"

This is so stupid, but I did it anyway.

"Alright bring your back leg over top the front leg"

Miley smirked as she brought her finger up to her mouth,

"Now I want you to playfully claw the audience"

Oh hell no….

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