prolouge to a very very long story I do plan on making a trailer for it on youtube so wait for awhile this is just the opening.

A firgure in black leather and long white silver hair watched the screen before him.

"Sir you do know who she is right?"A firgure in a hooded cloak asked.

"Of course I do."The man said with a smirk is dog fangs showing.

"Its my neice.Hard to belive that girl was the undoing of my beloved brother."The man spoke is deep red eyes scanning the screen where it paused on a girl with long black hair in a hightop ponytails and pionted back ears with lavendar eyes.Her dark red jacket with black flames stunning as always and the necklace of her mother and a necklace from her lover.

"What are your orders m'lord."One of them spoke.

The man turned to them.With a evil smirk he took out a kunia and threw it at a map on the wall.It hit the spot that said Hidden Leaf Village.

"Why my young followers...we are off to Konoha."He spoke as he drew his long claws out and pulled up a picture of his bother and his family.

"Its time I meet my young neice after all she doesnt know about the two surviving members of the clan does she."He spoke as he activated the five sided star.


me:okay so what do you think so far of the story? Well I must say that so far I have a good idea of the story anyway reason why no updates is word was deleted from my computer some how so now I have all this stuff in wordpad so yay me.

sasori:Yeah your probably just got more viruses then anybody's on your computer.

me:Sasori shut up

gaara:Yeah scorpling leave my girlfriend alone

sasori:Who are you calling girlfriend you brat

me:Oh boy here we go again oh well besides I like the sand village guys more sexy then anybody. Oh and my oc will be feautered in this story plus will some awsome totaly gore/violence and the Akatsuki show up later on


me:Yes yes you do Deidei. Well JA'NE