Ree-chan and Akito walked into the gates of the leaf village.

Ree-chan had blone hair that was always tied into the ponytail that curled into the back of her head while AKito had brown and blonde short hair.

Ree-chan had blue eyes Akito red.

"Sis how much farther I's hungry."Akito complained.

"Akito please its not that far besides dont ya wanna see Ash-chan."Ree-chan asked her older brother knwoing her brothers weakness when it came to Ash-chan.

Akito sighed with a smile.

"Ah that beautiful face and those beautiful round--OKAY THEN NEVER MIND!!"Ree-chan said as she roughly placed her foot in her brothers face.

They both wore black kimono style clothing like soul reapers wear and the shoes too.

Akito grumbled slightly they looked when they saw two poeple and a giant dog run by.

"HURRY KIBA WE NEED T GET THERE ASH-CHAN ISNT DOING WELL!!"A girl with purpilish hair said as she ran with a brown haired boy and a white giant dog.

Ree-chan and Akito's heart dropped.

"HEY HOLD IT!!"Akito yelled the two stopped.

"Did you say...Ash-chan as in Ashley Mitirishi."Ree-chan asked as she looked at them

"Y-Yes do you know her."Hinata asked.

"CHA YEAH WE DO."Akito and Ree-chan said.

"Her grandparents sent us a letter saying about whats happened."Akito explained.

"Oh then this way hurry up."Kiba said as he and the two new commers ran to the hospital.


Ashley layed in a hospital bed.

"I didnt realize how deadly Ash-chan could be till now.I think I have more respect for her."Nauto thought when he heard the door open.

"Kyoshiro."Naruto stated.

"Ah Naruto what are you doing here."he asked as he walked in.

"Oh just checking on Ash-chan.If anything happened to her Gaara would kill me for sure."Naruto stated.

"Oh I see."the old man said.

Naruto turned back to Asley for a moment til he felt a hand on his shoulder.He looked up.

"Naruto.I can sense the kyuubi in you.You and Ashley are the two strongest poeple I know.If you wanted to you could even take me down."The man said a sad smile at his face.

"And I was supposed to be the fourth sannin."He spoke.Naruto looked at him.

"...NANI F-FOURTH SANNIN THE HELL!!"Naruto exclaimend slightly.

"Ask Tsunade she remembers very well I denounced my title as the fourth becasue one thing happened and changed my life."He told Naruto.

"What was it."Naruto asked.

"...the death of my family."Kyoshiro said a small tear going down his cheek.

"Im sorry."Naruto told him.

"Its alright I forgive you."Kyoshiro said with a quick cheery smile.

Their heads turned to look at the monitor.

"Shit looks like she's having another episode Naruto quick go get Tsunade your fast."

"But not as fast as you are."

"Good piont we need to do something though."Kyoshiro said.

"Allow us."Ree-chan said as she sat on the window.

"Ah Ree-chan perfect timing and where is Akito."He asked the bow appeared behind them.

"Right here."He said with crossed arms.

They quickly did some hand seals and then pressed their hand on her stomache and forehead.

Stopping the episode.

The two opened a few moments later Kiba Akamaru and Hinata walked in with some other poeple who had heard ther monitors go off.

"No need to worry."Kyoshiro said.

"Good all can go away now."Akito said his red eyes boring into everyone they didnt seem to faze Hinata and Kiba along with Akamaru.

The three walked in and Akamaru began to whimper as he licked Ash-chan's hand from the side of the bed.

"He's worried."Kiba said as he pet Akamaru's head.

"We all are Kiba god forbid."Naruto spoke.

"Well excuse me its just she's part dog demon and all."Kiba said Naruto got infront of him.

"What are you sayin."

"I meant nothing of it a person like you wouldnt understand."Kiba told him.

"To be honest me and Ashley are more alike becasue we work with dogs Naruto we understand them."Kiba told the blonde haired boy.

"SHUT UP YOU MONGRELoh that reminds me of Eclipse in the Twilight series



"I'LL KILL YOU FOR THAT!!"Kiba shouted.

"ENOUGH!!"Myama shouted as she burst through the door.

Akito went frozen.

Myama looked around the room only moving her eyes not even blinking when she saw Akito she smirked

"Hello boy."She replied.

Akito immedatly ran behind his younger sister.

"SAVE ME SHE SCARES ME!!"Akito shouted.

"Whats with al the yelling."Ashley asked as she sat up.

"Ash-chan long time no see."Ree-chan said.Ashley looekd then smiled.

"Hey Ree-chan please tell me you didnt bring that sexual predator with you."She said in a groggy voice.She held her side it felt like it was on fire.

"Sorry had too."


"Yes you are Akito you know it."Ree-chan and Ash-chan said together.

"Alright you guys all need to go to see the hokage I'll stay here with Ashley."Myama said.

"I can stay--NO!!"Ashley Ree-chan and Myama yelled at him.

"Damn."He muttered.


After everyone had left Myama sat next to Ashley.

"Whats wrong with your side."She asked Ashley looked away.

"I...I dont know."She told her she raised it up to reveil strange kanji signs Myama's eyes got wide.

"Damn we need to hurry up and go to the place we need to be otherwise..."She trailed off biting her lip.

'or the whole entire nations are doomned and the leaf village will be destroyed.'she thought to herself.

"Ashley go back to the clan's home and pack your things we leave as soon as we can."Myama stated.

"Okay."Ashley replied as she got out of bed.


"Everyone this is Ree-chan and Akito.They helped Ashley a long time ago and are from the Village Hidden in the Clouds so treat them with respect."Tsunade told them.

"One question why does he have red eyes."Naruto asked.

"I dont feel like telling a snot nosed brat like you and I feel like this is babysitting they dont REALLY have to come with us do they."Akito asked.

"Akito shut up."Ree-chan warned as she elbowd him in the stomache.

"Sorry ma'am."Ree-chan said.

"Like hell I'm sorry."


"What I dont wanna babysit these innocent brats."Akito said pionting to the kids.

"That doesnt mean they arnet strong you havent even noticed it yet."Ree-chan told her brother.

"Well what would that be."Akito asked.Ree-chan fumned.


"I dont belive that"Akito said.

"belive it or not it is fate that you all where brought here."Myama said as she climbned in the window.

"Everyone get packed we leave in a hour."Myama told them all.