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Prompt – Hope

Part Three of Three: Shining Moments Trilogy

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.

"I'm going to kill you, Draco Malfoy," Hermione gritted out, bearing down on his hand through another contraction. She was far too stubborn to yell.

"I think you're more likely to squeeze off my hand at this point," he replied wryly, trying to hold back the wince of pain. Merlin, his wife was strong.

The contraction eased, and so did her hold on his hand. He breathed a small sigh of relief.

She concentrated on breathing in and out. "Why isn't there a way to make this easier?" she asked. "I'm in a magic hospital. Surrounded by people who can do magic. I can do magic."

"There's no spell to make a birth easier," he replied, switching which hand she held. He had no desire for his hand to be crushed. "And you refused the potions to make it easier, stubborn witch," he grinned down at her, softening the expression.

She ignored that part. "Why isn't there? You and I are the smartest witch and wizard of our age, why isn't there a spell?" she demanded, her voice creeping up louder as a contraction started.

He winced this time. "I don't know. All I know is that you're cutting off my circulation."

"Oh, stop complain—" She sucked in a breath as an especially sharp burst of pain attacked her. She squeezed his hand again.

He interrupted her rant before it started. "I'm going to die, my parents weren't married when I was bored, you're going to castrate me with a plastic spork – whatever that is – I'm an arse, I should have died a slow, painful death years ago, I know. I've heard it all," he drawled, switching hands again, attempting to shake out the crushed bones.

She laughed as he did, before another contraction built up. It was getting closer.

It continued in this vein for a few more hours– alternating hands, cursing, laughing, and encouragement. She would crush his hand during a contraction, he would wince, encourage her, and then, once it was over, she would laugh as he switched hands.

Then it was over, the pain and cursing forgotten. She had delivered a baby girl, seven pounds, four ounces.

They named her Hope. Hope Samantha Malfoy.

"Hope," she murmured. "For today. For tomorrow." She looked up from their daughter to Draco. "I love you."

He smiled, and offered his hand.

She grinned, and took it gently.

"I love you, too. Thank Merlin for it, because I think you broke both of my hands."

She started laughing. For a few seconds, he looked offended, and then he joined her.

Hope stared up at her laughing parents, and then smiled a bit.

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