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I sat still in my battered old truck, next to Jacob, who was still holding onto my hand. I glanced up at him and was surprised to see him mirroring my actions. I blushed at being caught, and he chuckled,- Why does everyone laugh when I do that?- squeezing my hand gently but compassionately.

We stopped outside of my house, and he pulled me into a hug, my head nestled into his overheated shoulder. I turned my back to him, resting my head against his chest.

This was it. Edward was never coming back, and I knew it. It made me insufferably sad, terrified, but I knew it. I also knew what would happen if I turned my head, just to his shoulder, to kiss it. Such a small movement would change my world, turn it upside down, but didn't I have a right to be happy? Didn't I?

Just as I was making up my mind, a small, velvety voice came into my head.

"Be happy." It told me, and I stiffened. Jake felt it, and started to move, but I had resolved myself.

I lifted my head and placed my lips at the base of his throat.

"Bella?" Jake asked tensely, and I nodded. He blew out a gust of happy breath, and lifted my chin so that my lips were on his. Before we kissed, his warm breath was on my cheek, and he sounded doubtful. "Are you sure you want this?"

Without answering, I pressed my lips to his, blushing at my boldness. He didn't seem to notice the stain in my cheeks, but moved his mouth against mine, in a passionate yet still shy- on my part- exchange. His hands went from my shoulders to my waist, to my thighs, and I gasped as I felt him unbuckle my belt and begin to unzip my pants. He didn't stop, and now I didn't want him to.

He pulled off my pants and set me down on the seats, taking his sweats off. I blushed, seeing that he didn't wear anything under them. He was huge, and I feared that he wouldn't fit, seeing as I was also a virgin. I was afraid, but I took off my white panties and threw them into the backseat. Right now, I was really glad that it was storming, and no one was walking around or looking out windows.

He moved to position himself above me, and I felt his erection on my thigh. He caressed my face with one hand, staring tenderly into my eyes, the other roaming down to cup my breast. The hand on my face trailed down my hot body to my thigh, then to my sex. He put one finger into me, moving gently, then two. I gasped, savouring the sensations, and bucked my hips against him. He inserted another finger and drove faster, finally pushing me over the edge into my first climax.

He was still looking into my eyes as he positioned himself at my entrance, then drove in. I cried out in pain, tears in my eyes, but he moved forward and moved his hand to catch them, drying my face. I screamed out again in pleasure, as he moved in and out of me, driving me over the edge again and again. he changed his angle, hitting some part of me that I didn't even know I had, and I was soon seeing stars, my hands thrown up in the air, clutching to his head as his lips nipped at my neck, and grasping at space, attempting to take hold of anything that would tether me to this world.

His heat was all around me, filling me up and making me feel as though I had somehow eaten a feast of sorts. His hands were at my thighs, holding me in place, and all I could focus on was the heat of his needy touch, the velvet of him sliding in and out of me persistently, and finally, I came for the last time, he following suit a second later. We shouted our ecstasy to the world, lost to logic for the time being.

I curled up to his side, and he was fitted around me, my ankles at the front of his knees and my head just under his chin. We fell into blackness, exhausted, when a screech woke the both of us up.

It was Charlie, home from work. He had found us.