The story begins a few days after Bella's eighteenth birthday.

All of these lovely characters belong to Stephenie Meyer and her Twilight series.

Chapter 1: Calendar Keeping


Ever since my birthday, Edward had been acting strange. I knew it had to do with Jasper's sudden outburst, but I was too afraid to bring it up and have him feel hurt by what had almost happened, again. He had told me that he wanted to come over right after school and I welcomed the idea, but for some reason, it made me uneasy. I couldn't quite put my finger on it.

Just then the final bell rang and I left the gym, after changing, and found Edward leaning against the wall as usual. He still seemed troubled, but I didn't press the matter. We walked to our cars in silence and then he sped to my house while I took my time trying to drive home, thinking about what could possibly be going wrong.

I hadn't seen Alice or Jasper since the incident and I hoped maybe they had come back to visit. But the mood seemed wrong for that to be the right answer.

As I pulled into the driveway I saw that he had tortured expression on his face. I hoped nothing was wrong with his family or Charlie. I got out of the car as quickly and calmly as possible hoping I wouldn't let him on to the fact that I was worried. He didn't seem to notice as he quickly walked over to me. He lifted up my chin and put my face in his hands. He stood there for a moment, looking deep into my eyes as if he were trying to convey what he wanted to say through thought. He held that same tortured expression as he leaned in towards my face. He pressed his cold lips against mine quickly and impatiently, urging mine to move faster. I felt confusion along with the normal lightheadedness and dizziness.

He broke the kiss and looked at me with that same pained expression.

"Let's go for a walk," he said slowly. I didn't know what to think or say so I just nodded. He led me into the nearby forest until we were just under the covering of the trees, then he stopped abruptly and turned towards me. I had an ominous feeling about what was going to happen, but I tried to push it away and forced myself to look into his topaz eyes. They didn't seem to shine like they used to, ever since my birthday.

"They're gone," he almost whispered. It took me a moment to let it sink in. I quickly grew panicked. Maybe what I had thought was right. Maybe something did happen to his family. "What happened? Is this because of me? Are they going to be okay? Please tell me they'll be okay!" I blurted out at top speed. I was almost shaking with panic as I waited for his response. "What?" He looked confused, but then he finally realized what I meant. "No. No, they're gone as in they're gone to Denali and they aren't coming back." I felt relief wash over me, but still had a feeling something much worse was coming. He continued, "I'm the only one still here, but I'm only here to say goodbye."

The words he had just spoken wouldn't seem to sink in. I refused to let them. Why would he leave me? Couldn't he stay with me? Or maybe he means to Charlie because he's taking me with him...but that just seemed to rise to a false hope,that my mind knew otherwise. I stood there speechless for a moment looking into his pale face trying to look for a hint of a smile as if this were a joke or just a nightmare, but all I saw was that same pained expression.

"Oh. Do we have to say goodbye to Charlie because of what happened? I'll go get my stuff ready real quick so we can be ready to leave." I started to walk back to the house when he grabbed my arm. He backtracked to where I had been standing. "No Bella, just I'm going. I can't stay with you. I'm bad for you." I felt a strange sense of déjà vu at those words. "I have to leave, now. I just came here to say my final goodbye to you." All at once, my emotions streamed out. I felt my heart shatter as tears began to stream down my cheeks. "Take me with you! Please! I can't do this Edward! Don't leave me! I love you! I need you! Please just say I can go with you!" His eyes grew dark as he pulled me up, when my knees had started to buckle from the lightheadedness I was started to get from crying and being unable to breathe. He turned stone still and looked at me with a dark expression as he said the words that I would never forget.

"You may need me, but I don't need you. I'm going back with my family and we aren't coming back. We won't bother you anymore, it will be like I never existed. You will have a much better life, and, so will I." He paused before those last three words as that tortured expression overtook his face. All I had heard was I don't need you and that had been enough to drop me to my knees on the forest floor. Before I could even look back up, he was gone. I looked around frantically, searching for any clue as to what direction he must have taken. Of course there weren't any so I just took off running.

I ran through the trees, tripping, calling out his name desperately. I kept looking and running until my legs gave up and my voice had gotten sore. I looked around for the exit of the forest but couldn't find it, so I just sunk to the ground and let the shattering of my heart splinter my insides with pain. I could no longer cry as my eyes were already swollen and red from all the crying I had done in my search. With that, my tired eyes put me to sleep right where I had fallen.

6 Months Later

Today I was hanging out with my boyfriend once again. Jacob Black. He had grown much taller and muscular since my junior prom when Billy had paid him to tell me to stay away from them. I still had trouble saying their names, especially his, but at least I could find myself being happy and carefree with Jacob. Today was out two monthiversary,so to speak, together, so we were spending the day hanging out on the beach down at La Push with a little picnic I had put together. It was a little windy being March and all, but I was able to deal with it since Jacob held me close, and he was always warm. He's a werewolf so their temperature was always higher than average. It had shocked me at first when I found out I was dating a werewolf, and it shocked him too. I just figured it made sense since I seemed to have a thing for picking mythological creatures as boyfriends.

"Happy two months together, Jacob." I said as I leaned up to kiss his warm cheek. He smiled my favorite, goofy grin and said, " Happy two months to you, too." He pulled my face into his warm hands and kissed me with his big, soft lips.

Lately, all we did was see each other, and of course make sure our homework was getting done. We liked to walk along the beach and watch cheesy chick flicks or horror movies together. We never seemed to get tired of each other, and I was thankful for that. My nightmares about the night in the forest had been gone for over 3 months. Ever since I had started hanging out with him again, they seemed to disappear. It almost made me guilty, but at the same time the pain would come back right on cue whenever I thought about it, so I tried my best to just push it all away.

I knew I'd never really be the same without him, but I had to try, for Charlie's sake. He had had to deal with me as a zombie for 3 months after that fateful night. I finally realized how much it was hurting him so I offered to go down and see Jacob. The relief was so potent in the air, that I almost felt relieved that I had said it out of pity for my poor father. Luckily, for me, and my father, it turned out much better than I could have ever dreamed. Jacob was like everything I needed in my time of darkness and despair. I was my never ending light and constantly brought me into his continuous bubble of happiness. Of course, it was a little rough when I had found out I had picked yet another mythological creature to date, but it was understandable nonetheless.

I had met the rest of the pack and they seemed to like me. After seeing Emily's horrible shape because of what Sam had done to her, Jacob thought that I would be afraid of him and never want to see him again, but instead I felt no fear, as usual.

It was starting to get cloudy, and to avoid the ever-present rain we started packing up our picnic date. He carried me up the walk to the road to his Rabbit that he had finally finished. He decided to drive me home so we could watch at least a movie together before he was forced home since it was still a school night.

When we pulled up to my house, the cruiser was already parked in it's normal space next to my old truck. Jacob pulled up on the street next to the front yard and go out of the car. He walked over to my door while I was still fumbling with the seat belts he had installed and he opened the door. He reached over me and easily unlatched the seat belt and took my small, slightly cold hand in his big, warm hand and helped me out of the car. I nearly tripped on the curb, but he had a strong enough hold on me that I didn't fall. I smiled sheepishly up at him as he placed his hand on the small of my back and walked me to the front door. When we got in, Charlie was trying to figure out how to cook macaroni and cheese.

I stifled a giggle as I walked into the kitchen. "I told you to wait till I got home and I would cook something up for you." I said with a big grin stretched across my face because of the spectacle before me. "I didn't want to force you to end your date. I know it's a big day for you two." He added with a wink at Jacob and I. I blushed a light pink and took the box out of my poor father's hands and started to make it for him. I also brought out some of the grilled chicken from last night to add to the dinner. I made a plate for my father and another heaping plate for Jacob, as he had a werewolves' appetite.

He grinned at me, as all of us walked over to the couch and I put in another cheesy romance flick. I got to pick today because of what it was and because we had watched a horror film at Jacob's house before the picnic. Charlie groaned as it began to play, but Jacob and I just snickered, as I laid my head on his big, warm shoulder, and he continued to eat.

Then it came time for Jacob to go home, so I walked him to the door and kissed him goodnight. I cleared the dishes from the living room and then cleaned them in the kitchen as I hummed the sappy love tune from the movie. Charlie just laughed to himself as he turned on the news. The sound of "Emergency News Report coming to you from Seattle," immediately caught my attention. As I dried the dishes with a towel, I walked over to the edge of the front room to see what was going on. Apparently, there were a series of unexplainable deaths and murders raging through Seattle. It made me feel much more uneasy than it should have. I was used to hearing these types of things on the news from any city, but something was different about this.

Maybe it was the fact that it was unexplainable, and Seattle not being far from Forks, may have been the unnerving part of it. I tried to convince myself of that and went back to the dishes.

Charlie stared at the television with wide eyes, as the news covered all the bloody scenes of the, what looked like, massacred sites. After the news report ended it went back to the game, but Charlie still seemed perturbed by the news. I had to admit it bothered me, as well, but for a different unknown reason. What it was, I didn't know. I couldn't quite put my finger on it. But suddenly, I felt like I was being watched. I had had that feeling many times in the past six months, so I had gotten used to it.


As I watched her through the window, like I normally did, I took in her beautiful features and how she seemed to glow like I remembered. I wished that it was still me that could give her that glow, but I knew it was impossible. She had Jacob now. She was happy, without me, so I had to be happy for her. I knew this was how it needed to be, even though I still didn't like the fact that he was a werewolf. He covered the beautiful floral scent I missed so much. But all of a sudden, she turned and walked to the living room. Charlie's expression alarmed me so I tried to see what he was seeing through his thoughts. I saw the carnage on the television. It didn't seem to make much sense to me, so I just went back to looking at Bella and, as she walked back to the kitchen, I had to duck back farther into the shadows. She looked confused or as if she was thoroughly thinking something through. How I wished I could read her thoughts. Then she looked out the window, and I fled into the darkness...

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