Title: I'll Want You Forever, So Forever, It Is

Chapter 10: Castle Cakes and Honeymoon Hotness

Rating: M

Summary: When Edward leaves Forks because of the birthday incident, Bella tries to get her life back on track. She faces more horrible damages to her already broken heart, but also heads towards being able to fix everything. What will be her cure?

Type: Canon, Vampires, OOC.

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"Ready guys?" Edward asked, as he turned around. There was a chorus of shouts and hollers.

"Don't let any of my old 'suitors' get it," I whispered low enough for only him to hear.

He winked at me and flung it into the crowd, directly into Jacob's hair.

"Perfect," I heard Edward whisper.

"Why's that?" I asked, standing up as the girls crowded around for the bouquet.

"It was the extra push he needed to take Emma to the next step. Ben thinks that if he or Angela catch one of these, he can finally give her that promise ring he's been hiding in his sock drawer for six weeks and ask her to move in with him in their very own apartment, before college. So I gave Jacob his chance. Up to you to give Ben his," he whispered in my ear before walking over to congratulate Jake and Emma.

I figured this meant I meant I needed to find some way to aim for Angela, since I was Ben's chance to step it up. I quickly attempted to calculate, in my head, how far and how hard I would have to throw it to make it over Jessica and Lauren's waiting hands.

"Are you ready?" I asked myself more than the gaggle of girls.

The squeals told me time was up.

I tossed it back as hard as I could and turned quickly around to watch the outcome. I covered my mouth in surprise, as I saw Jessica and Lauren knock together, while the bouquet bounced off their damaged heads and into Angela's outstretched arms. I squealed in delight that I hadn't screwed things up and ran over to congratulate her and check on the collision dummies. The two girls were too woozy to really say anything and I considered it a blessing.

As I hugged Angela, I threw Ben a wink and saw his answering smile meaning he knew what he had to do. I was so excited that everything was going so well that I didn't notice Alice wheeling out the humongous cake.

The cake was designed as a castle with a walkway leading to a glass and cake gazebo and a smaller path to a cake with a glass slipper topper. It was the ideal cake for my everlasting fairytale wedding.

"I'd like to call the bride and groom over for the initial cut to the wedding cake," Alice said, when she had brought the tray to a standstill.

We did the traditional cut, together, and he let me shove cake in his face first. It made the Cullens and me laugh a little harder than the other guests, knowing he doesn't eat human food. He put a dab of frosting on my nose before letting me take an actual bite of the cake.

I now knew why my mom had been married twice. Wedding cake was delicious!

The rest of the party went smoothly, with laughs, cake, and presents. We decided to have the dance last, so that it would be started at twilight. I felt a sense of déjà vu, but the present situation was a much better version. This was the twilight of my day, my wedding, and hopefully, my life, or at least close to it. I needed him to keep his promise, to start our lives together forever.

I danced with Edward to my lullaby, not wanting to ruin the moment with any commercial song.

"You make a beautiful bride," Edward whispered in my ear.

"It helps that you talked me into being one."

"Like you needed to be talked into it to get your end of the deal."

He placed a sweet kiss on my neck and immediately flashed back to the reason there was even a proposal. Tonight, he would live up to his end of the bargain and more.

The song changed to, "Esme's Favorite," for the parents' dance. Charlie took Edward's place and Esme danced with Edward.

"I'm surprisingly very okay with this, Bells."
"Well thanks, Dad, especially since it's kind of late not to be."

He gave me a small smile and about halfway through the song, Renée and Carlisle cut in with Edward and I, respectively.

"It's great to have you as a part of the family officially now, Bella." Carlisle winked at me.

I hugged him, as we danced.

Before I knew it, everyone was waving goodbye and driving off to their own homes. My dad, my mom, and Phil were the last to leave, giving us well wishes and to have fun on our honeymoon. Edward had only mentioned that the family owned the destination and that Carlisle and Esme had let us use it with their blessing. Carlisle and Esme had also said they would have our wedding present for us when we got back.

Edward picked me up, once we were left alone, and carried me up the stairs towards our room. I nestled my head in the crook of his neck, allowing his smell to invade my senses. Before I knew it, he was attempting to carefully pry me off of him.

I knew I probably had a devious smile on my face, but I couldn't contain the excitement rushing through me at the fact that we were actually married. He stood behind me and let his cool fingers dance down my bare back, until he slowly reached the corset ties. He untied them in an almost lackadaisical fashion. Not soon enough, the dress was able to be slid off my shoulders to the floor. I was left in only my golden lingerie set of thong, corset, and thigh high stockings. He stopped breathing and I knew it had nothing to do with my scent this time.

"You are really trying my patience," he whispered in my ear.
"Good," I replied, turning around and laying across the bed.

He was out of his tuxedo so fast, I was surprised all the pieces were still intact. He leaned over me in just his boxers and let his lips graze my cheek before he pulled the covers out from under me and crawled into bed next to me. He pulled me close to him and kissed my forehead.

"Lay back," he whispered.

Butterflies erupted in my stomach at his words. His eyelashes tickled their way down my cheek, throat and chest. He stopped in the valley between my breasts and placed a soft kiss there.

"We must sleep now. These activities will have plenty of active time tomorrow." he said smoothly, throwing me off for a moment.
"Wait. You mean to say that I have to wait, even though we're married? Come on! I did what you wanted! Now let's do what I want!" I knew I was starting to whine, but I couldn't help it! He got me all worked up, just to say goodnight. I would find a way to pay him back for it. Someday. I mean, I would have all of eternity to do so.

For now, I decided things were going to get nowhere, especially since he had rolled away and pulled the covers over both of us. When I crossed my arms in defiance, he scolded me that he didn't want me to be too tired for our honeymoon and started to hum my lullaby. I drifted off into a dreamless sleep.

It felt like I had only been asleep for a moment when I was being lightly rocked awake. I felt like I was having déjà vu of my flight to Jacksonville. Surprisingly, it was nine in the morning. I was fairly sure that it hadn't felt I had slept because my subconscious was too excited for the adventure that was before us.

"Good morning, Mrs. Cullen. I really like saying that. Mrs. Cullen."
"I really like hearing it."

I stretched as far as I could reach before he scooped me out of bed and placed me gently on my feet.

"I am capable of getting myself out of bed, my dear husband," I said, walking towards the bathroom. I stumbled over the undershirt Edward had discarded before bed. He was immediately at my side to catch me.
"You may be capable of that, but you sure can't walk," he chuckled, as he uprighted me and guided me into the bathroom.

Straightening up, I suddenly noticed how sore I felt. I had slept in the corset and I caught a glimpse of my exposed cheeks in the mirror. I immediately blushed and tried to cover it with my hands. Edward swooped in behind me and gently pulled my hands away.

"You're not allowed to get embarrassed of your body now. It's all mine and I want to see it. Besides, I'd love to make both sets of cheeks that lovely rose color you have right now," he spoke softly in my ear and I let my body relax, although the area below my belly button tensed at his naughty words.

He released his hold on me and let his hands slide down to cup my backside. The cold was startling. Before I could even become accustomed to the temperature change, he moved his hands to the clips on my stockings and undid them, rolling them down my legs swiftly. I stepped out of them, as he stood back up to get to my corset. He seemed to unhook all of the hooks at once, causing it to fall to the floor within a matter of seconds. I took in a deep breath, realizing I had been holding it since he had set about his task. His cold hands glided up my sides to graze the sides of my now bare breasts, giving me goosebumps. His hands slid back down, looping his thumbs around the edges of my thong, pushing it down enough to let it fall to the floor. He placed his hands firmly on my hips and I felt him lean towards me.

"Close your eyes," he whispered. "Don't be afraid."

I did as he said. His hands left me, but I heard the rustling of his boxers. I felt him press himself against me and the immediate flush of heat to my own flesh, made the cold seem almost unnoticeable. Apparently he could feel my temperature change, because he let out a soft moan and took hold of my waist once more. He guided me forward carefully, since my eyes were still closed.

I barely felt him lean around me, before I heard the sound of water hitting the floor to alert me that the shower was running. He kissed me up the side of the neck and I peeked a little to see what I would have to step over in order to get in the shower successfully. Once we were both in the shower and under the water, he allowed me to open my eyes. He was a beautiful sight to behold, the water darkening his hair and running down his perfectly sculpted muscles. I felt the urge to lick him and blushed. He no longer questioned the extra flush of blood, obviously knowing what he was doing to me.

Looking down, I realized exactly what I was doing to him. I felt my mouth water involuntarily and smiled to myself. I stepped closer, lining up our bodies once more, feeling his hardness press against my stomach. I wanted to jump him right then and there, but I knew it needed to be slower and more enjoyed. I was also annoyingly aware of the possibility of pain. This didn't bother me, as I would go through anything to share our bodies, love, and lives, forever.

His hands reached into my hair and gently massaged my scalp. They smelled like strawberries. It took me a moment to realize he was washing my hair, but when I did, it only made me want him more. For some reason, his wanting to clean me, only made me want to be dirty.

I slid my hands down his back, repeating his actions earlier and cupping his cold, hard, backside. I pressed myself as close to his body as I could, the solidity of his stance helping me pull myself towards him. He was now rinsing my hair, as I felt the soap slide down my back. He kissed the top of my head and I finally decided to speak my mind.

"Screw the honeymoon. Take me now. We're married and I want you. All of you."

He stopped breathing, once again, but made no move to fulfill my request.

"Not yet. Our flight leaves in two hours and I think you'll appreciate our destination, if you can just be patient for me, please." I could hear the begging in his voice and decided that once again, I was S.O.L. on the sex front. What did I have to do to make him give in to me? I decided to try one more tactic before giving in and listening to him.

I had let go of him so he could wash my body. He was on my legs and so very close to where I ached for him to be. I was very grateful for Alice in this moment for making me wax off everything for the wedding. He kept glancing at it, making me squirm even more, but would not act on anything. I caught him looking and our eyes locked. They were too much for me, showing me how badly he wanted to stick to his plan and I decided once and for all that as soon as we landed wherever we were supposed to be, he would have to let me officially start our honeymoon.

Seeing the defeat in my eyes, he decided to reward me for seeing his side of things and put his hand exactly where I wanted it, sliding across the smooth skin, the soap making it even slicker. My legs trembled and he used his other hand to keep me steady. He continued to taunt me and I was practically begging him not to stop.

He pulled away abruptly, washing off his hand and getting more soap to finish washing me. he did the rest of my body quickly and carefully, while my lower half continued to throb and pulse.

"More rewards will come to you, if you only listen," he whispered before giving me a light peck and gently urging me out of the shower, so that he could finish himself up and get out.

Once the towel was around me, I turned around to watch him and nearly started laughing at the absurdity of what I was seeing. He seemed like a blur of water and soap as he kicked into high gear and washed up at vampire speed. He was quickly out of the shower and drying off at a normal speed. I dried off and put comfy clothes on for our long flight. I would definitely have to thank Alice for packing our bags the night before, as they sat by the door lined up nicely.

Thinking we were headed to Seattle airport, I was surprised that we were now walking towards a private jet that belonged to Emmett and Rosalie. What didn't surprise me was the private bedroom at the back of the jet with all kinds of kinky, weird, and even some normal, sexual items.

The room wasn't big, but it did have a queen bed squished by three walls, with walking room at the foot of it, and a large dresser along the unoccupied wall. There weere also mirros on the ceiling the could be covered by a black veil, if not wanted. I was surprised at the lack of a television, when Edward pointed out that it was actually one that popped up from behind the dressers.

Brunch was served on the flight, then we spent the rest of the flight watching movies and laying in the bed. Edward explained that it was a new bed, untouched by Emmett and Rosalie, since they had destroyed the last one. I instantly relaxed. The rest of the flight was enjoyed and I even took a nap for the, hopefully, long night ahead.

When we arrived, Edward carried me off the plane on his back and put me in the golf cart waiting for us on the side of the runway. The place was beautiful, but looked nothing like I'd ever seen.

He drove us down a green, tree-lined path before coming across a gorgeous modern-style home. Much of it was black and glass, inside and out.

"Welcome to Isle Esme."

I had been watching the sun slowly fall towards the water in the ocean view behind the house, so the words took a moment to sink in.

"Did you just say Isle Esme as in, your mom, Esme?"
"The one and only," he said, smiling innocently.
"Care to explain why the island we seem to be on is named after your mother?"
"Carlisle bought it for her for their 10th anniversary. They've let the other couples use it for their honeymoons, even though Roslaie and Emmett have had about twelve already. I personally think Rosalie just likes wearing the dress and having an excuse to have her way with Emmett." He chuckled to himself, as he led me through the house.

He showed me three ornately furnished rooms, the kitchen, and the huge master bedroom, which had a tub that could probably hold five people, at least.

"Now get your swimsuit on and we'll go out and enjoy dinner by the sunset."

He left me to change in the room dubbed, "The Blue Room," while he went to prepare dinner.

I put my suitcase on the bed and began pulling things out, to try and find my swimsuit and cover. I had barely pulled out a stack of clothes before I noticed that half the stack was lingerie in different styles and colors. I giggled nervously before continuing my search for my bathing suit.

How could this be? I thought, as I turned the entire bag upside down. No swimsuit, just the cover...It had to be another of Alice's sneaky plans. Deciding to take her up on it, I stripped and put on only the cover-up, hoping we could finally get to the real honeymoon. The cover was not see-through, but it was a double layer sheer with velvet flower flourishes that made it somewhat difficult to discover if I actually had a bathing suit on. I tied it tightly closed and walked out to the patio, where Edward was waiting with the food.

I sat back, making sure the cover opened to reveal my entire left thigh. He pulled his chair close to me and fed me grapes, just to make me giggle with thoughts of cheesy romance movies. He had made chicken and scalloped potatoes. He ran his hand along my thigh, stopping at the fabric, out of habit. Once I finished eating, I pushed my plate away from me and got up. i walked off the patio and stood at the edge of the water.

'I'm not sure you should swim yet, my little human. Wouldn't want you to cramp up on our honeymoon." He walked up behind me without touching me. I grasped the ties on my cover.
"Oh, believe me. Cramps will be the last of my worries." I tugged the string and shrugged the cover off, letting him see my bare body, before walking into the warm ocean water, up to my collar bone.

It took him only seconds to rip off his swim trunks and join me in the water. He gathered me in his arms, the water's temperature rising with my my own.

His top was bobbing against my entrance with the slow current of the water. The darkening sky gave the appearance of the world fading to black around us. It encompassed us in a deeper privacy.

"I want you to take me. I want to feel you. Feel you inside me. We belong together. Don't be afraid. You won't hurt me," I murmured, right before I pressed myself down onto him.

We both gasped at the sensation. There was a hiss of discomfort escaping my mouth, but the coolness of him nestled within me, helped soothe me. I was glad that Renée's horseback riding phase had helped me out with the pain I would have felt otherwise.

Finally being able to breathe properly and open my eyes, I saw that Edward was not breathing and was completely tense. I decided to play with him.

I lifted up and down once, causing him to throw his head back. I longed to lick the vein n the side of his neck. Without the worry of someone catching us, I did just that. He took a deep breath now, opening his eyes and looking at me. His eyes appeared much darker, but it appeared to be from desire more than thirst. Part of me wanted to test his strength, but the rest of me was scared that he wouldn't be able to stop, should things get out of hand. His eyes seemed to lighten more to that beautiful butterscotch, so I decided to trust him and continue on with our activities. I was about to move again, but he grabbed my leg and wrapped it around his waist, followed by my other one.

"Hang on tight," was all he said before he lifted me out of the water with him and carried me to the, "Blue Room." He managed to keep us joined, while he laid me down on the bed.
"Why the scenery change?" I asked, not minding the new angle he was already in.
"Need things to take the excess energy out on instead of you. You're the last thing I want to break from letting my vampire side take over. Now, let's continue." He pulled out slowly and just as slowly eased himself back in, testing the new sensation.

There was still a slight uncomfortableness about it, but he continued on slowly at my urgings. As it subsided and I began to enjoy the sensation, I involuntarily let out a moan. I heard a ripping beside me. His nails had dug into the mattress. I smiled and decided to let him do what he was doing. This experience was a first for both of us and we both needed to be on the same page and enjoy it.

Finally, he seemed to have a grip on things, he slowly increased his tempo, still being careful not to let go of the mattress. I reached up and pulled on his neck. He lowered his face to mine, kissing me roughly. His mouth tasted sweeter and I was sure it probably had something to do with the extra venom pooling in his mouth. His hips began to move even faster and it felt amazing. I knew I would have bruises on my hips, but I didn't care.

He kissed me more fervently, moving his lips to my face and neck. His rapid breaths causing him to inhale my scent more than he probably needed at the moment. I could tell it was affecting him as his teeth began to lightly graze my neck. I needed to stop him before I was unable to enjoy at least some of my honeymoon in exchange for a painful three days. We could get to that part later.

"Edward, find a distraction. I may want you to change me, but not in the middle of this human experience just yet." My words came out sputtered due to his thrusting.

His mouth left my neck and he pulled up from me.

"Bella. You are...so...beautiful," he said, leaning back to let his hand join in the fun where we were connected.
"Oh!" I said aloud, due to the new sensation that felt like a fire was spreading from the bottom, up.

He smiled at me and his fingers went faster, causing my back to slightly arched and my breath to be more labored. His thrusts became more frantic as did the movement of my hips. He leaned forward, using his other hand to half hold my shoulder down. I could feel the bruises forming, but the high I was on was more more pleasantly distracting. I could feel something coming, climbing higher and higher towards something amazing. My entire body felt white hot and covered in a light sweat.

"Oh, Edward! Please, please don't stop!" I said breathlessly.
"I-I'm not sure...how much...longer...I can..."

The world exploded around me, my back arched and my toes curled. If I had ever felt guilty about accidentally sitting on Edward's phone when it vibrated, I no longer cared. This feeling was amazing and I never wanted it to end.

His hand moved as I came down from my high. I realized he was still thrusting into me before I felt him thrust in and stop. His body quivered as I felt him fill me from inside. I took a good look at him then. His eyes were closed, not an ounce of sweat messing up his perfect features or beautiful bronze locks. He truly was a beautiful being to behold and I was officially able to claim him as my own. We just had to work on the forever part.

He finally opened his eyes to reveal the love I always found in them. He pulled out slowly and laid down on his side next to me.

He pushed my hair from my sweaty forehead. I turned on my side to face him. He brought his lips to my forehead briefly, before leaning his own against mine.

"Thank you, my beautiful wife. Now sleep my sweet Bella. We have much more to do tomorrow."

I smiled and closed my eyes, okay with the fact that the long night would not be as long as I expected. The jet lag and a long awaited human experience took over me, making me pleasantly tired. He pulled me close to him, my body heat still on overdrive, and I fell asleep.

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