Wolfie here! Okay...being the geek that I am, I got really absorbed into like the dumb space show and it showed like this like tornado looking thing(Here goes, you daily learning session xD), that was supposedly the size of our milky way OMG! I AM A GEEK Dx only it doesn't kill you...anywho, that's where I got this story from. I'm still working on chapter 1! So stay tuned!


I never knew I would die in such an astounding- remarkable- staggering way. I always was under the assumption that I would ultimately grow old, and eventually pass on, but in a bitter sweet way, I get to participate in the end of history. The end of the world, and perhaps, the begging of a new one. I thought over my life, and the evaluation of events that accrued in my eighteen, tuneful, years, as I ran through the panicked streets. I reached my destination, an elderly building that once served as a sowing factory. I climbed the wooden fire escape hastily, attaining the roof in a matter of minutes. I sat down in the rusted corner, and crumpled into ball before watching the horrid sky, while crying meaningless tears. Death loomed on my doorstep, and now he allowing himself in the door way while taking me by the hand. Below, I heard children screaming, adults sobbing with grief, and dogs barking wildly. Unpredicted, and all the while foreseen, earsplitting sirens penetrated the unnerved atmosphere. I jumped, but kept myself planted to the floor, knowing there was no way to flee it. I clamped my hands over my ears attempting to obstruct the screeching and the fruitless pleas for mercy. I scrutinized the sickening gray-brown sky, when my eyes glazed over. My mind pounded in my skull, and my veins felt as if they would burst. The world had hidden and created many uncalled for creatures, such as Faery's, Vampires, Werewolves, and other monstrous type of species, that would now be lost to the cosmos. I removed my right hand to pull up the hood to my jacket. I whispered his name, and lost all hope in the never lasting world.

OH! Cliff hanger prologue type thing! :) What's going to happen? Nobody knows! Not even me! Hahahaha, thanks for reading and chapter one is on it's way!

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