So, Claire is in a different world? No she not, just to clarify. You will all figure it all out later, when she meets Bella and Edward, whom hold a horrid secret. Please enjoy chapter two!

Chapter two

I glared out of the window, watching the county side go by. I had to admit, I was being absolutely stubborn. I hated where I was going, and how many of them I would see. Suddenly, at the thought of my new school, I was rather curious. Reaching out, I tapped my chauffer on the shoulder. He turned to look at me, surprised.

"Johnson, if I may ask, where are we going?" He smiled and twisted forward again to watch the paved road. I understood the fact that I was on my way to The Academy, but I never knew it's name.

"We, Miss, are going to St. James academy. Built for the finest." I rolled my eyes.

"Why are schools always named after saints?" I huffed, abruptly exasperated. Keeping his eyes forward, Johnson shrugged. I settled back down, having nothing more to say. My eye eventually drooped, and I fell into a deep sleep.

I was rudely awaken by a prodding finger. Johnson was leaning over my body, his eyes danced in wicked amusement.

"Well Sleeping Beauty, we are here" He announced, taking a step back so I could stretch. I stepped out of the car, a scowl plastered on my face, but was soon replaced by bewilderment. In front of me, stood a towering iron gate. I dropped my jaw in stupefaction. I was jolted again by another prodding finger.

"Miss, you must continue on by yourself. This young man here-," Johnson motioned to a young brown haired man with incision emerald eyes, "will take you too the school's main office." With that, I was coerced into another waiting car, with someone whom I didn't even know. I observed from the window of the sleek black car while Johnson handed the man my luggage, before turning too me to smile. I smiled back, water brimming my eyes. I gave a tiny wave whilst he began to lean back into his car. Nervousness filled my belly. I so wanted to leave this dreadful place.

"Are you alright?" I cringed against the door as if I was about to be hit. I hadn't notice the boy had gotten into the car. I opened my eyes and stared at him.

"Yes" I swallowed weakly. I scrutinized his figure then gasped in terror. He was one of them. I swung around quickly, panicked by his presence. Most likely smelling the adrenaline in my veins, the young man reached for my hand.

"What's the matter?" Concern crossed his face, which rapidly churned to shock when I slapped his hand away. Wrapped up in the moment, I leaned toward the drivers seat, where he sat, his horrid head still gazing at me, my jaw clenched.

"Don't touch me you revolting creature." I hissed through my teeth. He smirked.

"You must Be Clarabelle" He turned back around, the sneer still stuck to his face. I paused, alarmed.

"How do you know me?" He did not answer, but instead, began to whistle. I glared at the back of his perfect head.

"Hey, I asked you a question" I mumbled, unhappily. I did not want to talk to a Morpher.

"My name isn't you, it's William, now, I refuse to answer your question on behave of your behavior. In other words, to sum it all up, your being rude." He snickered. I snorted as we drove through the gates.

"I'm being rude?" I accused weakly. I didn't honestly know how to respond, but I had to say something other wise he would win this round. "W-what about you?" I finished off lamely. We pulled up to an outsized building made of bricks. There was a beige cement sidewalk that led up the it's great entrance made of glass. I had never seen anything like it. William chuckled at my expression.

"Welcome to the world of the supernatural. We are more updated then the modern world." I gawked at my surroundings. There were huge metal machines on wheels, much like a car, a few feet away. The mechanism, however, was moreā€¦.exquisitely superb as I would put it.

"Charming isn't it?" I positioned my body so I could see out the front of the less-pleasant car.

"Where are we?" I asked mystified. He smiled.

"Salutation from the sixth layer." I gave him a perplexed look. I opened my mouth to speak but he cut me off-"You'll understand later," He chortled previous to adding a retort, "erstwhile human"

Ohhh! Does that mean Clarabelle isn't a human girl from the industrail revolution? Well, no. How'd you like chapter two? I'm not getting any review so I'm worried! Dx Anywho, I'm already working on the third chapter! If you have any ideas PLEASE feel free to add!

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