This story is based on the second movie of Pocahontas and the way I thought it should've ended

This story is based on the second movie of Pocahontas and the way I thought it should've ended. So please, please review and tell me what u think!! I can handle the criticism.

Ch 1: Flashback

I walked through the fog seeing his gorgeous face stare back at me. My tribe and I brought food for their long journey back. I made my way through the crowd as I seen him smile back at me from the cot he was on. Thomas made his way up to me frowning,

"Going back is his only chance. He'll die if he stays here."

I put my hand on his shoulder as he looked to the ground. I walked slowly toward him. The love of my life as his arms reached out for me. I knelt down beside him. I reached in my bag and pulled out some herbs Grandmother Willow had given to me before I arrived.

"Here. It's from Grandmother Willow's bark. It will help with the pain," I said as I handed the bag to him. He tried to look un fazed from the injury.

"What pain? I've had worse pain than this. Can't think of any right now." He said as he ached.

He rubbed my arm as my father made his way to us to say his goodbye. He took of his cape and laid it around John as a blanket.

" You're always welcomed among our people. Thank you my brother."

Even Mieko and Flit said their goodbyes.

" I thought you didn't like strangers," said John as Flit flew over to Mieko and Percy who held up my newly renewed necklace.

" My mothers necklace," I grinned as I took it from them.

" See you later Percy," said John as he patted him on the head and Mieko handed him a biscuit. His wonderful blue eyes looked back at me and into mine longingly. His hand caressed my cheek stroking it up and down as I laced my fingers through his. Closing my eyes. Longing for his touch to last.

" Come with me?" he asked as he gazed up at me.

How much I wanted to. To just be with him. I looked up at my father for approval.

" You must chose your own path," was all he said. My own path? I knew he was my path I looked at the two worlds that stood before me knowing what I had to do, but not wanting to. I was torn between two worlds. The one I love more than anything and the one I've belonged to all my life. Yes, he was my path. And yes, I really wanted to go. But I only had one choice. I pulled his hand to my cheek knowing what I had to do looking at the hopefulness in his eyes.

" I'm needed here," I said tears about to fall.

"Then. I'll stay with you," he said stubbornly.

"No," I said as I lent down to take him in my arms caressing his cheek, " you have to go back."

His hands met the side of my face. " But I can't leave you."

" You never will," I said my eyes staring soulfully into his as I repeated the same words he had once said to me, " no matter what happens. I'll always be with you…Forever."

He gazed into my eyes before bringing my face down to his as our lips finally met. I ran my fingers through his blonde hair with his hands on the back of my head deepening the kiss as if it were our last one. Not knowing if we will ever see each other again. I reluctantly let his lips go and looked into his eyes for the last time. He was picked up as I stood along still holding his hand. He was carried off as my hand left his grip. My breath was shortening as he was pushed off into the rowboat to go to the ship. My eyes never leaving his wonderful body. Him gazing back at me. My father came up behind me and put a reassuring hand on my shoulder. I looked down and grazed my hand over his. How was that or he or anyone going to help? I was losing the love of my life. I looked up as the ship started to sail off my breath shortening by the minute. I casually walked away from my fathers grip. I couldn't take it anymore. I needed to see him one last time. I started sprinting through the forest racing the ship beside me. I ran and ran and stop at the edge of the clip. The wind rushed trough my hair as I breathed heavily watching him go. I knew he was watching me too. That one last wave I had taught him days before crossed my vision as I did the same, not knowing when or if our eyes would ever meet again. The wind rushing around me as he sailed of into the horizon.

That was the last time I saw him.

A/N: Ok I know the begging may sound a little boring, but don't worry it gets better. I have it all planed out in my mind. I just wanted to give a brief review of what happened and thought a flash back would be cool. Please review and tell me what u think. I will try to update soon!