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Chapter 16: Explanations

She sat as still as a statue. Her face was covering every emotion from sadness to confusion. Tears stained her eyes as some threatened mine. Slowly I moved from my frozen position in the doorway and made my way to her. Inch by inch I moved closer, desperate to have her in my arms again. I stopped right in front of her and slowly knelt down till my face was practically inches from her, the closest we've been in seven years. I took in every part of her that I could. Her hand slowly and cautiously raised and moved over my face. I leaned into her touch and closed my eyes remembering the feeling. How I missed it. I felt her sweet breath on my face as she spoke.


"Pocahontas," I whispered opening my eyes to meet hers.

"I'm not dreaming am I? Are you really here?"

"Every part of me."

I was reveling in the world around us. It was just me and her. Reluctantly though, my thoughts drifted to the situation at hand. Radcliff would be back. I had to get her out of here. Slowly, not to scare her, I reached for her hands. They fit like a puzzle and felt so warm in mine as I stood her up with me.

"Um…not to disturb your little reunion or anything, but we should go." Said Rolph roughly, his presence all but forgotten.

"He's right;" I spoke, "Radcliff could be back anytime."

I wrapped my arm around her waist, grateful for the warmth, and helped her out of the building.

"Were we going?" she managed to say.

"Somewhere safe," I whispered in her ear, pulling her closer not wanting to let go.

We ventured to the outskirts of London, as far from danger as possible. My footsteps matched her own as we walked not letting her out of my grasp. My heart thumped wildly when she held tight to me. Maby she did still care for me in some way. Night came all too soon.

"We'll stop here for the night," said Rolph after moments of silence, "We rest here then get you on the first ship to Jamestown in the morning."

"I can't." my love whispered next to me.

"What are you talking about?" he shrilled.

It took everything I had not to lay him out right there for yelling at her. Pocahontas untangled herself from my grasp and made her way over to Rolph looking back at me. I already missed the closeness.

"I'm saying I can't go back… not yet at least."

"Why not! Radcliff nearly killed you!"

I winced at the image of my angel dead.

"He's going to kill the king if I don't do something!"


"It's true," she continued, "He told me his whole plan. He said he was going to kill the king and frame me so he has his rightful place in his kingdom. I got us into this mess, only I can get us out!" she shouted pushing her way through the mask.

How wrong she was. It was both of us. I wouldn't let her take the blame. If anything it's my fault. I kept myself hidden all these years. If I hadn't then maybe he wouldn't have gotten this far. I should take it all if I could. But we have to do something.

"She's right," I finally spoke as I walked over to Pocahontas standing closer beside her, "We have to do something."

"Are you absurd?" Rolph questioned standing nose to nose with me, "She could get killed!!"

He continued to argue. Two can play that game.

"Are you suggesting we turn our back on the king? She'll be safe with us."

"As far as you know! She almost got herself killed back there!!"

"Because you got lazy thinking Radcliff would let this whole thing go!!"

"STOP IT!!" I turned my head looking at the frustrated angel beside me, "I can't take this." She said running into the forest.

"Pocahontas!" I shouted after her as I started to run.

Rolph placed an arm in front of me stopping me.

"Let her go," he said calmly.

I pushed his arm out of the way.

"You may not care about her…"

"Don't you dare tell me I don't care about her!" he shouted at me.

I took a step back stunned before my conclusion caught up with me.

"You love her," I said.

He stood there just looking at me. NO! NO! NO! He couldn't love her. Yes, im greatful to him for protecting her, if you could call it that, while I was gone; but he couldn't love her. I can't let him. What if she possibly felt the same way. I couldn't believe it. I won't let him take her from me. I wasn't about to lose her again. I've gone far too long not having her by my side and I wasn't about to let him take it all from me.

"Fine," I said, "Know this though. I am prepared with every fiber in my being to fight for her. I am not about to lose her again."

I finally turned and took off in Pocahontas's direction. I needed to see if she was ok. Something in my heart told me she would be. The spirits we around us. She had to still have that part of her locked inside. My heart lead me to the place we she was. My heart and maby something else. There she sat under the moonlight and the stars, their light cascading down on her. She sat deep in thought. I knew her all too well. Grandmother Willow was in her thougths. Wonder what she was saying.

"Pocahontas," my voice said without thinking.

She quickly turned around to meet my face while my feet made their way in her direction.

"Are you alright?"

"Yeah," she answered meeting me in the middle.

"I didn't know if I should…"

"It's alright," she said cutting me off.

I stood there taking all of her in as I could. The past seven years in my memory did me no justice. Her hair was piled and curled on top of her head. Her wonderful copper skin, which I resisted the urge to touch, had been paled a few shades with powder and her glorious figure was wrapped up in beautiful garments. No matter how much she looked like Pocahontas, this just wasn't her. She looked amazing, but she was the opposite of who she really was. Even her mother's precious necklace had departed from her neck. But under all that, she was still my Pocahontas. I had to believe it. She has to believe it.

"I've missed you so much John." She finally spoke dragging me from my thoughts.

Her beautiful voice sounded lovelier than the most beautiful music that I could imagine. Letting my resisting urge fail, I lightly ran a hand over her cheek smiling. I took a step closer wrapping my arms around her body happy when she did the same.

"I've thought of you often as well Pocahontas."

"What happened to you?" she finally questioned.

It was a question I knew was coming and a question that would no longer go unanswered. We both waited in silence for my words to come.

"Radcliff tried to convince the king that I was the traitor," I explained, "Then he convinced him that I had died and he had no choice but to let him out. Then he came and fulfilled his lie. He obviously underestimated my ability to come back from dangerous situations." I chuckled thinking of the last encounter.

"But why," her voice saddened, "After all these years…I thought you were dead. Why didn't you even write to me? At least to let me have something to live by."

My heart broke at the sincerity of her words. I hurt her just as much as I hurt myself by living these last few years in a lie. I looked at the ground before meeting those beautiful brown eyes.

"You don't know how much I wanted to. I convinced myself that I had to stay hidden…to…to keep you and your family safe. News about how the Great Captain John Smith died, spread so quick…I'd know it would get back to Jamestown…" I trailed off as we both stood there in silence.

"I died the day you did." She whispered lowering her head.

I looked at my poor angel. How could I have put her through all this torture? I pulled her body closer to mine and held her to me never wanting to let go. I wanted to take away all her pain that she had built up inside of her. I needed her now hopefully as much as she still wanted me. I just had to believe she still loved me. After moments she pulled away looking up at me. I missed the contact already.

"We have to help the king," she said looking up through her eyelashes, her eyes questioning mine.

I smiled as big as I could. I had missed her so much. I lifted my hand wiping a bit of powder from her cheek.

"Glad to see you're still in there."

"Are you actually subjesting we go back there and get ourselves killed?"

The sound of his annoying voice made both of us turn around. The coward had no clue. I wanted to hit him so much for even thinking about following us.

"That's exactly what I'm saying," said Pocahontas walking over to him, "If we don't, your land is doomed."

Rolph started pacing around like the spineless thing he was, mumbling.

"This is insane!! Its nuts!! He will kill you!!"

Not with me protecting her he won't. Still mumbling, Rolph strutted over to me. He got right in my face with intensity and…regretfully…love in his eyes. I tried to push back the jealousy that he even thought of her as his. I focused my thoughts back to the person in front of me.

"Tell her she's crazy!!" he demanded of me pointing to the love of my life.

Knowing what was right and what we had to do, and she had to do to become the woman once again that I fell in love with, I took my eyes off of him and stared deep into hers.

"Your crazy." I smiled softly.

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